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Preoccupations : deepmind   19

Google DeepMind and healthcare in an age of algorithms | SpringerLink
"Data-driven tools and techniques, particularly machine learning methods that underpin artificial intelligence, offer promise in improving healthcare systems and services. One of the companies aspiring to pioneer these advances is DeepMind Technologies Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Google conglomerate, Alphabet Inc. In 2016, DeepMind announced its first major health project: a collaboration with the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, to assist in the management of acute kidney injury. Initially received with great enthusiasm, the collaboration has suffered from a lack of clarity and openness, with issues of privacy and power emerging as potent challenges as the project has unfolded. Taking the DeepMind-Royal Free case study as its pivot, this article draws a number of lessons on the transfer of population-derived datasets to large private prospectors, identifying critical questions for policy-makers, industry and individuals as healthcare moves into an algorithmic age."
NHS  health_care  big_data  DeepMind  Google  privacy  2017  transparency  research 
march 2017 by Preoccupations
Google DeepMind: What is it, how it works and should you be scared? | Personal Tech | Techworld
"Across Google we use what we call Tool AI or Deep Learning Networks for fraud detection, spam detection, hand writing recognition, image search, speech recognition, Street View detection, translation.

Sixty handcrafted rule-based systems have now been replaced with deep learning based networks. This gives you a sense of the kind of generality, flexibility and adaptiveness of the kind of advances that have been made across the field and why Google was interested in DeepMind. "
2016  AI  DeepMind  ethics 
march 2016 by Preoccupations
The superhero of artificial intelligence: can this genius keep it in check? | Technology | The Guardian
"AGI is as a process that will automatically convert unstructured information into actionable knowledge. What we’re working on is potentially a meta-solution to any problem."
AI  Google  Demis_Hassabis  Guardian  2016  DeepMind  AGI 
february 2016 by Preoccupations
Official Google Blog: AlphaGo: using machine learning to master the ancient game of Go
RT @demishassabis: A 20-year dream comes to fruition - our program AlphaGo masters the game of Go, achieving a grand challenge of AI
Demis_Hassabis  Google  DeepMind  Go  AI  2016  machine_learning  AlphaGo 
january 2016 by Preoccupations
Game-playing software holds lessons for neuroscience : Nature News & Comment
DeepMind (again): Game-playing software holds lessons for neuroscience : Nature News & Comment —
Nature  2015  Demis_Hassabis  Google  AI  DeepMind 
february 2015 by Preoccupations

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