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Assessing Unikernel Security
Non-peer-reviewed whitepaper on unikernels' security. Makes a strong case against the way unikernels currently approach security, disabling standard OS features in the name of being lightweight.

unikernels  security  papers  HackerNews  discussion 
may 2019 by MaxBarraclough
C++ zero initialization - Why is `b` in this program uninitialized, but `a` is initialized? - Stack Overflow
Declaring constructor with `Bar();` is not equivalent to using `Bar() = default;`, even if you later define with `Bar::Bar() = default;`
C++  StackOverflow  discussion 
february 2019 by MaxBarraclough
D3DPOOL_MANAGED is not a valid pool option when using Direct3D9Ex
> There's no lost device scenario when using Direct3D9Ex, as well as some
other behavorial changes (VRAM is 'unlimited', etc.)

This change can break D3DX functionality ( ). This 'more managed' approach to device-loss is continued by subsequent Direct3D versions. OpenGL has no concept of device-loss at all.

Also , ,
Direct3D  Direct3D9  Direct3D9Ex  graphicsProgramming  discussion 
december 2018 by MaxBarraclough
The Evolution of Direct3D

> Playstation 1 optimized for this problem by using a 3D hardware solution that did not rely on a memory intensive data structure called a Z-buffer, instead they used a polygon level sorting algorithm that produced ugly intersections between moving joints.
> [.....] the simplicity and elegance of Z-buffers to game development were worth the risk that consumer 3D hardware would struggle to affordably support them early on
> [....] It was reasonably believed at that time that Intel deliberately dragged their feet on improving PC bus performance to deter a market for alternatives to their CPU’s for consumer media processing
Direct3D  graphicsProgramming  blogEntries  discussion 
december 2018 by MaxBarraclough
SO discuss SQL's 'BETWEEN' syntax
there's little point except for DRY. Also, be careful as it is inclusive.
SQL  StackOverflow  discussion 
october 2018 by MaxBarraclough
Detecting Process Exit From Console Application in C#
ctrl-c is merely a suggesting, but killing the containing PowerShell appears to force-kill your application.

StackOverflow  discussion 
october 2018 by MaxBarraclough
Efficiency of Java "Double Brace Initialization"? - Stack Overflow
Java's "double brace initialization" syntax generates a 'secret' anonymous inner class. The horror!
Java  StackOverflow  discussion 
september 2018 by MaxBarraclough
Is it true that having lots of small methods helps the JIT compiler optimize? - Stack Overflow
As HotSpot is not trace-based, it seems it conceivably could. Profiling and compilation is at the method level, and no finer.
StackOverflow  Java  HotSpot  JIT  discussion 
august 2018 by MaxBarraclough
winforms - C# Form.Close vs Form.Dispose - Stack Overflow
call Dispose if you used myForm.ShowDialog()

Otherwise, don't worry, Close() will invoke Dispose() for you
WinForms  StackOverflow  discussion 
july 2018 by MaxBarraclough
I Do Not Know C: Short quiz on undefined behavior (2015) | Hacker News
C compilers are allowed to elide empty loops, even if they're intended to never terminate
C  HackerNews  discussion 
july 2018 by MaxBarraclough
c# - Reading an int that's updated by Interlocked on other threads - Stack Overflow
"I'm a firm believer in that if you're using interlocked to increment shared data, then you should use interlocked everywhere you access that shared data."
concurrentProgramming  lockFreeProgramming  StackOverflow  discussion 
july 2018 by MaxBarraclough
Does MS SQL Server offer a REST or OData service?
-> "No. But it's pretty trivial to build an OData service with ASP.NET Web API and Entity Framework."
WebApi2  webAPIs  OData  discussion 
july 2018 by MaxBarraclough
Ask HN: What is one Vim trick most people don't know? | Hacker News
One I missed:

" * - search current word forward # - search for it backward "

also 'ciw'
HackerNews  vim  discussion 
june 2018 by MaxBarraclough
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