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*** Is that an OK sign? A white power symbol? Or just a right-wing troll? | Southern Poverty Law Center
Dismissing the spread of the hand signal as a hoax overlooks two hard realities: first, that its increasing use gives open license to actual racist ideologues to operate and recruit under the cover of the "plausible deniability" established by less ideological young trolls; and second, that any kind of wink-and-nudge interaction with the racist right is a direct route to its normalization.

While the people who flash the sign can always readily claim innocence of any racist intent by attesting that they "only meant it ironically" and that their real purpose was to anger liberals, minorities and "social justice warriors (SJWs)," they can't so readily escape ethical culpability for their role in the spread of hateful ideologies and their effects, including a global spike in hate crimes. Nor can they blame members of the minority groups who reasonably find such hand signals potentially threatening for being upset.

Radical fascists have, after all, historically taken advantage of the "marketplace of ideas" as a useful platform for spreading their toxic ideology — the outcome of which always entails the utter destruction of that marketplace and its replacement with authoritarian propaganda. When far-right ideologues retreat to a "free speech" defense amid claims of left-wing persecution — which is what memes like the "OK sign" are designed to do — this is always their long-term goal.
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december 2019 by Marcellus

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