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An Apology and a Pledge | East Bay Express
As the paper’s publisher and onetime editor, I consider furthering our journalistic mission to be my life’s work. Yet as the person most responsible for our current troubles, I now feel a need to directly address our readers.

One night about a month ago, I read some week-old online coverage that did not live up to my editorial standards. So, I took the stories down the next morning and promptly explained my concerns to the author and editors.

One story described white people singing along to live hip-hop songs that contained the N-word. This is a worthy topic for coverage, and I said as much. But while referring to hateful words subsequently reclaimed by the communities they once oppressed, I said a couple of those words aloud. I should not have done so and am extremely sorry that my remark caused others pain.

I also should not have unilaterally taken down the articles. Instead, I should have respected our editorial structure and taken my feedback directly to our editorial management so that the editors and author might have addressed my concerns without permanently removing the pieces from our website.
I also have an apology and a pledge. I fulfilled my life's dream by becoming Publisher of the Express in 2007 when Mr. Buel was owner and editor of the paper. In 2009, Mr. Buel inappropriately kissed me at a work event. Though he was written up for the conduct, he never owned his actions, at least not at the time. I didn't know that was sexual assault. I didn't know how much that'd stick with me, in my psyche. Being a woman in publishing since I was a teenager, and of a pre-#metoo age, and with my particular upbringing, my only concern at the time was for the company and the staff, which meant not making a stink and acting as if it hadn't happened. But I was wrong to do so, and I apologize to the EBX employees and freelancers for not having been as strong as the folks who today are making principled choices to speak up and to leave the jobs they love. I admire you all. And I pledge to not be quiet in the future. It doesn't help anyone -- not the victim, not their peers, not the guilty party. I care about ALL of them, and that means ending silence. [I was laid off from EBX in July 2017, Mr. Buel's first action upon becoming the Publisher/managing owner.] -- Jody Colley
Posted by Jody Colley 1 on 07/14/2018 at 6:39 AM
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