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Subletting your apartment | Metropolitan Council on Housing
1.Send a letter to the landlord by certified mail, return-receipt requested, asking permission to sublet. (Copies of this and all other correspondence sent to the landlord should be kept in a safe place.) This letter must contain the following information:

The term (starting and ending dates) of the sublet, not to exceed two years. If you are uncertain about the term, choose the longer period because it is difficult to extend the sublet later. You can always return early.
The name of the proposed subtenant. (Chose a subtenant from among acquaintances if possible. Subleasing to strangers is risky and often full of unhappy surprises.)
The business and permanent home address of the proposed subtenant.
Your reason for subletting (work transfer, school attendance, family crisis, etc). Your reason must reflect an intent to return.
Your address for the term of the sublet.
The written consent of any co‑tenant or guarantor of your lease.
A copy of the proposed sublease, to which a copy of your lease is attached, if available.
A separate letter wherein both you and your proposed subtenant state that the attached sublease is a true copy of such sublease, which statement must be signed and notarized.

2. Within ten days after mailing the initial request, your landlord is allowed to ask for additional information to enable the landlord to determine if rejection of such a request will be unreasonable. Expect a list of inquiries about the proposed sublessee's resources and rental history.

3. Within thirty days of mailing the initial notice, or of mailing the additional information if requested by the landlord, your landlord must send you a notice of consent to the sublet, or reasons for refusal.
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