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The weak spots that let journalists expose the finances of looters, organized criminals and oligarchs / Boing Boing
1. Retired Officials: Johnston says former regulators of the industry you’re investigating are “the most helpful people you could ever develop as a source in trying to trace money and criminal enterprises.” They can show you where to look for wrongdoing by pointing out specific laws and bylaws that might have been contravened, he said.

2. Land Registries: “If you’re looking for assets, check the Land Registry for England and Wales,” Garside said. The website publishes a searchable Excel file that lists all the property owned by shell companies outside the UK. “If you’re looking for hidden multi-million-pound houses, that that’s where you find them,” she said.
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5 weeks ago by Quercki
Citigroup Avoided Paying $11.5 Billion In Taxes Thanks To Tax Shelters
Citigroup is hardly alone in shifting profits to places like the Cayman Islands as a way to lower a tax bill. According to the report, 82 of the top 100 largest publicly traded companies as measured by revenue have set up such shelters -- 2,687 of them, to be exact. All told, they are holding nearly $1.2 trillion offshore.

But even among those that make frequent use of tax shelters, Citigroup is in a special class. The bank is one of 15 U.S. companies that are collectively responsible for two-thirds of this total, according to the report, which is called "Offshore Shell Games."

Citigroup has the ninth-most money parked offshore, the report found. (The top three companies, in terms of tax avoidance, are General Electric, Apple and Pfizer, which collectively held $263 billion offshore as of 2012.)
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april 2015 by Quercki

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