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Opinion | The Notorious Michael R. Bloomberg - The New York Times
No amount of Democrats’ anti-Trump fear and panic will ever erase what Bloomberg did. Democrats have a field of fascinating candidates. Many have some crime and justice issues of their own, but nothing approaching the scale of Bloomberg’s racist policy.

If Democrats cast aside all of these candidates in favor of Bloomberg and his wealth, I fear they will be making it harder to defeat Trump in November.
Bloomberg  racism  police  police_state  racial_profiling  drugs  drugwar  stop-and-frisk  grade_A  grade_AA  TheNewYorkTimes  NewYork 
6 weeks ago by Marcellus
Pete Buttigieg is the embodiment of white privilege – and black voters know it | Benjamin Dixon | Opinion | The Guardian
Third, as a black progressive, I make no apologies for being fiercely opposed to Buttigieg's candidacy. His policies largely protect the status quo, yet he claims that they will lead to the "the most progressive presidency of our lifetime".

How can this be, when his healthcare plan will leave millions exposed to the for-profit predation of insurance executives? When he attacks Medicare for All – a plan that will disproportionately help black Americans, who face life-threatening health disparities?

How can this be, when Buttigieg opposes college for all by arguing that we shouldn't pay tuition for the rich? By his own admission, he defines "rich" as anyone making more than $100,000 a year. College for all is another plan that will disproportionately help black families who are in poverty as well as those stuck in the middle-class crunch. This bad-faith argument reeks of disingenuousness.

Black voters – black women in particular – are the backbone of the Democratic party, and all of us have spoken. We do not support Buttigieg.
TheGuardian  Pete_Buttigieg  white_privilege  racism  AfricanAmerican  voters  grade_A  grade_AA  statistics  demographics 
6 weeks ago by Marcellus
*** Beware the Race Reductionist
A HOSTAGE SITUATION has emerged on the left. And progressive policies like “Medicare for All,” a $15 minimum wage, free public education, a “Green New Deal,” and even net neutrality, are the captives.

The captors? Bad-faith claims of bigotry.

According to an increasingly popular narrative among the center-left, a dispiriting plurality of progressives are “class reductionists” — people who believe that economic equality is a cure-all for societal ills, and who, as a result, would neglect policy prescriptions which seek to remedy identity-based disparities.

Of course, race and class are so interwoven that any political project that aims to resolve one while ignoring the other does a disservice to both. As Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., presumptive leader of the progressive movement, put it this spring when I asked him about the never-ending race versus class debates: “It’s not either-or. It’s never either-or. It’s both.”

The fear that identity-based issues might be “thrown under the bus” in favor of more populist, “universal” policies is legitimate: The Democratic Party has certainly done as much in the recent past for causes less noble than class equality. But the irony is that anxiety over class reductionism has led some to defensively embrace an equally unproductive and regressive ideology: race reductionism.

If you’re #online, like I am, you’re probably already familiar with the main argument. It goes something like this: If a policy doesn’t resolve racism “first,” it’s at worst, racist and at best, not worth pursuing.

According to one popular iteration of this theme, “Medicare for All” is presumptively racist or sexist because it won’t eliminate discriminatory point-of-service care or fully address women’s reproductive needs if it’s not thoughtfully designed. Perhaps you remember Rep. James Clyburn’s claim that a free college and university plan would “destroy” historically black colleges and universities. Maybe you’ve heard that the minimum wage is “racist” because it “Kills Jobs and Doesn’t Help the Poor,” or that it’s an act of privilege to care about Wall Street corruption, because only the wealthy could possibly mind what the banks do with the mortgages and pensions of millions of Americans. Perchance you’ve even been pitched on the incredible notion that rooftop solar panels hurt minority communities.
racism  Bernie_Sanders  mudslinging  election2020  neoliberalism  corporations  corruption  99%  1%  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA  race 
10 weeks ago by Marcellus
Biden claims he has the most diverse staff — but won’t back it up - POLITICO
The campaigns of Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders’ campaigns all said that about 40 percent of their full-time campaign employees are people of color
Bernie_Sanders  Sanders  racism  diversity  campaign_staff 
december 2019 by Marcellus
The diverse field of 2020 Democrats is hiring diverse staff, too - Vox
women made up more than half of senior advisers for several candidates. ... Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Cory Booker

Several campaign officials emphasized that hiring a diverse staff was a top priority. Faiz Shakir, Sanders's campaign manager, noted that the senator specifically called out the issue as one he'd like to address, after his staff was criticized as too white and too male in 2016.
Sanders  Bernie_Sanders  racism  diversity  campaign_staff 
december 2019 by Marcellus
*** Is that an OK sign? A white power symbol? Or just a right-wing troll? | Southern Poverty Law Center
Dismissing the spread of the hand signal as a hoax overlooks two hard realities: first, that its increasing use gives open license to actual racist ideologues to operate and recruit under the cover of the "plausible deniability" established by less ideological young trolls; and second, that any kind of wink-and-nudge interaction with the racist right is a direct route to its normalization.

While the people who flash the sign can always readily claim innocence of any racist intent by attesting that they "only meant it ironically" and that their real purpose was to anger liberals, minorities and "social justice warriors (SJWs)," they can't so readily escape ethical culpability for their role in the spread of hateful ideologies and their effects, including a global spike in hate crimes. Nor can they blame members of the minority groups who reasonably find such hand signals potentially threatening for being upset.

Radical fascists have, after all, historically taken advantage of the "marketplace of ideas" as a useful platform for spreading their toxic ideology — the outcome of which always entails the utter destruction of that marketplace and its replacement with authoritarian propaganda. When far-right ideologues retreat to a "free speech" defense amid claims of left-wing persecution — which is what memes like the "OK sign" are designed to do — this is always their long-term goal.
OK  SPLC  racism  Trump  white_nationalism  alt-right  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA 
december 2019 by Marcellus
Does the OK Sign Actually Signify “White Power,” or What?
[Article covers the history of the symbol's use, often as a troll. But seems to have been picked up by racist mass murders]

UPDATE 3/18/19: This post has been getting a ton of hits ever since Brenton Tarrant, the white supremacist terrorist who gunned down 51 worshippers in a New Zealand mosque last week, threw the "OK" sign in court. Tarrant's use of the OK sign is consistent with the "trolling" history of this gesture, and in line with the "shitposting" tone of his 74-page manifesto, which I wrote about here. Tarrant self-identifies as a fascist and has blood on his hands to prove it. At this point, anyone continuing to insist the OK sign is just a "joke" is participating in a movement that now includes at least one racially/culturally motivated mass murder.
ADL  racism  white_supremacy  Trump  trolling  grade_A 
december 2019 by Marcellus
Nixon Aide Reportedly Admitted Drug War Was Meant To Target Black People | HuffPost
Journalist Dan Baum wrote in the April cover story of Harper's about how he interviewed Ehrlichman in 1994 while working on a book about drug prohibition. Ehrlichman provided some shockingly honest insight into the motives behind the drug war. From Harper's:

"You want to know what this was really all about?" he asked with the bluntness of a man who, after public disgrace and a stretch in federal prison, had little left to protect. "The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I'm saying? We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings, and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did."

[see bottom of link for denial by his colleagues]
racism  drugs  drugwar  Nixon 
september 2019 by Marcellus
Joe Biden Supported A Constitutional Amendment To End Busing In 1975 : NPR
The court said that was "wholly impermissible" and emphasized the importance of local control over public schools — and "white flight" only continued.
JoeBiden  racism  civil_rights  grade_A  NPR 
june 2019 by Marcellus
Transcript of then-Sen. Biden’s interview with The People Paper - The Washington Post
Transcript of then-Sen. Biden’s interview with The People Paper
Searchable PDF (click to download)
busing  1970s  JoeBiden  racism  segregation  grade_A  interview 
june 2019 by Marcellus
Joe Biden: Letters reveal how he sought support of segregationists in fight against busing - CNNPolitics
Biden, who at the time was 34 and serving his first term in the Senate, repeatedly asked for -- and received -- the support of Sen. James Eastland, a Mississippi Democrat and chairman of the Judiciary Committee and a leading symbol of Southern resistance to desegregation. Eastland frequently spoke of blacks as "an inferior race."

"Dear Mr. Chairman," Biden wrote on June 30, 1977. "I want you to know that I very much appreciate your help during this week's committee meeting in attempting to bring my anti-busing legislation to a vote."

Two weeks later, Biden followed up with a note to Eastland "to thank you again for your efforts in support of my bill to limit court ordered busing."
JoeBiden  racism  segregation  1970s  Dixiecrat  busing  desegregation  TheNation  grade_A  grade_AA 
june 2019 by Marcellus
Joe Biden Once Made Common Cause With School Segregationists
“We’ve lost our bearings since the 1954 Brown v. School Board desegregation case,” Biden said in 1975, in an interview that he gave to a newspaper in Delaware that was recently unearthed by The Washington Post. “To ‘desegregate’ is different than to ‘integrate.’”

“The real problem with busing,” he said, “is that you take [white] people who aren’t racist, people who are good citizens, who believe in equal education and opportunity, and you stunt their children’s growth by busing them to an inferior school.” For him, it seems, the stunting of black children’s growth in the savagely unequal and deliberately segregated public schools I’ve been describing for years did not elicit the same sense of alarm.

“I do not buy the concept, popular in the ’60s, which said, ‘We have suppressed the black man for 300 years and…in order to even the score, we must now give the black man”—no reference to black women—“a head start or even hold the white man back.… I don’t buy that.”

In a series of letters, recently released by CNN, that he wrote to Dixiecrat Senator James Eastland in 1977, Biden expressed thanks to Eastland for supporting anti-busing legislation that Biden introduced.

“I want you to know that I very much appreciate your help…in attempting to bring my anti-busing legislation to a vote,” he wrote the Mississippi Democrat, a virulent opponent of civil rights who frequently referred to black people as “an inferior race.”

Biden, moreover, did not simply reinforce the efforts of Southern segregationists.
JoeBiden  racism  segregation  1970s  Dixiecrat  busing  desegregation  TheNation  grade_A  grade_AA 
june 2019 by Marcellus
Joe Biden's Pro-Segregation Past Resurfaces; Said It Was a Matter of "Black Pride" :: Politics :: News :: Joe Biden :: Paste
All that hasn’t kept the 76-year-old from trying to paint his own narrative, tooting his own horn about a single busing vote plucked from his overall anti-busing record. Biden told Pod Save America in March 2018:

I have never, ever, ever voted for anything I thought was wrong…In the middle of the single most extensive busing order in all the United States history, in my state, I voted against an amendment, cast the deciding vote, to allow courts to keep busing as a remedy. Because there are some things that are worth losing over.
JoeBiden  racism  busing  race  civil_rights 
june 2019 by Marcellus
Racism at American Pools Isn’t New: A Look at a Long History - The New York Times
That white resistance to integrated swimming was rooted in a fear of interracial contact between men and women, Dr. Wiltse said. The violent opposition continued for weeks, peaking when several hundred white youths severely beat about 40 black swimmers, The New York Times reported.
racism  NAACP 
august 2018 by Marcellus
No water for poor people: the nine Americans who risked jail to seek justice | US news | The Guardian
“On behalf of the beloved community that struggles for justice and mercy and peace in Detroit – this place where the water goes around,” she said. “Your pastoral leadership and comradeship continue among us as we listen, speak, and act in freedom to confront the powers of death and proclaim the right to the tree of life for all”.
RustBelt  Midwest  water  civil_rights  racism  fascism  kleptocracy  99%  corruption  corporations  grade_A 
july 2018 by Marcellus
15 Charts That Prove We're Far From Post-Racial | HuffPost
15) Employers are more likely to turn away job seekers if they have African-American-sounding names.
inequality_economic  racism  BlackLivesMatter  civil_rights  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA  infographics  charts 
september 2017 by Marcellus
FACT CHECK: Did Abraham Lincoln Express Opposition to Racial Equality?
True: In 1858, Lincoln expressed his opposition to racial equality and asserted the superiority of white people.

During his famous debates with Sen. Stephen Douglas, Lincoln explained to the crowd: “I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races … I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

Lincoln was no different than most white males, North and South, at the time. He was a white supremacist.
Lincoln  Civil_War  racism  AfricanAmerican  snopes  grade_A  confederacy  Republicans  Democrats  grade_AA 
august 2017 by Marcellus
Supreme Court rules 28 NC legsialtive districts are illegally drawn | News & Observer
As Anita Earls, executive director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice and counsel for the redistricting challengers, said in a statement Monday, “Many North Carolinians have been participating in unfair elections in racially gerrymandered districts for far too long. It’s time to fix this problem.”
GOP  racism  gerrymandering  voter_fraud  voter_suppression  SCOTUS  grade_A 
june 2017 by Marcellus
Mitch Landrieu’s Speech on the Removal of Confederate Monuments in New Orleans - The New York Times
After the Civil War, these statues were a part of that terrorism as much as a burning cross on someone’s lawn; they were erected purposefully to send a strong message to all who walked in their shadows about who was still in charge in this city. Should you have further doubt about the true goals of the Confederacy, in the very weeks before the war broke out, the Vice President of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens, made it clear that the Confederate cause was about maintaining slavery and white supremacy. He said in his now famous ‘cornerstone speech’ that the Confederacy’s “cornerstone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery — subordination to the superior race — is his natural and normal condition. This, our new government, is the first, in the history of the world, based upon this great physical, philosophical, and moral truth.”
NewOrleans  history  racism  Civil_War  civil_rights  confederacy  TheNewYorkTimes  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA 
june 2017 by Marcellus
What Bernie Sanders Gets Right About Identity Politics
One would imagine that this single mother might have found Sanders's plan for universal child care to be of use. And while it's true that Wall Street reform would not resolve Flint's water crisis, to the extent that the crisis was the product of systemic racism — which is to say, of the state government's indifference to a politically and economically disadvantaged African-American community — the dysfunction of our financial system is clearly relevant. Among the proximate causes of black America's current disempowerment is the legacy of the subprime mortgage crisis, which erased 43 percent of the community's wealth. Loan officers at Wells Fargo pushed black clients — or, as they referred to them, "mud people" — to take out subprime loans, even when their credit histories qualified them for prime ones.
Bernie_Sanders  Hillary_Clinton  Politics  racism  wealth_inequality  99%  1%  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA  election2016  neoliberalism  corruption  DNC  DLC 
march 2017 by Marcellus
Against Racism - YouTube
On Christmas Eve, I watched [my son] ceremoniously put the milk and cookies by the fire for Santa Claus.

And after he went to sleep… I then drank the milk and ate the cookies. I wanted him to wake up and see them gone in the morning. I wanted him to believe in a world that was magical.

But I am leaving my son a world that is more dangerous than the one I was given.

Because I am raising… a brown boy in a America…

And in America today, as we enter an era of enormous rage, as white nationalists hail this moment as their great awakening, as hate acts against Sikhs and our Muslim brothers and sisters are at an all time high

I know that there will be moments - whether on the streets or in the schoolyards - where my son will be seen as foreign, as suspect, as a terrorist.

Just as…
… black bodies are still seen as criminal.
… brown bodies are still seen as illegal.
… trans bodies are still seen as immoral.
… indigenous bodies are still seen as savage.
… the bodies of women and girls are seen as someone else's property.

When we see these bodies not as brothers and sisters, then it becomes easier to bully them, to rape them, to allow policies that neglect them, that incarcerate them, that kill them.

The future is dark. But what if this darkness is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb?

What if our America is not dead, but a country that is waiting to be born?

What if the story of America is one long labour.

What if all of our grandfathers and grandmothers are standing behind us now. Those who survived occupation and genocide, slavery and Jim Crow, detentions and political assaults.

What if they are whispering in our ears today, tonight: you are brave.

What if this is our nation's great transition?
videos  racism  Religion  Trump  civil_rights  equality  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA 
march 2017 by Marcellus
Facing criticism, Trump administration has no regrets about leaving out Jews in Holocaust statement - Chicago Tribune
Conservative commentator John Podhoretz slammed the White House's defense of its actions in a column on Saturday, noting that Nazi ideology rested on the aim of exterminating Jewish people from the face of earth.
AmericaFirst  holocaust  fascism  Trump  propaganda  racism 
february 2017 by Marcellus
Elizabeth Warren won't be silenced – and neither will American women | Jessica Valenti | Opinion | The Guardian
In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s loss and the massive Women’s Marches across the country, American women simply won’t stand for Republicans trying to shut us up.
Elizabeth_Warren  TheGuardian  ShePersisted  MLK  racism  Mitch_McConnell  GOP  corruption  fascism 
february 2017 by Marcellus
Sean Spicer: ‘I can only hope that if Coretta Scott King was still with us,’ she’d support Jeff Sessions
"Sean Spicer: 'I can only hope that if Coretta Scott King was still with us,' she'd support Jeff Sessions"

"I would respectfully disagree with her assessment of Sen. Sessions then and now," said Spicer. "His record on civil voting rights, I think, is outstanding."
Sean_Spicer  MLK  racism  voter_suppression  Trump  elizabethwarren 
february 2017 by Marcellus
Company Apologizes for Texas Textbook Calling Slaves 'Workers': 'We Made a Mistake'
Texas is no stranger to textbook controversy. The geography textbook is one of many new versions of textbooks in Texas classrooms this year, after the state approved a raft of new textbooks following months of heated debate last year. Draft versions of some of the new books were reported to contain false information regarding climate change and ozone depletion, and others were criticized for exaggerating the role Moses played in influencing American democracy, and for negatively portraying Muslims.
Texas_Board_of_Education  racism  South  history  education  Tea_Party  creationism 
october 2016 by Marcellus
How Did a Texas Textbook End Up Describing Slaves as “Workers From Africa”?
The state board's process doesn’t really allow for an in-depth review of textbook content. Reviewers mostly check whether the textbooks align with the curriculum standards. They might note problems they see while they're addressing that primary task, but they’re not systemically reviewing the textbooks from cover to cover. Moreover, some of the folks appointed to the review teams aren’t even qualified to do such a cover-to-cover review. For example, one of the reviewers for U.S. History textbooks last year was a former car salesman-turned pastor-turned politician appointed by the state board chair (a creationist). The reviewer was running for the Texas House of Representatives (he won) and thinks separation of church and state isn’t a constitutional principle. He isn’t a historian, but there he was, serving as a textbook reviewer.
Texas_Board_of_Education  racism  South  history  education  Tea_Party  creationism 
october 2016 by Marcellus
Section 4: Views of the Nation | Pew Research Center
I should note that my positive comments about Millennials are supported by objective polling data. [1]

Remember that popular 'Newsroom' rant by Jeff Daniels, where he explains why America is no longer the greatest country? [2] It starts with the accusation that Millennials are “the worst. Period. Generation. Period. Ever. Period.”

There's just one small problem with that: everything. Every accusation in the rant that is leveled against Millennials is actually more true of Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation [3] and *least* true of Millennials.

Who thinks “America is the Greatest nation on Earth”? 65% of the Silent Generation, 50% of Boomers, that’s who. Only 32% of Millennials agree with that sentiment.

It is the Baby Boomers who are the most xenophobic, the most opposed to gender equality, the most ideologically conservative, and the most hostile to government and its services (except for those services they rely on, like Medicare and Social Security!!). Unbelievably and hypocritically, Boomers care the *least* about universal healthcare of any generation, including the Silent Generation!

There’s a reason Baby Boomers are often called the “Me” generation." Greed, selfishness, and a lack of civic responsibility are a major part of that generation's stereotype.

Aaron Sorkin (Baby Boomer and creator of Newsroom) is projecting the many faults of his generation onto a generation that is arguably the most decent in America’s history.

By the numbers, Millennials are the most liberal, most diverse, most educated, most tolerant, and least religious generation in our nation's history. They’re also the least likely to buy into the blind patriotism of 'American exceptionalism.'

By contrast, Boomers rate themselves as the most patriotic of any generation. Do you know what makes American “the greatest” according to Booomers? The same vacuous answer that Sorkin ridicules in his rant: “Freedom.”

The Greatest Generation handed their Boomer children all the hard-won fruits and institutions of the New Deal and Great Society. The Baby Boomers, the “Me” Generation, shamelessly and greedily dismantled these institutions for their own gain with an almost sociopathic disregard for the horrific consequences to subsequent generations, e.g. massive increases in wealth inequality, child poverty, homelessness, an explosion of the prison populations, the militarization of the police, etc.

Boomers are also most responsible for dismantling, or at least woefully neglecting, the foundations of our once great middle class, e.g. inexpensive public universities, unions, infrastructure, and a living wage.

Now, none of this is meant to demonize individual Baby Boomers. Every generation has its collective strengths and weaknesses (e.g. Boomers were more progressive than preceding generations), and what may be said for a collective group, on average, doesn't necessarily apply to every individual within it.

Rather, this was just to note that if you're going to judge a generation by Sorkin’s criteria, it’s not the Millennials but rather the Baby Boomers who come out looking like “the worst. Period. Generation. Period. Ever. Period.”

[1] Pew Research: The Generation Gap and the 2012 Election:

[2] Newsroom rant - America is not the greatest country anymore.

[3] The “Silent Generation” was born between the Great Depression and 1942. What can be said of the Boomers generally holds true for the "Silent Generation" (and usually more so). However because the size and influence of the Boomers swamps them, there usually isn’t much to be gained in distinguishing the two.
Pew_research  Baby_Boomers  millennials  grade_A  polling  data  demographics  democracy  racism  liberalism  NewDeal  grade_AA  grade_AAA 
august 2016 by Marcellus
Deadly Force, in Black and White - ProPublica
There is, then, value in what the data can show while accepting, and accounting for, its limitations. Indeed, while the absolute numbers are problematic, a comparison between white and black victims shows important trends. Our analysis included dividing the number of people of each race killed by police by the number of people of that race living in the country at the time, to produce two different rates: the risk of getting killed by police if you are white and if you are black.
police  racism  violence  BlackLivesMatter  prisons  crime  Law  race 
july 2016 by Marcellus
Crackpot Ideas | Mother Jones
Some of the policies ostensibly designed to protect cocaineexposed babies ended up isolating them instead. In the late '80s, the practice of automatically keeping newborns in the hospital if they tested positive for cocaine, now largely but not universally abandoned, contributed to an unmanageable population of boarder babies at some urban hospitals. In New York City, most of these babies eventually went home to their families--after languishing in a crowded hospital nursery for the dawning weeks or even months of their lives. Of those who stayed in the system, according to a study of one six-month period in the mid-'80s, 30 percent still didn't have a permanent home by the time they were 3 years old.
drugwar  medical  study  racism  drugs 
march 2016 by Marcellus
Video: Hillary, who started the “Obama is a Muslim” thing in 2008, appalled that Trump might think Obama is a Muslim « Hot Air
Bill Clinton compared Obama’s primary win in South Carolina to Jesse Jackson’s wins there, which O’s supporters took as an attempt to pigeonhole him as a “black candidate”? Remember when Hillary said early on in the primaries that for all of MLK’s civil rights achievements, it took LBJ to actually turn them into law? Obama called that comment “ill advised,” supposedly because it diminished King but really because it cast him in the role of an inspirational black leader who should be operating outside politics. Remember later in the campaign when Hillary argued she’d be more electable as nominee because her support was stronger among “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans”? That comment earned her the opprobrium of Media Matters staffer Oliver Willis in a post titled
election2008  Hillary_Clinton  Bill_Clinton  mudslinging  racism  Islam  Obama 
february 2016 by Marcellus
Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote | The Nation
In practice, however, he capitulated entirely to the right-wing backlash against the civil-rights movement and embraced former president Ronald Reagan’s agenda on race, crime, welfare, and taxes—ultimately doing more harm to black communities than Reagan ever did.
micelle_alexander  AfricanAmerican  racism  prisons  drugwar  Hillary_Clinton  election2016  grade_A  grade_AA  grade_AAA 
february 2016 by Marcellus
Texas Mother Teaches Textbook Company a Lesson on Accuracy - The New York Times
“It talked about the U.S.A. being a country of immigration, but mentioning the slave trade in terms of immigration was just off,” said Ms. Dean-Burren, who is black. “It’s that nuance of language. This is what erasure looks like.”
racism  Republicans  Tea_Party  school  education  Texas 
october 2015 by Marcellus
Bill Clinton help sink Hillary's chances of a Kennedy endorsement by belitting Obama - NY Daily News
After Kennedy sided with Obama, Clinton reportedly griped, "the only reason you are endorsing him is because he's black. Let's just be clear."
Ted_Kennedy  Kennedy  Obama  election2008  Clinton  racism  Hillary_Clinton  Politics 
august 2015 by Marcellus
Best of TomDispatch: Michelle Alexander, The Age of Obama as a Racial Nightmare | TomDispatch
Now, the paperback of the book is a bestseller with 175,000 copies in print and Alexander has the stamp of approval of the New York Times, which recently led the front page of its culture section with a piece on her and her book (“Drug Policy as Race Policy: Best Seller Galvanizes the Debate”).  TomDispatch is proud to have been there at the beginning and to have played a very small part in Alexander’s well-deserved success.  Unfortunately, her piece, now two years old, couldn’t feel more up to date (and just to ensure its absolute up-to-dateness, Alexander has gone over it and made a few additions).  It’s great to have her work in our periodic “best of TomDispatch” series. Tom
racism  police  prisons  books 
august 2015 by Marcellus
The racial wealth gap in the US is astounding - Business Insider
In relative terms, Black households hold only 6 percent of the wealth owned by white households, which amounts to a total wealth gap of $104,033, and Latino households hold only 8 percent of the wealth owned by white households, a wealth gap of $102,798 (see Figure 1). In other words, a typical white family owns $15.63 for every $1 owned by a typical Black family, and $13.33 for every $1 owned by a typical Latino family.
income_median  wealth  wealth_inequality  99%  inequality_economic  race  racism 
august 2015 by Marcellus
The Clinton dynasty’s horrific legacy: How “tough-on-crime” politics built the world’s largest prison system -
The federal government’s new priorities redirected nearly $1 billion in state spending for higher education to prison construction. Clinton put a permanent eligibility ban for welfare or food stamps on anyone convicted of a felony drug offense (including marijuana possession). He prohibited drug felons from public housing. Any liberal arts grad with an HBO account can tell you the consequences for poor, black American cities like Baltimore. As Alexander writes, “More than any other president, [Clinton] created the current racial undercaste.”
JimCrow  Clinton  prisons  war_on_crime  AfricanAmerican  salon  election2016  racism  crime  Bernie_Sanders  Hillary_Clinton  grade_AAA 
july 2015 by Marcellus
Hillary Clinton and the 1994 Crime Bill - The Atlantic
All this might—I underscore, might—be justified if such prison expansion produced dramatic declines in crime. But while crime has indeed dropped dramatically—it’s about half what it was at its peak in 1991—the best evidence suggests that locking people up is not the primary reason. After spending close to two years testing 14 different potential causes of the reduction in crime, the Brennan Center this year concluded that “incarceration was responsible for approximately five percent of the drop in crime in the 1990s,” and an even lower percentage since then. A report last year by the National Academies’ National Research Council found that “the growth in incarceration rates reduced crime, but the magnitude of the crime reduction remains highly uncertain and the evidence suggests it was unlikely to have been large.” Even a 2004 investigation by University of Chicago economist Steven D. Levitt, who considers increased imprisonment more effective, only found that it accounted for roughly one-third of the crime drop.
Hillary_Clinton  Clinton  war_on_crime  election2016  AfricanAmerican  prisons  crime  racism 
july 2015 by Marcellus
Colin Powell: GOP Holds 'Dark Vein Of Intolerance' (VIDEO)
You've got to think first about what's the party actually going to represent," Powell said. "If it's just going to represent the far right wing of the political spectrum, I think the party is in difficulty. I'm a moderate, but I'm still a Republican."
colin_powell  racism  GOP  Politics 
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When The KKK Was Mainstream : NPR History Dept. : NPR
Eventually, the nation's better angels prevailed, and local chapters of the Ku Klux Klan returned to the shadows or disbanded altogether. Today the Southern Poverty Law Center estimates that there are 8,000 KKK members or fewer.
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Tulsa race riot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1915, the Ku Klux Klan had been growing in urban chapters across the country, particularly since veterans had been returning from the war. It first appeared in Oklahoma in a major way on August 12, 1921, less than three months after the Tulsa riot.[6] The historian Charles Alexander estimated that by the end of 1921, Tulsa had 3,200 residents in the Klan.[6] The city population was 72,000 in 1920.[7]
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History of Lynchings in the South Documents Nearly 4,000 Names -
Thousands of people came in 1893 to see Henry Smith, a black teenager accused of murder, carried around town on a float, then tortured and burned to death on a scaffold.

Until recently, some longtime residents still remembered when the two Arthur brothers were tied to a flagpole and set on fire at the city fairgrounds in 1920.
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Here’s the Data That Shows Cops Kill Black People at a Higher Rate Than White People | Mother Jones
Between 1968 and 2011, black people were between 2 to 8 times more likely to die at the hands of law enforcement than whites. Annually, over those 40 years, a black person was on average 4.2 times as likely to get shot and killed by a cop than a white person. The disparity dropped to 2-to-1 between 2003 and 2009, lower than the 4-to-1 disparity shown in the BJS data over those same years.
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Deadly Force, in Black and White - ProPublica
Young black males in recent years were at a far greater risk of being shot dead by police than their white counterparts – 21 times greater i, according to a ProPublica analysis of federally collected data on fatal police shootings.
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U.S. Poverty Rates by Race, Selected Detailed Race, and Hispanic Origin Groups: 2007–2011
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My Vassar College Faculty ID Makes Everything OK
My family needed me home. My soul needed to be there. But I was afraid to be somewhere where my Vassar College Faculty ID didn't matter worth a damn. I was afraid to let the Mississippi black folks who really got me over see all my new stretch marks, afraid they'd hear the isolation and anxiety in my voice, afraid they'd find the crumpled bank receipts from money taken out at casinos. I was afraid to show my Mama, Auntie, and Grandma that I felt alone and so much sadder than the 27-year-old black boy they remember being issued a Vassar College Faculty ID 12 years ago.
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Tea Parties - Racism, Anti-Semitism and the Militia Impulse
The resolution was met immediately with anonymous death threats directed at the NAACP generally and to units around the country, and a barrage of verbal abuse sent to the NAACP's website. The reaction by the various Tea Parties to this resolution provided a useful window on the way that the various Tea Parties respond to challenges of any kind. In a number of instances the resolution was misunderstood, perhaps deliberately so, as a broad-brush “attack” on all Tea Partiers. In many instances, the response was to deny that any racists were within Tea Party ranks. Several claimed that the NAACP was itself racist, or that the term “racism” had lost all real meaning.
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Watch The Program | A Class Divided | FRONTLINE | PBS
This is one of the most requested programs in FRONTLINE's history. It is about an Iowa schoolteacher who, the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered in 1968, gave her third-grade students a first-hand experience in the meaning of discrimination. This is the story of what she taught the children, and the impact that lesson had on their lives.
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