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Fresno activist critiques police chief search | The Fresno Bee
I am guilty of believing that the process for selecting our next police chief would be transparent and authentically informed by the community. But more importantly, I’m guilty of encouraging others around me to also have hope and to give their own time to the process.

The news on Aug. 23 that Mayor (Lee) Brand decided to select an “interim” (to serve until 2021) chief from within the department, who did not even apply for the position — and despite reporting to suggest that there were several quality applicants to choose from — unfortunately told me and many others that this hope in the process was foolish. That is why I am writing to apologize.
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6 weeks ago by Quercki
Oakland Police Chief Kirkpatrick Points Blame at Ex-Chief Whent for Mishandling of Celeste Guap Sex Crimes Case | East Bay Express
At a League of Women Voters event last night, Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick gave her account of why she chose to go ahead with two controversial promotions of officers who mishandled the internal investigations of the Celeste Guap sex crime scandal.

In short, she blamed former Chief Sean Whent for screwing up the Guap cases — not the officers she promoted.

The chief's comments also appear to contradict an official court report that spells out in detail the several ways in which the officers she promoted failed to properly supervise criminal investigations of Oakland cops who sexually exploited Celeste Guap.

Kirkpatrick began with a point she's previously made: that the promotions had been reviewed by federal court-appointed police monitor Robert Warshaw. Warshaw signed off specifically on the promotion of Deputy Chief John Lois to the rank of assistant police chief and Lt. Roland Holmgren to the rank of captain.
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september 2017 by Quercki
Mayor Schaaf Accused of Promoting Acting Police Chief Without Notifying Public - Post News Group
By Ken EpsteinPosted August 19, 2016 11:01 am
Concerns are being raised that Mayor Libby Schaaf has promoted Oakland Police Department (OPD) Acting Assistant Chief David Downing to a position as permanent Assistant Police Chief, without informing the public or the City Council. 
In addition, the Post has received reports that Downing – who is white – is promoting white officers to command positions and delaying or halting promotions of Black officers.
Some are saying Downing’s promotion a serious failure of Mayor Schaaf to live up to her commitment to transparency.
“My concern is that the mayor did not notify the council or the public of the appointment, when all of her other police appointees had been made so publically,” said Councilmember Desley Brooks, who heads the City Council’s Public Safety Committee.
Sources have told the Post that promotions of Black officers and other officers of color have been stopped or put on hold – while white officers who are part of the old guard – some with a history of racial insensitivity – are being promoted to command positions.
The Mayor’s Office had originally stated that Downing would be in the acting position for only six months. As assistant police chief, Downing serves as police chief until the new chief is hired.
Downing was alleged in recent media report to have used “racially insensitive language” in internal police meetings several years ago, advocating for the use of water cannons and water hoses on protesters.
An Oakland police source told KRON4 “that they were in a meeting when they heard Downing advocate for using water cannons against protesters and that the then-deputy chief Downing seemed oblivious to the racial overtones.”
Further, Mother Jones reports that Downing was asked to leave his previous position with the Concord, CA police department because he clashed with colleagues, exhibiting a “military style of leadership.”
In response to questions to the Mayor’s Office, the Post received a reply from the City Administrator’s Office.
“Acting Assistant Chief David Downing is in the role of Assistant Chief until a permanent or interim leader is named for the Oakland Police Department,” the statement said.
“At that time the new head of the department will determine who will serve on the command staff. The City of Oakland adheres to federal, state and local laws that prohibit discrimination in hiring and promotion practices.”
Oakland  police  chief 
august 2016 by Quercki
Dallas police chief's storied career marked by professional, personal tragedies -
Story highlights
Dallas Police Chief David Brown lost a former partner, a brother and a son to violence
Of the five officers killed by a sniper, four were from the DPD
"We're hurting. Our profession is hurting. Dallas officers are hurting," he says
Dallas  police  chief  community  de-escalation 
july 2016 by Quercki
(14) Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent has been fired... - Anti Police-Terror Project
Oakland Police Chief Sean Whent has been fired amid the recent sex-scandal plaguing the Oakland Police Department.
This is a victory that the people should claim. Were it not for years of organizing and mounting public pressure for police accountability - Whent would still have his job. Libby is a smart and tactical politician. It is no coincidence that she fired him just prior to the week of action that is being planned by community. Libby didn't want another San Francisco, so she got in front of the ball. Good for her. We are glad that Whent is being held accountable for these vicious and brutal attacks on women's bodies.
This does not however signal a sea change in the Libby Schaaf administration. Never forget that this is the woman who spent her entire first day in office with the police department. She believes with every fiber of her being that policing is the path toward the Oakland she is trying to build.
Last year, Oakland was third, per capita in the country, for officer involved shootings. Under Whent's watch, 7 Black men (we include Richard Linyard) were murdered by OPD. Libby stood with the police every single time. Even with Demouriah Hogg's execution - and his only crime was to be Black and asleep in his car in the gentrified Lake Merrit neighborhood.
Why was a string of murders of Black men by OPD not enough to make Libby act? Because Libby doesn't care about Black life (though she has no problem appropriating Black culture) which is reflective in every policy and practice she has implemented since she took office from displacing Oakland residents of color to cutting youth jobs, to implementing violent protest curfews on the bodies of Black women and children.
True community safety includes having affordable and quality housing, living wage jobs, and the lives of Black people actually mattering to the governing body of this City. That is the Oakland we have been - and will continue to - fight for.
We cannot - and will not - allow Whent's termination to confuse our analysis. The problem with police in this country - and especially in Oakland - is not a couple of bad apples. The whole orchard is rotten to the root. Our work will not be complete until there is a new paradigm for community safety that does not rely on militarized gestapos and American concentration camps.
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june 2016 by Quercki

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