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The Nestlé Controversy: 5 Scandals That Show It's Time to Boycott Nestlé
S.E. Smith— 2015-05-15 11:30 am | Last updated 2019-01-09 08:27 am
There’s a Nestlé controversy brewing up this week as the firm comes under the gun for resolutely continuing to bottle water in California despite the state’s historic drought. While Governor Jerry Brown has instituted restrictions on water use and Californians—ironically—are being forced to buy bottled water because their own wells are running dry, Nestlé is pumping a shockingly unknown amount out of California aquifers....
In California, Nestlé bottles water in desert regions of the state that are already struggling with water shortages, and it refuses to disclose how much it processes at its facilities. In Wisconsin, the firm became involved in a protracted dispute over pristine water sources, while Nestlé has also made itself extremely unpopular in Oregon. Critics also accuse Nestlé of privatizing what should be a free public resource across the United States.

Reporting on the situation in California, David Dayen at Salon notes that Nestlé gets around water usage restrictions by pumping on reservations, which are not accountable to states because of their status as sovereign lands.
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Kaiser Adds Staff after Mental Health Workers Expose Long Patient Waits | Labor Notes
California health care regulators have released a scathing report on Kaiser Permanente’s inadequate psychiatry staffing, which affects patients seeking mental health services throughout the state. The action came after a campaign by union members at Kaiser’s psychiatry clinics, members of the National Union of Healthcare Workers.

Because the charges were so serious, the agency took the unusual step of referring the findings for immediate enforcement, said the agency’s deputy director. Kaiser not only hadn’t been hiring adequate staff, according to the report; it had kept two sets of books to hide long wait-times from regulators.

As a result of the uproar, Kaiser has hired more staff.

The report comes as the union responsible for the revelations, NUHW, is locked in a battle with the Service Employees (SEIU), the union these members split from three years ago. An election between the two unions over who will represent 45,000 other workers at Kaiser concludes May 1.
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april 2013 by Quercki
Last night, I witnessed the most powerful event I have ever seen first hand. (1)
Last night, I witnessed the most powerful event I have ever seen first hand.  
At the time, the subtlety of it was such that several members of the national press I talked to believed there was no story there.  I could not disagree with them more.  
Several days ago the Governor's office put out a press release stating that the Wisconsin State Capitol Building would be closed Sunday at four p.m. and that everyone inside would have to leave.  The building had been occupied for nearly two weeks preceding that.  
On Sunday morning, members of the TAA and other unions met to work out their strategy for the afternoon.  The core of their plan was to remain peaceful but refuse to leave.  At four, many of the people who were in the Capitol left, but hundreds stayed.  The police present - and there were a lot of them - told the people on the ground floor that they had to move up to the first floor.  Most did, but a handful politely refused.  
And then nothing happened.  
The police didn't threaten or shout.  They didn't arrest anyone.  They left all the protestors right where they were.  In direct defiance with the Governor's will, they didn't do anything.  
It took several hours for what happened to sink in.  When you're expecting an event that doesn't happen, it's tough to know when to relax.  Many of the people there expected to be arrested.  Not only were there no arrests, both police and protestors made strong statements in support of one another. Read Capitol Police Chief Tubbs's statement in that link - it's powerful stuff.  
Please let everyone know about this.  Some national media outlets are sure to report that this was a violent, unruly mess.  Don't let them get away with it.  I was there.  I have video.  I talked to protestors and to cops.  No one was scared, no one was violent.  Don't let the importance of what happened be overshadowed by misinformation.
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march 2011 by Quercki

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