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Trump shows alarming ignorance when it comes to foreign aid - The Washington Post
If U.S. policy does not address the functional collapse of criminal-justice systems in places such as the Northern Triangle, it is not seriously addressing the problem of illegal migration. Yet the IJM program in Guatemala and similar efforts are the kind of spending now being threatened by the president’s announcement. This means that U.S. policy has become self-destructive to U.S. interests.
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april 2019 by Peony43
Trump cuts aid to El Salvador, Hondura and Guatemala over migrant fight - The Washington Post
already too late.”

Jim Nealon, a former U.S. ambassador to Honduras, said that Trump didn’t seem to understand the way the Central American aid program worked. The U.S. government doesn’t give the money to foreign governments, but rather “to programs designed and implemented by the U.S., with the cooperation of governments and civil society,” he said. Much of them are administered by nonprofit groups. 

He also said Central American governments aren’t seeking to send their citizens to the United States. “To the contrary, they already cooperate with us in trying to deter migration. But they can’t prevent their citizens from leaving the country.” 
foreign-aid  central-america  trump-doesn't-understand-stuff  trump-immigration 
march 2019 by Peony43
Trump sounds like he doesn’t really want an immigration deal - The Washington Post
Smacking down conservative legislation in the House that gives him nearly everything he wants. Manufacturing recent crises at the borders. Attempting to blame Democrats for problems of his own making. Then suggesting the United States kick out immigrants apprehended at the border without due process.

It's pretty clear Trump is using immigration as a political wedge, and it doesn't seem like he has any intention to stop anytime soon.
trump-immigration  trump-chaos  trump-no-real-policy 
june 2018 by Peony43
Trump’s latest rage-filled tirade unmasks Paul Ryan’s lies - The Washington Post
The bottom line is that Trump will not accept anything that protects the dreamers unless it also contains deep cuts to legal immigration. But nothing like that can pass Congress, because it faces bipartisan opposition.
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may 2018 by Peony43
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