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Civil rights attorneys: Oakland police situation is 'intolerable,' department 'backsliding' - Story | KTVU
Federal monitor calls Oakland chief's findings 'disappointing,' 'myopic'

Here are some of the highlights:

Use of force: Oakland had been in compliance with its use of force policy and reporting since 2015. But in 2018, the court "re-activated" this task because there were concerns that the department was mishandling its recent use of force case and investigations. Between 2012 and 2017, the department's data showed a 75 percent drop in use of force cases, and in October 2018, those reported use of force cases dropped another 23 percent. An audit was launched to find out if this sharp drop was really true.
It turned out, they weren't, at least according to a "damning report" released last month by the police department's Office of Inspector General, Chanin and Burris wrote. The audit found that police have been "systematically" underreporting cases and not turning on their body cameras to support their positive statistics.

City response: "Some findings were disappointing," the city conceded in its court filing. But the city also noted that the inspector general's audit shows that the department "caught and swiftly corrected a reporting problem stemming not from failing structures or corrupt culture, but from policy and training ambiguities. As when the (Independent Monitoring Team) looked at this issue, OIG's findings did not show that officers used unwarranted force."
Oakland  police  OPD  racism  violence  monitor 
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Federal Judge Faults Oakland Police for Not Complying with Key Reforms | East Bay Express
OPD's inspector general is currently auditing use of force incidents that occurred in 2018 to determine why use of force was underreported. The audit is expected to be be completed sometime in January or February.

Bliss added a positive note, saying that among the videos that were reviewed by the independent monitor showing an absence of use of force reports when there should have been reporting, there weren't any incidents that appeared to show improper uses of force, including brutality. Bliss said in some situations officers even showed "extreme patience" with people they were arresting.

Civil rights attorney Jim Chanin showed less patience with the police department in court, however. He questioned why OPD hadn't already finished its audit of use of force incidents in time for the yesterday's hearing given that the city's leaders knew about the problem months ago. Chanin called the underreporting a "massive systemic failure" by the department.
OPD  police  force  monitoring 
november 2018 by Quercki
(4) Jan Steckel - So there was supposed to be a meet-up of the Proud...
So there was supposed to be a meet-up of the Proud Boys, an alt-right group, at Make Westing bar in Oakland tonight. Make Westing wasn't having any, and helped organize a protest against the meeting. Last night, however, a white man named John Cowell, who had recently been released from state prison for second-degree robbery, slit the throat of a Black teenager named #NiaWilson and stabbed her sister in the neck at Macarthur BART station. The injured sister held Nia while she bled to death. Today a thousand people marched for Nia in downtown Oakland. The Bay Area Proud Boys disavowed both the killer and the meet-up, which they claimed they hadn't set up and wouldn't attend. John Cowell was captured at Pleasant Hill BART station after he stood next to a young Black woman on the outbound train to Antioch. The young woman recognized his face (from surveillance photos which had been publicized), moved away from him, and called the police in terror while he stood next to another Black woman. Meanwhile, a crowd of 1,000 marched from a vigil for Nia Wilson to Make Westing, where five Proud Boys had the stupidity to show up. The crowd chased the Proud Boys, at which point the police intervened to protect them, drove them off in a squad car, and tear-gassed the crowd.
BART  killing  20180723  Nia_Wilson  Proud_Boys  OPD  White  supremacy 
july 2018 by Quercki
Oakland to Settle False Arrest Lawsuit for $50,000 | East Bay Express
The city of Oakland will pay $50,000 to a Sacramento man who alleged that five Oakland police officers framed him for selling narcotics in a West Oakland parking lot in 2016. The drug case against the man was later dismissed by the district attorney.

Shelly Watkins and Donna Reed were in Oakland on October 25, 2016, to attend a Bible study, according to a lawsuit they filed in federal court last year. Watkins had parked his car outside the 99 Cents Only Store on 7th Street, and while Reed was inside the store, Watkins asked a stranger if he had a light for a cigarette. In exchange, Watkins gave the man a cigarette and some pocket change.

A few minutes later, after Reed had returned from the store and the two drove away in their car, they were pulled over by Oakland Police Officers Brandon Hraiz and William Berger.
Oakland  OPD  false  arrest  narcotics  West_Oakland 
july 2018 by Quercki
Oakland Police Chief Doubles-Down on Promoting the Cops Who Covered-Up the Celeste Guap Case | East Bay Express
Inside a federal courtroom this afternoon, the City of Oakland’s mayor and police chief reaffirmed their commitment to establishing a culture of accountability within the city’s troubled department. But after the hearing, Chief Anne Kirkpatrick told reporters that the commanders who mishandled last year’s internal sex-crimes investigation would still be receiving promotions.

In fact, when asked directly by the Express whether John Lois and Roland Holmgren would still be promoted, Kirkpatrick justified the move, saying that federal-court monitor Robert Warshaw himself signed off on the decision.

“When I made my selections, I did counsel with the federal monitor, and he indicated he was very pleased,” Kirkpatrick said.

Although Warshaw approved the promotions of Lois and Holmgren to the ranks of assistant chief and captain, respectively, it’s impossible that he knew of Lois and Holmgren’s role in the mishandling of the Guap case: When their promotions were announced on May 1, the court’s special investigation into the case wasn’t even completed yet, and its contents were a closely held secret until published on June 21. Not even Warshaw knew what was going to be in the report.
OPD  Oakland  police  sex  scandal 
july 2017 by Quercki
Naming Names: These Officers Are Responsible for the Failed Oakland Police Sex Scandal Investigation | East Bay Express
Former Chief of Police Sean Whent bears the most responsibility, according to their report. Whent allegedly called the case “bullshit,” and hid it from the mayor, city attorney, district attorney, and the court-appointed monitor.

And Whent didn’t act alone: At virtually every stage, OPD commanders and officers took steps to downplay the allegations, ignore evidence and leads, and prematurely close the case. They also disrespected the victim, who was 18-years-old at the time, but was exploited by multiple cops when she was a minor, and treated her with hostility.

But there’s something curious about the Swanson and Barron report: None of the cops responsible are named.

Instead, the attorneys only refer to the police who botched and buried the Guap case by their official titles.

The Express, however, used public records — including internal OPD personnel orders, emails, phone directories, and investigative documents — to identify most of the officers and top brass referred to in the report.
OPD  Oakland  police  sex  scandal  cover-up 
june 2017 by Quercki
Oakland Police Department - Posts (facebook)
OPD ARRESTS HOMICIDE SUSPECT; DISTRICT ATTORNEY CHARGES – On June 4, 2017, at approximately 3:20 a.m., Oakland police officers responded to a report of a fatal shooting in the 1600 block of Linden Street. Responding officers located the victim, 32-year-old Andrew Williams of San Pablo, who was pronounced deceased on scene.

On June 8, 2017, the murder suspect, 31-year-old Artison Manalastas of Antioch, was located and taken into custody by the Oakland Police Department.

On June 12, 2017, the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office charged Manalastas with the murder of Williams.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Oakland Police Department Homicide Section at (510) 238-3821 or the TIP LINE at (510) 238-7950.
OPD  arrest  murder 
june 2017 by Quercki
Oakland recruiting ex-cons to oversee cops - San Francisco Chronicle
Former cops need not apply, but former inmates are being encouraged by the city of Oakland to apply for slots on the city’s new police commission.

A notice recently posted on the city’s website for would-be commissioners says, “Must be an Oakland resident. Must be at least 18 years old. Formerly incarcerated individuals encouraged to apply.”

Barry Donelan, head of the Oakland Police Officers Association, said recruiting ex-cons to help select the chief and discipline officers for misconduct was “extremely distasteful.”

And what really bugs the cops is that the voter-approved measure creating the commission bars current and former Oakland cops from serving, as well as police union employees.

Selection panel member Tal Klement, who works as a deputy public defender in San Francisco, said the ballot measure’s backers thought it was important to consider ex-cons.
Oakland  police  OPD  city_council 
june 2017 by Quercki
Crucial Legislation for New Oakland Police Commission Stalls in Committee as Activists and Councilmembers Fight Over Rules | East Bay Express
At last night’s public-safety committee meeting, Oakland Councilmember Dan Kalb told his colleagues he was “thrilled” to introduce detailed legislation that will govern the city’s new and powerful police commission. But by the end of the meeting, Kalb was visibly frustrated.

So too were dozens of activists, who have been a driving force behind the new police accountability board.

The committee deadlocked on a split vote over whether to advance Kalb’s version of the enabling ordinance or a competing ordinance favored by a broad coalition of community groups.

Kalb, who isn't a member of the committee, gave a brief presentation, to his colleagues.

Committee members Abel Guillen and Larry Reid sided with Kalb, while Desley Brooks and Noel Gallo voted for a version that’s preferred by police-accountability activists.

As a result, the all-important package of rules died in committee.
It’s unclear how, or when, a version of the rules, which are necessary to set up the commission, will come to the full council for final approval.
Oakland  OPD  police  city_council 
june 2017 by Quercki
Oakland police tend to treat black drivers with less respect than white ones, linguistic analysis shows - LA Times
the researchers used computational linguists to determine the kinds of language that conveyed Respect (or lack thereof). Apologizing, expressing gratitude, offering reassurances, showing concern for a motorist’s personal safety and addressing drivers as “sir” or “ma’am” all contributed to a perception of Respect, among others. On the other hand, officers racked up negative scores for Respect by using informal titles (“my man”) or asking drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel, to name a few examples.
OPD  respect  racism  body  camera  police  BlackLivesMatter 
june 2017 by Quercki
APTP statement on OPD shooting of white supremacist terror suspect Jesse Enjaian — APTP
Disturbingly, local media coverage of OPD’s accidental killing (they elected not to shoot to hit center mass) of Enjaian parallels that of the convicted rapist who happened to attend Stanford University and of the many white men who have used firearms to commit terror attacks on communities of color in recent history. The assumption is that past academic or sports achievements somehow negate a propensity for predatory behavior. Examples and research demonstrating the very consistent profile of mass shooters in the United States show us that this is an intellectually lazy assertion. SFGate reports that Enjaian’s prior stalking victim in Michigan, “submitted a complaint that Enjaian had a gun and had expressed interest in using it in an “act of mass homicide.””
OPD  Oakland  police  accidental  killing  White  supremacy  sniper  shooting 
february 2017 by Quercki
Were police snooping on Women's March protesters' cellphones? Too many departments won't say
The Women’s Marches last weekend were collectively some of the largest protests ever conducted in the United States. While we would love to have some hard data to be able to inform the public about what type of surveillance might have been used on the demonstrations, unfortunately many of the police departments we have requested in our Cell Site Simulator Census have either not given us any documents yet, or used sweeping law enforcement exemptions in order to not disclose some of the more sensitive, and important, information about their use.
Oakland  police  OPD  women  march  stingray 
february 2017 by Quercki
CNS - Police Shooting Costs Oakland $1.2 Million
Police Shooting Costs Oakland $1.2 Million
     OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) — The city of Oakland has agreed to pay $1.2 million to the family of a man shot to death by police who found him unconscious in his car.
     The settlement, which brings to a close two separate lawsuits filed by Demouria Hogg's family, will be split among his mother, two children and one other family member.
     Oakland Police officer Nicole Rhodes shot and killed Hogg on the morning of June 6, 2015, after firefighters spotted him sleeping in a BMW parked near Lake Merritt with a handgun resting on the passenger seat next to him.
     Rhodes and two other officers spent the next hour trying to wake Hogg with a bullhorn, loudspeakers and by firing beanbag rounds to break out the car's windows.
     When they finally roused him, officer Daniel Cornejo-Valdivia used a stun gun on Hogg while Rhodes fired two shots into the car, according to an amended complaint. Hogg was pronounced dead at Highland Hospital.
     John Burris, an attorney for Hogg's son, said that Hogg didn't wake up right away because he was hard of hearing. He said the officers should have given Hogg time to comply with their orders before shooting him.
     Instead, the family claimed, police killed him as soon as he awoke. Hogg hadn't committed any crime or made any aggressive move that would have led officers to believe he was dangerous, the family said.
     According to CBS SF, Rhodes thought Hogg was reaching for his gun and that's why she fired two rounds into the car. The Alameda County District Attorney's Office declined to file criminal charges against Rhodes.
     The killing sparked several protests in Oakland. Many protesters said Hogg was killed for simply sleeping in his car.
     After the killing, the California Department of Corrections said Hogg had a criminal record involving drug charges and was in violation of parole when he was shot.
     "Defendants express their sincere condolences to Demouria Hogg's family," City Attorney Barbara Parker said in a July answer to his son's complaint. But she added that "defendants maintain that that the city's officers' actions during the subject incident were in line with the United States Constitution and with state law."
     Hogg's family settled with the city on August 12, according to court filings. The Oakland City Council approved the settlement 7-1 on Tuesday, with Councilmember Desley Brooks dissenting.
Demouria_Hogg  Oakland  OPD  killing  murder  lawsuit  money 
october 2016 by Quercki
Oakland Police Sued In Killing Of 'Unconscious' Man In His Car | Huffington Post
Police tried for an hour to rouse Demouria Hogg, 30, by using loudspeakers and firing beanbag rounds at the car. Hogg didn’t budge, police said. Hogg finally stirred when police shattered a passenger-side window with a metal pipe. It would be the last movement of his life.

One officer used a Taser on Hogg while another fatally shot him.

It’s unclear what happened when Hogg awoke. Police said “a confrontation occurred.” An attorney representing the officer who fired the fatal shot said Hogg reached for the handgun.

Now, Hogg’s mother and youngest daughter are suing the Oakland police department, accusing officers of excessive force in a federal wrongful death lawsuit.

“This use of deadly force was excessive and unreasonable under the circumstances, especially since [Hogg] had done nothing violent before, during and after he was tased and shot to death,” the lawsuit says. Hogg was “unconscious” moments before he was shot and “posed no reasonable or credible threat of violence,” the suit says.

The police department and city attorney declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Oakland police officers wore body cameras that recorded the encounter, but the department has declined requests to release footage.

Members of Hogg’s family were allowed to view portions of the videos and said they don’t believe the footage shows him reaching for the weapon. Their lawyer, Jamon Hicks, doesn’t concede that a gun was on the passenger seat.

With multiple officers’ cameras recording portions of the shooting, public opinion could be greatly influenced by which version is released.
Demouria_Hogg  OPD  killing  murder 
october 2016 by Quercki
Oakland OKs $1.2 million settlement in fatal shooting by police - SFGate
The family of a man shot and killed by Oakland police last year after he was awakened inside his parked car, allegedly with a gun at his side, will get $1.2 million in a settlement approved by the Oakland City Council.
The council approved the payment Tuesday to settle legal action filed on behalf of the mother and three children of Demouria Hogg, 30.
“This gentleman’s life was needlessly taken,” said Adante Pointer, one of the family’s lawyers in the case. “The officers did not use best tactics. They violated their training. Why did they attempt to wake him and then, when he moved, shoot him? It was a very flawed strategy.”
Police found Hogg inside a BMW on the Interstate 580 off-ramp at Lakeshore Avenue around 7:30 a.m. on June 6, 2015. Through the car window they saw a pistol with an “extended magazine” on the passenger’s seat, police said.
Officers said they had tried to awaken Hogg with a loudspeaker and rounds fired from a beanbag gun. When that was unsuccessful, two officers broke the driver’s side window and attempted to subdue him with a Taser stun gun. But a third officer believed she saw him reach for the gun, and that officer fired two shots, killing Hogg, police said.
Police have not revealed the name of the officer who shot Hogg, but her attorney has said she was justified in using deadly force.
Pointer said the officers “could have reached a peaceful resolution” if they had not startled Hogg.
“No amount of money is going to bring back to this family the person they loved,” Pointer said. “We’re hoping this will make the Oakland Police Department change its tactics.”
Pointer said he did not know why Hogg had been sleeping in the car with the weapon beside him.
Jason Hicks, another lawyer representing Hogg’s mother, Allene Hutchinson, and three children, argued in his lawsuit that police “negligently assessed the circumstances presented to them and violently confronted (Hogg) without having probable cause.”
The settlement resolves the lawsuit that sought damages for unreasonable search and seizure, excessive force, interference with familial relationship, false arrest, battery and negligence causing wrongful death.
Demouria_Hogg  OPD  killing  lawsuit  money 
october 2016 by Quercki
Demand Accountability for OPD Shootings : Indybay
City Council is set to give final approval to a $1.2M settlement with the family of Demouria Hogg, a 30-year-old father of three shot to death last year by Oakland police, the first in a new spate of questionable OPD homicides. The victim was unconscious in a car on a freeway offramp. He could not be roused by sirens, loudly amplified commands, the firing of beanbag rounds, or even the breaking of windows in his car. A pistol was on the passenger seat, but police could have finished clearing out the window over it, which they had partially broken, and grabbed the gun or kept him from reaching it. They could have simply waited until he came to, with a negotiator ready in case a standoff developed. Instead, those in charge decided to extract him. They assigned a 28-year-old officer with 18 months' experience to provide "lethal cover."

When officers started breaking the driver's side window to pull Mr. Hogg through it, he, predictably, twisted his entire body towards the passenger seat, i.e., away from the glass being shattered near his face. This movement led to his being successfully tased by the cop providing non-lethal cover, but the near-rookie charged with making an instantaneous life-or-death decision fired too, killing him.

OPD called this a "standoff"; immediately showed videos to the lawyer for the shooter, who told the press they showed Mr. Hogg going for the gun, but refused to release the videos publicly; and put out the usual irrelevant smears about the victim's character. Eight months later -- having waited until attention died down -- D.A. Nancy O'Malley exonerated the shooter without even considering whether the commanding offcers did anything wrong. After another three months the Citizens' Police Review Board concluded no one was blameworthy.

Clearly someone told City Council that a jury could well disagree -- it doesn't take a million dollars to settle a meritless nuisance suit! Please come and support our call for (a) accountability on the part of command staff, (b) requiring authorities to decide whether charges should be filed as quickly as they would if one of us shot an officer and claimed self-defense, and (c) an end to selective release of information by OPD.
Demouria_Hogg  OPD  killing  $ 
october 2016 by Quercki
Henry K. Lee on Twitter: "$1.2M settlement to kids, mom of Demouria Hogg, shot dead in car near Lake Merritt by @oaklandpoliceca. No cops charged by @AlamedaCountyDA"
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$1.2M settlement to kids, mom of Demouria Hogg, shot dead in car near Lake Merritt by @oaklandpoliceca. No cops charged by @AlamedaCountyDA
Demouria_Hogg  Oakland  police  OPD  killing 
october 2016 by Quercki
(18) Oakland Police Department officer shot at and missed after officer crashes car
Oakland Police Department
July 25 at 5:03pm ·
OPD continues to search for the suspect who shot at a Sergeant this past Saturday evening, July 23, 2016, just before 9:30 PM at 73rd Ave. and Weld Street.
This happened just after the Sergeant was injured in an automobile accident. The department is also investigating several shootings over the weekend, which resulted in the death of two men. The investigations into these incidents are ongoing.
OPD and CRIME STOPPERS of Oakland encourage anyone with information to contact the OPD Homicide unit at (510) 238-3821 or the Homicide Tip Line (510) 238-7950 or CRIME STOPPERS at (510) 777-8572.
Up to $10,000 in reward money is available leading to an arrest.
OPD  Oakland  police 
july 2016 by Quercki
Demouria Hogg's Shooter Named | East Bay Express
Officer Nicole Rhodes was having a hard time seeing Demouria Hogg when she shot him through his car's windshield, according to an Alameda County District Attorney investigation that was recently obtained through a Public Records Act request. But the shooting did not violate Oakland police policies and was determined by a DA investigator to be justified.

Rhodes and more than a dozen other Oakland police officers had been trying to wake Hogg for over an hour after they found him unconscious behind the wheel of a BMW on June 6 last year. Rhodes' sergeant had placed her at the front bumper of the car, looking straight at Hogg, to provide lethal cover while other officers broke out the driver's side window and hit him with a Taser. Rhodes said she was having a difficult time seeing Hogg through the glare of the windshield, but she told investigators that she saw him lean back and reach with his left hand toward the passenger seat, where she knew there was a gun.
Demouria_Hogg  Oakland  police  OPD  murder 
april 2016 by Quercki
Court-Appointed Investigator Says Oakland Police Discipline System Is Improving | East Bay Express
Swanson also wrote that despite the city attorney’s improved coordination with OPD to prepare for police discipline cases, the City Attorney’s Office remains “deficient in its overall support” for the police department. “OCA has not properly fulfilled its role as ‘general counsel’ to the Department,” wrote Swanson. “The Department often feels it gets little guidance from OCA on policy matters, and that guidance frequently is of limited value or comes too late to be of use.”

Swanson also wrote that he “strongly disagree[d]” with the city’s claim that it has been holding supervising police officers accountable when they contribute to police officer misconduct. According to Swanson, OPD’s internal affairs investigators currently do not consider whether a supervisor ordered a subordinate officer to undertake an action that resulted in misconduct, nor whether a supervisor failed to sufficiently oversee an officer accused of misconduct.

Chanin said the case of Scott Olsen illustrates how supervisors traditionally haven’t been held accountable by OPD. Olsen, an Iraq War vet who was attending an Occupy Oakland protest march on October 25, 2011, was struck in the head by a shotgun-fired lead beanbag round by an officer who was never identified. As Olsen lay prone on the street, Oakland police Officer Robert Roche lobbed a flash-bang grenade into a small group of people who had rushed to help Olsen. Roche was fired for his actions, but his union, the Oakland Police Officers Association (OPOA), later won Roche his job back by arguing that he had been commanded to throw the flash-bang grenade by his supervisor. Roche’s supervisor was never punished.
Oakland  police  Scott_Olsen  Occupy_Oakland  OPD 
april 2016 by Quercki
OPD Accused of Covering Up Home Invasion and Assault by Off-Duty Officers | East Bay Express
The police report authored by officer Lorenz described Faeth’s demeanor when they arrived as “calm” and “polite.” But multiple witnesses told the Cortez family’s attorneys that Faeth was acting “wild,” and that when Faeth was placed into a police cruiser, he began to bang his head against the vehicle’s windows and shake the vehicle.

According to the Cortez family, three hours after the Faeth was arrested three Oakland police officers came to their home at 12:30 am. Cortez and her husband said that the officers identified themselves as a captain, sergeant, and officer, and Mrs. Cortez, who herself is a county probation department officer, found it strange that such a high ranking police official would be visiting her home to investigate the incident. At this point the Cortezes still did not know the identities of the men who attacked them the previous night, nor that they were Oakland police officers.

Then according to the Cortez family and their attorneys, three hours later, at 3:30 in the morning, five more Oakland police officers came to their home and wanted to interview Mr. and Mrs. Cortez separately.

“During Mrs. Cortez’s interview officers were trying to get her to change her statement and relay the events in a way that would be more favorable to the man who was arrested,” attorneys for the Cortez family wrote in their claim. “An officer tried to convince Mrs. Cortez to change her story and relay that the first man was simply knocking on on the front door, instead of the reality that he was banging, rattling the door, pushing the door and demanding entry. The officer was also trying to get Mrs. Cortez to say that the first man simply knocked her over while falling down, instead of the reality that the man put both arms around her in a bear hug and knocked her to the ground.”
OPD  Oakland  police  home  invasion  cover-up  liars  corruption 
february 2016 by Quercki
“OPD Makes Multiple Arrests ” from Oakland Police Department CA : Nixle
OPD Makes Multiple Arrests
Strong Arm Robberies:
• On Friday, February 19, at about 5:38 p.m., a woman was robbed of her cell phone in the 600 block of 23rd Street. Officers located and arrested the suspect in the 2200 block of San Pablo Avenue. The stolen phone was recovered.
• On Sunday, February 21, at about 2:55 p.m., a woman was robbed in the 2000 block of Broadway. The preliminary investigation led officers to the 3400 block of International Boulevard, where they were able to locate and arrest the suspect and recover the loss.

Armed Carjacking:
On Sunday, February 21, at about 12:18 a.m., an armed carjacking occurred in the 2300 block of Grande Vista Place. OPD officers quickly located the car in the area of East 22nd Street and Mitchell Street and arrested the carjacking suspect.

Firearm Taken Off Oakland Streets:
On Sunday, February 21, at about 11:30 p.m., an Oakland Police officer saw a vehicle parked in the 3000 block of E. 9th Street that had been reported stolen. The occupant was arrested for possession of stolen property and illegal possession of a loaded firearm, which was recovered from the vehicle.
Oakland  police  arrest  OPD 
february 2016 by Quercki
“Oakland Police and U.S. Marshals Make Arrests, Alameda County DA Charges Suspects In Two February Homicides ” from Oakland Police Department CA : Nixle
Oakland Police and U.S. Marshals Make Arrests, Alameda County DA Charges Suspects In Two February Homicides
Dear Vicki Fool,
On February 11 at about 11:10 a.m., Albert Easley, 35, was fatally shot and a 26-year-old man was wounded in a drive-by shooting in the 1000 block of 24th Street in West Oakland. Investigators subsequently identified Daniel Casey, 32, of Oakland, as the suspect in the case. U.S. Marshals arrested Casey in East Oakland on February 17, and on February 19 he was charged with murder and attempted murder in the case by the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office.

In a second case, on February 16, Oaklander Randy Escalante, 21, surrendered to Oakland police for shooting two men, one fatally, in the 500 block of Catron Drive in East Oakland, which occurred on February 15 at about 3:38 p.m. Victim Jonathan Sanchez, 23, of Oakland, was killed and the second man, 22, was wounded. On February 18, the Alameda County District Attorney's Office charged Escalante with murder and assault with a semi-automatic firearm.
For full details, view this message on the web.
OPD  Oakland  police  arrest  murder 
february 2016 by Quercki
Ada Perkins-Henderson's son was the 1000th... - Anti Police-Terror Project
Anti Police-Terror Project
We must question the narrative about last week's killing of Richard Perkins by officers from the Oakland Police Department at a gas station on the corner of 90th and Bancroft. While cracking down on the sideshows, OPD officers gunned down Richard Perkins who was not part of the sideshow activity. As usual, OPD sought to dehumanize the victim by only talking about a former charge he had while showing the media pictures of the pellet gun they allege he pointed at them out of the blue. Witnesses claim Richard never touched the pellet gun or pointed it at the officers. What we do know is that the officers who shot Richard all wore body cameras. They say they didn't have them on. We also know that the entire scene was captured and recorded by the gas station's video surveillance cameras that are a mere 15-20 feet away from where Richard was gunned down. Officers took that footage but have yet to disclose its contents. Why are they so quick to tout flimsy evidence which supports their narrative but are quiet about the actual footage?

Donate to the Perkin's family funeral fund at

#QuestionTheNarrative #JusticeForRichardPerkins #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceTerrorism
20151115  Richard_Perkins  OPD  Oakland  police  killing  murder  video  body  camera 
november 2015 by Quercki
“Oakland Police Department Officer Involved Shooting” from Oakland Police Department CA : Nixle
Uniformed patrol officers, a Sergeant and Lieutenant responded to the scene. Officers gave verbal commands by using a loud speaker(PA system) in an attempt to establish communication with the driver to have him safely surrender. The driver was not responsive.

Officers then deployed beanbag rounds at the vehicle in an attempt to gain the driver’s attention. The driver was not responsive.

Throughout the incident officers continued to give verbal commands via the loud speaker. Officers then approached the vehicle and used a metal pipe to break the passenger side glass in an attempt to establish communication with the driver. Officers were able to confirm a firearm was inside the vehicle.

The subject responded and then upon further contact a confrontation occurred and one officers deployed their Taser; one of the officers discharged their firearm, striking the subject. Paramedics, who were waiting nearby, transported the subject to a local hospital. Unfortunately, the male died as a result of his injury.

Inside the vehicle officers recovered a loaded handgun with an attached illegal extended magazine(see attached photos). It has been reported that the same vehicle was used in a burglary that occurred last night in San Francisco.

No officers or fire fighters were injured. Officers had their body worn cameras activated during this incident; investigators are reviewing the footage and continuing to interview witnesses and collect area surveillance footage .

This is the first fatal officer involved shooting involving a member of the Oakland Police Department since May 2013.
Oakland  police  shooting  Nixle  OPD  Lakeshore 
june 2015 by Quercki

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