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The New Age of New Age - C H R I S ░ M A G G I O
Amazing photography of new age guff being sold to people in Sedona.
newage  spirituality  marketing  business  guff  sedona  tourism 
june 2018 by Nachimir
Hunting What’s Next in High Tech – Andreessen Horowitz
Hmm. Some of the things he names have massive amounts of hype yet haven't delivered yet… it's true they're exciting for now though.
stuff  trends  coolhunting  marketing  startups  business  research 
march 2016 by Nachimir
The Pool | News & Views - Lauren Laverne on vontouring
"A woman’s beauty regime is an opportunity for self-care and relaxation, a chance to be playful and have fun. It should make her feel fantastic as she is, not act as a kind of aesthetic assault course, where the best you can hope is to scrape by with your dignity (and, God willing, your labia) intact."
controuring  vontouring  beauty  women  feminism  makeup  insecurity  insecurities  marketing  cosmetics 
august 2015 by Nachimir
Booth Babes Don’t Work | TechCrunch
Interesting: When people object to moral reasons, here is another.
article  marketing  sexism  technology  feminism  sales  events  conferences  expos  games  videogames 
january 2014 by Nachimir
Academy Fight Song | Thomas Frank | The Baffler
"What actually will happen to higher ed, when the breaking point comes, will be an extension of what has already happened, what money wants to see happen. Another market-driven disaster will be understood as a disaster of socialism, requiring an ever deeper penetration of the university by market rationality. Trustees and presidents will redouble their efforts to achieve some ineffable “excellence” they associate with tech and architecture and corporate sponsorships. There will be more standardized tests, and more desperate test-prep. The curriculum will be brought into a tighter orbit around the needs of business"
education  HE  highereducation  business  academia  capitalism  marketing  hope  despair  disaster  inflation  mercenary 
december 2013 by Nachimir
Gamasutra: Adam Saltsman's Blog - Selling Games
"This is about figuring out where the overlap is between what you care about and what the money-paying audience cares about. You can do this in a genuine and honest and heartfelt way.

You can figure out a way to communicate the value of your game in a way that is organic and completely authentic. I think it requires some patience and ingenuity, but it’s totally doable. And if you are trying to make money from your game by putting it up on some third party platform somewhere, then I think getting into this mindset early and often is … it’s very important."
games  videogames  marketing  distribution 
may 2013 by Nachimir
Rami Ismail - A mini-rant on Twitter
Excellent rant from Rami on just doing stuff and not being so insecure.
games  gamedevelopment  business  companies  indie  marketing  promotion 
may 2013 by Nachimir
The Big List Of Indie Game Marketing « PixelProspector – the indie goldmine
I should read all of this, but putting it on pinboard probably means I'll never look at it again…
indie  marketing  article  resources  games  videogames  work  press 
april 2013 by Nachimir
What's a game? (part one billion) | Not The Internet
"There's a direction connection being repeatly drawn here between not-game and not being of monetary value. (Which is a little insane to me: adding a goal to something makes it cost more?)"
games  proteus  georgebuckenham  v21  money  business  marketing  niche  genres  expectations 
january 2013 by Nachimir
Dismantling Women's Bodies
"Why aren't more women electing for technology jobs? Gosh, I have no idea! But it might have something to do with being 11 and seeing this horseshit. This type of marketing principally relies on your being quiet. Or else it expects you to be shouted down. But it isn't okay, and it never will be."
games  marketing  misogyny  sexism  feminism  culture  hate  videogames 
january 2013 by Nachimir
On Why Dove’s Moisturiser for ‘Normal to Dark Skin’ is Harmful to Self-Esteem « « Mitu Khandaker Mitu Khandaker
"Here was Dove, very explicitly putting forward one type of skin as normal, and dark skin as, well, not normal. " Dove respond in comments, also summarised here:
Dove  beauty  skincare  racism  privilege  marketing  writing  fuckups  mistakes 
may 2012 by Nachimir
Attack Of The Moans: Why Star Wars fans should know better by now - Movie Feature -
"Star Wars Kinect is the ultimate, inevitable expression of the new commercial truth of Hollywood that began with little plastic versions of Luke Skywalker"
kinect  games  videogames  culture  fandom  fanculture  starwars  georgelucas  lucas  lucasfilm  marketing  profiteering  merchandise  scifi  camp  dancing  dance  dancegames  outrage  fanrage  nerdrage 
april 2012 by Nachimir
Made by Pixelate – The perfect video game press kit
"I asked on Twitter how game journalists imagine the perfect press kit."
press  games  videogames  marketing  sales  comms  communication  publicity 
february 2012 by Nachimir
On a real man. | Dear Coke Talk
"rest assured that if you hear a guy actually say it out loud, you’re never gonna challenge his world view. He doesn’t have a world view. Not really. He’s just leasing one from Viacom."
marketing  masculinity  culture  advertising  media  massmedia 
february 2012 by Nachimir
The Piracy Threshold - Matt Gemmell
"The majority of people have a basic desire to be honest - and I mean actually honest, rather than some limited definition based strictly on the law. People will go to reasonable lengths to be honest. It makes us feel good about ourselves, and it confers a certain immunity from legal problems."
piracy  internet  media  music  films  games  behaviour  psychology  honesty  business  marketing  legislation  idiots 
february 2012 by Nachimir
How Companies Learn Your Secrets -
"Andrew Pole had just started working as a statistician for Target in 2002, when two colleagues from the marketing department stopped by his desk to ask an odd question: “If we wanted to figure out if a customer is pregnant, even if she didn’t want us to know, can you do that? ”"
marketing  retail  data  privacy  pregnancy  patterns  prediction 
february 2012 by Nachimir
How Do You Wean People Off Cars? By Rebranding Bikes And Buses | Co.Design: business + innovation + design
"So what went wrong with the Nano? An Indian consumer study by a brand strategist from Venturethree, Sandeep Dighe, came to a clear conclusion: Indian consumers don’t want a cheap car; they want a car to flaunt. For Indians, as for people in all other countries, a car is as much about status and identity as it is about transport."
cars  transport  bikes  cycling  infrastructure  marketing  branding 
february 2012 by Nachimir
Quarrel vs The Games Industry: Who’s Right? « Denki
The problems only started once they’d passed Quarrel up the decision tree to their finance and marketing teams – the bit more commonly known as “The Industry“. “This game is fundamentally broken – how can I possibly win with only 3 letters when my opponent has 8?”; “We could never sell this because it’s English language only”; “It looks like a kids game, but it’s way too hard for kids” and everywhere (trust me – everywhere) in between. We heard the same justifications for passing on it over and over again ad nauseam. However, one signal came through clearer than any other among the general noise of reasons why Quarrel wasn’t for them, and that was this: “Gamers don’t buy word games”.
quarrel  denki  games  publishing  business  marketing  wordgames  genres  gamers  gaming  videogames  gamedesign 
january 2012 by Nachimir
Gamasutra - Features - Building a Better Kickstarter Campaign
Coombs agrees, calling project updates "essential," and Octodad 2 designer and writer Kevin Zuhn says updates let them build a relationship with backers. "We made sure to post updates at every major milestone, thanking our backers constantly and revealing more information about ourselves as a team," he says. "We felt that sharing more about us as people was important to make a connection with our backers, so we put up images of our office and our trip to the aquarium."
kickstarter  business  funding  games  videogames  crowdfunding  marketing 
november 2011 by Nachimir
Hobbies (Phil Gyford’s website)
"The audience might be detrimental if it becomes the main reason for doing the thing we do, if that brief burst of virtual applause becomes our only aim. If the audience makes us forget how much we don’t know, and think our public dabbling means we’re on a par with those who have dedicated their lives to this particular skill. But often it’s simply nice to share something, to quietly show off our abilities and interests and to learn from others."
hobbies  work  21c  internet  marketing  attention  expectations 
august 2011 by Nachimir
Soviet Gamification
Piece on non-monetary, symbolic incentives used to motivate socialist workers. Criticised as "Capitalism with trinkets". Interesting bit: Author argues on the basis of this that gamification has a much longer heritage than designers/salespeople claim.
advertising  business  gamedesign  gamification  soviet  cccp  incentives  marketing  rewards  symbolism  economics 
august 2011 by Nachimir
Why iPad and iPad 2 are like Second Life -
"Large publishers appear to think that because they haven’t been able to establish a viable business model on the Internet, which reaches hundreds of millions of users, somehow they will be able to develop a viable business model on a proprietary gadget that reaches a few million eccentric and eclectic users."
ipad  tech  technology  consumers  market  marketing  publishing  ebooks 
april 2011 by Nachimir
Kirby Elephant Epic Fail, Wii Blogs - GamerZines : Free Digital Games Magazines
Disastrously low budget launch event: "Knitted characters from the game were left hanging from the railings alongside a crumpled up press release blowing in the wind". It makes me sad that someone at Nintendo Europe was probably very keen on this, but didn't have the time/budget to make this amazing. Also: Wrong location.
nintendo  marketing  kirby  badmarketing  knitting  sad 
february 2011 by Nachimir
Why Most Facebook Marketing Doesn't Work
"A brand on Facebook should be like a casual friend or neighbor and not try to suck people into heavy levels of interaction. What do you do with a friend? Comment on their photos, like their status, vote on their outfit. These types of interactions take seconds, not minutes, and definitely not hours."
facebook  marketing  work  brands 
february 2011 by Nachimir
Show Us The Money: The mod community’s reaction to Dear Esther « BeefJack - The Gamer's Sauce
“And there are parts of the mod community who are just completely anti-commercial,” explained our friend on Twitter. “For those, making a mod and then going commercial with it is as bad as it comes.”
mods  games  gamedevelopment  culture  noncommercial  commerce  commercial  marketing  modding  dearesther  danpinchbeck 
february 2011 by Nachimir
Guest post: For events, promote the WHY - The Future of Event Management
"When advertising efforts focus on registration (and ticket sales), they are a liability rather than an asset to the marketing plan because they require the most difficult type of commitment from our target audience: a financial decision."
events  work  marketing 
july 2010 by Nachimir
What’s New With Naomi Klein | Beyond The Beyond
"drinking a Diet Coke in public could land me in the gossip column of my hometown newspaper." "“But aren’t you your own brand?” clever interviewers would ask me endlessly. “Probably,” I would respond. “But I try to be a really crap one.”"
brans  naomiklein  brucesterling  nologo  branding  corporations  globalisation  politics  pr  publicimage  marketing 
january 2010 by Nachimir
Do people in the music industry understand music? - Rory Sutherland's Blog - Blogs - Brand Republic
"Regret is a huge emotion, and people will pay huge sums to avoid it. You just need to watch Deal or No Deal to see this."
music  consumerism  marketing  brands  work 
december 2009 by Nachimir
Vegemite Contest Draws Protests -
"Simon Talbot, the head of corporate affairs at Kraft Foods Australia, said the company had taken only 72 hours to decide that the iSnack 2.0 name was “not worth defending,” given the level of outrage."
vegemite  marmite  food  outrage  branding  marketing  stupid 
november 2009 by Nachimir
Checkmate: Tired, fading & dead PR words
Two interesting things: Embargoes fading fast, and press releases more accurately called "news releases". Hmm.
press  publicity  PR  marketing  publicrelations 
november 2009 by Nachimir
auntie pixelante › what have we become?
"for a long time, these corporations have been pitting their customers - usually young people in search of an identity - against one another as a marketing tactic."
funnyhaha  games  videogames  marketing  business  consoles  lovely  douchebaggery 
february 2009 by Nachimir
Building Buzz Without a Budget
It's a bit ".biz", "epenis" and "strategy chocolate", but has some good advice on credibility in social media on slide 15.
marketing  business  socialmedia  socialnetworking  credibility 
january 2009 by Nachimir
russell davies: meet the new schtick
as objects informationalise, communication channels are getting built in.
design  culture  technology  advertising  computing  brands  marketing  future  digital  futurism  presentations  rfid  ubicomp  network  russelldavies 
january 2009 by Nachimir
YouTube - Bike Hero
Probably viral marketing, but nonetheless: oh em eff gee :0
guitarhero  music  games  marketing  activision 
november 2008 by Nachimir
Infovore » “Campaigns you can interact with”: not ARGs, and perhaps better off for it
"they’re trying to learn from ARGs to see what an affordable, practical interactive campaign, made by advertising/digital media agencies (rather than ARG agencies) might look like."
nokia  args  games  marketing  interactive 
october 2008 by Nachimir
YouTube - Samsung Omnia (i900) Unboxing
Nice. Obviously marketing, but well done marketing taking the piss out of Apple more so than the rest.
marketing  technoogy  phones  vfx  cgi  marchingbands  viral  youtube  video 
october 2008 by Nachimir
Hipster: The Dead End of Western Civilization | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters
"The dance floor at a hipster party looks like it should be surrounded by quotation marks."
writing  trends  sociology  society  popculture  music  marketing  journalism  hipters  culture 
september 2008 by Nachimir

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