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Noladishu : torture   34

Op-Ed Columnist - Cheney Lost to Bush -
Cheney hasn't been calling the shots for several years
Cheney  Bush  torture 
may 2009 by Noladishu
Editorial - The Tortured Memos -
Mr. Bybee, who now has a lifetime seat as a judge on a federal court, said Mr. Bush was free to send prisoners to countries known to employ torture
torture  JayBybee 
march 2009 by Noladishu
unredacted pages from the Church report
[PDF] Unredacted Navy report detailing how 2 inmates were beaten and tortured to death by US soldiers.
torture  usa  iraq  afghanistan 
february 2009 by Noladishu
Daily Kos: John Yoo blasts Obama over Torture Ban - Incriminates Bush in War Crimes
is to use Torture - and Yoo Verifies that Bush did exactly that at least three times!. Interesting that he wouldn't say any of that when he was under oath before congress.
january 2009 by Noladishu
Obama CIA choice won't call waterboarding torture | Politics | Reuters
The CIA has acknowledged waterboarding three terrorism suspects
january 2009 by Noladishu
BBC NEWS | Africa | Stoning victim 'begged for mercy'
13 year old rape victim stoned to death in front of hundreds while begging for her life
crime  Somalia  torture  rape  Africa  women  sharia 
november 2008 by Noladishu
Liaoning Masanjia « Status of Chinese People
Chinese labor practices: caging and torture. Try competing with that!
China  torture  business 
february 2008 by Noladishu
Waterboarding Historically Controversial -
Twenty-one years earlier, in 1947, the United States charged a Japanese officer, Yukio Asano, with war crimes for carrying out another form of waterboarding on a U.S. civilian.
terrorism  torture  war  waterboarding 
december 2007 by Noladishu
Q&A: Talking with Stephen King - TIME
"Let's waterboard Jenna Bush and then we'll see who thinks it's torture..."
november 2007 by Noladishu
Torture and Confession » The Moderate Voice
A description of "stress positions" and all from someone who survived Saudi "enhanced interrogation" techniques.
torture  war 
october 2007 by Noladishu

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