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Assessing Unikernel Security
Non-peer-reviewed whitepaper on unikernels' security. Makes a strong case against the way unikernels currently approach security, disabling standard OS features in the name of being lightweight.

unikernels  security  papers  HackerNews  discussion 
may 2019 by MaxBarraclough
I Do Not Know C: Short quiz on undefined behavior (2015) | Hacker News
C compilers are allowed to elide empty loops, even if they're intended to never terminate
C  HackerNews  discussion 
july 2018 by MaxBarraclough
Ask HN: What is one Vim trick most people don't know? | Hacker News
One I missed:

" * - search current word forward # - search for it backward "

also 'ciw'
HackerNews  vim  discussion 
june 2018 by MaxBarraclough
HackerNews discuss why you shouldn't use subtraction to do comparisons in C
because of the risk of overflows, and that few C programmers either know the rules or pay attention to the possibilities
C  HackerNews  discussion 
may 2018 by MaxBarraclough
Hacker News discuss the CMOV instruction
"Use the SETCC and CMOV instructions to eliminate unpredictable conditional branches where possible. Do not do this for predictable branches."
Intel  x86  x86-64  HackerNews  discussion  CPUs  branchPrediction  computerArchitecture 
october 2017 by MaxBarraclough

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