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No, the DNC didn’t 'rig' the Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton - The Washington Post
But whether the DNC actually succeeded in this is far from clear. Clinton received 3.7 million more votes than Sanders did — and it is questionable that this was due solely to the timing of debates. For this reason, there is an important difference between the DNC’s preferring one of the presidential candidates and its rigging the nomination process.

In short, two things can be true simultaneously: The DNC tried to help Clinton’s campaign, but this did not have much impact on whether Clinton won the nomination.
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11 weeks ago by Quercki
Bernie Sanders Booed During She the People Presidential Forum
Bernie Sanders has a black woman problem.

During an appearance Wednesday at a presidential candidates’ forum sponsored by She the People, a group that looks to push more women of color to the polls, Sanders was booed, heckled and looked a lot like he’d just bought a white women into his pro-black mother’s house, The Washington Post reports.


Sanders gave canned answers and struggled to win over the crowd of informed women, who have not only proven to be the backbone of the Democratic Party but have also proven to continuously show up and show out.
Black Women Were the Only Ones Who Tried to Save the World Tuesday Night

With dust settling on the biggest political upset in U.S. history, the hazy day after is an…
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During one of the more polarizing moments, host Aimee Allison asked Sanders what he would do to fight white supremacist violence. Instead of approaching the question head on, Sanders decided to dive into his usual “I marched with Dr. King” speech, which is becoming Sanders’ standard “some of my best friends are black” response.
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may 2019 by Quercki
Women of color pose a question for Democratic candidates: Why should we vote for you? - Los Angeles Times
Allison organized a forum to promote the best path she sees to victory: Rallying women of color, who have been the Democratic party’s most loyal foot soldiers, and making sure presidential hopefuls show some loyalty back.
2020  Elizabeth_Warren  Bernie_Sanders  Kamala_Harris  Amy_Klobuchar  Tulsi_Gabbard  Julian_Castro 
april 2019 by Quercki
Why Senator Bernie Sanders Lost My Support - Teen Vogue
And despite his “progressive” statements on everything from bodily autonomy to a history of imperialist U.S. intervention abroad, Sanders has not always followed through on actions that actually align with those values, which is why my diminishing support for the senator has been a long time coming. He was among the 100 senators who signed a letter to the United Nations asking to improve its treatment of Israel in 2017, which I disagree with. The following year, he voted in favor of a package of legislation known as FOSTA-SESTA, which makes sex work considerably more difficult and dangerous. And when it comes to gender and race, his lack of solidarity speaks volumes.

From failing to denounce some of his supporters’ racist and sexist language to saying that white people who “felt uncomfortable” voting for black candidates Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum in the 2018 midterms are not “necessarily racist,” Sanders has continually flexed his privilege as a white man in politics — oftentimes, directly at the expense of people of color, especially women. In 2016 he refused to outwardly address allegations of gendered pay disparities and sexual harassment within his campaign.
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april 2019 by Quercki
Sanders Promised Civility but Hired Twitter Attack Dog - The Atlantic
Bernie Sanders emailed his supporters, urging them to “do our very best to engage respectfully with our Democratic opponents—talking about the issues we are fighting for, not about personalities or past grievances. I want to be clear that I condemn bullying and harassment of any kind and in any space.”

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What he didn’t include was that one of the people already advising him and helping him write those launch speeches is one of his most famously aggressive supporters online.

Since December, David Sirota has, on Twitter, on his own website, and in columns in The Guardian, been trashing most of Sanders’s Democratic opponents—all without disclosing his work with Sanders—and has been pushing back on critics by saying that he was criticizing the other Democrats as a journalist. He centered many of his attacks on Beto O’Rourke, but he also bashed Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Joe Biden, Kirsten Gillibrand, Michael Bennet, John Hickenlooper, Mike Bloomberg, and even Andrew Cuomo.
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march 2019 by Quercki
Sanders Asks Campaign Surrogates To 'Engage Respectfully' With Democratic Rivals | HuffPost
en. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called on surrogates representing his 2020 presidential campaign in the media to “respectfully engage” his opponents in the Democratic presidential primary, encouraging them to focus on policies rather than personalities.

In the Saturday email to over 100 campaign surrogates obtained by HuffPost, Sanders also preemptively admonished supporters against “bullying and harassment of any kind.”

“As we engage with our opponents in the Democratic primary, we will forcefully present our views and defend ourselves against misrepresentations,” he wrote. “But, let us do our very best to engage respectfully with our Democratic opponents ― talking about the issues we are fighting for, not about personalities or past grievances. I want to be clear that I condemn bullying and harassment of any kind and in any space.”
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march 2019 by Quercki
Hillary baits Bernie beautifully: “Shouting,” sexism — and the simple sorry that would make Sanders look less jerky |
Your candidate's schtick is aggression and hollering is his natural state. Turning around and accusing Clinton of being too aggressive sounds, well, sexist. Clinton handed the Sanders campaign a shovel and they keep digging. If the Sanders campaign becomes this unnerved because Clinton tweaked his nose a little bit, how on earth will they be able to handle the attacks that a Republican candidate is going to dish out?
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november 2018 by Quercki
Indictment: Russia also helped Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein in election
WASHINGTON – It turns out Donald Trump wasn’t the only candidate the Russians allegedly tried to help during the 2016 presidential campaign.

A 37-page indictment resulting from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation shows that Russian nationals and businesses also worked to boost the campaigns of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Green party nominee Jill Stein in an effort to damage Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The Russians “engaged in operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about Hillary Clinton, to denigrate other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and to support Bernie Sanders and then-candidate Donald Trump,” according to the indictment, which was issued Friday.

More: McMaster: Russian meddling in U.S. elections is beyond dispute
Hillary  Trump  Bernie_Sanders  election  Russia  hacking 
march 2018 by Quercki
NBC Just Exposed Donna Brazile's "Rigged" Claim as a Total Lie - The Daily Banter
Brazile's "revelation" was that Hillary had taken control of the party's finances because it was broke. As part of the bargain of her essentially bailing out the party, she would assume control of much of its decision-making, thus, proving that she "rigged" the primaries. That scenario didn't hold up well under even cursory examination but a slightly deeper dive finishes it off:
Hillary  Bernie_Sanders  election 
november 2017 by Quercki
The Forgotten Hillary Clinton Voter: A Profile Of The Not-So-Silent Majority
A Trump Presidency Threatens Not Just The Future Of Democracy, But The People They Care About
Over and over again, Clinton voters used one word to describe living in Trump’s America: Frightened. And it’s not just the threat to democracy the authoritarian approach this administration has taken poses. It’s the legitimate risks friends and family face from racial profiling, loss of healthcare, and the increasingly violent, hateful rhetoric once confined to the fringes that has elbowed its way into the White House.
Some on the left feel Bernie Sanders is the future of the party but Clinton voters vehemently disagree. The only “Bern” Clinton voters have felt is the one that comes from being harassed online by an army of Bernie bros they say are infected with rabid conspiracy theories.
“Bernie helped start the narrative of “corrupt” Hillary that Trump seized on, and didn’t do nearly enough to unite the Democrats. That he gets to keep talking but she has to go away is insane.” — Chad M., New York
As the dust of the election settled, Hillary commanded 48.5% of the popular vote over Trump’s 46.4% but was criticized as an unpopular candidate. Every movement of her campaign was dissected and criticized, found wanting and pronounced a failure.
Hillary  women  Trump  Bernie_Sanders  media  first_person 
october 2017 by Quercki
Was The Democratic Primary A Close Call Or A Landslide? | FiveThirtyEight
look at the aggregate popular vote, which makes for easier comparisons to past elections. According to The Green Papers, Clinton won 16.8 million votes to 13.2 million for Sanders, or about 55 percent of the vote to his 43 percent, a 12 percentage point gap.1
Hillary  Bernie_Sanders  vote  data 
september 2017 by Quercki
Hillary Will Sit Down and Shut Up When Bernie Does - The Daily Banter
Hillary Will Sit Down and Shut Up When Bernie Does

Wait, did you think no one would notice the obnoxious double standard?
But the double standard is, well, standard when it comes to Hillary. Bernie has been bashing Hillary and the Democratic Party for the past two years and that is acceptable. Hillary takes a mild, and verifiably true, swipe at Bernie and, somehow, she's the most divisive figure in modern political history.

But the most fascinating aspect of this dynamic is how her critics on the left have treated the growing evidence that Russia did, in fact, rig the election in a variety of ways. The more information that comes out that Hillary was cheated, the angrier they get. They are absolutely dedicated to convincing the world that she lost because she was terrible and anything else threatens the narrative that empowers their demand for control of the Democratic Party.
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september 2017 by Quercki
Bernie Sanders made more than $1 million last year
BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — A report shows independent Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders made more than $1 million last year, when he ran for president as a Democrat.

The Burlington Free Press cites a U.S. Senate financial disclosure report showing the bulk of Sanders’ earnings in 2016 came from his books.

Sanders netted a $795,000 advance for his book detailing his presidential campaign called “Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In.” A second version of the book and a 1997 memoir brought his income from books to $865,000.

Sanders earned $174,000 as a public servant. He also made $7,000 from his pension from Burlington for his time as mayor and royalties from a 1987 folk album.

Sanders donated proceeds from his book “The Speech” and several public speaking fees to charity.


Information from: The Burlington Free Press,
Bernie_Sanders  money 
june 2017 by Quercki
The Nasty Woman Rises – Ginger Murray – Medium
research actually strengthened my resolve. Digging in revealed, like a diamond wrecked betwixt coal dust, a Hillary that inspired me. Intelligence, strength, experience, stamina and genuine goddamn compassion Hillary has and courage too. Oh hell yes, she never quit or gave in and she hasn’t now, even after a crushing loss that would have sent most us to hiding in the woods for far more than a few weeks. She is still fighting for the things she believes in. I believe in. I cannot convey with words how much I wanted her to be my president. To be Madame President. To be the President!
And Sanders? He didn’t fare nearly as well. There are legitimate reasons to criticize the fiery senator from Vermont.
Hillary  Bernie_Sanders 
may 2017 by Quercki
Nebraska Democrat With Anti-Choice Record Loses Mayoral Bid - Rewire
Heath Mello's anti-choice record led to sharp rebuke from reproductive rights advocates who questioned why the Democratic Party was working with the candidate.

Heath Mello, the Omaha, Nebraska, Democrat whose support for anti-choice measures sparked a debate about the values of the Democratic Party, lost his mayoral bid Tuesday to unseat Republican incumbent Jean Stothert.

The latest unofficial election results show Stothert winning with 53 percent of the nearly 97,000 total votes cast. Mello trailed with around 46.5 percent of the vote.
Heath Mello gained the national spotlight in April after news broke that he would be featured alongside Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Democratic National Committee (DNC) Vice Chair Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) at a rally meant to be a stop on the Democrats' national unity tour.
reproductive_freedom  Democrats  Bernie_Sanders  anti-choice 
may 2017 by Quercki
Shakesville: Updated: On Jane Sanders and the FBI/DOJ Investigations of Burlington College
I saw plenty of signs that the GOP was preparing to attack Jane Sanders over her time at Burlington College. Had Bernie won the nomination, they were laying the groundwork for a major scandal, especially after it had been run through the Breitbart/InfoWars propaganda machines.

Brady Toensing’s complaint was one tipoff. While legitimate enough on its face, Toensing was clearly acting more as a Republican agent than an outraged citizen. Brady Toensing is also the son and law partner of Victoria Toensing, a notorious anti-Democratic lawyer who has been involved in nuisance legal actions against both Bill and Hillary Clinton. And just a few days before his initial complaint in January, the right-wing Freebeacon published a story alleging that Jane Sanders had improperly funneled college money to her daughter via engaging her Vermont Woodworking School on behalf of the college, and to a family friend via a study abroad program to his Caribbean resort. Explosive, but very thinly-sourced. It was pretty clear, though, that the GOP smear machine was gearing up in January to make Jane Sanders a campaign issue if Bernie got the nomination.

I will also note in passing that someone who did not touch this story was Hillary Clinton. I am willing to stand corrected, but I don’t think the words “Burlington College” ever passed her lips. Nor did Bill Clinton attack Jane.
Bernie_Sanders  Jane_Sanders  profit  GOP  smear 
may 2017 by Quercki
Sanders' are still profiting from Sierra Blanca nuclear waste dump, per their 2014 tax return
The Sanders’ have partially released their 2014 tax return and on the return, Jane Sanders is still drawing a salary as an alternate commissioner for the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission. (TLLRWD Commissioner)

This is the commission that oversaw the Sierra Blanca dump site, that Sanders voted for and also voted to strip out the Wellstone amendment in conference.

The Wellstone amendment would have given legal recourse to this mostly poor Latino community to fight the placement of this waste dump, if they could prove environmental racism. The compact was passed, with vigorous help from Sanders. Later and fortunately the dump was scuttled by the state of Texas.

This is just for 2014. Mrs. Sanders could have been drawing a salary for years and unless they release more tax returns we'll never know for sure.
Bernie_Sanders  Jane_Sanders  nuclear  waste  dump  racism  profit 
may 2017 by Quercki
Vermont's Burlington College, Where Jane Sanders Was President, Will Close - The Atlantic
But several questions at a press conference held by the school’s president and dean elicited surprising replies. Asked whether Jane Sanders was to blame for the closure, President Carol Moore and Dean Coralee Holm declined to answer, even as they acknowledged that that the college’s press release, in naming the land purchase as the reason for the closure, implicitly pointed a finger in her direction. Smith and Holm also declined to comment on whether there was a federal investigation into the college, or whether the FBI or other authorities had interviewed faculty, staff, or administrators, or if they’d sent any subpoenas. Those “no comments” may raise eyebrows, since it’s generally assumed that if the answer was no, administrators would simply have said so.

A spokesman for Bernie Sanders’s campaign said the campaign would not be commenting on Burlington College’s closure. Jane Sanders could not immediately be reached for comment.
Jane_Sanders  Bernie_Sanders  FBI 
may 2017 by Quercki
Shakesville: What Is Bernie Sanders' Endgame?
Despite continuing to make clear that he is not a Democrat, Senator Bernie Sanders has been on a "unity tour" with DNC Chair Tom Perez and has been elevated to co-chair of Democratic outreach.

It's been a troubling couple of days, as Sanders has deemed Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff insufficiently progressive; declared reproductive rights negotiable; denounced threats against Ann Coulter more vociferously than he denounced threats from his supporters against Hillary Clinton and her supporters; and then declared that "the model of the Democratic Party is failing."
Democrats  Bernie_Sanders  anti-abortion  politics  Hillary  sexism  misogyny  Jon_Ossoff 
april 2017 by Quercki
Why Women Are So Angry with Sanders | Bitter Gertrude
Sanders has set himself up as the national face of progressivism, openly stating that his “movement” is the future of a party to which he does not belong, and withholding his endorsement from Democratic candidates he believes are not adequately progressive. Yet Sanders has, multiple times, endorsed anti-choice candidates because they otherwise support his agenda of economic justice.

Here’s why this is problematic:

Women cannot access economic justice without full reproductive rights. Economic justice is impossible for women without being able to decide when, or whether, to have children. Lack of access to reproductive health care can put women into poverty and keep them there. Someone claiming they are in favor of economic justice while actively voting against reproductive rights is saying that economic justice only matters for men. 
Bernie_Sanders  anti-abortion  candidates  reproductive_freedom  economics  justice  women 
april 2017 by Quercki
Bernie Sanders Defends Campaigning With Nebraska Anti-Abortion Rights Democrat Heath Mello : NPR
The Omaha event wasn't that notable – just one of several red state visits on the DNC itinerary — until Thursday morning. That's when Ilyse Hogue, the president of abortion rights advocate NARAL Pro-Choice America, issued a statement blasting Sanders and Perez for spending time and resources campaigning alongside a Democrat who opposes abortion rights.

"The actions today by the DNC to embrace and support a candidate for office who will strip women – one of the most critical constituencies for the party – of our basic rights and freedom is not only disappointing, it is politically stupid," Hogue said. "Today's action makes this so-called 'fight back tour' look more like a throw-back tour for women and our rights."

Mello has co-sponsored several bills in Nebraska's unicameral legislature that would restrict abortion rights, including a 2009 measure requiring doctors to inform women seeking abortions about the availability of an ultrasound.
Bernie_Sanders  abortion 
april 2017 by Quercki
On Becoming Anti-Bernie – Voluble by Robin Alperstein – Medium
I concluded that Sanders was less interested in actually accomplishing anything than he was in staging protests where he could claim some kind of moral high ground, not interested in getting in the weeds and doing anything to actually achieve his goals within the Congress he worked in.
april 2017 by Quercki
How Bernie Sanders Avoided Disclosing His Personal Finances - NBC News
As a Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Bernie Sanders vociferously argued for political transparency, especially when money was concerned.

Sanders insisted, for example, "on complete transparency regarding the funding of campaigns." He decried "huge piles of undisclosed cash" benefiting candidates.
On the one hand, who now — beside political voyeurs and snoopy journalists, perhaps — would care about the investments and income of an also-ran presidential candidate who is no longer in the race?

But on the other, the system allowed Sanders to delay and delay — all while he chided Clinton receipt of six-figure paydays for delivering closed-door speeches to officials at investment bank Goldman Sachs and other powerful special interests.
Bernie_Sanders  finance  politics  hiding 
august 2016 by Quercki
All Politicians Lie. Some Lie More Than Others. - The New York Times
Donald J. Trump’s record on truth and accuracy is astonishingly poor. So far, we’ve fact-checked more than 70 Trump statements and rated fully three-quarters of them as Mostly False, False or “Pants on Fire” (we reserve this last designation for a claim that is not only inaccurate but also ridiculous). We haven’t checked the former neurosurgeon Ben Carson as often as Mr. Trump, but by the percentages Mr. Carson actually fares worse.
In the Democratic race, Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are evenly matched at 28 percent (based on 43 checks of Mr. Sanders and 140 checks of Mrs. Clinton). Outside of the primary campaign, we’ve continued checking the public statements of Bill Clinton since 2007; he comes out slightly ahead of President Obama in his truth-telling track record.

The president has the distinction of being the most fact-checked person by PolitiFact — by a wide margin, with a whopping 569 statements checked. We’ve rated nine of those Pants on Fire.
truth  lies  Trump  Hillary  Bernie_Sanders 
august 2016 by Quercki
Belief, Hatred, and the Democratic Primary. – Jesse Mac
“The System”

I’m inclined to agree with the vast majority of Sanders camp criticism that Hillary Clinton is too comfortable with Wall Street and big business. But I have bad news for you! Not an insignificant number of Americans believe that what’s good for Wall Street is good for America.

The way I see it, there are three possibilities with the motives of Hillary Clinton in supporting big business:

1) she really believes that big business has the best interests of America in mind
2) she has the best interests of the American worker in mind, and seeks to mollify business interests in order to gain political capital to leverage change
3) she is only in it for the money and is out to maliciously suck the last remaining prosperity from the middle class
Hillary  ****  business  liar  Bernie_Sanders 
august 2016 by Quercki
Daily Show's Jessica Williams Confronts Bernie Voters Who Support Donald
Jessica Williams is leaving The Daily Show to star in her own show. But as her last assignment, she tries to untangle the twisted logic of Bernie supporters who say they’ll vote for Donald.

The brilliantly funny Jessica Williams confronts Bernie people who say they’ll vote for Donald:
Bernie_Sanders  Trump 
july 2016 by Quercki
Inside the bitter last days of Bernie's revolution - POLITICO
There’s no strategist pulling the strings, and no collection of burn-it-all-down aides egging him on. At the heart of the rage against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, the campaign aides closest to him say, is Bernie Sanders.

It was the Vermont senator who personally rewrote his campaign manager’s shorter statement after the chaos at the Nevada state party convention and blamed the political establishment for inciting the violence.

He was the one who made the choice to go after Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz after his wife read him a transcript of her blasting him on television.

He chose the knife fight over calling Clinton unqualified, which aides blame for pulling the bottom out of any hopes they had of winning in New York and their last real chance of turning a losing primary run around.

And when Jimmy Kimmel’s producers asked Sanders’ campaign for a question to ask Donald Trump, Sanders himself wrote the one challenging the Republican nominee to a debate.
june 2016 by Quercki
Bernie Sanders' Troubling History of Supporting U.S. Military Violence Abroad | Alternet
The attack on Kosovo is hardly the extent of Sanders' hawkishness. While it's true he voted against the Iraq war, he voted in favor of authorizing funds for that war and the one in Afghanistan. More recently, he voted in favor of a $1 billion aid package for the coup government in Ukraine and supported Israel's assault on Gaza. At a town hall meeting he admitted that Israel may have "overreacted," but he blamed Hamas for the entire conflict. When an audience member asked why he refused to condemn Israel's actions, he told critics: "Excuse me! Shut up! You don’t have the microphone.”

Brecher's entire letter to Sanders can be read below. The bombing of Kosovo killed between 489 and 528 civilians. 
Bernie_Sanders  war 
june 2016 by Quercki
(9) Darcy Burner - I'm getting an interesting amount of email and...
Darcy Burner
May 16 at 11:47am ·
I'm getting an interesting amount of email and messages through various channels which amount to threats with various levels of aggressiveness of the following form: "If you don't support Bernie, I will not support you. Superdelegates need to vote the will of their voters."
(1) I'm not a superdelegate. Never have been.
(2) During the caucuses, I was busy helping to run them (I'm on the board of the 5th Legislative District Democrats), and talking to people in my role as a candidate for the state legislature. I actually didn't have time to caucus for either one of our Presidential candidates.
(3) I'm on the record supporting Bernie getting into the race way before it was cool. Go search for my name at
(4) Threats and intimidation are incredibly counterproductive if they are meant to be means of persuasion.
Women deal with men feeling entitled to bully them all the time, and I have to tell you, having an onslaught of men trying to bully me in this election - and it has been 100% men so far - just pisses me off.
I'm delighted you're supporting Bernie; I personally adore him. I also have huge admiration for Hillary and what she has accomplished. I will be supporting the Democratic nominee, whoever it is.
But bullying is NOT ok. Back off; you are aggressively harming your candidate.
Bernie_Sanders  Nevada  bullying 
may 2016 by Quercki
Allegations of fraud and misconduct at Nevada Democratic convention unfounded | PolitiFact Nevada
Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver said Nevada Democratic Party leaders "hijacked the process on the floor" of the state convention "ignoring the regular procedure and ramming through what they wanted to do."

Caucuses and delegate math can be incredibly confusing, and the arcane party structures don’t reflect how most people assume presidential selection works.

But the howls of unfairness and corruption by the Sanders campaign during Nevada’s state Democratic Convention can’t change the simple fact that Clinton’s supporters simply turned out in larger numbers and helped her solidify her delegate lead in Nevada.

There’s no clear evidence the state party "hijacked" the process or ignored "regular procedure."

We rate this claim False.
Bernie_Sanders  Hillary  Nevada  caucus 
may 2016 by Quercki
The Daily 202: Liberal allies turning on Bernie Sanders after Nevada donnybrook - The Washington Post
Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall: “Sanders is telling his supporters that he can still win, which he can't. He's suggesting that the win is being stolen by a corrupt establishment, an impression which will be validated when his phony prediction turns out not to be true. Lying like this sets you up for stuff like happened over the weekend in Nevada.”

Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum: “Before this campaign, [Sanders] was a gadfly, he was a critic of the system, and he was a man of strong principles. He still is, but he's also obviously very, very bitter … By all objective measures he did way better than anyone expected and had far more influence than anyone thought he would, and he should feel good about that. Instead, he seems more angry and resentful with every passing day.”

The Atlantic’s Clare Foran: “As the Sanders campaign presses forward, it must carefully consider whether the senator’s ambition for a political revolution is a goal best achieved by actively stoking the anger of his supporters—and, in a sense, encouraging them to tear it all down.”
Bernie_Sanders  Nevada  violence 
may 2016 by Quercki
Bernie Sanders's war with Nevada Democrats, explained - Vox
This weekend's Nevada state convention wasn't the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago — when antiwar activists nearly tore the city apart over a brokered presidential nomination — but you could be forgiven for mistaking it as such.

There were death threats against Democratic Party officials. There were chants decrying electoral fraud. A state party chair was forced to flee the convention floor amid shouted obscenities, a physical fight, and thrown chairs.

The scenes were so ugly that on Tuesday Bernie Sanders denied allegations from Nevada party officials that his supporters had demonstrated a "penchant for violence." But Sanders also endorsed the heart of the protesters' key grievances, likely intensifying their feeling that they had been cheated by Nevada officials.

"It is imperative that all state parties treat our campaign supporters with fairness," Sanders said in a statement. "That was not the case at the Nevada convention. At that convention the Democratic leadership used its power to prevent a fair and transparent process from taking place."
Bernie_Sanders  Nevada  violence 
may 2016 by Quercki
Clinton adds to delegate lead with Nevada convention win - Las Vegas Sun News
In total, 1,693 delegates and alternates showed up to support Clinton on Saturday, while 1,662 turned out for Sanders. All alternates were seated as delegates because not all of the delegates for each candidate showed up.

Several Sanders supporters, however, put together what they called a “minority report” of 64 Sanders supporters they believe were wrongly denied delegate status. According to state party representatives, six of those were eventually allowed as delegates, and the rest were denied delegate or alternate status because either they or their records could not be located or they were not registered Democrats by the May 1 deadline.

Eight Clinton supporters were denied delegate or alternate status for similar reasons, according to the state party.
Bernie_Sanders  Hillary  Nevada  news 
may 2016 by Quercki
(27) LOOOOOOOONG but informative. Rules - they... - Carol Hopkins Clayton
Sanders supporters going beserk (video readily available) and the stage being taken over by security who announce that it is time to go or risk being arrested.
Will the Sanders people complain about the way that it ended? Probably. Were they disenfranchised in any way by the way it ended? No. Because they never understood what it was that they were protesting. Minor procedural items and platform ideas that have no bearing on actual policy. Things that had been accepted by staunch Sanders supporters in committees. At the end, they seemed to be creating as much chaos as possible to either run out the clock or get enough Clinton supporters to leave with the hope that they could do something that they wouldn’t have been legally able to do anyway. These people were beyond reason so the only thing left was to end it.
And if you’ve gotten this far, I want to first thank you for taking the time to read this long attempt to make sense out of a confusing process. I also want to point out that, individually, I met several Sanders supporters who were very nice as individuals. I even saw obviously medically-trained Sanders supporters come to the aid of a Clinton supporter who had collapsed. But as a mob, they were impossible. Even their own leaders struggled to control the fire they had started. And this fire came from misinformation — either deliberately or mistakenly shared. And misinformation presented in an angry, biased way is bound to get people riled up. Hearing some of the things that they believe would make me angry too — except that I knew, for a fact, that they weren’t true.
Nevada  Bernie_Sanders  Hillary 
may 2016 by Quercki
Bernie Sanders: I 'Absolutely Believe' Hillary Can Beat Trump - Blue Nation Review
Minutes ago to press, @BernieSanders: "I'm not here to say Hillary Clinton can't defeat Donald Trump, I absolutely believe that she can."
2:54 PM - 12 May 2016
Bernie_Sanders  Hillary 
may 2016 by Quercki
Bernie Bros Made Me Finally Recognize Misogyny in America
Decades ago, Gloria Steinem had talked about the “click,” moments, those aha, revelatory, eureka moments when a woman suddenly recognizes the gender discrimination she faces. I am sorry to say, I never had one of those consciousness-raising moments. That is to say, I had plenty of them. But on the behalf of others. Never for myself.

Until now.

I have the Bernie Bros to thank for this.

Killary. Shrillary. She who yells too much. And a million other slurs that I see daily on Facebook but which are unprintable in this family publication.

When the Republicans did it, it was easier to take. But these young, white men! They called themselves Progressives! Which meant we were on the same team. But who refused to see their own bias, their own privilege, even when countless women pointed it out to them. Who, instead, turned on us and said we were “only” voting for her because she was a woman. As if Hillary Clinton had no past, no history, no accomplishments before they woke up to the 2016 caricatures of her.
Bernie_Sanders  sexism  feminism 
may 2016 by Quercki
Where the Bern is Fizzling: Why Sanders Can’t Win the Support of People of Color
Sanders’ campaign is weakest among people of color and, among black people, it has virtually no constituent support.

In today’s United States, you can’t become the Presidential candidate of the Democratic Party without that support. Bernie doesn’t have it and probably won’t get it and so those of us who support his candidacy — which merits support for his integrity, thinking and progressive commitment — are left to analyze why and observe with frustration what could have been. Had Bernie Sanders done a few things differently, he could well have been our next President.

The tale of woe spins on a problem that will plague the Democratic Party from now on if it doesn’t make the needed adjustment, an adjustment that movements of struggle all over this country have been trying to make for the last 15 years. It starts by answering a simple question: What exactly is the role of people of color, particularly those of African descent, in American politics and how does a progressive campaign like Bernie’s recognize and address that role?
Bernie_Sanders  race  racism  African-american 
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Sanders is biggest spender of 2016 so far — generating millions for consultants - The Washington Post
By the end of March, the self-described democratic socialist senator from Vermont had spent nearly $166 million on his campaign — more than any other 2016 presidential contender, including rival Hillary Clinton. More than $91 million went to a small group of admakers and media buyers who produced a swarm of commercials and placed them on television, radio and online, according to a Washington Post analysis of Federal Election Commission reports.
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Bernie Sanders Fanatics Attack Anne Rice And George Takei
On Tuesday evening, Anne Rice wrote a Facebook post on her page, congratulating Hillary Clinton. Ms. Rice is recovering from a serious illness, and hasn’t been active on Facebook, leaving the day to day tasks to her assistant, Becket. Thus, it is likely she had no idea what was about to happen. Within minutes, supporters of Bernie Sanders descended, attacking Anne Rice for her post. It became so contentious, Anne finally removed her original statement, overwhelmed with what she called hate speech. Hate speech like this:
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(12) We're aware many of the pro Bernie groups were... - The People For Bernie Sanders 2016
The People For Bernie Sanders 2016
April 25 at 8:58pm · Los Angeles ·
We're aware many of the pro Bernie groups were removed from Facebook. They're back. It was a Facebook database error, not a conspiracy or an attack. Stay calm, phonebank or get to a field office to win Tuesday:

Let's Organize and Help Bernie Win
We want Bernie Sanders to be president. Now it's time to get up and make that happen. Volunteer work and grassroots events are being organized everyday in the US. It is time to do everything we can to bring him to the White House. Let's do this!
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An Elaborate Hillary Clinton Facebook Conspiracy With Coordinated Attacks and Porn? No, Just a Glitch - The Daily Beast
But Facebook—and now even the affected pro-Sanders groups themselves—say that the real problem was merely a database error that affected more pages than just Sanders-leaning community pages.
“A number of groups were inaccessible for a brief period after one of our automated policies was applied incorrectly,” a Facebook spokesperson wrote. “We corrected the problem within hours and are working to improve our tools.”
All seven of the Sanders pages—five of which had more than 10,000 members—were restored a few hours after they went down.
The news reports and Reddit comments pointed to two specific instances where users claimed to have reported Sanders fan pages for threats of violence and pornography. (Paste Magazine, citing some users, suggested that comments sections on some of the groups had been riddled with porn and spam before the attacks.)
One poster named Casey Champagne, whose account has since been deleted, bragged about reporting the groups on a fan page called “Bros 4 Hillary,” which many took as proof of a coordinated attack.
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Why Were Bernie Sanders Groups Removed From Facebook? |
However, newer reports may indicate that a bug or glitch on Facebook also played a role. On Reddit, user imjoshs posted this thread and shared a photo of a message from Aidan King, the digital and social media manager for Bernie Sanders’ campaign. He said that he talked with Aidan King on the ConnectWithBernie slackchat and was told that there was a Facebook bug that closed many Facebook groups, not just Bernie Sanders groups. He added that when the bug took groups down, Facebook sent notifications to people who had filed reports against the groups, saying their report was “successful.” He shared this screenshot showing a message from Aidan King:
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Bernie Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine - The Daily Beast
“We know that there is massive fraud going on in the defense industry. Virtually every major defense contractor has either been convicted of fraud or reached a settlement with the government,” Sanders said in Iowa City last year at a town hall. “We need a strong military, it is a dangerous world. But I think we can make judicious cuts.”
But when those defense corporations come to his own backyard, he quietly welcomes them in.
The Vermont senator persuaded Lockheed Martin to place a research center in Burlington, according to Newsweek, and managed to get 18 Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jets stationed at the city’s airport for the Vermont National Guard.
“In very clever ways, the military-industrial complex puts plants all over the country, so that if people try to cut back on our weapons system what they’re saying is you’re going to be losing jobs in that area,” Sanders said at a Q&A in New Hampshire back in 2014. “[W]e’ve got to have the courage to understand that we cannot afford a lot of wasteful, unnecessary weapons systems, and I hope we can do that.”
History has shown that Sanders has not had the courage to do that.
Immediately after he made those comments, an audience member pointed out that the F-35 fighter jet project had a lifetime cost of $1.2 trillion: “When you talk about cutting wasteful military spending, does that include the F-35 program?” the questioner asked.
The F-35 stealth fighter is untold billions over budget, years behind schedule, and plagued with embarrassing problems. There have been problems with its software, its sensors, and its gun (which won’t be able to fire until 2019). A few months ago a military spokesman said that the fighter jet “wasn’t optimized for dogfighting.” In fact, in a test battle with the 40-year-old F-16, the brand new F-35 jet lost.
“The F-35 will, in my opinion, be 10 years behind legacy fighters,” one Air Force official affiliated with the F-35 program told The Daily Beast about a year ago.
Sanders countered that the plane was “essentially built.” He acknowledged in his 2014 Q&A that while the F-35 was “incredibly wasteful,” it is now the “plane of record… and it is not going to be discarded.”
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These 6 charts show how much sexism Hillary Clinton faces on Twitter - The Washington Post
But based on systematic analysis of recent Twitter data, we find that little of the attacks directed at Clinton can be attributed to the left in general or Sanders supporters in particular. And a remarkably small number of tweets mentioning Clinton contain the most egregious and overt forms of sexism: gendered slurs.

The #BernieBros

Quite a few observers have suggested that a hostile and misogynistic ethos has built up among some men who #FeelTheBern — the so-called “Bernie Bros.” Journalist Joan Walsh, for example, complains of “vile” online trolling, harassment and sexism coming from “Berniebot keyboard warriors.”

[How the ‘Obama effect’ helps Hillary Clinton and hurts Bernie Sanders with black voters]

On the other hand, writer Glenn Greenwald calls the Bernie Bro narrative an “all-purpose, handy pro-Clinton smear” used to undermine legitimate criticism of Clinton. He argues that Sanders supporters are not “uniquely abusive and misogynistic in their online behavior” and points out that there are plenty of women among die-hard Sanders supporters.

So far, the case presented by each side has been based on a series of (admittedly often disturbing) anecdotes, rather than systematic analysis.

We, therefore, decided to investigate how much hostility and sexism Clinton faces, as well as who seems to be behind such attacks, on a social media platform particularly notorious for abusive behavior: Twitter. We captured 101,021 tweets containing mentions of @HillaryClinton, @BernieSanders, or both in real time during the New Hampshire primary and analyzed both the content and senders of these tweets.
gender  text  twitter  Bernie_Sanders  Hillary  data 
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I Am Sorry for whores comment
I did not clear my prepared words with anyone in the campaign and a portion of my speech has since generated tremendous outrage.

That part of my speech was

Secretary Clinton has said Medicare for all will never happen. Well, I agree with Secretary Clinton that Medicare for all will never happen if we have a president who never aspires for something greater than the status quo. Medicare for all will never happen, if we continue to elect corporate democratic whores who are beholden to Big Pharma and the private insurance industry instead of us.
Above all, I want to apologize to Secretary Clinton for my insensitive use of the word “whores” and to adamantly profess that this was never intended nor directed at her, as some have incorrectly interpreted. I have always had a deep respect for Secretary Clinton, and if people took the time to go through all my prior Facebook posts, tweets, and comments, one would see that I have been extremely careful never to attack her personally and if anything, I have tried to focus more on why I was supporting Senator Sanders.

Regardless of my original intent, there is no excuse for my poor judgment in using this word. The backlash has been swift and harsh, and rightfully so. To all fellow Americans who I have offended, I apologize to each of you too. I would kindly ask you to read the rest of this op-ed so I explain my true intent and context.
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FUN FACT: Bernie Received $10,000 from Hillary's PAC to Win Senate Seat - Blue Nation Review
It’s also worth reminding Bernie of his own reticence to attack Hillary’s speeches:

According to the New York Times, and quoting top aides, Bernie considers the attack on Hillary’s speech transcripts a character assault: “Mr. Sanders, hunched over a U-shaped conference table, rejected it as a personal attack on Mrs. Clinton’s income — the sort of character assault he has long opposed. She has the right to make money, he offered.”
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TAX FORMS: Reports Indicate Bernie Sanders Is a Millionaire With Three Homes - Blue Nation Review
On MSNBC yesterday, Jane Sanders, responding to a question about releasing their tax returns, mentioned a condo that the Sanders sold. That would be the third home referred to in this report and would likely inflate their net worth (even at the lower estimates) to over a million dollars.

So what?

In our view, not much.

Nothing about Bernie’s net worth devalues his progressive beliefs. The same holds true for Hillary. She has devoted her life to improving the lives of others. Rather than sit back and enjoy her financial success, she continues to expose herself to vicious attacks to be a public servant.

Fighting to secure health insurance for millions of children, as Hillary did, would be a powerful enough legacy to do nothing for the remainder of her life. But instead, she continues to fight for progressive values, enduring more personal smears in an hour than most humans do in a lifetime.

So perhaps it’s time for Bernie and his campaign to put the Wall Street hit against Hillary to rest. After all, Bernie — arguably a millionaire himself — believes it’s a personal attack:

According to the New York Times, Bernie’s ‘release the transcripts’ attack line is “the sort of character assault he has long opposed.” The Times says, “he rejected it as a personal attack on Mrs. Clinton’s income. She has the right to make money, he offered.” So why has he kept doing it? And why does he keep denying that he’s running a negative campaign?
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Hillary Clinton was a more effective lawmaker than Bernie Sanders - The Washington Post
Here’s what the numbers say: During her eight years in the Senate, Hillary Clinton sponsored 10 bills that passed the chamber. The mean senator passes 1.4 bills a year, so Clinton’s 1.25 bills per year is approximately in line with the chamber average. By contrast, Bernie Sanders has been in the Senate nine years and has sponsored only one bill that passed.

[These 6 charts show much sexism Hillary Clinton faces on Twitter]

Of course, Sanders is not formally a member of the Democratic Party even though he caucuses with the Democrats in Congress. This may have created some tension with the Democratic leadership and cost him opportunities to pass bills.

Another way members of Congress can influence legislative outcomes is to amend a bill someone else has sponsored, particularly in the Senate. The rules in the Senate allow for much more and freer amending activity than in the House, so senators introduce (and pass) many more amendments than House members do.

Clinton successfully amended bills 67 times in her eight years in the Senate. Sanders did so 57 times in nine years. On a year-by-year basis, that comes to 8.4 per year for Clinton and 6.3 per year for Sanders. Moreover, the mean senator passed 7.4 amendments. Clinton’s is significantly higher than the mean, and Sanders’s is significantly below the mean. Put differently, Clinton passed 33 percent more amendments per year than did Sanders.
Hillary  Bernie_Sanders  legislation 
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THE MOMENT: Why Hillary's Visible Anger at Being Smeared Spells Big Trouble for Bernie - Blue Nation Review
Other media outlets, more responsible ones, are using the incident to actually research and report on Hillary’s statement that Bernie, his staff, his surrogates, and his supporters have lied about her. Repeatedly.

These journalists are digging into the numbers, and finding that, in fact, the insinuation that she has accepted money from the “fossil fuel industry” (or any other industry for that matter) has no justification. It is a smear by innuendo.

This piece by Philip Bump in the Washington Post, filed under the blunt headline, Why Hillary Clinton is justifiably annoyed by criticism of her Big Oil fundraising, is a good example of reporting that gets to the real heart of Hillary’s response: That the accusation is utterly without merit.
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STUNNER: NYT Reports that Bernie Considers His Campaign Strategy a 'Character Assault' on Hillary - Blue Nation Review
The Times article is peppered with concessions that Bernie has, indeed, gone negative—but it is this paragraph that contains a stunning admission about Bernie’s own views of his 2016 strategy:

Mr. Sanders’s advisers urged him to challenge Mrs. Clinton over accepting $675,000 from Goldman Sachs for delivering three speeches, according to two Sanders advisers. Mr. Sanders, hunched over a U-shaped conference table, rejected it as a personal attack on Mrs. Clinton’s income — the sort of character assault he has long opposed. She has the right to make money, he offered.
Let that sink in.

Bernie Sanders, according to the New York Times, agrees with what we’ve been saying for months: His Wall Street dog whistle is a direct assault on Hillary’s integrity.

Tad Devine cements the point, openly admitting that Bernie has pivoted to a “personal attack” strategy:
Bernie_Sanders  attacks  Hillary  personal  integrity  *** 
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Clinton Advisor: Bernie Sanders Needs To Change "Tone" If He Wants More Debates | Video | RealClearPolitics
I think the real question is what kind of campaign is Sanders going to run going forward. He pumped $4 million in the weekend before March 15th, and he lost all five states on March 15th. They spent about $4 million on negative ads.


BOLDUAN: That doesn't have anything to do with the debates though.

BENENSON: Let's see --


BOLDUAN: Why not debate?

BENENSON: This is a man who said he'd never run a negative ad, ever. He's running them. They're planning to run more. Let's see the tone of the campaign before we get to other questions.
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Losing Bernie: My Journey from #FeelTheBern to #HillYes
I began to see that Bernie wasn’t the best choice for the job. His flubbing of foreign policy questions, his refusal to delve into details, his campaign’s outright lying about the data breach (untruths about that perpetuated by the campaign still abound). It made me afraid to have him as the nominee, let alone president.

At the same time, Hillary’s depth and breadth of knowledge on any number of subjects, foreign and domestic, her staunchly progressive platform, her commitment to the women’s rights movement, her commitment against guns...there was only ever one choice for me.

All the while, the vitriol from Sanders supporters has only grown. Insinuating that Gabby Giffords’ brain injuries are what made her endorse Hillary, throwing John Lewis and Planned Parenthood under the bus, insinuating that the only reason why anyone endorses Hillary is fear of retribution, insulting Sybrina Fulton, the grieving mother of Trayvon Martin, for having the gall to endorse the candidate with the better gun control record. It seems to have permeated parts of the campaign, too: little digs from the candidate and the campaign (the most recent one is referring to Hillary as ‘The Anointed One,’ which is a level of condescension and haughtiness I expect from Trump) from a candidate who still purports to ‘never attack’.

I respect Bernie. His campaign has an important message, and one that deserves to be heard. But when it comes to making it a reality, he doesn't meet my expectations. Hillary does. On guns, on women’s rights, and on Wall Street.
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Feel the Fraud?
June 17, 2015: 9 people were killed by Dylann Roof at the historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina.
Senator Sanders voted for the Charleston loophole:

“You know, there was a loophole, my opponent voted for it, Senator Sanders, that at the end of three days, business days, you get that gun whether they have finished the background check or not. The killer in Charleston who brought that gun, if they had just spent a little more time, it would’ve been discovered, he should not have been able to buy the gun, because he had a federal record.” ~Hillary Rodham Clinton
Clinton’s statement was giving the elusive Geppetto Checkmark for being 100% accurate:

While Sanders did not specifically vote for a three-day period, he did vote for an even shorter one-day window. As a result of the amendment he supported in the House, the seven-day window was erased by the instant background system and the time allowed for extensive background checks that emerged from House-Senate negotiations was just three days.

Then Sanders ended up voting against requiring any background checks at all.

Clinton earns an elusive Geppetto Checkmark.
Bernie_Sanders  Hillary  facts  truth  memes 
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Hillary Clinton: The Real Revolutionary Candidate — Medium
As the months have passed, I’ve begun to question the premise that Bernie Sanders is better on income inequality. Does he really offer a uniquely revolutionary program?
American history is a history of class struggles, beginning with the unsuccessful Whiskey Rebellion in 1791. Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, and FDR all talked about class struggle. FDR was perhaps the most successful president in restructuring class in America, but he passed his reforms to sustain capitalism during a depression, not to overthrow the existing system. It’s important to note that none of these presidents sought to break down barriers for women and racial minorities the way Hillary does.
Bernie Sanders is just another American politician in a long line of American politicians to blame all our problems on the elite and to trumpet a call for class reforms. His approach makes people feel like they have something to fight for, but it doesn’t do much more than that. It is not particularly revolutionary and it doesn’t have a good record of accomplishing much change.
In contrast, the history of feminist and civil rights movements in America shows that these are movements of incremental change, small successes, and permanent progress. To accomplish real change in the “established” power structure, we must focus on issues that affect women and people of color. Our justice system will not stop criminalizing and jailing people of color unless we eliminate racial disparities in sentencing. Our police will not stop killing black people unless we demand an end to racial profiling and hold them accountable when they do. Women will not be protected from rape and sexual assault until we make education about rape culture a priority. Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights are not safe unless we elect people who prioritize fighting for these rights.
A common criticism by Hillary critics is that she is too pragmatic and therefore isn’t advocating for real change. But what is more important, advocating for real change or accomplishing it? Hillary doesn’t employ Bernie’s enraged rhetoric about the evils of Wall St., but she does have a detailed plan about how to regulate it.
Hillary  Bernie_Sanders  change  solutions 
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Moment of Truth: The Decision that Derailed Bernie's Campaign - Blue Nation Review
Hillary Clinton’s legendary perseverance and resilience are on full display in 2016. She is winning the Democratic nomination despite a mile-high wall of personal attacks. It is exactly why she is the best candidate to take on Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders has done many things right in this race — and one thing very wrong. It is the wrong decision that I believe partially accounts for his poor showing on March 15th.

Let’s start with what’s right about Bernie’s message: he is a passionate purveyor of core progressive principles who has activated and energized millions of young voters. He speaks with conviction about crucial issues and he has helped bring those issues to the fore in 2016.

Here’s what’s wrong, terribly wrong: He caved to the pressure from his campaign manager Jeff Weaver and top aide Tad Devine to ride the ever-present wave of Hillary hate and to go after her character, impugning her honesty and insinuating that she is untrustworthy.
Bernie_Sanders  negative 
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3 Ways to Tell if Your Distaste For Hillary Clinton is Sexist
3. If you’re holding things against Hillary Clinton for which you have forgiven other politicians, particularly men, you might be an aversive sexist.

I see this process working specifically in legislative discussions. People often criticize her for using the term super-predator and connect this to the passage of Bill Clinton’s deeply damaging and racially targeted crime bill. (And she should be roundly criticized for it. There is no excuse. None.) Incidentally, those who are anti-Hillary also point out that Bernie Sanders spoke out against the bill as a sign of Sanders’ integrity. In the end though, Sanders, along with many members of the Congressional Black Caucus, voted for the crime bill. In the intervening years, these same critics have voted repeatedly for elected officials who voted for this bill; however, Hillary is disqualified based on her verbal support, albeit problematic. Both Sanders’ and Clinton’s actions demonstrated support for a bill that helped to incarcerate more African Americans than any other legislation in American history. Why is Sanders being given space to move beyond this position while Clinton is not?
Hillary  sexism  Bernie_Sanders  African-american 
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Had Bernie been Bernadette — The heartbreaking truth about American patriarchy — Medium
I hoped that his presence would push Hillary to the left and make her better. Then, Bernie became an actual contender, which was exciting because it meant that millions of Americans actually want profound change, a tectonic shift that I want too. But nothing about supporting Bernie made me feel good. It didn’t make sense. He’s so lovable, and I love loving my candidates.
As Bernie gained momentum, his candidacy opened space for intolerable misogyny, including especially dispiriting vitriol from self-identified progressive men and women. It filled me with rage and sadness. The onslaught of venom directed toward a woman who played the any-means-necessary game of politics was a real trigger — where have all these player-haters been for the centuries this game has dominated our nation? Men have made Hillary’s choices, and far worse, on repeat, for all of our history, to little fanfare.
Are the sins of our institutions so terrible? Yes. Are those sins more terrible when committed by a woman? Seems so.
I never spoke about the Democratic candidates because it was so hard for me to reconcile not that I preferred Bernie but that my heart was broken for this woman I do not yearn to vote for. My heart was broken because even if we play by all the rules the boys set up, the boys demonize us for playing by the rules. Even if we fight for decades to have a spot, ultimately everybody decides, “Nah, thanks anyway, we’re going with the old white guy again.”
Bernie_Sanders  Hillary  patriarchy  misogyny 
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Bernie Sanders’s most vitriolic supporters really test the meaning of the word ‘progressive’ - The Washington Post
We also will not leave out, of course, the comments Sanders made during the Sunday debate indicating that to be poor is to be black and to be black is to have experienced life in a ghetto. Again, we really can't discount completely any claims that this was verbal slip from a nervous candidate in a high-pressure situation. Maybe that's exactly what it was. But Sanders said what he said.

We can -- and many political reporters rightfully did -- raise questions about Sanders's command of the facts about poverty in the United States and just why his ideas happen to comport with a range of inaccurate racial stereotypes. And we certainly will not pretend that anything about his day-after-the-debate explanation for that answer amounted to an improvement.

Instead of saying something to indicate that what he said may have been offensive or inaccurate and clarify a more accurate and salient point about the nation's poor, Sanders seemed to double down.

“What I meant to say is when you talk about ghetto -- traditionally what you are talking about is African American communities,” Sanders told reporters in Detroit the next day.
Bernie_Sanders  clueless  African-american 
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Millions for Sanders from Wall Street Super-PACs - zFacts
Karl Rove’s super-PAC, American Crossroads, spent $100 million trying to defeat the Democrats in 2012. “American Crossroads and Bernie Sanders helped Nevada caucus-goers see right through Hillary Clinton … that one-two punch {Crossroads and Sanders} shaved Clinton’s 50-point lead a year ago to a slim, single-digit win.” That’s according to Steven Law, Crossroads CEO. Crossroads also funded a TV ad for the Iowa primary that features Sanders’ talking points insinuating that Clinton has been bought by Wall Street. How to explain this?

Sanders Keeps Silent
The Daily Beast asked the Sanders campaign for a comment on this and other super-PAC spending aimed at helping him defeat Clinton, but the campaign did not respond. Why not disown these Wall Street-funded super PACs that Sanders rails against? No, Sanders is not colluding with Karl Rove. He doesn’t need to.
But no candidate can control a super PAC and he does not want to admit he has super-PACs (like the nurses, $1.7 M) helping him, and especially not a dozen far-right super PACs.

Officially, as of today (2/26/16) “outside organizations” (mainly super-PACs) have spent $4.3 million against Clinton and $0.83 million supposedly against Sanders. Just watch this Ad by the conservative ESA Fund, which spent $0.77 million of the so-called anti-Sanders money. That ad presents Sanders’ position in glowing terms that would appeal to any Democrat, thereby helping Sanders against Clinton. Even in the final frame where it pretends to be anti-Sanders, it only says he’s “too liberal for Iowa.” Again this is music to Bernie’s ears. After, all he calls himself a socialist.
PAC  Bernie_Sanders  Karl_Rove  republican 
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The trouble with Bernie
“Bernie has no social skills, no sense of humor, and he's quick to boil over. He's the most unpolitical person in politics I've ever come across,” Graf said. Others who have covered Sanders agree.

Seven Days, the lively alternative weekly in Burlington, is offering extensive coverage of the Sanders campaign, reporting framed by decades of coverage. A recent article by Paul Heintz titled “Anger Management” featured current and former staff who have experienced the dark side of Sanders.

“They characterize the senator as rude, short-tempered and, occasionally, downright hostile. Though Sanders has spent much of his life fighting for working Vermonters, they say he mistreats the people working for him,” Heintz wrote. Among those he cited was Steve Rosenfeld, Sanders' press secretary during his 1990 House campaign, and author of “In Making History in Vermont.”

"At his best, Sanders is a skilled reader and manipulator of people and events," Rosenfeld wrote in his account of the campaign. "At his worst, he falls prey to his own emotions, is unable to practice what he preaches (though he would believe otherwise) and exudes a contempt for those he derides, including his staff."
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Bernie Sanders voted for the 1994 tough-on-crime law. But it's complicated. - Vox
Sanders voted for the crime bill, largely because it included some provisions that he strongly approved of, like the Violence Against Women Act and a 10-year assault weapons ban. And he backed more funding for police, which the 1994 law included and remains a popular way to fight crime among liberals and conservatives.

But in other instances, Sanders voted against tough-on-crime measures. He voted against the 1991 crime bill. He voted against banning Pell grants (for college) for prisoners. He voted to amend the 1994 crime law to ban the federal death penalty. And he voted against the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, which stripped defendants and prisoners of their ability to contest court rulings — even when the rulings may be unconstitutional.

But mostly, Sanders didn't really seem to care much about criminal justice policy. To him, the root of many of America's problems, including crime, has always been the economy and economic inequality in particular. The tough-on-crime push never fit into his ideals.
Bernie_Sanders  Hillary  crime  domestic_violence 
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Dolores Huerta says she was shouted down with ‘English-only’ chants from a Sanders crowd - The Washington Post
"The person who was running the caucus ... people were saying we need a translator, so he said the first person that comes to the stage can be the translator," Huerta said. "So I went up to the front to be the translator."

The video above shows that her appearance onstage wasn't so well received. Some Sanders supporters may have been disturbed by the idea of a Clinton supporter interpreting events for the entire crowd. But that doesn't explain everything Huerta said she heard from the crowd.

"It was mostly the organizers," Huerta continued. "The Bernie organizers were shouting, 'No, no, no.' Then a Bernie person stood up and said said, 'No, we need to have it, I can also do translation' or whatever. The person who ran the caucus said, 'Well, we won’t have a translator.' The sad thing about this is that some of the organizers were shouting, 'English only! English only!' The Bernie organizers."

Again, this is what Huerta says happened when she tried to interpret from English to Spanish at a Nevada caucus site. The crowd apparently included a large number of Bernie Sanders supporters. And given that much of the Las Vegas strip's workforce is made up of Latino Americans and Latino immigrants, one would expect that some people in the crowd might have wanted to hear Huerta.
Dolores_Huerta  Nevada  election  Spanish  English  Bernie_Sanders 
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Neither side was quite right on that Dolores Huerta ‘English-only’ shout-down - The Washington Post
If you watch the Sarandon video, you will note that some of what is said and done is not audible or clear. But this much is:

Around 53:35, there is a call from the back of the room for a Spanish translator, because some in the room do not speak English.
There is a lot of cross talk, yelling, hissing and complaining around the 53:55 mark, as Huerta comes to the stage.
There are people shouting, "She's with Hillary" and "No," around the 54:12 mark.
At around 54:30, the permanent chair (the man speaking into the microphone) asks people to settle down, stop yelling and observe.
Then, the permanent chair says at around the 55:21 mark, "We're going forward in English only."
This statement was followed immediately by much applause and cheers of "Thank you." All of this together would indicate that the people pleased by the permanent chair's English-only decision were probably Sanders voters.
The Voting Rights Act requires that translated voting materials and language assistance or interpretation services be made available in areas with a certain concentration of voters with limited English proficiency. Clark County, Nev., which includes Las Vegas, is one of those places. It has been since the 2000 Census.

Voting is serious, and goodness knows that the caucus process is unique. So making sure that people fully understand what is going on at a given event and don't have the added burden of rapid personal interpretation is only common sense. Federal funds were provided to states to do so under the Help America Vote Act and to study the best methods. Nevada is not an exception.

The reasons for these laws are clear -- so clear that the applause and excitement as the English-only decision was made at the Harrah's Casino caucus Saturday perhaps did strike some people, including Huerta, as highly inappropriate.

Whether intended or not, those applauding effectively sanctioned a process that allowed qualified voters who do not speak English, or who are Spanish-dominant, limited insight and influence in the evening's events.
Bernie_Sanders  Spanish  Nevada  Dolores_Huerta 
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Vermont’s Black Leaders: We Were ‘Invisible’ to Bernie Sanders - The Daily Beast
The audience of African-American activists and other Vermonters of color should have been a friendly one for the socialist congressman.
Instead, remembers Curtiss Reed Jr., the executive director of the group, it became something of a showdown. Sanders “was just really dismissive of anything that had to do with race and racism, saying that they didn’t have anything to do with the issues of income inequality,” Reed told The Daily Beast.

“He just always kept coming back to income inequality as a response, as if talking about income inequality would somehow make issues of racism go away.”
And since winning that race, Sanders’s approach toward Reed and his organization has been one of “benign neglect,” the activist added. “We are a major statewide organization. It would stand to reason that you would check in with your major constituents, but voters of color are simply not on his radar.”
Bernie_Sanders  BlackLivesMatter  racism  history 
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Sady Doyle (Progressive)
I’m not prepared for the question they ask.

“We’re a progressive site,” the man across the table begins, “And our readership, as with most progressive sites, is mostly men. You’ve focused a lot on women’s issues. Would you be comfortable writing something that men would be able to read?”

I’m silent for a second. I keep smiling — always smile at the job interview —  but I cannot speak. Largely because I believe that what I just heard cannot possibly be what he really said. I misinterpreted something. I missed a word, misheard a word. He can’t actually be telling me that I would have to stop being so feminist to get a job at his “progressive” site. Or that “progressive” media is mostly for men.

“I read your most recent article,” he adds, helpfully. “That seemed very sympathetic to the male character.”

Okay. So I heard him right.

I keep smiling. It’s a test, I tell myself, he wants to see if you’re an angry feminist. I tell him that I pride myself on my versatility, having covered everything from campaign finance reform to reproductive rights to television. I tell him that many of my long-time readers are men, in fact, and I appreciate them very much; I’m confident that I  would be able to deliver a diverse and substantial reader base to his publication. I mention the “most-read list” factoid. I keep smiling.

My most recent article was a Mad Men recap. I’ve written an 8,000-word profile of Elizabeth Warren. I’ve raised over $10K for RAINN. He prefers the TV recap. Because I’m “sympathetic” to an imaginary, sexist man.
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february 2016 by Quercki
When Bernie Sanders ran against me (Madeline May Kunin) in Vermont - The Boston Globe
As a legislator, my maiden speech on the floor of the Vermont House was in favor of ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. My first priority as governor was universal access to kindergarten. I set a record for a Vermont governor’s appointees; women filled half of my cabinet. I sought out talented women, many of whom were the first women to head their agencies.

Women draw on a different network than men and can share an alternative definition of “qualified.” Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff, according to Fast Company, is over 50 percent female. Sanders’ campaign began with a a predominantly male inner circle and continues to face accusation of keeping women out of the top ranks.

When Sanders was my opponent he focused like a laser beam on “class analysis,” in which “women’s issues” were essentially a distraction from more important issues. He urged voters not to vote for me just because I was a woman. That would be a “sexist position,” he declared.

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Bernie Sanders’ outrage is his greatest strength and his greatest weakness
How would the Vermont senator’s utter disdain for the status quo work in the Oval Office?
Campaign heads to N.H. with uncertainty

Sanders has emerged as a more sophisticated and astute politician since those early days, and his message has more resonance.

Thirty years later, women and men assume that gender no longer matters in politics. Now only 8 percent of voters would declare in a poll that they would not vote for a woman president. I remember precisely the time and place when a barber in Springfield, Vermont, ran out to tell me, “I will never vote for a woman.”
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february 2016 by Quercki
The Senate Votes That Divided Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders - The New York Times
Hillary Rodham Clinton is a liberal Democrat on domestic matters, and Bernie Sanders is a socialist. They voted the same way 93 percent of the time in the two years they shared in the Senate.

In fact, from January 2007 to January 2009, Mrs. Clinton, representing New York, voted with Mr. Sanders about as often as she did with the like-minded Democrats Ron Wyden of Oregon and Barbara Mikulski of Maryland.

In many of the cases in which she differed with Mr. Sanders, who represents Vermont and is also running for the Democratic presidential nomination, Mrs. Clinton went with the crowd. She voted with an overwhelming majority of her colleagues, including Republicans. Her positions on the votes that differed from Mr. Sanders represented policy differences, but they may have also reflected political calculations by Mrs. Clinton, who was preparing for a presidential run in 2008.

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First Draft: Bernie Sanders Challenges Hillary Clinton at His First Rally
First Draft: Bernie Sanders: A Revolution With an Eye on the Hungry Children
The 31 times that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders disagreed happened to be on some the biggest issues of the day, including measures on continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, an immigration reform bill and bank bailouts during the depths of the Great Recession. Mr. Sanders, who formally kicked off his campaign Tuesday evening in Burlington, Vt., was opposed to all these actions.
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Bernie Sanders' record in Congress shows little socialist progress - Washington Times
During his quarter-century in Congress, Mr. Sanders has been the chief sponsor of just three bills that were signed into law: two renaming U.S. Postal Service offices in his home state of Vermont and one that increased the annual cost-of-living raise for veterans’ benefits, which he secured as chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee in 2013.
All told, Mr. Sanders introduced 353 bills during 16 years in the House and nine years in the Senate, giving him a success rate of just less than 1 percent. By comparison, Sen. Jack Reed, a Rhode Island Democrat who like Mr. Sanders has amassed a quarter-century in Congress, has had eight bills signed into law out of 376 introduced.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom Mr. Sanders is challenging for the Democratic nomination, spent eight years in the Senate. She introduced 409 bills on which she was the lead sponsor, and three became law: renaming a post office, naming a highway and establishing a national historic site in Troy, New York, to recognize female labor leader Kate Mullany.
The Sanders campaign declined to participate in reporting for this article.

But Mr. Sanders has shown that he is keenly aware of being labeled an ineffective radical in Washington.

At one recent campaign rally, he insisted that there is “nothing that I am telling you today that is pie-in-the-sky utopia.”

Speaking to NBC’s “Today” program” last week, he said he would do a better job than President Obama of breaking congressional gridlock and getting his agenda passed.

“I will do it differently [than Mr. Obama],” he said. “Because at the end of the day, what they are really upset about is that big money controls what goes on in Congress. And the only way that we change that is when millions of people come forward and demand the government represent all of us and not just the billionaire class.”
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The debate over “Bernie Bros” isn’t about Bernie Sanders at all - Vox
A number of leftist (male) writers, pundits, and rank-and-file Sanders fans have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into changing the zero minds who believe that Sanders shouldn’t get to be president because they read on the internet that his supporters are an all-male strike force of online misogyny.

Back in October, Matt Bruenig took the nascent Bernie Bro gender critique seriously, rolling out a series of charts in Jacobin to prove that the real divide among Democratic primary voters is about age, not gender. He has stayed on the case ever since. Freddie deBoer, writing on his personal blog, assured Sanders supporters that they shouldn't worry that "a few dozen people on Twitter" could really be a problem for the candidacy of a Jewish socialist from Vermont. And now, of course, there is Greenwald warning of the false-flag operation by Clintonista journalists.

I am here to tell them that they can stand down: There’s no need to defend Sanders’s campaign against such charges or to attack Clinton's for secretly fomenting them. This isn't going to hurt Sanders, because that was never what this was about in the first place.

The kerfuffle over harassment by Sanders supporters isn’t about Bernie. Nor is it about who gets to be president or whose supporters are better. Rather, it’s about the way the Democratic primary — from TV media coverage to online debates that are only tangentially related — is just one more thing that tells American women the depressing truth about what’s it’s like to be a woman trying to do things in America today.
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february 2016 by Quercki
Sanders Campaign Ad Misleadingly Suggests Endorsements | TIME
Devine said. “Our intent is absolutely not in any way to mislead.”

Sanders’ advertisement comes onto the New Hampshire airwaves as Sanders and Clinton jockey for important local endorsements as part of the race toward the Granite State primary on February 9. Clinton has already swept up most of the media endorsements in the state, including the Portsmouth Herald, the Concord Monitor, the Keene Sentinel and the Conway Daily Sun.

The Boston Globe and the New York Times, both of which are influential regional newspapers in Hew Hampshire, have also endorsed Clinton.

It isn’t the first time Sanders ads have suggested that he was endorsed by a regional paper. An ad running last week in Iowa cited praise from the Des Moines Register, without mentioning that the paper endorsed Clinton, the New York Times reports. Newsweek reported last week that Sanders’ campaign was using logos on its fliers from groups that had not endorsed him, including the League of Conservation Voters and the AARP.
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Super PAC fuels Bernie Sanders’ White House bid | New York Post
WASHINGTON — Bernie Sanders publicly shuns political action committees, but a super PAC supporting the Democratic socialist has pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars to boost his White House bid, records released Sunday show.

The National Nurses United for Patient Protection super PAC raised more than $2.3 million last year to help elect Sanders for president, according to Federal Election Commission filings. The PAC, which can raise unlimited amounts of money, is affiliated the National Nurses United union, an active Sanders’ supporter.
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Politics after Dark: Sanders v Clinton, part 1 (with images, tweets) · rafaeln · Storify
Does that look like the kind of crowd that can phone bank a Latino neighborhood? An African-American neighborhood? A blue-collar neighborhood? Yes, they're passionate about Bernie; but can they translate that passion and make it relatable to people who aren't like them? When they run into resistance, do they show empathy, or do they just become more insistent in their 'rightness'?
These questions matter.

It really was. Obama made some cracks about her ('You're likable enough, Hillary') & lord knows there was a certain bro-ish vibe with OFA, but Clinton's acolytes got the whole birther thing going, and let's not forget the 'whitey' tape. It made reconciliation between the two camps very, very tough.
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Bernie Sanders commits to repealing Hyde Amendment | MSNBC
Bernie Sanders commits to repealing Hyde Amendment
01/22/16 04:52 PM
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By Alex Seitz-Wald
Bernie Sanders called for repealing a key piece of anti-abortion legislation Friday, the day marking the 43rd anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

“As president, and as someone who has a 100 percent pro-choice voting record in Congress, I will do everything that I can to protect and preserve a woman’s right to an abortion,” Sanders said in a statement. “Women must have full control over their reproductive health in order to have full control over their lives. We must rescind the Hyde Amendment and resist attempts by states to erect roadblocks to abortion.”

The Hyde Amendment is a rider attached to government funding bills every year that prohibits the use of taxpayer dollars to fund abortion, preventing government-backed health plans like Medicaid from covering the service for women who can’t afford it.

RELATED: Bernie Sanders is feeling the heat– can he handle the burn?

Hillary Clinton has been vocal about the need to repeal Hyde, saying earlier this month while accepting the endorsement of Planned Parenthood that the amendment undercut a fundamental legal right for low-income women.

Sanders has voted against Hyde in the Senate and House, but his statement committing to repealing it comes after a week in which he was criticized by abortion rights groups – most of whom have endorsed front-runner Clinton – for not including anything about reproductive health in the outline of the single-payer health care plan he released Sunday.  

“We can assume women’s health services are intended to be covered, based on his past record,” wrote Illyse Hogue, the president of NARAL Pro Choice America, which endorsed Clinton earlier this month. “But in a political landscape this hostile to reproductive rights, words matter – as do their absence. If he won’t say the words now, how can we trust that he will hold the line?”
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Words Matter | National Organization for Women
Throughout human history words and phrases have developed connotations far beyond their actual meanings. That said, just because a meaning isn’t listed under the word in question in the dictionary, doesn’t mean that connotation doesn’t shape the effect the word has.

Accusing women of shouting has long been used effectively to silence women in the workplace and in the public sphere. This is especially prominent with the societal trope of the “angry black woman.” This trope has been used over and over to tell the majorities that it’s okay not to listen to the valid complaints and outcries of black women over issues such as systemic racism and sexism if the listener deems woman’s “tone” or “volume” unacceptable or impolite. I was in the crowd during the Hillary Rally in Alexandria, VA, the day after the Benghazi hearing, when she said “[b]ut sometimes when women speak, people think we’re shouting.” This resonated with me, not because of a connection to Bernie Sanders’ comment during the debate about “all the shouting in the world” but because her statement describes real, lived experiences for me.

I have had fellow student leaders tell me to “stop shouting” when I was simply speaking about subjects I am passionate about. I have heard teachers chastise fellow female students in classes for “being too loud.” And I have seen headlines like this one from the Daily Mail based on research from Yale confirming that societal stereotype that when women are assertive they’re seen as aggressive. When women take charge they’re seen as bossy.

Even if Bernie Sanders wasn’t intentionally being sexist during the debate, he was utilizing a tactic that has long been used to silence women. Senator Sanders responded to Hillary’s calmly made points against him on gun rights by saying, “[a]s a senator from a rural state, what I can tell Secretary Clinton, that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what I would hope all of us want…” That response implicitly links Hillary Clinton’s previous statement with “all the shouting in the world” even though she wasn’t shouting, and that link implies that it’s okay to ignore her remarks on his voting record because they were meaningless shouts.
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november 2015 by Quercki
Shakesville: Character
Bernie Sanders continues to assert that he is not fighting a dirty campaign of coded misogyny against Hillary Clinton. It's a pretty dubious claim, given that he keeps giving interviews where he says stuff like this:
Sanders also talked about his long-standing opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, in contrast to Clinton, who now opposes the deal she once called the "gold standard" of trade agreements. Consistency on issues like this "does speak to the character of a person," he said.

He also talked up his vote against authorizing the war in Iraq in 2002, remarking that "[i]t is important to see which candidates have the courage to cast tough votes, to take on very, very powerful interests."
So, Hillary Clinton is a coward of low character. On its face, that might seem like rote political rough-and-tumble—and it is, insomuch as calling out an opponent as a "flip-flopper" or suggesting they made a vote out of political expediency is common enough. It's pretty standard fare in US politics, irrespective of the reasons someone actually changed their position. Consistency isn't a strength if you were wrong in the first place.

But, again, the fact that Clinton is a woman matters. A straight white cis man going after a female candidate, or any marginalized person, with variations on "weak" and "poor character" has connotations that it doesn't when it's directed at another straight white cis man.

Those sorts of words carry with them a much more significant power to diminish when directed at someone who doesn't share the speaker's privilege, because saying a woman is weak invokes ancient misogynist stereotypes of female weakness. ("The weaker sex.") And questioning the character of a woman for changing her mind invokes ancient misogynist stereotypes of female fickleness, while doing so in the course of implying she's changed her mind for nefarious reasons invokes ancient misogynist stereotypes of female manipulativeness.

All of these stereotypes exist specifically to marginalize women. And a man can't use language that engages them and then claim that he's not trading on them. You don't get to pretend an entire history of narratives that define women as less than don't exist, because it's inconvenient for your campaign strategy.
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Shakesville: "Inappropriate" Doesn't Begin to Cover It
Instead, all Sanders could muster was: "Every campaign has statements come out which are inappropriate. That was inappropriate. Clearly, I have a lot of respect for Secretary Clinton."

Actually, Senator, that's not very clear at all. Especially when you refuse to name what's happening here as misogyny, substituting instead a lesser, vague categorization of the comments as "inappropriate."

Yes, those comments were inappropriate. But the reason they were inappropriate is because they were sexist.

Jeff Weaver, Sanders' campaign manager and the man who made the shitty comments, wouldn't even acknowledge they were inappropriate. Instead, he offered: "It certainly, I think, could be interpreted as edgy or snarky but nothing more."

Edgy? Really? He went there. The tired defense of the most odious comics, trading in ancient stereotypes and calling it cutting edge humor.

And he didn't stop there. He then victim-blamed Clinton, laying the responsibility for his own misogyny at her feet, and at the feet of feminists who defend her against misogynistic attacks:
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Hillary Clinton has women's issues on her agenda. Does any other candidate? | Megan Carpentier | Comment is free | The Guardian
Sanders, on the other hand, responded to the same question by doubling down on his earlier statements that it’s women who should stay home with the kids, and thus be the recipients of paid parental leave: “Every other major country on Earth, every one, including some small countries, say that when a mother has a baby, she should stay home with that baby.”
But that was it when it came to women’s issues at the first of six Democratic debates: no full-throated defense of reproductive rights, no discussion of how access to abortion is becoming tantamount to the right to have one, no mention of campus sexual assaults during the debates about university education, no mention of girls in Stem (or sexual harassment in Stem at public universities, which has been in the news), no real discussion of Planned Parenthood or the threatened government shutdown, nothing about the Hyde Amendment or contraception access in the health care, or even which women should or would be considered for potential cabinet positions.

It was as though women in America had become a side issue, something brought up in passing, voters not unique from the masses.

And that, in the end, might be the most harmful thing for Clinton in 2016: having staked a bunch of her campaign thus far on the idea that women’s issues are national, economic issues and that they can carry her to the White House, the mostly male moderators of the first Democratic debate of the primary offered her only one question about women’s issues to answer, and then only three-quarters of the way through the debate.
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#BlackLivesMatter More Than the Hurt Feelings of White Progressives™ #ABLC
None of this would have happened if not for the #BlackLivesMatter protesters.

The #BlackLivesMatter activists are changing the political conversation. Black women are flexing our political muscles. And it is obvious that Bernie Sanders and the progressive infrastructure is listening.

The only people who continue to stalwartly refuse to listen are his fanatical supporters. They stubbornly continue to claim that the protests are stupid and counterproductive despite clear evidence to the contrary, and they express their displeasure in rhetoric steeped in racism and misogynoir.

And it’s profoundly depressing.

Ultimately, Bernie Sanders has a coalition problem. His coalition is comprised of primarily white progressives and liberals, unsurprising for a man who hails from a state that is 94 percent white. And when a vocal section of that coalition thinks belittling and harassing Black people is a smart way to encourage Black people to vote for Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders likely has a larger problem on his hands than he probably realizes.
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Not first disruptive tactic for activist who shut down the Bernie Sanders speech | The Seattle Times
The public-comment period had closed, but Johnson, again taking to the front of the room, declared: “We will reopen public comment because this is our city and our council.”

The council suspended the meeting temporarily and O’Toole eventually gave her report, although the shouting continued periodically.

Related video: Protesters disrupt Seattle City Council meeting
Jan. 12, 2015: Seattle City Council temporarily suspended its weekly briefing Monday morning after Black Lives Matter demonstraters began shouting and singing. City Council member Kshama Sawant raised her hands with the protesters. Read more. (Steve Miletich / The Seattle Times)    
A couple
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