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The Partisan, Nihilist Case Against Robert Mueller - The Atlantic
The critique of the Mueller probe throws that concept out, asserting that everyone must be fanatically and foremost partisan, and that people can be thrown off the job without having to demonstrate wrongdoing. It far exceeds the demands of even a strong conflict-of-interest policy, and rejects the value of expertise and experience in favor of an illusory neutrality. This resembles similar right-wing critiques of academia and the press, and it is essentially nihilistic, seeking to disqualify not only avowed partisans but also those like Mueller, whose reputation Gingrich could praise heartily in May, denigrate in June, and call corrupt by December. The very idea of a reputation for fairness is obsolete before this totalizing partisanship. It doesn’t matter that Rosenstein last week rated Mueller’s work so far highly; as another lifelong Republican with a reputation for fairness, he can just as easily be written off, as Trump’s attack on him demonstrated.”
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december 2017 by Peony43

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