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Breaking News – Josh Quittner – Medium
A show of hands, please: How many of you were thrilled to hear about the upcoming changes to Facebook’s News Feed?
The end of the conference era –
Having attended (and sometimes spoken at) many of these conferences over the years, I can’t deny the feeling I’ve had in the last couple of years that the era of the small Apple-ish developer-ish conference is mostly or entirely behind us.

2 days ago
workshop/ at master · gravitational/workshop
Kubernetes 101 workshop - introduction to Kubernetes and basic concepts
k8s  kubernetes 
2 days ago
workshop/ at master · gravitational/workshop
Docker 101 workshop - introduction to Docker and basic concepts
2 days ago
Google’s Fuchsia OS on the Pixelbook: It works! It actually works! | Ars Technica
We take a look at what Google's experimental, secret OS is up to in early 2018.
google  android  chromebook  fuchsia 
2 days ago
Giphy builds transparent GIF library for Instagram Stories | TechCrunch
Instagram now lets some users slap background-less GIFs sourced from Giphy onto their Instagram Stories. Rolling out for wider testing with a Giphy-branded..
instagram  giphy 
3 days ago
Adele - Design Systems and Pattern Libraries Repository
Dozens of design systems and pattern libraries thoroughly analyzed. Learn, enjoy, contribute!
design  reference 
3 days ago
Spotify Has a New Plan to Take on Radio and Reinvent Podcasting - Bloomberg
Spotify, the world’s largest paid music service, will begin offering news and political coverage to lure listeners away from radio and podcasts from rival Apple Inc.
3 days ago
The End of the Awl and the Vanishing of Freedom and Fun from the Internet | The New Yorker
Jia Tolentino on the blog site the Awl, which announced this week that it will cease operations at the end of January.
awl  media 
3 days ago
Facebook's Adam Mosseri on Why You'll See Less Video, More From Friends | WIRED
Facebook's vice president for newsfeed explains the thinking behind recent changes in the algorithm that determines what 2 billion people see on the social network.
facebook  newsfeed 
4 days ago
Home | Laws of UX
Laws of UX is a collection of the key maxims that designers must consider when building user interfaces.
design  ux  inspiration  reference 
4 days ago
Newsonomics: Can a new management team soothe the roiled Los Angeles Times newsroom? » Nieman Journalism Lab
New hires from The New York Times and The Washington Post bring new faces to a news organization that has been in flux under Tronc management.
5 days ago
ICOs and Economics of Lemon Markets – Avtar Sehra – Medium
Extract from paper (published here) providing an in-depth analysis on the structural and dynamic economic properties of Initial Coin Offerings. In this article we will discuss what happens when you…
blockchain  economics  ICO 
5 days ago
After Donald Trump Said It, How News Outlets Handled It - The New York Times
Media outlets took the unusual step of allowing a vulgar word in print and on air after a report that Mr. Trump had used the term to describe African nations and Haiti.
8 days ago
Apple Health Data Is Being Used as Evidence in a Rape and Murder Investigation - Motherboard
German authorities cracked a man's iPhone and found out what he was up to.
crime  mobile  iphone 
8 days ago
Editorial standards put BBC reporters in tough spot over pay equity issue | Poynter
Carrie Gracie’s resignation sent shock waves through Britain. Gracie, the former China editor for BBC News, resigned from her post Sunday after learning that her male colleagues were paid more than 50 percent more than she was for equivalent work.
9 days ago
Dropbox Files Confidentially for U.S. IPO - Bloomberg
Dropbox Inc., the file-sharing private company valued at $10 billion, has filed confidentially for a U.S. initial public offering, people familiar with the matter said.
10 days ago
Chris Hayes - Comics - The Nib
How America’s infatuation with World War II has eroded our conscience.
culture  history  politics  war 
11 days ago
Scoop: WaPo hits 2nd year of profitability, plans expansion - Axios
The team of nearly 800 journalists will be acquiring additional space in its headquarters building in downtown Washington in 2018. "This expansion will meet our needs in the coming year and accommodate anticipated growth in the future," Ryan says.
12 days ago
How to prepare for the removal of publisher posts from Facebook’s news feed
In the coming year, Facebook will likely split the news feed. Non-promoted posts from Facebook pages will be placed in a secondary feed. When the company tested the format in Slovakia in 2017…
facebook  feed  media 
12 days ago
Competing with BigCo: 2018 Edition – Learning By Shipping
One of the most interesting challenges in building an enterprise startup is navigating around, through, under, or over the big tech companies. There’s nothing new about this as doing so goes all the way back to the creation of Silicon Valley and companies like Intel and HP in the shadow of Fairchild, IBM, and GE.

apple  google  amazon  microsoft  strategy  enterprise 
13 days ago
International Communications Market Report 2017 - Ofcom
This is the twelfth year in which Ofcom has published the International Communications Market Report, which provides comparative international data on the communications sector. In this report we compare industry structures and consumer outcomes in the UK with those in 16 comparator countries, in telecoms, TV and video, radio and audio, internet and online content, and post.
13 days ago
Grindr and Tinder: the disruptive influence of apps on gay bars
Dating apps mean LGBT people do not need physical spaces to meet one another
13 days ago
‘The Basic Grossness of Humans’ - The Atlantic
Content moderators review the the dark side of the internet. They don’t escape unscathed.
13 days ago
Welcome to the first public edition of Noticing, the kottke․org newsletter. It's a publishing experiment for one of the oldest and best blogs on the World Wide Web, working in a medium that's... not quite the World Wide Web. (Web-adjacent. Web-tangential. Web-compatible.) Each week, I'll summarize the week or so before, through the lens of Kottke․org posts and quicklinks, charting the liberal arts 2.0.
16 days ago
World Leaders on Twitter
Blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets, would hide important information people should be able to see and debate. It would also not silence that leader, but it would certainly hamper necessary discussion around their words and actions.
16 days ago
2017 in Graphics
Charts, maps and data stories help explain the past 12 months.
17 days ago
LA Times Map Maker
Contribute to web-map-maker development by creating an account on GitHub.
map  mapping 
17 days ago’s conversion rate increases after blocking unwanted ads
Nearly 13% of visitors to saw unauthorized ads for competing products. Tumi blocked such ads and boosted this group of consumers' conversion rate.
advertising  adblocking 
18 days ago
Spotify hit with $1.6 billion copyright lawsuit
Music streaming company Spotify was sued by Wixen Music Publishing Inc last week for allegedly using thousands of songs, including those of Tom Petty, Neil Young and the Doors, without a license and compensation to the music publisher.
19 days ago
Reporters, once set against paywalls, have warmed to them - Digiday
In 2017, Neil Chase, executive editor of the Bay Area News Group, gave his Mercury News staff plastic funnels imprinted with the words “awareness, engagement, registration, subscription.” The Merc was about to roll out a new metered paywall, and Chase felt the company hadn’t focused on subscriptions enough. Apparently, the message has sunk in: Recently, a couple reporters were overheard bragging about their stories having the most reach that month.
19 days ago
Facebook’s Uneven Enforcement of Hate Speech Rules… — ProPublica
We asked Facebook about its handling of 49 posts that might be deemed offensive. The company acknowledged that its content reviewers had made the wrong call on 22 of them.
facebook  hatespeech 
19 days ago
alice maz - minecraft
digital girl in an analog world
economics  games  minecraft 
21 days ago
MIT licensed illustrations for every project you can imagine and create.
illustration  resources  icons  svg 
21 days ago
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