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Trump Is Choosing Eastern Europe - The Atlantic
The Trump administration would do well to cast aside ideological debates about the nature of sovereignty and instead focus on protecting America’s strategic interests in all of Europe—preventing the disorderly collapse of the euro zone, countering negative Chinese influence in Europe, ensuring that Europe and the United States work together to maintain an edge in new technologies, facilitating a smooth and negotiated Brexit, and preparing nato for political and information warfare.
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june 2018 by Peony43
Rex Tillerson hired a CEO to overhaul the State Department. She quit 3 months into the job. - Vox
Elizabeth Saunders, a professor at George Washington University who studies US foreign policy, has compared the US under Tillerson’s emaciated State Department to a person who doesn’t have health insurance. “Your life is probably fine — up until the point you get sick,” she says.
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november 2017 by Peony43
The Trump team’s delusional fixation on getting along with Russia
Consider for a moment Tillerson’s formulation: Because Russia will not confess to an attack on American democracy, we have to ignore its assault so as to improve relations between the countries. It does not seem to dawn on Tillerson or the rest of the administration that Russian conduct in attacking our electoral system, in allegedly committing war crimes in Syria, in repressing its own people and in aggression and occupation of its neighbors makes improved relations both impossible and undesirable. Their formula amounts to appeasement plain and simple, a capitulation that assumes getting along with a rogue regime is preferable to confronting the rogue regime and forcing a change in its behavior.
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july 2017 by Peony43

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