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Avoiding the 'sugar rush': Inside the BBC's 'slow news' operation - Digiday
That’s meant moving away from pursuing every incremental breaking news update toward publishing fewer but more thoroughly contextualized in-depth stories, as well as more short data visualization pieces. The term “slow news” doesn’t relate to the length of articles but more to the added time BBC journalists take to create them, and the theory is that the audience will spend longer with in-depth pieces, said Jamie Angus, editorial director of BBC Global News.
World Wide Web Consortium abandons consensus, standardizes DRM with 58.4% support, EFF resigns / Boing Boing
In July, the Director of the World Wide Web Consortium overruled dozens of members' objections to publishing a DRM standard without a compromise to protect accessibility, security research, archiving, and competition.
internet  wc3 
2 days ago
Payment Request API —Now Being Implemented in All Major Browsers— Advances on the Recommendation Track | Web Payments Working Group
In early September I learned with excitement that the status of Payment Request API implementation in Webkit went from “Under Consideration” to “In Development.” That means that the API is being implemented in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Webkit, as well as Samsung Internet Browser and Facebook. If you know about more implementations, please let me know.

The timing couldn’t be better. Today the Web Payments Working Group advanced both Payment Request API and Payment Method identifiers...
3 days ago
Storyboarder - The best and easiest way to storyboard. | Wonder Unit
Storyboarder makes it easy to visualize a story as fast you can draw stick figures. Quickly draw to test if a story idea works. Create and show animatics to others. Express your story idea without mak
drawing  opensource 
6 days ago
How Russia Created the Most Popular Texas Secession Page on Facebook
Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they had shuttered almost 500 accounts they believe were associated with a Russian company that spent some $100,000 on ad buys since June 2015. As a release…
america  facebook  russia 
7 days ago
Two Ex-Googlers Want To Make Bodegas And Mom-And-Pop Corner Stores Obsolete
Called Bodega, this startup installs unmanned pantry boxes in apartments, offices, dorms, and gyms. It promises convenience, but also represents competition for many mom-and-pop stores.
retail  ai 
8 days ago
The Future of Free Speech — The Information
In the past several years technology has made speech dramatically more powerful and free than was conceivable in the past. In 2017, with a highly charged atmosphere locally and globally, the question of how the concept of freedom of speech is going to modernize is coming to the fore. A key issue ...
10 days ago
As Amazon Pushes Forward With Robots, Workers Find New Roles - The New York Times
Amazon is on the forefront of automation, finding new ways of getting robots to do the work once handled by human employees.
nytimes  amazon 
10 days ago
Now on Medium: Daily Stories from Leading Publishers
Since launching Medium membership, our primary focus has been on funding the creation of exclusive content from talented writers and experts in the Medium ecosystem. Members have enjoyed original…
13 days ago
A List Apart is creating articles & community “for people who make websites.” | Patreon
Become a patron of A List Apart today:
Read posts by A List Apart and get access to exclusive
content and experiences on the world’s largest membership
platform for artists and creators.
14 days ago
Ok Google, Talk to Vogue | Condé Nast Technology
Exclusive audio from the Vogue September available only on Google Home
14 days ago
Amazon to Build Second HQ in North America
Amazon HQ2 will be Amazon’s second headquarters in North America. We expect to invest over $5 billion in construction and grow this second headquarters to include as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs – it will be a full equal to our current campus in Seattle.
14 days ago
HuffPost is taking its reporters on a “listening tour,” seeking stories, new readers, data, and solidarity » Nieman Journalism Lab
"If we're going to put new reporters in different regions, strategically where should they be? What will they be covering? What matters to these communities?"
community  HuffPo 
15 days ago
Explorable Explanations
Welcome to Explorable Explanations, a hub for learning through play! We’re a disorganized “movement” of artists, coders & educators who want to reunite play and learning.
design  games  interactive 
17 days ago
The Washington Post leverages automated storytelling to cover high school football - The Washington Post
Automated storytelling technology will allow The Post to cover every game in the Washington, D.C.-area.
wapo  automation 
18 days ago
Data Breach Exposes Thousands of Job Seekers Citing Top Secret Government Work [Updated]
Thousands of files containing the personal information and expertise of Americans with classified and up to Top Secret security clearances have been exposed by an unsecured Amazon server, potentially for most of the year.
18 days ago
Spotify Says Head of Video and Podcasting Operations Is Out - Bloomberg
Spotify Ltd. is parting ways with Tom Calderone, the head of original video and podcasts, after the music-streaming company’s initial round of programs failed to catch on with audiences.
20 days ago
Introducing Extensions: A Streaming Revolution – Twitch Blog
Developers, what if we said that you could completely change the landscape of live video, that you could get your products in front of millions of people daily, and that you could do it all by…
21 days ago
Why we’re disabling comments on – Al Jazeera English – Medium
Today, we disabled the ability to comment on stories on It’s a decision that we’ve given much thought to, and one that we feel ultimately best serves our audience. The mission of Al…
aljazeera  comments  community 
21 days ago
Raft of new BBC Radio 3 programmes will take 'slow radio' to next level | Media | The Guardian
Station to feature sounds of a walker’s boots and chanting of Benedictine monks as ‘an antidote to today’s frenzied world’
bbc  radio 
21 days ago
Publishers Are Making More Video—Whether You Want It or Not - Bloomberg
Mic, a website aimed at millennials, used to employ 40 writers and editors producing articles on topics like “celebrating beauty” and “strong women.” Ten were let go this month, with most in the revamped newsroom of 63 now focused on making videos for places like Facebook.
publishing  video 
21 days ago
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