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Can meditation really make the world a better place? | Aeon Essays
In The Buddha Pill, Farias and Wikholm write:

[We] haven’t stopped believing in meditation’s ability to fuel change but [we are] concerned that the science of meditation is promoting a skewed view: meditation wasn’t developed so we could lead less stressful lives or improve our wellbeing. Its primary purpose was more radical – to rupture your idea of who you are; to shake to the core your sense of self so that you realise there is ‘nothing there’. But that’s not how we see meditation courses promoted in the West. Here, meditation has been revamped as a natural pill that will quieten your mind and make you happier.
meditation  pill  science  study  testing  brain  ideas  doubt  self  ego 
july 2018 by LizFlyntz
Photographers on What "Street Photography" Means to Them | PDN Online
I think what we were trying to do was to celebrate the values of perception in the moment…I think what we were doing then was using 1/1000 of a second and high speed Tri-X…to measure the hidden meaning in gestures and moments that we recognized on the street. And in that way, we celebrated perception.
perception  street  photography  ideas  photo  moment  film  hidden  meaning  gesture 
july 2018 by LizFlyntz
year long curatorial fellowship at walker art center, announced in late december
walkerartcenter  walker  minneapolis  jobs  fellowships  curatingprograms  curatorial  ideas  getthehelloutofbuffalo  december 
september 2008 by LizFlyntz

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