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FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat
The FBI for the first time has identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat, according to a previously unpublicized document obtained by Yahoo News. (Read the document below.)

The FBI intelligence bulletin from the bureau’s Phoenix field office, dated May 30, 2019, describes “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists,” as a growing threat, and notes that it is the first such report to do so. It lists a number of arrests, including some that haven’t been publicized, related to violent incidents motivated by fringe beliefs.

The document specifically mentions QAnon, a shadowy network that believes in a deep state conspiracy against President Trump, and Pizzagate, the theory that a pedophile ring including Clinton associates was being run out of the basement of a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant (which didn’t actually have a basement).

“The FBI assesses these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modern information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts,”
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11 weeks ago by Quercki
Stonekettle Station: Dirty Tricks
The memo is supposedly based on "highly classified" intelligence. What intelligence?

Where did this intelligence come from? What agency produced this intelligence?

No, that’s not a rhetorical question. It’s a damned important one and everything starts here. What agency?

What agency is tasked and empowered to investigate the FBI?

And not only investigate the FBI, but an active and ongoing FBI investigation.

Who is that?

I mean, it's not the CIA or DIA or NSA or any other federal intelligence agency. That's not their job. Their job is foreign intelligence.  They work for the Department of Defense. They don't investigate domestic law enforcement, and certainly not an agency under the Department of Justice. In fact, there are a couple of very specific laws preventing them from doing so for very good reason.

Those laws exist because once upon a time, a president used national intelligence agencies to target his political enemies. We called that Watergate. And after Nixon’s abuse of the National Security Agency, among others, laws were put in place to prevent that kind of abuse in the future.

This is that future.

So, who investigated the FBI?
memo  FBI 
february 2018 by Quercki
Terror or Entrapment? | East Bay Express
FBI officials acknowledged that most of the tips they receive don't lead to the opening of a formal investigation. Fair said the FBI's San Francisco field office got between 1,300 and 1,400 terror-related leads last year. In an average year, the field office conducts about 1,000 assessments. These can range from a single interview with a witness to a lengthy program of surveillance and information gathering before the agency opens a formal case.

The FBI defends the use of assessments as a discrete way of weeding out bad tips without having to open a resource-consuming and potentially disruptive investigation that involves DOJ attorneys. "We have a principle of least intrusive means," said Fair.

Mayo added that assessments aren't conducted for every tip. It's usually when a person expresses a willingness to commit violence. "We would conduct an assessment if somebody said, 'I want to blow up an abortion clinic,'" she explained.

And the FBI is adamant that race and religion play no part in guiding its assessments. "Our focus is solely on behavior," said Fair. "We are not looking at the Muslim community."

But Billoo of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, who also counsels people who are contacted by local police and FBI agents working through the JTTF, said some of her clients — she's had well over 100 in the past seven years — didn't appear to have made statements that could be construed as a criminal threat before the JTTF requested an interview. Instead, some simply made a business trip or took a vacation.
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january 2018 by Quercki
Terror or Entrapment? | East Bay Express
"These cases are built around the fact that they're young, Muslim men," said Lara Kiswani, executive director of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center in San Francisco. "And they're literally getting charged and punished for something they've never done."

"It's a tactic that's been aimed almost exclusively in recent years at the Muslim and South Asian communities," said John Crew, a retired ACLU attorney from the Bay Area who spent years researching the FBI's counterterrorism activities. "If you're a mouthy, troubled young Muslim, you're much more likely to be targeted, and you'll end up dealing with FBI JTTF agents in an entrapment scenario."

The San Francisco Joint Terrorism Task Force is one of more than 100 such task forces in the country. It's led by counterterrorism agents in the FBI's San Francisco field office, but local police departments, including Oakland, Hayward, Fremont, and BART, participate in it.

The JTTF's most recent bust was of a 26-year-old Modesto man who, after a divorce, lost custody of two children in a series of events that his father described to reporters as having "crushed him." He allegedly planned to attack San Francisco's Pier 39 on Christmas.
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january 2018 by Quercki
Gamergate FBI file shows no charges brought despite confessions - Business Insider
The FBI's "Gamergate" file identified at least four men the agency believed were responsible for sending dozens of death and rape threats to women who criticised video games.
They used 4chan and 8chan — websites linked to the distribution of child pornography — to organise their movement, the FBI says.
Two of the men confessed to FBI agents, yet neither was prosecuted.
The victims of Gamergate are frustrated and angry at the lack of action from prosecutors.

Game studio founder Brianna Wu received dozens of threats from Gamergate supporters.Shannon Grant - / Wikimedia, CC

The day before Halloween, FBI agents showed up at the home of a Massachusetts man linked to dozens of rape, bomb, and death threats targeting women involved in the video game scene. They believed he was a supporter of Gamergate, the militant online movement that wants to end feminist criticism of video games.

The man, whose name was kept confidential by the FBI, confessed: He told the agents that he was a "tech guy," a qualified A++ coder, who played video games a lot and lived with his parents, according to a set of documents the FBI released on its investigation into Gamergate.
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december 2017 by Quercki
Standing Rock Documents Expose Inner Workings of “Surveillance-Industrial Complex”
The internal situation reports from around the time of Wilansky’s injury contain their own examples of disinformation, invasive intelligence-gathering practices, and a fixation on the purported violence of DAPL’s opponents. At times, TigerSwan refers explicitly to informants and infiltrators. A document from October 3, for example, explains the ways the company monitored members of the American Indian Movement “mostly through social media” and “informant collection” in order to gauge the effectiveness of their security practices and “develop possible counter-measures moving forward.”

The documents, four of which were first published by Grist, include the names of dozens of pipeline opponents, labeling some as “persons of interest.”
NoDAPL  FBI  TigerSwan  surveillance 
june 2017 by Quercki
How a dubious Russian document influenced the FBI’s handling of the Clinton probe - The Washington Post
A secret document that officials say played a key role in then-FBI Director James B. Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation has long been viewed within the FBI as unreliable and possibly a fake, according to people familiar with its contents.

In the midst of the 2016 presidential primary season, the FBI received what was described as a Russian intelligence document claiming a tacit understanding between the Clinton campaign and the Justice Department over the inquiry into whether she intentionally revealed classified information through her use of a private email server.

The Russian document cited a supposed email describing how then-Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch had privately assured someone in the Clinton campaign that the email investigation would not push too deeply into the matter. If true, the revelation of such an understanding would have undermined the integrity of the FBI’s investigation.
Hillary  email  Russia  FBI  fake 
may 2017 by Quercki
The Nightmare Scenario: Trump Fires Comey, the One Man Who Would Stand Up to Him - Lawfare
Make no mistake: The firing of James Comey as FBI director is a stunning event. It is a profoundly dangerous thing—a move that puts the Trump-Russia investigation in immediate jeopardy and removes from the investigative hierarchy the one senior official whom President Trump did not appoint and one who is known to stand up to power. One of the biggest dangers of Comey’s firing is that Trump might actually get away with it, ironically, because of Comey’s unpopularity among Democrats and on the political left.

We warned about this danger immediately after the election.

On November 10, we wrote that that Trump’s firing of Comey would be a “a clear bellwether to both the national security and civil libertarian communities that things are going terribly wrong.”
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may 2017 by Quercki
Vermont's Burlington College, Where Jane Sanders Was President, Will Close - The Atlantic
But several questions at a press conference held by the school’s president and dean elicited surprising replies. Asked whether Jane Sanders was to blame for the closure, President Carol Moore and Dean Coralee Holm declined to answer, even as they acknowledged that that the college’s press release, in naming the land purchase as the reason for the closure, implicitly pointed a finger in her direction. Smith and Holm also declined to comment on whether there was a federal investigation into the college, or whether the FBI or other authorities had interviewed faculty, staff, or administrators, or if they’d sent any subpoenas. Those “no comments” may raise eyebrows, since it’s generally assumed that if the answer was no, administrators would simply have said so.

A spokesman for Bernie Sanders’s campaign said the campaign would not be commenting on Burlington College’s closure. Jane Sanders could not immediately be reached for comment.
Jane_Sanders  Bernie_Sanders  FBI 
may 2017 by Quercki
The Domestic Conspiracy That Gave Trump The Election Is In Plain Sight | The Huffington Post
3. It seems clear that Giuliani, who was the top surrogate for the Trump campaign and in near-daily contact with the candidate, acted under orders from Trump, and that Prince either acted under orders from Trump or Steve Bannon—well-known to Prince from their mutual association with, and financial investment in, Breitbart and its ownership, including Robert Mercer—and, moreover, that all those associated with the conspiracy were subsequently rewarded. Erik Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, was named Education Secretary by Trump, despite having no experience for the job other than advocating sporadically for charter schools in Michigan. Prince himself was named a shadow adviser to Trump, even though, by November 8th, the fact that his statements to Breitbart had been part of a domestic disinformation campaign was clear. Prince is so close to Trump that he appears to have been present at the election-night returns-watching party to which Trump invited only close friends and associates; Prince’s wife posted pictures of the event. Giuliani, originally assured a Cabinet position and then separated from the Trump team entirely—perhaps as punishment for his carelessness on Fox News—was then given a highly lucrative but substance-free position within the administration on the same day, January 12th, that the DOJ announced that the Inspector General would be investigating the sequence of events comprising the Prince-Giuliani-Trump conspiracy.
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february 2017 by Quercki
4 pieces of evidence showing FBI Director James Comey cost Clinton the election - Vox
The Clinton campaign, however, has centered its why-we-lost narrative on the “Comey effect,” along with another outside factor, Russia’s hacking of DNC and Clinton campaign email accounts. The “Comey effect” refers to the impact of FBI Director James Comey’s October 28 letter to the House Judiciary Committee announcing the discovery new emails that appeared pertinent to their closed investigation of Clinton and his subsequent letter on November 6 that absolved Clinton (after millions of votes had already been cast early).

Many people — most notably Trump and other Republicans — have scoffed at the claim that the letter changed the outcome of the election, suggesting that it’s a convenient excuse for a weak candidate who made some questionable strategic decisions.

But the Comey effect was real, it was big, and it probably cost Clinton the election. Below, we present four pieces of evidence demonstrating that this is the case.
Hillary  Comey  FBI  election 
february 2017 by Quercki
Sorry, GOP: FBI Again Says Hillary Clinton 'Did Not Originate' Any Emails With Classified Intel - The New Civil Rights Movement
The FBI Tuesday afternoon stated in very clear and specific terms that Hillary Clinton did not originate any emails that contained classified information. In a three-page letter addressed to GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and Rep. Elijah Cummings, the nation's top Democrat on that Committee, FBI Acting Assistant Director Jason V. Herring wrote, "The FBI conducted this investigation, as it does all investigations, in a competent, honest and independent way."

The letter, which accompanies a report containing the FBI's notes from its year-long investigation into Clinton's email server, reiterates the sworn testimony of FBI Director James Comey, a Republican.

“The fact that Secretary Clinton received emails containing ‘(C)’ [classified] portion markings is not clear evidence of knowledge or intent,” Herring said in a key portion of his communication to Congress.

"As the director stated, the FBI did find evidence that Secretary Clinton and her colleagues were extremely careless in their handling of certain, very sensitive, highly classified information," the letter said. "The term 'extremely careless' was intended to be a common sense way of describing the actions of Secretary Clinton and her colleagues. The director did not equate 'extreme carelessness' with the legal standard of 'gross negligence' that is required by the statute. In this case, the FBI assessed that the facts did not support a recommendation to prosecute her or others within the scope of the investigation for gross negligence."
Hillary  email  FBI  facts 
august 2016 by Quercki
(25) The Briefing
This clip is all you need to know about the so-called "marked" emails sent to Hillary Clinton.

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Francesca Vivanti If they have charged Hillary, they would have had to charge Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell - both prior Secretaries of State whom stated that, in error, during their terms they had sent sensitive material using their own private e-mail line rather than the secured Statement Department's line. Are the GOP pushing for inquiries about Condi and Colin's e-mails? No? Didn't think so.
Like · Reply · 119 · July 7 at 10:37am
14 Replies

Laine Thorhalla Gulack If Hillary Clinton broke the law, as some Republicans are claiming, then Colin Powell also broke the law.

The more that is revealed about the use of private email, the more it looks like Republicans are trying to make something out of nothing. It has ...See More
Like · Reply · 21 · July 7 at 10:03pm
10 Replies · 6 hrs

Gary La Forest Within the scope of governmental agencies and private corporations' hacks numbered in the millions of illegal download, three questionable download, which we found out today, were not illegal according to State, there can be no other conclusion we can arrive at: this emergency hearing -- this is a Republican woman-hating, Salem-style, witch-hunt by a congressional committee. Hooray for the Dems on that committee!
Hillary  Clinton  email  classified  FBI  lies  fact  truth 
august 2016 by Quercki
FBI findings tear holes in Hillary Clinton's email defense | PolitiFact (update says politifact was wrong)
Comey testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on July 7. Comey said he believes three emails on Clinton's server contained information labeled classified at the time they were sent. This information was not properly marked in that the emails did not have a classification header, even though a "(c)" immediately preceded text in the body of the emails, designating confidential information. Without the clear classification header, it's reasonable to infer that Clinton did not realize these three emails contained classified information, he said.
Hillary  Clinton  email  classified  FBI  lie  truth 
august 2016 by Quercki
(28) #TWIBnation™ | The Official FB Group
I blame ‪#‎BLM‬

HuffPost PoliticsLike Page
18 hrs
The number of officers intentionally killed in the line of duty was down nearly 20 percent in 2015.
BlackLivesMatter  police  death  FBI  statistics 
may 2016 by Quercki
Comey pledges 'no outside influence' on Clinton email case - POLITICO
FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday that he's keeping careful track of the investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's email server, in part to make sure the probe isn't affected by politics.

"I love the FBI because we aspire to, and I think we are, three things: We're honest, we're competent, we're independent. We're not perfect. We're competent, we're independent," Comey said in response to an audience member's question during an appearance at Kenyon College in Ohio.

"I've stayed close to that investigation to ensure that it's done that way. That we have the resources, the technology, the people and that there's no outside influence. So, if I talk about an investigation while it's going on there's a risk that I'll compromise both the reality and the perception that it's done honestly, competently and independently. So, I'm going to say no comment to that."

Press reports in recent weeks have said that FBI agents working on a probe of how classified information ended up on the former secretary of state's home server are planning to question her top aides from her tenure as secretary of state. Investigators are expected to come to Clinton soon thereafter. She has pledged publicly to cooperate with the inquiry.

Speaking to an audience of law enforcement officials in New York on Monday, Comey said the timing of the upcoming Democratic convention in July would have no impact on the probe, although he said he wanted the investigation concluded "promptly."
Hillary  FBI  email 
may 2016 by Quercki
FBI formally confirms its investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server | MSNBC
FBI formally confirms its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server
02/08/16 05:30 PM—UPDATED 02/08/16 06:58 PM
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By Pete Williams
In a letter disclosed Monday in a federal court filing, the FBI confirms one of the world’s worst-kept secrets: It is looking into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Why say this at all, since it was widely known to be true?  Because in August in response to a judge’s direction, the State Department asked the FBI for information about what it was up to.  Sorry, the FBI said at the time, we can neither confirm nor deny the existence of any investigation.

Now, in a letter dated February 2 and filed in court Monday, the FBI’s general counsel, James Baker, notes that in public statements and congressional testimony, the FBI “has acknowledged generally that it is working on matters related to former Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server.”

Baker says the FBI has not, however, “publicly acknowledged the specific focus, scope or potential targets of any such proceedings.” 

He ends the one-paragraph letter by saying that the FBI cannot say more “without adversely affecting on-going law enforcement efforts.”

The letter was filed in one of the Freedom of Information Act cases brought against the State Department over access to documents from Hillary Clinton’s time as secretary of state.  This one was filed by Judicial Watch.
Hillary  email  FBI 
may 2016 by Quercki
Department of Justice confirms Hillary Clinton email violated no laws or policies
The United States Department of Justice confirmed today that Hillary Clinton violated no laws or policies by conducting her communications via personal email while serving as Secretary of State, aligning itself with an earlier edict from the State Department confirming the same. The determination from the DOJ may carry more weight in the eyes of the public as the agency is fully separate from the State Department, which Clinton was in charge of during her tenure. The ruling from the Justice Department was emphatic.

“There is no question that Secretary Clinton had authority to delete personal emails without agency supervision,” a DOJ attorney stated in court today as reported by the Washington Times, going on to state that “she appropriately could have done so even if she were working on a government server.” Last month a State Department spokesman affirmed the same, appearing on CNN and stating that Clinton violated no laws or policies. The FBI is running its own investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, however the FBI made clear to the NY Times last month that its focus is on international hackers and that Clinton is being viewed as a potential victim in their investigation, and not as a potential perpetrator.
Hillary  email  innocent  DOJ  FBI  State_Department 
february 2016 by Quercki
Man charged for online violent threats against company over Planned Parenthood fetal tissue | US news | The Guardian
A Washington man who allegedly threatened executives of a California biotech company that processed fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood faces prosecution in one of the rarest sorts of criminal cases – for violence threatened online.

The indictment stated that Scott A Orton, 57, had a record of online menacing of local journalists, city council members, fellow commenters and even FBI agents, dating back to at least 2009.

The rare prosecution comes in the wake of a mass shooting in a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic. Orton was arrested by federal agents in December for making an interstate threat to kill an executive of StemExpress.
terrorism  abortion  Planned_Parenthood  FBI  online  Fox 
december 2015 by Quercki
White Supremacists Arrested After Planning To Bomb Black Churches | News One
The FBI arrested three Virginia men who were planning to start a “race war” by bombing Black churches and Jewish synagogues, according to NBC 12. 
White supremacists Robert Doyle and Ronald Chaney planned their terror plot back in September. After meeting with an undercover FBI agent posing as an arms dealer last month, Doyle and Chaney crafted their blueprint, which involved robbing and killing a jewelry store owner with a third suspect, Charles Daniel Halderman.
FBI documents claim the men wanted to take the funds from the future robbery to purchase guns, bombs, and land in order to train for what Doyle called a “race war.”
On Sunday, Chaney met with the undercover agent again to purchase an automatic weapon, explosives, and a pistol with a silencer. He was arrested upon arrival, while Doyle was picked up later that day. Halderman was also arrested on November 8th and charged with conspiracy to commit Hobbs Act robbery.
Authorities believe the group’s Pagan religion played a part in their plan. Doyle and Chaney have ties to a religion called Asatru, derived from the Norse religion, which claims a member could achieve an honorable death if they fell in battle.
FBI  arrest  Asatru  Norse  race  war  Black  church 
november 2015 by Quercki
FBI interferes with exhibit of work by the renowned Native American artist Leonard Peltier | Last Real Indians
An art exhibit commemorating National Native American Month at the state Department of Labor and Industries building, Tumwater, Washington, is being dismantled in response to complaints received from law enforcers.
“This is overt government censorship and it’s unconstitutional,” said Peter Clark, co-director of the International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.
“Former agents of the FBI, joined by State police officers, have imposed their personal views on the citizens of the State of Washington. It’s ironic that in celebration of Native American Month, the government is suppressing freedom of expression by a Native American. But everyone should be alarmed by this occurrence. Once you allow the censorship of an artist by government, you give it the power to censor everyone.”
Those opposing the installation of the artwork were not offended by the content, which reflects Native American culture, but the artist. Leonard Peltier, who maintains his innocence, was convicted in connection with the 1976 shooting deaths of two agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota.
censorship  first_amendment  FBI  Leonard_Peltier  Native_American 
november 2015 by Quercki
FBI director calls lack of data on police shootings ‘ridiculous,’ ‘embarrassing’ - The Washington Post
The lack of accurate information about police-involved shootings is roiling the nation’s law enforcement community, leaving officials unable to say whether high-profile killings are isolated events or part of an alarming trend, FBI Director James B. Comey said Wednesday.

Speaking to a private gathering of more than 100 politicians and top law enforcement officials, Comey expressed frustration that the federal government has no better data on police shootings than databases assembled this year by The Washington Post and the Guardian newspaper.

“It is unacceptable that The Washington Post and the Guardian newspaper from the U.K. are becoming the lead source of information about violent encounters between police and civilians. That is not good for anybody,” he said.

“You can get online today and figure out how many tickets were sold to ‘The Martian,’ which I saw this weekend. . . . The CDC can do the same with the flu,” he continued. “It’s ridiculous — it’s embarrassing and ridiculous — that we can’t talk about crime in the same way, especially in the high-stakes incidents when your officers have to use force.”
FBI  police  shooting  data 
october 2015 by Quercki
The FBI Is Finally Taking a Huge Step in Fighting Police Brutality - Pacific Standard
This year's preliminary federal report on crime in the United States, drawn from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system, is full of good news. Violent crimes decreased by 0.2 percent compared to 2013, continuing a steady decline in nationwide crime rates since a peak in the 1970s and 80s. And despite anxiety over rioting and looting in protest-gripped cities like Ferguson and Baltimore, property crimes fell 4.3 percent since last year. Even sexual assaults showed a slight decrease. America, it seems, is getting safer.

But the goods news isn't in the data; it's in the promise of even more information. In an accompanying announcement, FBI Director James Comey declared that the agency would start collecting more complete data on shootings involving police officers. As of April, the FBI had already begun requesting more data from local police departments as part of a major overhaul of its UCR system. But Comey's statement comes an explicit acknowledgement of the protests that have rocked the nation over the past year:

"Once we receive this data, we will add a special publication that focuses on law enforcement's use of force in shooting incidents," Comey said. "We hope this information ... will help to dispel misperceptions, foster accountability and promote transparency in how law enforcement personnel relate to the communities they serve."
FBI  crime  safety  police  shooting  data 
september 2015 by Quercki
Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free | The Guardian
The documents show stunning range: in Denver, Colorado, that branch of the FBI and a "Bank Fraud Working Group" met in November 2011 – during the Occupy protests – to surveil the group. The Federal Reserve of Richmond, Virginia had its own private security surveilling Occupy Tampa and Tampa Veterans for Peace and passing privately-collected information on activists back to the Richmond FBI, which, in turn, categorized OWS activities under its "domestic terrorism" unit. The Anchorage, Alaska "terrorism task force" was watching Occupy Anchorage. The Jackson, Mississippi "joint terrorism task force" was issuing a "counterterrorism preparedness alert" about the ill-organized grandmas and college sophomores in Occupy there. Also in Jackson, Mississippi, the FBI and the "Bank Security Group" – multiple private banks – met to discuss the reaction to "National Bad Bank Sit-in Day" (the response was violent, as you may recall). The Virginia FBI sent that state's Occupy members' details to the Virginia terrorism fusion center. The Memphis FBI tracked OWS under its "joint terrorism task force" aegis, too. And so on, for over 100 pages.

Occupy_Wall_Street  Homeland_Security  FBI 
september 2015 by Quercki
Why Some Black Activists Believe They're Being Watched by the Government
The home of activist Patrisse Cullors was raided twice last year by law enforcement in Los Angeles. During one raid, officers told Cullors they were looking for a suspect who had allegedly fled in the direction of her house. But neither time did Cullors believe the officers had a strong rationale for invading her home. 

Instead, Cullors told Mic, she believed the raids were devised by police in response to the public campaigning of Dignity and Power Now, a grassroots organization Cullors founded that advocates on behalf of incarcerated people in Los Angeles. She also believes similar surveillance methods are used to monitor many black activists today.

"Surveillance is a huge part of the state's role. Surveillance has been used for a very long time, but some of the means, like social media account monitoring, are new," Cullors, who is also a cofounder of Black Lives Matter, told Mic. "Local enforcement surveils by tracking the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag, which allows law enforcement to show up at actions before they begin." Mic has reached out to the Los Angeles Police Department for comment.

Recent statements by FBI deputy director Mark F. Giuliano may give credence assumptions like Cullors that black activists are being watched. During a press conference on May 21 prior to the acquittal of Michael Brelo, a white Cleveland police officer involved in the shooting death of two unarmed black people, Giuliano addressed the potential for continued protests in response to the verdict. 
FBI  spying  BlackLivesMatter  Oakland  police  violence  demonstration 
june 2015 by Quercki
FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities (Update)
The AP traced at least 50 aircraft back to the FBI, and identified more than 100 flights in 11 states over a 30-day period since late April, orbiting both major cities and rural areas. At least 115 planes, including 90 Cessna aircraft, were mentioned in a federal budget document from 2009.
For decades, the planes have provided support to FBI surveillance operations on the ground. But now the aircraft are equipped with high-tech cameras, and in rare circumstances, technology capable of tracking thousands of cellphones, raising questions about how these surveillance flights affect Americans' privacy.
"It's important that federal law enforcement personnel have the tools they need to find and catch criminals," said Charles Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "But whenever an operation may also monitor the activities of Americans who are not the intended target, we must make darn sure that safeguards are in place to protect the civil liberties of innocent Americans."
The FBI says the planes are not equipped or used for bulk collection activities or mass surveillance. The surveillance equipment is used for ongoing investigations, the FBI says, generally without a judge's approval.
FBI  spying  phone  planes 
june 2015 by Quercki
FBI has fleet of secret spy planes with tech to identify people through their cellphones - Boing Boing
The Associated Press has identified at least 50 small planes used by the FBI to spy on Americans in "both major cities and rural areas." The planes are equipped with sophisticated technology that can identify people through the cell phones they carry. And they aren't the only government organization who uses these tools:

The Drug Enforcement Administration has its own planes, also registered to fake companies, according to a 2011 Justice Department inspector general report. At the time, the DEA had 92 aircraft in its fleet. And since 2007, the U.S. Marshals Service has operated an aerial surveillance program with its own fleet equipped with technology that can capture data from thousands of cellphones, the Wall Street Journal reported last year.
FBI  spying  phone 
june 2015 by Quercki
City of Oakland - File #: 14-0958
File #: 14-0958    Version: 1 Name: FBI-OPD Joint Workspace
Type: City Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 5/12/2015 In control: Meeting of the Oakland City Council
On agenda: 6/2/2015 Final action: 6/2/2015
Title: Subject: FBI-OPD Joint Workspace From: Oakland Police Department Recommendation: Adopt A Resolution Authorizing The City Administrator Or Designee To Enter Into A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) With The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) Violent Criminal Threat Section (VCTS), To Facilitate The Joint Purchase And Installation Of A Computer Network Infrastructure, Computers And Furniture At The Police Administration Building (PAB) To Create A Shared Work Space For The Safe Streets Taskforce, And Waiving The Advertising And Bidding Requirements For The City's Expenditure Of $63,000.00 Toward The Purchase Of Said Items
Sponsors: Oakland Police Department
Attachments: 1. View Report.pdf
History (3)
Subject:      FBI-OPD Joint Workspace
From:            Oakland Police Department
Recommendation:  Adopt A Resolution Authorizing The City Administrator Or Designee To Enter Into A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) With The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) Violent Criminal Threat Section (VCTS), To Facilitate The Joint Purchase And Installation Of A Computer Network Infrastructure, Computers And Furniture At The Police Administration Building (PAB) To Create A Shared Work Space For The Safe Streets Taskforce, And Waiving The Advertising And Bidding Requirements For The City's Expenditure Of $63,000.00 Toward The Purchase Of Said Items
Oakland  police  FBI  spying 
june 2015 by Quercki
Revealed: FBI violated its own rules while spying on Keystone XL opponents | US news | The Guardian
The FBI breached its own internal rules when it spied on campaigners against the Keystone XL pipeline, failing to get approval before it cultivated informants and opened files on individuals protesting against the construction of the pipeline in Texas, documents reveal.

Internal agency documents show for the first time how FBI agents have been closely monitoring anti-Keystone activists, in violation of guidelines designed to prevent the agency from becoming unduly involved in sensitive political issues.

The hugely contentious Keystone XL pipeline, which is awaiting approval from the Obama administration, would transport tar sands oil from Canada to the Texas Gulf coast.

It has been strongly opposed for years by a coalition of environmental groups, including some involved in nonviolent civil disobedience who have been monitored by federal law enforcement agencies.

The documents reveal that one FBI investigation, run from its Houston field office, amounted to “substantial non-compliance” of Department of Justice rules that govern how the agency should handle sensitive matters.

One FBI memo, which set out the rationale for investigating campaigners in the Houston area, touted the economic advantages of the pipeline while labelling its opponents “environmental extremists”.
Keystone  FBI  spying  terrorism  environment 
may 2015 by Quercki
The Cops Don't Care About Violent Online Threats. What Do We Do Now?
You don't even have to have written extensively about feminist issues: Kelsey McKinney, a reporter for Vox, started getting threats after she wrote one piece about the celebrity nude photo hacks. It's never really subsided.

"I am threatened with rape, mutilation, and physical harm more than ever thought I would be," she wrote in an email. "I get emails that describe how the writer wants to find, rape and murder me. I get emails that have my head photoshopped onto porn stars bodies, or dead animals, or brutally hurt women." She gets two or three a week, usually under innocuous subject lines like "Read your piece" or "Just saying hello."

Then comes the part of the harassment lit story where you go to the police and nothing happens. ("What's Twitter?" the responding officer asked Hess). McKinney called the cops after someone sent her a photo of the house she'd grown up in. "I haven't lived there for years and my parents have since moved, but it was terrifying."

It was not terrifying enough to interest law enforcement. "They told me they couldn't possibly know what the picture meant," McKinney said. "I told them it was obviously a threat meant to intimidate me. The officer on the phone told me to calm down. I could not calm down. Since then, I don't bother calling."

Now it was my turn to try the police. The morning after /b/ had deluged my old apartment in takeout, I went with Kavi Reddy, one of Gawker Media's attorneys, to the police station near our offices in NoLIta. I went partly out of caution, and partly out of curiosity: in situations like mine, what options did female writers even have? I brought a notebook and some screenshots of the 4chan thread.

Right away, the situation proved difficult to explain. "I think I've heard of 'em," Officer Rao, the NYPD officer who met us at the front desk said of 4chan. He'd heard about the naked actress photos. He frowned. "But do we know where they physically are? We need physical locations."
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NOW with David Brancaccio. Politics & Economy. Criminalizing Dissent. COINTELPRO Again? | PBS
Going Undercover/Criminalizing Dissent?
From John Adams' Alien and Sedition Acts to the Cold War and Joseph McCarthy, civil liberties and national security have had a delicate and troubled relationship in American history. Notorious among these is the case of the domestic surveillance program run by the FBI between 1956 and 1971 (after the censure of Joseph McCarthy by the Senate) under the name COINTELPRO (counterintelligence program). COINTELPRO was a secret FBI program designed to monitor and "neutralize" domestic groups deemed by the FBI to be a danger to national security. Such groups included anti-war groups and civil rights groups and individuals like Martin Luther King, Jr. and even Eleanor Roosevelt.

Some fear that something like COINTELPRO may again be at hand. There are undercover agents infiltrating peaceful protests in America. Pretending to be political activists, local law enforcement officials are monitoring the activities of advocacy and protest groups based on what one judge calls those organizations’ "political philosophies and conduct protected under the First Amendment." The tactic has come about as a result of the relaxation of guidelines first put into place after the COINTELPRO scandal investigation. Learn more about the history and the new guidelines below.

J. Edgar Hoover and Dissent:
FBI director Hoover had long placed the domestic battle against Communism in the forefront of the FBI's concerns. How he defined the threat illustrates the philosophy behind the COINTELPRO and previous surveillance programs. Below is an excerpt of Hoover's 1958 publication MASTERS OF DECEIT: THE STORY OF COMMUNISM IN AMERICA AND HOW TO FIGHT IT:

Thus the Party, through its specialized and immediate demands, is able to gain entree into various groups and create favorable working conditions for future revolutionary action. Very quickly, for example:
a veterans' meeting endorses "peace."
a nationality festival passes a resolution for "peace."
a youth affair favors "peace."
a neighborhood group comes out for "peace."
a women's rally fights for "peace."
Whatever its composition, the group, once under communist control, is switched to the Party line. The feigned interest in legitimate demands is merely a trap.
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After 30 Years of Silence, the Original NSA Whistleblower Looks Back
After the Guardian began publishing stories based on Snowden's documents, the anti-secrecy website Cryptome re-posted the original 1972 Ramparts article, "Electronic Espionage: A Memoir," in which Fellwock had exposed the NSA.

Fellwock, under his Winslow Peck pseudonym, was introduced as

a senior NSA analyst in the Istanbul listening post for over two years. He was a participant in the deadly international fencing match that goes on daily with the Soviet Union, plotting their air and ground forces and penetrating their defenses.
At the time, only the broadest outlines of the NSA's activities had ever been reported in the press. Its headquarters were unmarked; its description in official government documents restricted to an absurdly vague, "Performs highly specialized technical and coordinating functions relating to the national security." The post-Snowden spectacle of the NSA chief testifying before Congress, and then being caught in falsehoods by further leaks, was unimaginable. No director would have spoken publicly about the agency's mission at all, let alone anything it might or might not have done.

"They never thought anybody would ever be able to write about them," said the journalist James Bamford, who has written three books on the NSA, including the first definitive account of the Agency, 1982’s Puzzle Palace. "At the time it was an agency that sort of existed apart from the rest of the government, almost."

And there, in 1972, was a rogue analyst, some kid in his 20s, describing the NSA's business down to the colors of the badges worn at its headquarters.
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Dissent or Terror: Counterterrorism Apparatus Used to Monitor Occupy Movement Nationwide | Democracy Now!
NERMEEN SHAIKH: Matt Rothschild, you also speak specifically about the way in which protests against the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, occurred. Could you elaborate on that and why that was a particular focus of law enforcement?

MATTHEW ROTHSCHILD: Yeah, there’s documents, again, that show that police, from the U.S. Capitol Police all the way to the Phoenix Police Department, were monitoring protests of the National Defense Authorization Act. The National Defense Authorization Act allows the president of the United States to grab any single one of us and throw us into jail and deny us due process and access to a judge for as long as the president says so. And so, this is a huge clampdown on our civil liberties, and people should be protesting it. And it’s ironic that people trying to defend their civil liberties are having their civil liberties violated at the same time.

AMY GOODMAN: Matt Rothschild, explain what these fusion centers are and how they work, both with public law enforcement and with private companies.

MATTHEW ROTHSCHILD: Well, this is a real problem I have with fusion centers, Amy. Fusion centers are—in each state, there’s a fusion center. And the fusion center is supposed to represent law enforcement at every level, from, you know, campus police to city police, to sheriffs, to the FBI and state police. But also, within these fusion centers, there are representatives of the private sector. And there’s also an organization called InfraGard in these fusion centers. Now, InfraGard is an association of more than 50,000 business people with the FBI. They’re essentially FBI minders, with these business people in each state. And sometimes these business people get information from the FBI even before elected officials get it. And also, the FBI tells these business members of InfraGard, "Hey, if you ever have a problem with an employee, just let us know." And so, you know, is this the kind of collaboration we want? That a boss, who doesn’t like what you’re doing on the workplace—maybe you’re forming a union, the boss calls the FBI, and then what? The FBI opens a file on you?
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Report: FOIA'd FBI documents point to secret, nationwide Occupy surveillance - Boing Boing
Violent crackdowns on Occupy Wall Street in cities around the US may have been coordinated between local law enforcement, the federal government, and banks, even before protests began, according to a trove of documents requested by The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF) under the Freedom of Information Act.
According to the PCJF, the 112 pages of documents show the government communicated throughout the crackdown effort with financial institutions through the Domestic Security Alliance Council, an entity created by the FBI in 2005 that "enhances communications and promotes the timely and bidirectional effective exchange of information keeping the nation's critical infrastructure safe, secure and resilient."

The documents add to an increasing pile of evidence that the government treated OWS as a kind of domestic terrorist threat, and engaged in widespread surveillance and counter-intelligence gathering in an attempt to quell the popular movement.

According to the PCJF's analysis of the documents, they reveal "that from its inception, the FBI treated the Occupy movement as a potential criminal and terrorist threat even though the agency acknowledges in documents that organizers explicitly called for peaceful protest and did 'not condone the use of violence' at occupy protests."

"FBI offices and agents around the country were in high gear conducting surveillance against the movement even as early as August 2011, a month prior to the establishment of the OWS encampment in Zuccotti Park and other Occupy actions around the country."
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The Plot Against Occupy | Culture News | Rolling Stone
"The government has a responsibility to prevent harm," says former FBI counterterrorism agent Michael German, now the senior policy counsel for the ACLU. "What they're doing instead is manufacturing threatening events."

That's just how it went down in Cleveland, where the defendants started out as disoriented young men wrestling with alienation, identity issues and your typical bucket of adolescent angst. They were malleable, ripe for some outside influence to coax them onto a new path. That catalyst could have come in the form of a friend, a family member or a cause. Instead, the government sent an informant.

And not just any informant, but a smooth-talking ex-con – an incorrigible lawbreaker who racked up even more criminal charges while on the federal payroll. From the start, the government snitch nurtured the boys' destructive daydreams, egging them on every step of the way, giving them the encouragement and tools to turn their Fight Club-tinged tough talk into reality. To follow the evolution of the bombing plot under the informant's tutelage is to watch five young men get a giant federal-assisted upgrade from rebellious idealists to terrorist boogeymen. This process looks a lot like what used to be called entrapment. And yet
Before 9/11, German says, the FBI would have considered the idea of advancing terrorism plots just to defuse them as "laughable. But what was justified as an emergency method has become a normalized part of regular criminal-justice work." All too often, agents rely on informants who pump up criminal plans to comic-book-villain proportions. It's a tactic that's been used repeatedly to convict Muslims of being domestic Islamic terrorists, like the four men in Newburgh, New York, convicted in 2010 of a plot to shoot down military jets – a plot engineered by an informant who provided them with a fake Stinger missile.

Now this same strategy is being used to ensnare homegrown political activists. Environmental crusaders have fallen prey, including Eric McDavid, sentenced in 2008 to 20 years for conspiring to blow up a dam, even though it emerged at trial that a driving force behind the scheme was an FBI informant named "Anna." And anarchists are increasingly in the crosshairs, especially as they've become more visible with the rise of Occupy Wall Street. In a May sting at the Chicago NATO summit, three anarchists were charged with plotting to use Molotov cocktails on police stations and Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home – accusations that defense attorneys call "propaganda," contending the bomb ingredients were provided by undercover agents.
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8 Stories Buried By the Corporate Media That You Need to Know About | | AlterNet
1) Our Planet Saw the Largest Increase in Carbon Emissions Since the Industrial Revolution
2) Widespread Trafficking Of Iraqi Women And Girls Thanks To The Iraq War
3) More Iraq Veterans Committed Suicide Last Year Than Active-Duty Troops Died In Combat
4) Drone Strikes Kill Innocent Civilians, Not Just 'Militants'
5) Record Number Of US Kids Face Hunger and Homelessness
6) Prisoners Are People Too
7) US Deports 46,000 Parents, Kids Left Behind In Foster Care
8) FBI Teaches Agents That Muslims Are Violent Radicals
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The Rag Blog: Lisa Fithian: FBI Informant Brandon Darby : Sexism, Egos, and Lies
[The Rag Blog has reported extensively on FBI informant Brandon Darby and the Texas 2. We have also dealt with the larger issues related to governmental use of espionage and informants. Please see links to all of our previous material at the end of this article.]
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Files Reveal Police and Fed Strategies Regarding Oscar Grant Protests : Indybay
documents recently obtained by KALW's The Informant reveal the significant involvement of state and federal law enforcement in monitoring the various Oscar Grant protests in Oakland over the past two years. Logs obtained by The Informant indicate OPD monitored websites, including, anti-police brutality Yahoo! email groups, Twitter feeds, public demonstrations, flyers and meetings to gather information about potential protests. Other documents indicate FBI involvement in monitoring the Oscar Grant protests as early as January 2009. A police report shows the FBI was providing intelligence to OPD on the movements of “black bloc” anarchists in downtown Oakland on the night of January 14, 2009. In one log entry recorded by a BART police officer, OPD is reported to have shown interest in sending "mole[s] or undercover team[s]" to meetings of Oscar Grant supporters. 
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