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AtomicIntegerArray (Java SE 10 & JDK 10 )
Methods include get(i) [as if volatile], getPlain(i) [as if non-volatile], getAcquire(i), getAndAdd(2), compareAndSet​(3)
Java  concurrentProgramming  JVM 
21 days ago
Biased and wrong? Facial recognition tech in the dock - BBC News
Amusingly originally published with a colon rather than a question mark
surveillance  privacy  AI  UK  news  police 
6 weeks ago
What is shady DOM? - Polymer Project
Good explanations of shadow DOM and Polymer’s shady DOM
webDev  PolymerFramework  HTML  DOM 
10 weeks ago
AWS costs every programmer should know | Hacker News
Some cloud providers charge orders of magnitude more than others
HackerNews  webHosting  cloudComputing  discussion 
10 weeks ago
python/black: The uncompromising Python code formatter
Seems to be ‘strong’ in that output is invariant across different formattings of input
Python  programmingTools 
may 2019
Assessing Unikernel Security
Non-peer-reviewed whitepaper on unikernels' security. Makes a strong case against the way unikernels currently approach security, disabling standard OS features in the name of being lightweight.

unikernels  security  papers  HackerNews  discussion 
may 2019
Birmingham Star City cinema death man 'was searching for keys' - BBC News
> Mr Rafiq's seat had blown a fuse in its control box, he said, adding that the force that came down on him would have been the equivalent of three-quarters of a tonne.
engineering  criticalSystems  failSafes  news  keepAnEyeOn 
may 2019
Let vs. Where - HaskellWiki
Surprising performance implications of minor code-changes in Haskell
may 2019
How can I make tmux use my default shell? - Super User
Add to ~/.tmux.conf:

set-option -g default-shell /bin/zsh
tmux  SuperUser 
april 2019
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