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Why wage growth has been so frustratingly slow - Vox
read to end, combatting inequality still part of solution
economics  inequality  labor 
august 2018 by Peony43
How income inequality is changing how we think, live, and die - Vox
But the argument isn’t that everyone should be the same, or be equally successful. The argument is that democratic societies have got to negotiate these trade-offs and find the right balance between free markets and a progressive taxation system or a safety net that helps to even out the winners and losers in a way that preserves equality of opportunity but doesn’t allow society to become destabilized by inequalities.
inequality  Inequality-health 
july 2018 by Peony43
How Rich People Spend Money - The Atlantic
Young people born to rich families who don't go to college are 2.5 times more likely to end up in the richest quartile than young people born to poor families who do go college. Wealth sticks, and nothing enriches like richness.
inequality  poverty  financial-mobility 
december 2017 by Peony43

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