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How Rich People Spend Money - The Atlantic
Young people born to rich families who don't go to college are 2.5 times more likely to end up in the richest quartile than young people born to poor families who do go college. Wealth sticks, and nothing enriches like richness.
inequality  poverty  financial-mobility 
december 2017 by Peony43
The Problem Isn’t Food Stamps, It’s Poverty - The New York Times
The proposed cuts have little chance of enactment, but they are still dangerous. Extreme proposals are a way to make less extreme proposals seem acceptable. To avoid that trap, members of Congress from both parties need to do more than simply declare the Trump budget dead on arrival. They need to make specific objections and draw clear lines in the sand. Otherwise, the objectionable provisions will return, slightly altered, but hardly less awful. They also need to resist accepting federal spending cuts as inevitable.
entitlements  poverty  trump-budget 
may 2017 by Peony43

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