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Opinion | Obama — Just Too Good for Us - The New York Times
Facebook comment: Linda Lord I looked at her policy. She was pro-fracking, did not want to raise corporate taxes, wanted to get us more involved in the MIddle East by implementing a No-Fly Zone in Syria which would require troops stationed on the ground and shoot down any aircraft that enters it and would have put us at risk with a confrontation with Russian or Iran. She also did not want to bring back Depression era regulations on finance and her running mate was Tim Kaine who voted with Republicans to destroy the meager regulations put in place during Obama's presidency. She also has a history of supporting regime change wars that have cost us trillions and thousands of lives of troops but has called expanding our social safety net like free college for all and single payer health care unrealistic when the one of the recent expanses to military spending would have paid for the free college program.
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june 2018 by Peony43

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