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“Innovation”: the latest GOP smokescreen on climate-change policy - Vox
Taking innovation seriously means instituting a rising carbon tax. It means tripling or quadrupling the US energy-research budget and substantially increasing (ideally performance-based) grants, tax credits, prizes, and other financial incentives. And it means implementing and gradually tightening performance standards, on both energy efficiency and pollution.

Taxing, spending, and regulating: These are all things a true climate-innovation agenda requires. And they are all things the Republican Party, in its current configuration, is incapable of supporting.
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january 2019 by Peony43
Climate Change, Markets, and Marxism by Adair Turner - Project Syndicate
True, the need to tackle climate change does pose a challenge to simplistic and extreme free-market ideology. Free markets alone cannot cope with the “externalities” that arise when economic activities produce harmful consequences that impose no direct cost on individual producers and consumers. And climate change is the biggest externality of all, with the harmful consequences likely to be suffered by future generations worldwide, rather than primarily by those currently producing and consuming fossil fuels.
As a result, significant public policy interventions are required. These should include carbon prices, which create incentives for reducing emissions; regulations mandating more energy-efficient buildings, consumer appliances, and vehicles; and subsidies to nascent technologies that have not yet achieved the economies of scale required for low-cost production.
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november 2018 by Peony43

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