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Elizabeth Warren Is the Teacher - How She Became a Senator
the kid says, 'You grow as fast as you can. You buy as much as you can with borrowed money. And you lend and borrow from as many other large institutions as possible. Because then the government can't afford to let you fail.' My students invented 'too big to fail' sitting in a classroom. Because it's not that hard."

She then set about teaching the country, in one way or another, what she'd learned from her students, from the gray faces in the bankruptcy courts, and from her own drive to learn more about more things. Two months after the collapse, Harry Reid tapped her to head the Congressional Oversight Panel—acronym: COP—which would keep an eye on how the big banks whose policies led to the catastrophe were spending the $700 billion bonanza. She had no subpoena power, but she made herself a burr under a number of saddles; the video of her putting Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner on the rack became a popular favorite. The country, it seemed, had awakened one morning to find that its entire economy was headed over a cliff, and almost nobody knew how it happened. She knew, and she began to teach again.
Elizabeth_Warren  teacher  profile  2014 
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Truthdiggers of the Week: Activists Anne Weills, Mollie Costello, Alyssa Eisenberg and Tova Fry
The struggle for dignity and respect is alive in women’s prisons.

On Monday, Anne Weills, Mollie Costello, Alyssa Eisenberg and Tova Fry won a $130,000 settlement from California’s Alameda County and the adoption of new, human rights-centered policies at the jail where they were held.

The four were arrested in 2014 during a protest in Oakland, Calif., in which demonstrators demanded that state Attorney General Kamala Harris prosecute police officers who kill civilians. They were charged with misdemeanor trespassing.
stallation of privacy curtains where female arrestees can be searched, provision of garbage bags in holding cells and menstrual pads to arrested women needing them, daily cleaning of the cells, and a 16-hour training program for jail deputies. Also, those conducting searches “cannot grasp or knead the arrestee’s body.” The changes are expected to be fully instituted within two months.

Fox-2 News reported that a portion of the settlement sum will be used to continue improving conditions at Santa Rita Jail, including making the policy changes known to those under hold there.

In their statement, the women said they “filed this civil rights complaint in order to be a voice for other women and demand they be treated with respect and human dignity.”
Santa_Rita  jail  2014  Oakland 
january 2019 by Quercki
11 Women Who Rocked Oakland In 2014 | Wear Your Voice
With rents skyrocketing in Oakland, we desperately need someone fighting the good fight. Thankfully, Danielle DeRuiter-Williams, Senior Program Manager of Leadership Development at Urban Habitat has been doing just that.  Transitioning from her previous position at Impact Hub Oakland, she’s settled into her new role at Urban Habitat preparing low income and people of color leaders how to advocate for the needs of their communities and sit on regional boards and commissions. She’s also co-chair of the Alameda County Public Health Department Community Economic Development Action Team and part of the Racial Equity Network, which works on building community of practice among organizations with a mission focused on racial equity. She aided in the launch of Oakland’s first Living the New Economy Conference in October.
Oakland  women  2014  good 
january 2016 by Quercki
Peter MacKay's comments on Montreal massacre set off Twitter furor - Politics - CBC News
With the anniversary of the 1989 Montreal Massacre just days away, Justice Minister Peter MacKay set off a political firestorm on Tuesday afternoon when he told the House of Commons that "we may never understand ... why these women were singled out for this horrific act of violence."

The comment prompted New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair to make a rare mid-question period intervention to point out to the minister that, thanks to the manifesto penned by shooter Marc Lepine before the attacks, we know why these women were singled out:

"It's because they were women."

MacKay acknowledged Mulcair's point, but said it was "deeply disappointing" for Mulcair "to try to make this a partisan issue on such a day."
Montreal  massacre  2014  sexism 
december 2014 by Quercki
Black Friday protest held at shellmound site in Emeryville – West County
A group of at least 200 people representing different organizations and religious groups, as well as members of the Ohlone tribe, were at Bay Street Emeryville today.
The gathering was held to call attention to the fact that the shopping center stands on the site of one of the largest of the shellmounds that were once found on the East Bay shoreline from Oakland to Richmond. The mounds and contained the remains of native Americans who inhabited the area. The protest was held at the corner of Shellmound Street and Ohlone Way.
Most of the shellmound sites were leveled and developed long ago. The Emeryville mound was developed as a dance pavilion and amusement center more than 140 years ago and later was an industrial site, before the area was redeveloped with the shopping center.
Other Black Friday protests in the area included one at the Walmart at Hilltop Mall in Richmond.

“Pavement and buildings now mostly cover what used to be hundreds of shellmounds — gently rounded hills formed from accumulated layers of organic material deposited over generations by native coastal dwellers,” writes the Sacred Land Film Project. “Often the sites of burials and spiritual ceremonies, these shellmounds are still places for veneration. But preserving the remaining shellmounds has proven to be a contentious issue among developers, indigenous rights groups, preservationists, and local governments.”
The protest included remarks, chants and drumming, as well as signs calling for shoppers to boycott Black Friday sales.
The shopping center does include a small memorial site dedicated to the shellmound.
Ohlone  Emeryville  shellmound  protest  2014 
november 2014 by Quercki

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