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Trump Doesn't Care About the Law - The Atlantic
This is the climate of law in 2019. If a president obstructs justice, it’s not illegal—because, you see, he doesn’t like being investigated. If Congress refuses to appropriate funds for a border wall, build it anyway. If the Posse Comitatus Act forbids use of the military in immigration enforcement, urge soldiers to shoot migrants anyway. If the Administrative Procedure Act requires a notice-and-comment procedure before changing regulations, skip the procedure and announce it anyway. If a racist sheriff gets caught harassing Latinos, pardon him. Urge police to beat suspects; urge crowds to shoot immigrants. If a federal trial court rules against a Trump business, attack the judge as “Mexican”; if a federal judge rules against the “travel ban,” attack the “so-called judge.” If a Court of Appeals agrees about the travel ban, threaten to abolish it. If another judge halts the asylum rules, call him an “Obama judge.” If the chief justice mildly protests that the judiciary is independent, tell him he’s wrong.
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may 2019 by Peony43
Trump loves how North Koreans treat Kim Jong Un: “I want my people to do the same” - Vox
North Korea’s history of human rights abuses is well-established. According to a 2017 International Bar Association report, there has been evidence of ”systematic murder (including infanticide), torture, persecution of Christians, rape, forced abortions, starvation and overwork leading to countless deaths,” and other crimes against humanity. That same report said that the Kim regime has “designed and perpetuated a brutal, totalitarian regime, a signature feature of which is a network of political prisons that has no parallel in the world today.”
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june 2018 by Peony43
GOP debate: 5 takeaways from the Republican presidential debate in Detroit |
Trump doubled-down on his support of waterboarding and targeting terrorists' families.

Despite pushback his proposals have received from some military leaders, Trump stood by his support of targeting terrorists' families and using waterboarding to combat terrorism.

He added that military leaders would not refuse orders under his command.

"We should go for waterboarding and we should go tougher than waterboarding," the businessman said. "And, I'm a leader, I've always been a leader, I never had any problem leading people. If I say do it, they're gonna do it. That's what leadership is all about."

Rubio criticized Trump's foreign policy stance and questioned the seriousness of his proposals.

"This is a time for seriousness on these issues," he said.
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february 2018 by Peony43

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