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Troubled Water: Estrogen and its doppelgängers - EHN
These estrogenic compounds include many herbicides and pesticides as well as some plastic products, cosmetics, and industrial solvents, among others. And although they are not as "bioactive as pure estrogen, they get into the water supply in great quantities," Iwanowicz said.

Although weaker as an estrogen than a chemical designed as estrogen, such as the birth control pill, these estrogenic compounds may be of more concern than estrogen itself.
water  pollution  environment  industry  hormones  estrogen  endocrine  disruptors  systems  plastic  solvents  agriculture  birth  control 
november 2019 by LizFlyntz
Opinion | The End of Babies - The New York Times
“There is a desire for meaning-making in humans,” Mr. Stone told me. Without religion, one way people seek external validation is through work, which, when it becomes a dominant cultural value, is “inherently fertility reducing.”
children  fertility  babies  capitalism  economics  climate  crisis  USA  endocrine  system  pollution 
november 2019 by LizFlyntz
Toxicity of plastics - Blastic
The harmful chemicals associated with plastics can be divided into three categories: ingredients of the plastic material, byproducts of manufacturing and chemicals adsorbed from the environment.
plastic  harm  toxic  environment  health  pollution  chemicals 
november 2019 by LizFlyntz

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