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Foggy about Security - The Daily WTF
All I can say is: “aWcjaacvc0b!cVahcgc0b!cHaubdcmb/gmzyrcoqhp”.

Using the decoder provided by a commenter <>, that text says
"What. The. Fuck." :-D
wtf  thedailywtf  programming  2018 
august 2018 by PCjabber
[Tutor] What is "pythonic"?
Nothing is really private in python. No class or class instance can
keep you away from all what's inside (this makes introspection
possible and powerful). Python trusts you. It says "hey, if you want
to go poking around in dark places, I'm gonna trust that you've got
a good reason and you're not making trouble."

After all, we're all consenting adults here.

Perl culture is like python in this respect, but Perl expresses the
sentiment a bit differently. As the Camel book puts it,

"a Perl module would prefer that you stayed out of its living room
because you weren't invited, not because it has a shotgun."

But the sentiment is identical.
python  programming 
january 2017 by PCjabber
When seekdir() Won't Seek to the Right Position | micro systems
An interesting story!

"What I found out in the end is a surprise and was not expected: A bug that has been there in all BSDs for almost all the time, since the 4.2BSD times or for roughly 25 years..."
programming  bugs  UNIX  bsd  freebsd  c 
december 2016 by PCjabber
ls - No such file or directory but I can see it! - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
If you see the error “: No such file or directory” (with nothing before the colon), it means that your shebang line has a carriage return at the end, presumably because it was edited under Windows (which uses CR,LF as a line separator). The CR character causes the cursor to move back to the beginning of the line after the shell prints the beginning of the message and so you only get to see the part after CR which ends the interpreter string that's part of the error message.'s so obvious! Just didn't think about it...
UNIX  linux  stackexchange  programming 
october 2016 by PCjabber
Data Wars | CommitStrip
...and this is why "open data" is way better!
programming  computing  comics 
august 2016 by PCjabber
One Thing: Extract till you Drop.
archived version of a link from "Function Hell |" post <>

To be clear, *this post* is basically an anti-pattern. Don't just *blindly* extract methods until they "only do one thing."
programming  blog  waybackmachine 
july 2016 by PCjabber
Function Hell |
a fantastic post about over-extracting functions/methods blindly.
programming  blog 
july 2016 by PCjabber
What does the author of Code Complete mean when talking about hiding global data? - Programmers Stack Exchange
From the Accepted Answer:
If that data had only been accessible via a set of accessor/mutator functions ("hidden behind" an interface), then you would only need to change that small set of functions. The code that actually uses the data can remain unchanged.
programming  stackexchange 
june 2016 by PCjabber
UNIX will never be usable
[26 June 2004]
What. The. Fuck. From a programmer/blogger I respect, too.

There are some interesting comments posted also.
wtf  programming  blog  UNIX 
june 2016 by PCjabber
How do I parse command line arguments in bash? - Stack Overflow
Great question; detailed answers result.

And this quote is worth repeating 1000x or more:

Is this really true? According to Wikipedia there's a newer GNU enhanced version of getopt which includes all the functionality of getopts and then some. man getopt on Ubuntu 13.04 outputs getopt - parse command options (enhanced) as the name, so I presume this enhanced version is standard now.
– Livven Jun 6 '13 at 21:19

That something is a certain way on your system is a very weak premise to base asumptions of "being standard" on.
– szablica Jul 17 '13 at 15:23
bash  bash_scripting  stackoverflow  programming 
june 2016 by PCjabber
BASH array with spaces in elements - Stack Overflow
for loops and arrays...helpful despite the specific nature of the question.

single-quotes are also OK; $IFS seems to dictate what delimiters are valid between array items, as usual (=> default allows tab, space, newline as separators)
bash  bash_scripting  programming 
may 2016 by PCjabber
usb - A script for copying random folders - Ask Ubuntu
was curious as to the usefulness at first, but the use-case is an interesting one:
" I have a vast music library on my desktop and I'm looking for a way/script to select a random amount of folders (say, 25 albums) and, if doable, copy them onto a USB drive for my car."
stackexchange  ubuntu  linux  python  programming 
may 2016 by PCjabber
File Signatures
Quite useful!

"magic numbers" "file headers"
computing  reference  programming 
april 2016 by PCjabber
eBay Architecture - High Scalability -
Holy crap, eBay uses J2EE (Java/WebSphere) for its backend! Bless those poor developers :-D
eBay  programming  blog 
march 2016 by PCjabber
The Ballad of AndAlso and OrElse | Panopticon Central
Tbh, I didn't know VB's And & Or *didn't* short-circuit the operands! That behaviour is so native to me from C, etc.
dotNET  programming 
march 2016 by PCjabber
Thoughts On Storing Duplicate / Calculated Data In The Database
This is fantastic! He kinda argues with himself in the post (for many of the same points I have), and the comments below are quite insightful (especially the one explaining his arguing voices: "the scientist" vs "the engineer").
database  sql  blog  programming 
january 2016 by PCjabber
howeyc/fsnotify · GitHub
Interesting library for cross-platform FS change notifications.
go_lang  programming  github 
august 2015 by PCjabber
Should we use Singular or Plural Database Table Names - CodeProject
So from all of this, we can conclude that plural database names are easier to read and Singular database names are better for mapping. I can now safely say that using Plural or Singular names  for database tables is up to the developer(s) of the project and which they feel comfortable with.
database  sql  programming 
may 2015 by PCjabber
Laracast PHPStorm theme (modified) - gist:5847465ddf85f72d5ad0
The Laracasts PHPStorm theme - modified.

This is a slightly modified version of the great Laracasts PHPStorm theme. I've added some styles for Verions Control (add, modified, deleted line...) and fixed some missing things like warnings.
github  php  programming 
april 2015 by PCjabber
[LIBRARY / GUIDE] Remote Metadata Provider | Coding Discussion, Q&A, and Educational Resources | XDA Forums
excellent...this looks like a building block I could use to get SiriusXM to scrobble to
android  programming 
october 2014 by PCjabber
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