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Is It Weird Enough Yet? -
Would you rather cut Social Security and Medicare or pay a little more per gallon of gas and make the country stronger, safer and healthier? It still amazes me that our politicians have the courage to send our citizens to war but not to ask the public that question.
climatechange-denial  climate  texas  perry 
september 2011 by Peony43
The Texas Academy of Science Online
Texas Academy of Science Position Against the Inclusion of Creationism and Intelligent Design Concepts in the Science Curricula in Texas Schools
evolution  science  organizations  texas 
april 2008 by Peony43
Why science needs history | - Houston Chronicle
Dec. 5, 2007, 7:12PM COMMENTARY Why science needs history By RICK CASEY Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle A recent flap at the Texas Education Agency demonstrates why we need to teach history better so we can teach science better.
science  education  texas  evolution 
december 2007 by Peony43

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