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Stimulus thinking: Adventures in tea-party cognitive dissonance | The Economist
"The idea that a major tea-party figure can turn around and make a bog-standard argument for defence spending on Keynesian grounds testifies to a startling capacity for cognitive dissonance."
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august 2011 by Peony43
Tim Rutten: A religious 'test' for Mitt Romney -
John Locke's great 1689 essay, "A Letter Concerning Toleration," in which this summary appears: "I esteem it above all things necessary to distinguish exactly the business of civil government from that of religion and to settle the just bounds that lie between the one and the other. If this be not done, there can be no end put to the controversies that will be always arising between those that have, or at least pretend to have, on the one side, a concernment for the interest of men's souls, and, on the other side, a care of the commonwealth."
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june 2011 by Peony43
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