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ATSDR - Public Health Statement: Atrazine
One of the primary ways that atrazine can affect your health is by altering the way that the reproductive system works.
atrazine  public  health  CDC  disease  reproduction  endocrine  system  pesticide  EPA 
september 2018 by LizFlyntz
What Is Estrogen?
Estrogen is also produced by fat cells and the adrenal gland.
what  is  estrogen  fat  adrenal  estrogenic  menopause  hormones  endocrine 
july 2017 by LizFlyntz
Queer Artist Launches DIY Gender Hormone Biohacking Project - Motherboard
to engineer transgenic tobacco plants to produce gender hormones like estrogen and testosterone, allowing anyone to grow their own supplements at home.
ryan  hammond  baltimore  art  bio  gender  hormones  hacking  endocrine  artist  queer  tobacco  plants 
july 2017 by LizFlyntz
Dietary Fat and Testosterone: How Fatty-Acids Affect T | Anabolic Men
Saturated fatty-acids (SFAs) are hard in room-temperature and contain only single bonds between the carbon atoms (butter, coconut oil, lard, cacao butter, palm oil, red meat, dairy products).
hormones  testosterone  androgen  male  sex  endocrine  fat  eggs  saturated 
july 2017 by LizFlyntz
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