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The President Tweets and the Justice Department Complies - Lawfare
. Indeed, Stone acknowledged as much in his opening statement before the Committee. Stone chose—consciously, repeatedly, and flagrantly—to obstruct and interfere with the search for the truth on an issue of vital importance to all Americans. 
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4 days ago
Trump and the Powers of the American Presidency (Part I) - Lawfare
The Justice Department has some institutional defenses against this sort of thing, but they are far weaker than the intelligence community's institutional defenses against abuses. They mostly do not reside in statute or in the sort of complex oversight structures that Granick complains in the case of NSA are not restrictive enough. They reside in the Levi Guidelines, in certain normative rules about contacts between the Justice Department and the White House, in norms that have developed over the years in the FBI. And they reside in the hearts of a lot of replaceable people. Ultimately, they reside in an institutional culture at the Justice Department, and that is precisely the sort of thing a tyrant leader can change.
FISA  trump-norms-schmorms  doj-independance  tyranny  roger-stone  AG-Barr  trump-predictions  trump-authoritarian  NSA 
4 days ago
Everyone is focusing on the wrong part of William Barr’s interview - The Washington Post
In fact, you could make a pretty compelling argument that Barr isn’t rebuking Trump so much as telling the president how to take the heat off some of Barr’s more controversial decisions. If Trump didn’t tweet what he did this week, after all, perhaps the Stone decision wouldn’t have blown up as much.
trump-tweets  roger-stone  AG-Barr  doj-independance 
4 days ago
What If the Obstruction Was the Collusion? On the New York Times’s Latest Bombshell - Lawfare
FBI General Counsel James Baker:
“A lot of the criticism seems to be driven by the notion that the FBI’s investigation was, and is, an effort to undermine or discredit President Trump. That assumption is wrong. The FBI’s investigation must be viewed in the context of the bureau’s decades-long effort to detect, disrupt and defeat the intelligence activities of the governments of the Soviet Union and later the Russian Federation that are contrary to the fundamental and long-term interests of the United States. The FBI’s counterintelligence investigation regarding the 2016 campaign fundamentally was not about Donald Trump but was about Russia. Full stop. It was always about Russia. It was about what Russia was, and is, doing and planning. Of course, if that investigation revealed that anyone—Russian or American—committed crimes in connection with Russian intelligence activities or unlawfully interfered with the investigation, the FBI has an obligation under the law to investigate such crimes and to seek to bring those responsible to justice. The FBI’s enduring counterintelligence mission is the reason the Russia investigation will, and should, continue—no matter who is fired, pardoned or impeached”.
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5 days ago
In 2016, Trump constantly alleged that the Clintons improperly influenced the attorney general - The Washington Post
There is, by now, no question that Trump has tried to influence his own attorneys general to take actions aimed at benefiting himself or his allies. He has done so publicly. There is no evidence that similar pressure was directly applied by Bill Clinton in July 2016 and, even if it had been, Lynch quickly acted to eliminate questions of improper influence.
trump-hypocracy  Hilary-colluded-not-me!  roger-stone  AG-Barr  doj-independence 
6 days ago
Senate Intelligence Leaders Say House G.O.P. Leaked a Senator’s Texts - The New York Times
The Senate committee has conducted its investigation primarily in private, and Mr. Burr and Mr. Warner remained in lock step both publicly and privately. When Fox News published Mr. Warner’s texts, for example, an aide to Mr. Burr told the network that he had been aware of Mr. Warner’s contacts with Mr. Waldman, and the two senators issued a joint statement condemning the leak.

Senator Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida and another member of the Intelligence Committee, also defended Mr. Warner.
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6 days ago
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