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News Releases : February 9, 2015 : Hitachi Global
No word on the ability to target individuals… but I'm sure it's in there. Also, how long until someone figures out the patterns and how to exploit them?
business  motivation  monitoring  surveillance  happyhappyjoyjoy 
september 2018 by Nachimir
‘Design/ Play/ Disrupt’ at the V&A: What Happens When We Break Video Games’s ‘Black Box’? | Frieze
"a carefully negotiated window into a process even which, a decade ago, would have been unthinkable. The ‘magic’ of games has long won over their entry into cultural discourse, and the stranglehold of publishers on the ownership of game artwork, or ‘art assets’ is one even this exhibition cannot escape. For example, that prototype sits alongside pencil sketches of clothes from the same fashion-centric game which are credited only to ‘Nintendo’. "
games  videogames  v&a  mariefoulston  industry  business  gamesindustry  credit  credits  artists  exhibitions  labelling 
september 2018 by Nachimir
The New Age of New Age - C H R I S ░ M A G G I O
Amazing photography of new age guff being sold to people in Sedona.
newage  spirituality  marketing  business  guff  sedona  tourism 
june 2018 by Nachimir
How to Get Rich Playing Video Games on Twitch | The New Yorker
A few interesting bits on streamers and agents in here. Most interesting: of course people form parasocial relationships with streamers.
games  twitch  longreads  newyorkser  gaming  management  business 
november 2017 by Nachimir
This is how Big Oil will die – NewCo Shift
Fascinating idea that oil might die fast. Other things I've read on renewables adoption happening much faster than predicted seem to corroborate.
energy  oil  economics  economy  business  environment 
october 2017 by Nachimir
the three hot trends in Silicon Valley horseshit – Medium
"The basic idea here is that 40 years of stagnant wages, the decline of unions, the death of middle class blue collar jobs, the demise of pensions, and a general slide of the American working world into a PTSD-inducing horror show of limitless vulnerability has been too easy on workers."
siliconvalley  society  internet  business  technology  capitalism  latecapitalism  exploitation  freelance  precarity 
may 2017 by Nachimir
Sam Altman’s Manifest Destiny - The New Yorker
“We had the optimistic view that location would be all-important,” Altman said. “The pessimistic view was that people would lie on their couches and just consume content—and that is what happened. I learned you can’t make humans do something they don’t want to do.”
business  psychology  humans  startups  content  consumption 
october 2016 by Nachimir
Pass, Fail ·
"So long as your class is popular and fun, you’ll be favoured by the administration and probably receive a teaching award. This, even though your students will leave your class in worse condition than they entered it, because you will have pandered to their basest inclinations while leaving their real intellectual and moral needs unmet."
universities  learning  education  capitalism  business 
march 2016 by Nachimir
Hunting What’s Next in High Tech – Andreessen Horowitz
Hmm. Some of the things he names have massive amounts of hype yet haven't delivered yet… it's true they're exciting for now though.
stuff  trends  coolhunting  marketing  startups  business  research 
march 2016 by Nachimir
Because You’re Worthless: The Dark Side Of Indie PR | Puppyblog
"The numbers do not add up. I’ll show you where they do add up – on Steam, on the App Store, on Big Fish, on Google Play. That’s where all of the money is going these days, great sucking, black holes, spewing out tat on their event horizons and hoovering up pennies from wallets worldwide. You can yell about how important you are into the black hole if you like. No-one cares. You can “take your money elsewhere” and “never buy another product from you again, EVER”, and the black hole will continue to treat you exactly as you deserve – with impassive, voracious, inexorable silence, and still ever-growing."
game  economics  gamedev  business  games  bleak 
august 2014 by Nachimir
Don't Start a Company, Kid » Big Nerd Ranch Blog
" don’t even talk to me about retiring early. There are few things sadder than a smart person who retires early and spends a few decades playing golf and waiting to die. If I am really lucky, I’ll push a clever chunk of code to Github in the morning and die at the dinner table that night."
advice  business  career  entrepreneurship  startup  companies 
december 2013 by Nachimir
Blog Post: Transparency, money and being the theatre company we want to be | alanlaneblog
"So, in this instance, and many more, the sector is subsidised and held up by those with the greater determination to do it: the actors who train themselves (on their dollar) in the skill your show needs, the director who does it for the promise of the next job, the playwright who writes the scratch for free and so on. But it’s not run by those people. And increasingly the sector is moving further from the ethos and energies of these people, artists, and ever more vocally to the ethos and energies of a business world."
theatre  business  pay  wages  artists  jobs  art  economy  capitalism 
december 2013 by Nachimir
Academy Fight Song | Thomas Frank | The Baffler
"What actually will happen to higher ed, when the breaking point comes, will be an extension of what has already happened, what money wants to see happen. Another market-driven disaster will be understood as a disaster of socialism, requiring an ever deeper penetration of the university by market rationality. Trustees and presidents will redouble their efforts to achieve some ineffable “excellence” they associate with tech and architecture and corporate sponsorships. There will be more standardized tests, and more desperate test-prep. The curriculum will be brought into a tighter orbit around the needs of business"
education  HE  highereducation  business  academia  capitalism  marketing  hope  despair  disaster  inflation  mercenary 
december 2013 by Nachimir
TED talks are lying to you -
"the real subject of this literature was the professional-managerial audience itself, whose members hear clear, sweet reason when they listen to NPR and think they’re in the presence of something profound when they watch some billionaire give a TED talk. And what this complacent literature purrs into their ears is that creativity is their property, their competitive advantage, their class virtue. Creativity is what they bring to the national economic effort, these books reassure them — and it’s also the benevolent doctrine under which they rightly rule the world."
games  creativity  business  science  books  culture  guff  class  writing  freelance  employment 
december 2013 by Nachimir
The slippery slope | 90 Percent Of Everything
Excellent feature on dark patterns in design. Points out that, long term, you're souring the relationship.
business  design  patterns  ui  ux  social  ixd 
august 2013 by Nachimir
Rami Ismail - A mini-rant on Twitter
Excellent rant from Rami on just doing stuff and not being so insecure.
games  gamedevelopment  business  companies  indie  marketing  promotion 
may 2013 by Nachimir
The Art of the Imperfect Pitch | Stanford Graduate School of Business
Very similar to dimensional models of emotion: "Like our primate relatives, humans are governed by two pathways that you can envision crossing in an X formation. One moves us from anxiety or fear to contentment. The other moves us from boredom or apathy to excitement."
business  creativity  innovation  brain  psychology  motivation  emotion 
april 2013 by Nachimir
Please don't deploy on a Friday! — The Startup Wife
"please don't deploy anything as it's Friday! That's a little message to all you startup people out there and one which you may want to pass onto your husband/wife/partner if they are the startup person in your family. So many of our weekends have been totally ruined in the past, starting with a Friday evening phone call"
startups  business  code  web  projects 
april 2013 by Nachimir
What's a game? (part one billion) | Not The Internet
"There's a direction connection being repeatly drawn here between not-game and not being of monetary value. (Which is a little insane to me: adding a goal to something makes it cost more?)"
games  proteus  georgebuckenham  v21  money  business  marketing  niche  genres  expectations 
january 2013 by Nachimir
Gamasutra - News - Chris Crawford reflects on a Kickstarter gone wrong
It more bespeaks MAYA, and human nature: "There are a great many unconventional games on Kickstarter, but very few of them are funded. The only ones that get funding -- regardless of the price -- are fairly straight forward ones," Crawford said. "An interesting exercise is to read a brief sentence or two of the description, and every single one says something along the lines of, 'This is a platformer – with a twist!' or 'Here we have an RPG with new rules for magic.' They all describe themselves as, 'It's this category of game, with these changes,' and that in itself bespeaks how set in its ways that community is."
kickstarter  maya  design  chriscrawford  funding  business  culture  psychology  gamedesign 
august 2012 by Nachimir
Kickstarter For Non-US Companies
Incredibly useful advice from Chris England
kickstarter  us  business  funding  crowdfunding 
july 2012 by Nachimir
Is fairness the first casualty of business?
"The individual developer takes all the risk and the very best they can hope for is to be paid, eventually, if the game does well, but with every chance they won’t get paid at all. There’s no upside. Working for no money up front is a risk, of course, but with a fair, uncapped revenue share deal, the chance of not being paid at all is balanced against the possibility of earning big should the game go on to be a financial success."
business  games  development  gamedevelopment  indie  indiegames  contracts  revenue  sales  revenueshare 
may 2012 by Nachimir
Android trojan steals keystrokes using phone movements (Updated)
"TapLogger […] masquerades as a benign game that challenges the end user to identify identical icons from a collection of similar-looking images. In the background, the trojan monitors readings returned by the phone's built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and orientation sensors to infer phone numbers and other digits entered into the device."
trojans  malware  virii  viruses  android  blackberry  business  ios  news  smartphones  technology  software  sensing  sensors  acellerometers 
april 2012 by Nachimir
Scripting News: It's definitely a bubble
"2. We're bundling young people into things called startups, and selling them to investors for ever-increasing amounts of money.
3. In an effort to bring more suckers in, they just passed a law that makes it legal to pimp these startups to people who don't know anything. You will be able to take their investment by swiping a credit card. Probably using a $4 billion valuation Square dongle for an iPhone."
bubble  economy  recession  tech  startups  business  valuations  programming  programmers 
april 2012 by Nachimir
Dragged Kickstarting and Screaming « Odious Repeater
We'll see: "The plan is this: get people invested, fail to deliver but show progress to whet people’s appetites. Then do a new fundraising drive to finish the game, and ultimately end up with up to twice the original budget, if not even more. "
kickstarter  games  videogames  business  funding  finance  crowdsourcing  gamedevelopment 
april 2012 by Nachimir
The Jig Is Up: Time to Get Past Facebook and Invent a New Future - Alexis Madrigal - Technology - The Atlantic
"This is about how Internet technology used to feel like it was really going to change so many things about our lives. Now it has and we're all too stunned to figure out what's next."
digital  startups  business  culture  technology  tech  innovation  stagnation  copycats 
april 2012 by Nachimir
Valve: How I Got Here, What It’s Like, and What I’m Doing | Valve
"My observation is that it takes new hires about six months before they fully accept that no one is going to tell them what to do, that no manager is going to give them a review, that there is no such thing as a promotion or a job title or even a fixed role (although there are generous raises and bonuses based on value to the company, as assessed by peers). That it is their responsibility, and theirs alone, to allocate the most valuable resource in the company – their time – by figuring out what it is that they can do that is most valuable for the company, and then to go do it. That if they decide that they should be doing something different, there’s no manager to convince to let them go; they just move their desk to the new group (the desks are on wheels, with computers attached) and start in on the new thing."
valve  games  videogames  studios  gamedevelopment  business  organisation  dunbarnumber  dunbar  300 
april 2012 by Nachimir
The Piracy Threshold - Matt Gemmell
"The majority of people have a basic desire to be honest - and I mean actually honest, rather than some limited definition based strictly on the law. People will go to reasonable lengths to be honest. It makes us feel good about ourselves, and it confers a certain immunity from legal problems."
piracy  internet  media  music  films  games  behaviour  psychology  honesty  business  marketing  legislation  idiots 
february 2012 by Nachimir
A VC: The Management Team - Guest Post From Joel Spolsky
"The “management team” isn’t the “decision making” team. It’s a support function. You may want to call them administration instead of management, which will keep them from getting too big for their britches. Administrators aren’t supposed to make the hard decisions. They don’t know enough. All those super genius computer scientists that you had to recruit from MIT at great expense are supposed to make the hard decisions. That’s why you’re paying them. Administrators exist to move the furniture around so that the people at the top of the tree can make the hard decisions."
howto  management  startup  hierarchy  bosses  work  business  startups 
february 2012 by Nachimir
The Brainstorming Process Is B.S. But Can We Rework It? | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
"Putting people into big groups doesn’t actually increase the flow of ideas. Group dynamics themselves--rather than overt criticism--work to stifle each person’s potential."
brainstorming  ideas  creativity  business  work  groups  psychology  socialisation  office  collaboration  design 
february 2012 by Nachimir
Gamasutra - Features - Principles of an Indie Game Bottom Feeder
"For 15 years (before my games appeared on iTunes and Steam and my life completely changed), I had a simple plan. Every year, I wrote a game, extensively reusing the code and assets from the previous one. Then I put it on sale for $25, with hint books and character editors available alongside for a little extra revenue.

My goal was 5,000 sales. Five thousand! Imagine what a negligible amount that is in this industry. Usually, I sold a couple thousand more than that, thanks to the small, loyal audience I spent many years building. And, if you do the math, you will see that there's a pretty decent living in there."
indie  games  videogames  gamedesign  business 
february 2012 by Nachimir
Quarrel vs The Games Industry: Who’s Right? « Denki
The problems only started once they’d passed Quarrel up the decision tree to their finance and marketing teams – the bit more commonly known as “The Industry“. “This game is fundamentally broken – how can I possibly win with only 3 letters when my opponent has 8?”; “We could never sell this because it’s English language only”; “It looks like a kids game, but it’s way too hard for kids” and everywhere (trust me – everywhere) in between. We heard the same justifications for passing on it over and over again ad nauseam. However, one signal came through clearer than any other among the general noise of reasons why Quarrel wasn’t for them, and that was this: “Gamers don’t buy word games”.
quarrel  denki  games  publishing  business  marketing  wordgames  genres  gamers  gaming  videogames  gamedesign 
january 2012 by Nachimir
The breast implants scandal is bringing out the worst kinds of private sector attitudes | Deborah Orr | World news | The Guardian
"The financial collapse illustrated how risk gets socialised while profit remains private. So does this appalling episode. Nothing and no one is more dependent on the state than capitalism."
breasts  capitalism  business  risk  investment  corruption  medicine  implants  government  regulation  corporations 
january 2012 by Nachimir
The Game Bakers – Money and the App Store: a few figures that might help an indie developer
Some useful iOS figures, and the people at the studio seem to be lovely (dealt with them a bit for the IGA). "even though SQUIDS hasn’t made us rich so far, revenues from the iOS version have almost covered our development costs and we are confident that its upcoming release on other platforms will make the game profitable and allow us to develop a sequel. And for The Game Bakers, that’s what all of this is about: in the end it’s not about getting rich, but about being able to make the games we want to make, independently."
appstore  business  iphone  games  videogames  ios  ipad  indie  gamedevelopment  gamedevelopers  markets  budgeting  software 
january 2012 by Nachimir
How the badly maimed BBC can stand up to parasitic Sky | Polly Toynbee | Comment is free | The Guardian
"when Margaret Thatcher helped Murdoch launch Sky with exemptions from EU broadcasting rules, she added another bonus. She made the BBC pay £10m a year to be transmitted on the Sky platform, although across the rest of Europe commercial broadcasters pay public broadcasters for the privilege of using their content. By rights Sky should pay many hundreds of millions. If the BBC withdrew, Sky would totter since BBC channels are by far the most watched by Sky subscribers, yet Sky charges an average £500 per customer, compared with the BBC's £145.50 licence fee –and yet the BBC massively outproduces Sky content. It's time Sky paid full value."
bbc  sky  tv  television  broadcasting  murdoch  press  media  bias  business  europe  uk  britain 
january 2012 by Nachimir
An Indian Inventor Disrupts The Period Industry | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation
"It took Muruganantham a little over four years to create a simpler version of the machine, but he eventually found a solution. Powered by electricity and foot pedals, the machine de-fibers the cellulose, compresses it into napkin form, seals it with non-woven fabrics, and finally sterilizes it with ultraviolet light. He can now make 1,000 napkins a day, which retail for about $.25 for a package of eight."
periods  health  india  business  sanitarytowels  sanitarypads  sanitation  entrepreneur 
december 2011 by Nachimir
How Valve experiments with the economics of video games - GeekWire
"the people who are telling you that Russians pirate everything are the people who wait six months to localize their product into Russia"
games  pricing  business  piracy  valve  videogames  economics  gaming 
december 2011 by Nachimir
Watch a VC use my name to sell a con. | jwz
"What is true is that for a VC's business model to work, it's necessary for you to give up your life in order for him to become richer. Follow the fucking money. When a VC tells you what's good for you, check your wallet, then count your fingers."
"Instead of that, I recommend that you do what you love because you love doing it. If that means long hours, fantastic. If that means leaving the office by 6pm every day for your underwater basket-weaving class, also fantastic."
work  startups  vc  money  vcs  venturecapital  companies  life  business 
november 2011 by Nachimir
Over 200 record labels withdrawn from Napster and Spotify |
"concerns that these services cannibalise the revenues of more traditional digital services".
music  streaming  digital  mp3  spotify  revenue  business  distribution  publishing 
november 2011 by Nachimir
Gamasutra - Features - Building a Better Kickstarter Campaign
Coombs agrees, calling project updates "essential," and Octodad 2 designer and writer Kevin Zuhn says updates let them build a relationship with backers. "We made sure to post updates at every major milestone, thanking our backers constantly and revealing more information about ourselves as a team," he says. "We felt that sharing more about us as people was important to make a connection with our backers, so we put up images of our office and our trip to the aquarium."
kickstarter  business  funding  games  videogames  crowdfunding  marketing 
november 2011 by Nachimir
Tom Buscaglia: The Game Attorney » Hey Indie…Head’s UP, You have a Target on Your Back!
"And remember, if you can’t say no, you can’t negotiate. The truth is that, ultimately, you may well be better of with no deal that with a bad deal. So, sometimes, it’s best to just say no."
advice  article  business  indie  games  negotiation  publishers 
september 2011 by Nachimir
Real Business - Open letter to UKTI: Please, just stop
"if you need to seek investment from a publicly funded body, chances are there’s something wrong with you, your product or your business plan."
business  uk  ukti  britain  funding  grants  government  trade  investment  startups  technology  web 
august 2011 by Nachimir
Soviet Gamification
Piece on non-monetary, symbolic incentives used to motivate socialist workers. Criticised as "Capitalism with trinkets". Interesting bit: Author argues on the basis of this that gamification has a much longer heritage than designers/salespeople claim.
advertising  business  gamedesign  gamification  soviet  cccp  incentives  marketing  rewards  symbolism  economics 
august 2011 by Nachimir
T=Machine » We don’t need no AAA console studios
Bit brutal, but: "I welcome the demise of bloated, badly managed, unprofitable, second-rate console studios."
games  business  console  studios  gamedevelopment  management  aaa  triplea  videogames 
july 2011 by Nachimir
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