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Fox: New Evidence Hillary Killed Lincoln | The New Yorker
In what may be the most serious allegation ever made against the former Secretary of State, Fox News Channel reported today that Hillary Clinton was involved in the conspiracy to murder President Abraham Lincoln.

The latest charge against Mrs. Clinton was reported by Fox host Sean Hannity, who said that the evidence of her role in the Lincoln assassination came mainly in the form of e-mails.
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FBI document warns conspiracy theories are a new domestic terrorism threat
The FBI for the first time has identified fringe conspiracy theories as a domestic terrorist threat, according to a previously unpublicized document obtained by Yahoo News. (Read the document below.)

The FBI intelligence bulletin from the bureau’s Phoenix field office, dated May 30, 2019, describes “conspiracy theory-driven domestic extremists,” as a growing threat, and notes that it is the first such report to do so. It lists a number of arrests, including some that haven’t been publicized, related to violent incidents motivated by fringe beliefs.

The document specifically mentions QAnon, a shadowy network that believes in a deep state conspiracy against President Trump, and Pizzagate, the theory that a pedophile ring including Clinton associates was being run out of the basement of a Washington, D.C., pizza restaurant (which didn’t actually have a basement).

“The FBI assesses these conspiracy theories very likely will emerge, spread, and evolve in the modern information marketplace, occasionally driving both groups and individual extremists to carry out criminal or violent acts,”
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David Steinberg: Tying up loose threads in the curious case | Power Line
David Steinberg: Tying up loose threads in the curious case

In four intensely reported investigative columns — here (August 13, 2018), here (October 23, 2018), here (October 30, 2018), and here (November 5, 2018), — David Steinberg has explored the evidence suggesting that Ilhan Omar entered into a sham marriage with her brother in 2009. This is his fifth. He titles it “Meet Leila Elmi: The Missing Link Showing Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother.” Drawing on his research, interviews, and social media evidence he makes the case that Omar has engaged in a variety of fraudulent activities and willful misrepresentations related to her marital arrangements. He writes:
Rep_Omar  marriage  brother  conspiracy  facts 
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Lame Cherry: Frontline of Election Fraud: Judge Roy Moore
Frontline of Election Fraud: Judge Roy Moore

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

With the consensus now that Doug Jones engaged in massive vote fraud to steal the Senate seat from Judge Roy Moore, what requires examination in this, is just how could an election be flipped, as if one examines the Moore Jones race, it mirrors exactly the Obama Romney race of 2012 AD in the year of our Lord.
In Obama Romney, Romney had a commanding lead, and yet as in 2008 against McCain, 10 million votes disappeared from Republican ranks and appeared by e vote fraud in Obama columns.

Alabama Senate election: citizen reports seeing busloads of Democrat voters brought in to voting stations

Posted on December 12, 2017 by Dr. Eowyn | 29 Comments
Today is the pivotal Senate election in Alabama, pitting Judge Roy Moore (R) against Doug Jones (D).
A resident of Alabama says on Reddit he’s seen busloads of Democrat voters brought into voting stations:
“I drove to several polling stations, and in 3 out of 4 it was exactly the same. Columns of buses with democratic voters. Is this even legal?
vote  fraud  GOP  conspiracy  theory  Alabama 
december 2017 by Quercki
Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory About Alabama Election Gets A Brutal Reality Check | HuffPost
I am hearing rumors that black voters from MS were encouraged to cross over into AL and vote. Anyone else hearing this? Anything to it? That might explain the 30% turnout higher than population percentage. Just reporting the rumor.
12:40 PM - Dec 13, 2017

How likely is that scenario?

“I used to write cons & heists for a living,” John Rogers, co-creator of the show “Leverage,” wrote on Twitter. “And very few things piss me off like sloppy heist plotting. And racism. So this is a two-fer.” 

Rogers picked apart the conspiracy theory until there was nothing left. 

Here’s his thread: 
Alabama  vote  conspiracy 
december 2017 by Quercki
The Conservative Force Behind Speeches Roiling College Campuses - The New York Times
But the propelling force behind the event — and a number of recent heat-seeking speeches on college campuses — was a national conservative group that is well funded, highly organized and on a mission, in its words, to “restore sanity at your school.”


Mr. Spencer at the University at Buffalo. The Young America’s Foundation paid his $2,000 fee. Credit Brendan Bannon for The New York Times
The group, the Young America’s Foundation, had paid Mr. Spencer’s $2,000 fee, trained the student leader who organized the event and provided literature for distribution. Other than the possibility of outside interference, little had been left to chance.

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Berkeley Cancels Ann Coulter Speech Over Safety Fears APRIL 19, 2017

In Ann Coulter’s Speech Battle, Signs That Conservatives Are Emboldened APRIL 26, 2017

Opinion On Campus
When Flamethrowers Like Ann Coulter Come to Campus MAY 2, 2017

Jane 13 hours ago
Hosting a speaker with unpopular views and hosting a speaker with racist views are two different considerations. I, for one, have a problem...
M.R. Khan 14 hours ago
Robert Spencer and his pals Pamela Geller and David Horowitz were cited as among the leading intellectual influences for Anders Breivik's...
Robert 14 hours ago
I was a student in the audience for Mr.Spencer's speech. At one point, a student sitting in the front overheard Spencer say that a student...

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The speeches are a part of the group’s mission of grooming future conservative leaders — Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Stephen Miller, a White House adviser, are among its alumni — and its long list of donors has included the television game show host Pat Sajak, the novelist Tom Clancy, the billionaire brothers David H. and Charles G. Koch, and the Amway billionaires Richard and Helen Devos, who gave $10 million to endow the Reagan Ranch near Santa Barbara, Calif., which the foundation runs as a preserve. (Their daughter-in-law, Betsy DeVos, the secretary of education, is not a donor, the group says.)
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may 2017 by Quercki
The Domestic Conspiracy That Gave Trump The Election Is In Plain Sight | The Huffington Post
3. It seems clear that Giuliani, who was the top surrogate for the Trump campaign and in near-daily contact with the candidate, acted under orders from Trump, and that Prince either acted under orders from Trump or Steve Bannon—well-known to Prince from their mutual association with, and financial investment in, Breitbart and its ownership, including Robert Mercer—and, moreover, that all those associated with the conspiracy were subsequently rewarded. Erik Prince’s sister, Betsy DeVos, was named Education Secretary by Trump, despite having no experience for the job other than advocating sporadically for charter schools in Michigan. Prince himself was named a shadow adviser to Trump, even though, by November 8th, the fact that his statements to Breitbart had been part of a domestic disinformation campaign was clear. Prince is so close to Trump that he appears to have been present at the election-night returns-watching party to which Trump invited only close friends and associates; Prince’s wife posted pictures of the event. Giuliani, originally assured a Cabinet position and then separated from the Trump team entirely—perhaps as punishment for his carelessness on Fox News—was then given a highly lucrative but substance-free position within the administration on the same day, January 12th, that the DOJ announced that the Inspector General would be investigating the sequence of events comprising the Prince-Giuliani-Trump conspiracy.
Trump  Comey  FBI  conspiracy  Hillary  election 
february 2017 by Quercki
How a hoax website about paid protesters came crumbling down live on TV - The Washington Post
The website for an organization calling itself Demand Protest made its mission pretty clear: “When your strategy demands paid protest, we organize and bring it to life.” Billing itself as a group that generated the “appearance of outrage” on behalf of left-wing causes, the existence of Demand Protest became an attractive story for many right-wing media outlets. The group, it appeared, was proof that dissent against Trump was manufactured by shady leftist organizations, and could be lucrative: one ad placed in Demand Protest’s name promised a full-time job that paid a $2,500 retainer, plus $50/hr., and benefits.

It was the perfect story to share, if you’re inclined to believe that anti-Trump protesters must be getting paid to be there. Something to that effect has long been in the canon of largely unsubstantiated rumors circulating on the Trump Internet. A well-known fake news writer even fabricated an “interview” with a protester who said he was paid $3,500 to protest at a Trump rally — a story that was shared on Twitter by Trump’s then-campaign manager. And like that made-up story, it also appears that Demand Protest is a made-up group, one that fooled quite a few news sources before being dramatically debunked on-air by Tucker Carlson.

[She staged a viral story. You fell for her hoax. She thinks that’s beautiful.]

Here’s an incomplete look at how we got here: a few days ago, the Gateway Pundit wrote a piece titled “BREAKING: Far Left Group Is Paying Activists a Monthly Salary to Stop TRUMP,” and cited 4Chan in mentioning a possible link between Demand Protest and George Soros. InfoWars was a bit more skeptical, hedging their story on Demand Protest as a “report” and writing that “it’s unclear if the website is actually legitimate.”
Trump  fake  protest  conspiracy 
january 2017 by Quercki
Obviously fake "paid protester" site sets right wing media aflutter / Boing Boing
Demand Protest, a service that bills itself as providing "deliver[ing the appearance of rage] at scale while keeping your reputation intact" purportedly pays protesters $2500/month plus $50/hour for left-wing protesters to take to the streets, and claims to have run 48 campaigns, despite having only registered its domain last month (it also displays a copyright notice that spans 2015-2017).

Despite the obvious implausibility and the gaping holes in the site's provenance (nonworking phone number, no record of any corporate registrations, etc), the right wing media has gone fake-news-bananas over this, linking the site to its favored bogeyman, George Soros (who uses granting officers and is generally pretty careful with his political spending).

Elements of the low-information right have a firm conviction that social justice protests are staffed by paid actors (last week, right wing hoaxter/fraudster James O'Keefe was caught trying to manufacture a scandal about this). While there is no evidence that this has ever happened (it is a myth, like voter fraud), we do know that Trump paid actors $50/each to wear Trump tees and carry signs at his campaign launch, and that his most recent press-conference featured paid Trump staffers who cheered his remarks -- unprecedented in US presidential press-conferences.
Trump  conspiracy  fake 
january 2017 by Quercki
The first-ever close analysis of leaked astroturf comments from China's "50c party" reveal Beijing's cybercontrol strategy / Boing Boing
One implication: if we assume that the Chinese government is very good at controlling public opinion, and if we want to adopt their tactics to counter Trump, this suggests that we should: a) coordinate to make a lot of noise about the Trump-denying activities over the next four years (eg California expanding public healthcare); b) coordinate to make a lot of noise about arbitrary upbeat subjects ("this new music is just great") on days when Trump is trying to draw everyone's attention to himself. But of course, the 50c Party is able to issue talking points to hundreds of thousands of people and make them work in lockstep.

One way to parsimoniously summarize existing empirical results about information control in China is with a theory of the strategy of the regime. This theory, which as with all theories is a simplification of the complex realities on the ground, involves two complementary principles the Chinese regime appears to follow, one passive and one active. The passive principle is do not engage on controversial issues: do not insert 50c posts supporting, and do not censor posts criticizing, the regime, its leaders, or their policies. The second, active, principle is stop discussions with collective action potential, by active distraction and active censorship. Cheerleading in directed 50c bursts is one way the government distracts the public, although this activity can be also be used to distract from general negativity, government related meetings and events with protest potential, etc.
Trump  politics  solutions  conspiracy  fake 
january 2017 by Quercki
(33) Alma Wilkinson - Alma Wilkinson shared Al Dunaway's post.
Finally! Proof of Death. Osama Bin Ladin registered to vote in Chicago yesterday.
Alma_Wilkinson  conspiracy 
october 2016 by Quercki
Want to know the truth? Verifiable information on banking, health, energy, media, war, elections, 9/11, more
This website provides a concise, reliable introduction to vital information of which few are aware. We specialize in providing fact-filled news articles and concise summaries of major cover-ups and corruption which impact our lives and world. All information is taken from the most reliable sources available and can be verified using the links provided. Sources are always noted, with links direct to the information source provided when possible. presents this information as an opportunity for you to educate yourself and others, and to inspire us to join in working together for the good of all. We shine light into the unconscious shadows of ourselves and our world with the intention of inviting us both individually and collectively to make more conscious choices which allow us to step ever more fully into our magnificence and to build a brighter future for us all.

Return visitors can explore our most recent posts and summaries of news articles that should have made front page news. And don't miss key excerpts from 20 of the most revealing major media news articles ever published. For those new to this website, please read on.
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october 2016 by Quercki
The Clinton BS Files: Who is Chelsea Clinton’s real dad? A mystery spun out of nothing -
This Hillary-Clinton-is-the-real-sexist gambit comes from the twisted brain of right-wing ratfucker and close Trump friend Roger Stone, who published a book called “The Clintons’ War on Women” last year.

VIDEOClinton has worked through previous health episodes, Bill Clinton says

The book is a wonderland of bullshit about the Clintons, including conspiracy theories about Waco and about Hillary Clinton’s relationship to Huma Abedin. But there’s also a lengthy digression into the topic of this week’s Clinton BS File — who the “real” father of Chelsea Clinton is.

The obvious answer, to normal people, is “Bill Clinton.” He is her legal father and the husband of her mother and, if you have eyeballs in your skull, you can see that Chelsea looks quite a bit like her father.
Hillary  Clinton  conspiracy  sexism  source 
october 2016 by Quercki
Here's a List of Facts Debunking Anti-Hillary Clinton Myths, Lies & Ridiculous Conspiracies
Being a Hillary Clinton supporter isn’t always easy. Not because I question my support of her, but because literally hundreds of millions of dollars (over nearly a quarter century) has been spent trying to slander her name. The list of conspiracies, misinformation, lies and ridiculous propaganda people use to attack her is seemingly endless.

Not a joke: There’s actually a website that tracks the “people the Clintons have had killed.” The list has well over 90 names — including John F. Kennedy, Jr. Yes, this list claims that the Clintons killed the eldest son of JFK.
Oh! And apparently Bill Clinton isn’t actually Chelsea’s father.
While President Obama has absolutely endured a lot of scrutiny as president, nobody comes close to what Hillary Clinton has had to endure — for nearly 25 years.
So, in the spirit of the multi-hundred million dollar campaign that’s been spent trying to keep one woman out of the White House, I thought I’d take a few moments to debunk many (though not all, because I’m sure I’ll forget about as many as I’m about to list) of the myths, lies and ridiculous conspiracies that many people actually believe about Hillary Clinton.
lies  about  Hillary  conspiracy  facts 
august 2016 by Quercki
An Elaborate Hillary Clinton Facebook Conspiracy With Coordinated Attacks and Porn? No, Just a Glitch - The Daily Beast
But Facebook—and now even the affected pro-Sanders groups themselves—say that the real problem was merely a database error that affected more pages than just Sanders-leaning community pages.
“A number of groups were inaccessible for a brief period after one of our automated policies was applied incorrectly,” a Facebook spokesperson wrote. “We corrected the problem within hours and are working to improve our tools.”
All seven of the Sanders pages—five of which had more than 10,000 members—were restored a few hours after they went down.
The news reports and Reddit comments pointed to two specific instances where users claimed to have reported Sanders fan pages for threats of violence and pornography. (Paste Magazine, citing some users, suggested that comments sections on some of the groups had been riddled with porn and spam before the attacks.)
One poster named Casey Champagne, whose account has since been deleted, bragged about reporting the groups on a fan page called “Bros 4 Hillary,” which many took as proof of a coordinated attack.
Bernie_Sanders  Hillary  conspiracy  facebook 
april 2016 by Quercki
Court Decision: U.S. “Government Agencies” Found Guilty in Martin Luther King’s Assassination | Global Research
After four weeks of testimony and over 70 witnesses in a civil trial in Memphis, Tennessee, twelve jurors reached a unanimous verdict on December 8, 1999 after about an hour of deliberations that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated as a result of a conspiracy. In a press statement held the following day in Atlanta, Mrs. Coretta Scott King welcomed the verdict, saying ,

“There is abundant evidence of a major high level conspiracy in the assassination of my husband, Martin Luther King, Jr. And the civil court’s unanimous verdict has validated our belief. I wholeheartedly applaud the verdict of the jury and I feel that justice has been well served in their deliberations. This verdict is not only a great victory for my family, but also a great victory for America. It is a great victory for truth itself. It is important to know that this was a SWIFT verdict, delivered after about an hour of jury deliberation.

The jury was clearly convinced by the extensive evidence that was presented during the trial that, in addition to Mr. Jowers, the conspiracy of the Mafia, local, state and federal government agencies, were deeply involved in the assassination of my husband. The jury also affirmed overwhelming evidence that identified someone else, not James Earl Ray, as the shooter, and that Mr. Ray was set up to take the blame. I want to make it clear that my family has no interest in retribution. Instead, our sole concern has been that the full truth of the assassination has been revealed and adjudicated in a court of law… My husband once said, “The moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” To-day, almost 32 years after my husband and the father of my four children was assassinated, I feel that the jury’s verdict clearly affirms this principle. With this faith, we can begin the 21st century and the new millennium with a new spirit of hope and healing.”
MLK  government  conspiracy  african-american 
november 2014 by Quercki
Not the 'Illuminati': How Fundamentalist Christians Are Infiltrating State and Federal Government
“[T]he Blackstone Fellowship inspires a distinctly Christian worldview in every area of law, and particularly in the areas of public policy and religious liberty,” states the Alliance’s public tax filing. “With this ongoing program, it’s [the Alliance’s] goal to train a new generation of lawyers who will rise to positions of influence and leadership as legal scholars, litigators, judges—perhaps even Supreme Court Justices—who will work to ensure that justice is carried out in America’s courtrooms.”

While participants hail from various denominations, they all commit to using their legal careers to “reorder society” according to a “christendomic” worldview, in which there is no separation between church and state.

“The Blackstone Legal Fellowship renewed my conviction that working for cultural change is not polishing brass on a sinking ship,” wrote Alana Hake on the Blackstone website. “Victories in the area of pro-life, religious liberty, and family values not only have the potential to preserve individuals’ lives and enable them to hear of salvation, but also to glorify God as society is reordered bit by bit according to His design.”
Christian  conspiracy  law  court  government  abortion 
may 2014 by Quercki
SPN Budget Proposals (state by state) – excerpts
In July, the State Policy Network, a coordinating body of state-based conservative thinktanks, gathered together 40 grant proposals from 34 states, requesting sponsorship from the Searle Freedom Trust that funds largely right-wing causes. The grant bids provide a blueprint for the conservative agenda in 2014. The Guardian is publishing here key excerpts from the documents, including SPN's own summary of all the proposals. The excerpts give readers and news outlets full and fair access to state-by-state conservative plans that could have significant impact throughout the US, and allow the public to reach its own conclusions about whether these activities comply with the spirit of non-profit tax-exempt charities.
politics  conservative  conspiracy  *** 
december 2013 by Quercki
State conservative groups plan US-wide assault on education, health and tax | World news |
Conservative groups across the US are planning a co-ordinated assault against public sector rights and services in the key areas of education, healthcare, income tax, workers' compensation and the environment, documents obtained by the Guardian reveal.

The strategy for the state-level organisations, which describe themselves as "free-market thinktanks", includes proposals from six different states for cuts in public sector pensions, campaigns to reduce the wages of government workers and eliminate income taxes, school voucher schemes to counter public education, opposition to Medicaid, and a campaign against regional efforts to combat greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.

The policy goals are contained in a set of funding proposals obtained by the Guardian. The proposals were co-ordinated by the State Policy Network, an alliance of groups that act as incubators of conservative strategy at state level.
politics  conspiracy  republican  conservative  civil_rights  equality 
december 2013 by Quercki
The Plot Against Occupy | Culture News | Rolling Stone
"The government has a responsibility to prevent harm," says former FBI counterterrorism agent Michael German, now the senior policy counsel for the ACLU. "What they're doing instead is manufacturing threatening events."

That's just how it went down in Cleveland, where the defendants started out as disoriented young men wrestling with alienation, identity issues and your typical bucket of adolescent angst. They were malleable, ripe for some outside influence to coax them onto a new path. That catalyst could have come in the form of a friend, a family member or a cause. Instead, the government sent an informant.

And not just any informant, but a smooth-talking ex-con – an incorrigible lawbreaker who racked up even more criminal charges while on the federal payroll. From the start, the government snitch nurtured the boys' destructive daydreams, egging them on every step of the way, giving them the encouragement and tools to turn their Fight Club-tinged tough talk into reality. To follow the evolution of the bombing plot under the informant's tutelage is to watch five young men get a giant federal-assisted upgrade from rebellious idealists to terrorist boogeymen. This process looks a lot like what used to be called entrapment. And yet
Before 9/11, German says, the FBI would have considered the idea of advancing terrorism plots just to defuse them as "laughable. But what was justified as an emergency method has become a normalized part of regular criminal-justice work." All too often, agents rely on informants who pump up criminal plans to comic-book-villain proportions. It's a tactic that's been used repeatedly to convict Muslims of being domestic Islamic terrorists, like the four men in Newburgh, New York, convicted in 2010 of a plot to shoot down military jets – a plot engineered by an informant who provided them with a fake Stinger missile.

Now this same strategy is being used to ensnare homegrown political activists. Environmental crusaders have fallen prey, including Eric McDavid, sentenced in 2008 to 20 years for conspiring to blow up a dam, even though it emerged at trial that a driving force behind the scheme was an FBI informant named "Anna." And anarchists are increasingly in the crosshairs, especially as they've become more visible with the rise of Occupy Wall Street. In a May sting at the Chicago NATO summit, three anarchists were charged with plotting to use Molotov cocktails on police stations and Mayor Rahm Emanuel's home – accusations that defense attorneys call "propaganda," contending the bomb ingredients were provided by undercover agents.
Occupy_Wall_Street  FBI  conspiracy  entrapment 
october 2012 by Quercki
Political murder, then and now « Pissed Off Woman
Yesterday, the US ambassador to Libya was murdered along with 3 other US officials, in an attack using rocket-propelled grenades.  This attack came at the same time as protests in Libya and Egypt over an anti-Islamic video released on YouTube.  But this was not mob violence–it was a coordinated, preplanned, professional attack, according to US officials speaking on condition of anonymity.  And that video is looking pretty suspicious too.

The US military is moving in an elite group of Marines and two warships.

I know in my heart the CIA did it.  They’ve been active on the ground in Libya for a while now.  They helped out with the revolution before the US military was able to–this was reported in the mainstream media.  Libya is an oil-rich country and said oil is still under the control of the Libyan government-run National Oil Corp.–what further motive do you need?

I wish I did not have to think this way.
Libya  conspiracy  CIA  9/11 
september 2012 by Quercki
Oakland Mayor Jean Quan Admits Cities Coordinated Crackdown on Occupy Movement | Truthout
Tuesday 15 November 2011
by: Gregg Levine, Capitoilette | Report
Embattled Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, speaking in an interview with the BBC (excerpted on The Takeaway radio program–audio of Quan starts at the 5:30 mark), casually mentioned that she was on a conference call with leaders of 18 US cities shortly before a wave of raids broke up Occupy Wall Street encampments across the country. “I was recently on a conference call with 18 cities across the country who had the same situation. . . .”

Mayor Quan then rambles about how she “spoke with protestors in my city” who professed an interest in “separating from anarchists,” implying that her police action was helping this somehow
Occupy_Oakland  police  conspiracy  violence 
january 2012 by Quercki
Missing the point: PERF and the surveillance industrial complex | Privacy SOS
What does PERF have to do with all of this? PERF is a non-profit police professionalism organization, dedicated to shaping and informing the national conversation on policing, and effecting practical change in departments nationwide vis a vis policy recommendations based on its think-tank studies. As demonstrated recently via the coordinated mayors calls, PERF also gives operational assistance to police departments nationwide, in close cooperation with DHS.
It is precisely the kind of organization needed in the beltway funding world of metrics and research papers to help to smoothly transition US law enforcement into the Brave New World of intel-led policing. PERF's policy papers and research programs give credibility to the transition from a policing paradigm in which crimes are investigated and criminals prosecuted to a more militaristic paradigm in which “threats” are “assessed” continually; wherein ‘probable cause’ and ‘reasonable suspicion’ are so much old hat; wherein technologies that scour the internet to look for patterns and predict events take the place of corner conversations or cooperation with community groups and religious figures. 
Enter PERF’s cooperation with Lockheed Martin. While Joshua Holland of Alternet makes light of PERF Executive Director Chuck Wexler’s close working relationship with DHS, he should take note that Wexler and PERF’s relationship with the war and surveillance technology giant Lockheed is enduring and potentially poses serious conflicts of interest to the parties involved. Unsurprisingly, you don't hear about this aspect of PERF's work on Fox News.
PERF  police  violence  conspiracy  homelandsecurity 
november 2011 by Quercki
Occupy Wall Street: Conspiracy theories | The Economist
Corey Robin, a professor of political science at Brooklyn College, makes the excellent point that the decentralised application of coercive authority has a storied history:

From the battles over abolition to the labor wars at the turn of the last century to the Red Squads of the twentieth-century police departments to the struggles over Jim Crow, state repression in America has often been decentralized, displaying that very same can-do spirit of local initiative that has been celebrated by everyone from Alexis de Tocqueville to Robert Putnam. Though Tocqueville and Putnam were talking of course about things like creating churches and buildings roads, the fact is: if the locals can build a church or a road on their own, they can also get rid of dissenters on their own, too, no? 
Sometimes little platoons wear jackboots. Mr Robin goes on to say:

It’s not surprising that faced with the crackdown of OWS protests, Wolf would immediately turn to a theory of national, centralized repression. It’s part of our national DNA, on the left and the right, to assume that tyranny works that way. 
I actually find it more than a little surprising that folks on the left would so easily forget that tyranny is often local. The liberal antipathy to the sort of decentralisation of power confusingly known as federalism runs very deep, and is rooted in the very things Mr Robin mentions, such as the struggle to abolish Jim Crow. I would argue that Ms Wolf's it-goes-all-the-way-to-the-top conspiracy theorising seemed so plausible to so many OWS sympathisers because the Occupy movement is itself fueled by a conspiracy theory: that the richest 1% have conspired to capture the political system and use it to bend the economic system to their exclusive advantage. So it's not surprising that Ms Wolf's conspiracy theory, which fits so neatly with OWS's larger conspiratorial narrative, would find such a receptive, credulous audience.
homelandsecurity  Occupy_Wall_Street  police  conspiracy 
november 2011 by Quercki A PERF-ect Storm

In our phone interview, Wexler gave a rather mundane-sounding rundown of the two calls. "PERF's reason for being is to take on difficult issues and try to make sense of them and discuss them. When Occupy emerged, a couple of [police] c hiefs said, 'Let's have a conference call and talk about this.' We set up a line and let people talk to each other. Not everybody came on, some people did. There was no agenda. There wasn't any common theme at all. If you look around the country, it's very idiosyncratic. It was not tactics or anything. It wasn't about how we should shut this thing down, it was more like, 'Here's the issues we're facing in our city.' "

The second call, on November 4, was much the same, he said, "only now some things had become contentious. Issues of sanitation, marching and blocking streets. One city said, 'The police aren't even involved at all, they have health and sanitation involved.'"

When I probed Wexler as to why people should trust his word, he made a reasonable point: "Listen, our last conference call was November 4. If we were involved in tactics, we'd be having conference calls every day. It wouldn't be two and a half weeks ago. Anyone that knows us knows we don't tell people what to do. We don't have that kind of authority, nor do we want that kind of authority. We don't actively tell police departments what to do."  

>> READ: Interview: Police Executives' Research Forum Director Chuck Wexler <<

Despite being uninterested in telling anyone what to do, Wexler expressed a desire to help increase the peace if police violence continues to be a problem at Occupy.

"We do what we can. We know it's getting bigger. We pull people together and ask them: what did you learn from the Olympics? What did you learn from RNC, DNC? We're going to always do what we think is right."

But conspiracy theories die hard. At the same time that PERF released a public declaration stating that it had no role in coordinating the attacks on Occupy protests, the National Lawyer's Guild filed a FOIA request for all documents related to the crackdowns. The Guild's request mentions PERF by name and requests any documents "pertaining to federal coordination of, or advice or consultation regarding" police crackdowns on Occupy.

The Guild suspects that Homeland Security collaborated with the FBI and local police to coordinate the increasingly systematic attacks on the Occupy movement. The Guild argues that if this is true — if 18 cities across America coordinated their tactics in attacking Occupy — the public deserves to know. Let's hope they find the truth soon.
PERF  Occupy_Oakland  Occupy_Wall_Street  police  conspiracy  violence 
november 2011 by Quercki
The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free |
The No 1 agenda item: get the money out of politics. Most often cited was legislation to blunt the effect of the Citizens United ruling, which lets boundless sums enter the campaign process. No 2: reform the banking system to prevent fraud and manipulation, with the most frequent item being to restore the Glass-Steagall Act – the Depression-era law, done away with by President Clinton, that separates investment banks from commercial banks. This law would correct the conditions for the recent crisis, as investment banks could not take risks for profit that create kale derivatives out of thin air, and wipe out the commercial and savings banks.

No 3 was the most clarifying: draft laws against the little-known loophole that currently allows members of Congress to pass legislation affecting Delaware-based corporations in which they themselves are investors.

When I saw this list – and especially the last agenda item – the scales fell from my eyes. Of course, these unarmed people would be having the shit kicked out of them.

For the terrible insight to take away from news that the Department of Homeland Security coordinated a violent crackdown is that the DHS does not freelance. The DHS cannot say, on its own initiative, "we are going after these scruffy hippies". Rather, DHS is answerable up a chain of command: first, to New York Representative Peter King, head of the House homeland security subcommittee, who naturally is influenced by his fellow congressmen and women's wishes and interests. And the DHS answers directly, above King, to the president (who was conveniently in Australia at the time).
Occupy_Wall_Street  homelandsecurity  conspiracy 
november 2011 by Quercki
How to Get the Cops to Protect You | Naomi Wolf
What most citizens don’t fully understand is that hardball politics behind the scenes is not about confrontation — it is about waging favors. Most effective it is veiled confrontation (what can that group conceivably do to me if I make them angry?) combined with overt offers of favors (what can they get for me?) Occupy is in a very powerful position if they only begin to understand this. If If you REALLY want to know how the game is played — a game that is being played right now AGAINST you — you would have the OWS reps in every city go to a meeting with police benevolent association with your LOCAL REGISTERED VOTER LISTS in hand and say, “we want to put better pay and retirement for cops and other first responders on the ballot and are willing to get out the vote for this.”
This will work miracles. THEN THEY ARE BEING COURTED BY TWO PAYMASTERS.. that gives them freedom they don’t now have to resist orders to be brutal — .then they have a way to NOT listen to Chase Bloomberg DHS etc because YOU have their back and they have an alternative to beating the sh– out of you — Chase is seeking them out, and offering them 3.6 million in ‘help’, you seek them out and offer a get out the vote drive that is worth millions more to them — YOU become their constituency and their allies AGAINST the banks, shadowy police consultancy, DHS etc — that is how the big boys play. This will literally save lives, not to mention make OWS or other citizen groups an unstoppable force.
Occupy_Wall_Street  homelandsecurity  conspiracy 
november 2011 by Quercki
Naomi Wolf’s ‘Shocking Truth’ About the ‘Occupy Crackdowns’ Offers Anything but the Truth | | AlterNet
Among the “advice” reportedly disseminated by DHS was that cities should demonize their occupations by highlighting health and safety violations, and evict them without warning in the dead of night. As a supporter of the Occupy Movement and a civil libertarian, I find that offensive and inappropriate – DHS should be worried about terrorism, not political dissent.

But missing here is any suggestion that cities are being compelled to crack down on their Occupations in any way – mayors of all of the municipalities that evicted camps in recent weeks had made it very clear that they were going to do so. Oakland Mayor Jean Quan held three press conferences urging people to leave Frank Ogawa Plaza and promising that they would be removed by force if they didn’t comply. Local officials have an agenda, but it is not a hidden agenda, and thus not a particularly shocking story.

I don’t find it in the least bit surprising that law enforcement officials communicate with each other, and such communication is in no way an assault on local communities’ autonomy. Every day professionals dealing with similar issues get on conference calls, send messages to list-servs or otherwise talk shop – it’s just part of our “interconnected world.”

Having established a baseline of reality, let’s turn to Wolf’s claims.
homelandsecurity  Occupy_Wall_Street  conspiracy 
november 2011 by Quercki
A PERF-ect Storm - News Features
A PERF-ect Storm
How a nonprofit led by Boston's finest peacemakers was blamed for the Occupy crackdowns
By KHADIJAH BRITTON  |  November 26, 2011

In recent weeks, Occupations in cities across America have seen brutal crackdowns by local police forces. Left-wing pundits have speculated that these attacks were coordinated — that they were too tightly synchronized not to have someone directing them.
The conspiracy theory was shored up by two news reports: one from the BBC, in which Oakland Mayor Jean Quan made vague reference to a conference call with other cities to discuss how to handle their Occupy "situation." The other, an Associated Press story, quoted Portland Assistant Police Chief Larry O'Dea saying that he had made a conference call to other Occupy cities' police forces.

The timing on these two conference calls seemed suspicious. Quan's came only a few days before her police force's violent assault on Occupy Oakland. At the time, Quan was in Washington, DC, home of PERF headquarters, leaving her deputy mayor, Sharon Cronu, and legal adviser Dan Siegel to handle affairs back home. Both quit the next day. The second call, requested by Portland Police Chief Mike Reese, occurred on November 4 — 9 days before the Portland police violently shut down that city's Occupy encampment.

Read more:
homelandsecurity  Occupy_Oakland  Occupy_Wall_Street  PERF  conspiracy 
november 2011 by Quercki
Interview: Police Executives' Research Forum Director Chuck Wexler - News Features
In this week's Boston Phoenix, Khadijah Britton reports on PERF, a non-government, non-profit police agency that has been accused of coordinating national police responses to the Occupy movement. Here is the full transcript of Britton's interview with PERF executive director Church Wexler, a Boston native, Boston University graduate, and former operations assistant to three Boston Police Department commissioners who currently serves as an appointee to the Homeland Security Advisory Council.
homelandsecurity  PERF  Occupy_Wall_Street  conspiracy 
november 2011 by Quercki
The cop group coordinating the Occupy crackdowns | San Francisco Bay Guardian
The police response to protesters in Miami lead to hundreds of injuries to protesters. The ACLU won multiple suits against the Miami P.D. over abuse to protesters and free speech concerns.

Prior to the 2003 protest, Timoney was quoted as saying that the FTAA was “the first big event for homeland security … the first real realistic run-through to see how it would work.”

Timoney arrived in Miami with plenty of baggage. At the 2000 Republican National Convention, Timoney coordinated a crackdown that resulted in more than 420 arrests with only 13 convictions, none of which resulted in jail time. As in Miami, there was well documented abuse of some of the people arrested.

Also among PERF's directors is Minneapolis police chief Tim Dolan, who was responsible for the crackdown on protesters at the 2008 Republican National Convention. That event also resulted in lawsuits, protester injuries and an outcry from the national press about police brutality and the preemptive nature of the police action.

PERF is more than a mere policy group. Wexler has personally represented PERF at major political events, in face-to-face dialog with police tactical commanders and leadership. That was the case at the 2008 Republican National Convention, where Wexler and Minneapolis Police Chief Dolan coordinated what is widely regarded as one of the most aggressive political crackdowns in recent American history.

Wexler spent the afternoon of October 14 observing Occupy Philadelphia with Philadelphia police commissioner Ramsey.
Speaking to the Philadelphia Tribune, Ramsey said: “They wanted to see what the Occupy protesters were doing here in Philadelphia. As we walked through their encampment, almost immediately they were texting other groups around the country – it was happening while we were there and that was very, very interesting. It’s instant communication, and it’s worldwide. We have to become more adept at using the technology. Our police department has its own active Facebook page as a way of reaching out to the community.”

“Had a great one-day conference in Philly about social media – very pertinent these days with the occupy protests ...” Wexler stated from his twitter account.

As the occupation movement grew, PERF began circulating a publication titled Managing Major Events: Best Practices from the Field. The manual – a copy of which we downloaded -- amounts to a how-to guide for policing political events, and gives special attention to policing “Anarchists” and “Eco Terrrorists” at political events.

The guide encourages the use of undercover officers and snatch squads to “grab the bad guys and remove them from the crowd.” It urges local law enforcement to use social media to map the Occupy movement.

An earlier PERF guide Police Management of Mass Demonstrations advocates the use of embedded media to control police messages, the use of undercover cops to infiltrate protest groups, the use and pitfalls of preemptive mass arrest, an examination of the use of less-than-lethal crowd control weapons, and general discussion weighing the use of force in crowd control.
homelandsecurity  Occupy_Wall_Street  PERF  conspiracy 
november 2011 by Quercki
Homeland Security role in 'Occupy' crackdowns limited, says agency - Minneapolis Top News |
Rick Ellis, Minneapolis Top News Examiner
November 16, 2011 - Like this? Subscribe to get instant updates.

Since I  published my initial story about how several federal law enforcement agencies had been providing logistical advice to local authorities on how to handle the 'Occupy' protests, I have been attempting to get an official response from the Dept. Of Homeland Security (DHS). 
I've spoken to several high-ranking DHS officials on background in the last 24 hours, and they stressed several things to me. 
First, despite some press reports to the contrary, the only official DHS role in any 'Occupy' arrests took place in Portland. In that case, officers from Federal Protective Services (which is tasked with protecting federal buildings) assisted the Portland Police Bureau in clearing the federally-owned  Terry Shrunk Plaza. Officers from FPS did make several arrests, although it's not clear how many. ....When I tried to get a sense of how much involvement the department may have had in assisting local tactical plans, I was told DHS is not actively coordinating with local governments or police agencies on the 'Occupy' evictions.

What isn't clear to me is what is meant by "actively" coordinating. That definition leaves a lot of room for advice, both tactical and otherwise.

I sent Homeland Security officials several questions, hoping to get a clearer picture of the scope of the department's involvement in any coordination efforts between federal and local law enforcement officials.

Here are the questions I asked:

1) Can you confirm whether or not any local municipalities (either civil or law enforcement) have requested any briefings or information about problems that could arise from the 'Occupy' protests?

2) If the DHS did receive any requests, what sort of help or advice was provided?

3) Is the DHS aware of any possible threats connected with any of the 'Occupy' protests that would necessitate the involvement of any element of the agency?

4) Did DHS volunteer any information or advice to local officials concerning the 'Occupy' protests?

This is the official response I received from Matthew Chandler, DHS spokesman:

“Any decisions on how to handle specifics situations are dealt with by local authorities in that location. If a protest area is located on Federal property and has been deemed unsanitary or unsafe by the General Services Administration (GSA) or city officials, and they make a decision to evacuate participants, the Federal Protective Service (FPS) will work with those officials to develop a plan to ensure the security and safety of everyone involved."

I'm left with more questions than answers. There's a difference between making decisions and offering advice and it's still not clear whether DHS did any of the latter.
I'll continue to update this story as I get more information.

Continue reading on Homeland Security role in 'Occupy' crackdowns limited, says agency - Minneapolis Top News |
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november 2011 by Quercki
YouTube - Mickey Mouse Discovers the Government Cartoon Conspiracy Against Glenn Beck
When they increase the title length on youtube I'm going to rename this to "Mickey Mouse Discovers The Government Plan to Attack Glenn Beck by Paying Jonathan McIntosh to Remix Cartoons." Because that's the title I put in the video. Glenn Beck has a moral for you in this mashup and it is that you should remix as many Fox and Disney clips as you can because it's all fair use!
video  Glenn_Beck  Mickey_Mouse  conspiracy  republican 
march 2011 by Quercki
Living in denial: Why sensible people reject the truth - opinion - 19 May 2010 - New Scientist
Many denialist movements originate as cynical efforts by corporations to cast doubt on findings that threaten their bottom line. Big Tobacco started it in the 1970s, recruiting scientists willing to produce favourable data and bankrolling ostensibly independent think tanks and bogus grass-roots movements (see "Manufacturing doubt"). One such think tank was The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition (TASSC), set up in 1993 by tobacco company Philip Morris (American Journal of Public Health, vol 91, p 1749). TASSC didn't confine itself to tobacco for long. After getting funds from Exxon, it started casting doubt on climate science.
climatechange  creationism  denialism  politics  conspiracy 
june 2010 by Quercki
Media Matters - Fox News and its connection to the Pittsburgh cop massacre
Fox News and its connection to the Pittsburgh cop massacre

Published Sun, Apr 5, 2009 4:24pm ET by Eric Boehlert

We're learning more and more about the killer who called cops to his apartment in order to execute them on Saturday morning. We're leaning that Richard Andrew Poplawski was a right-wing conspiracy nut who was convinced the new Democratic administration was going to take away the guns of Americans.

We've also learned, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, that Poplawski was an avid fan of conspiracist and radical talk show host Alex Jones. A "freak," was how the conservative web blog, Little Green Footballs, described Jones today.
violence  Pittsburgh  murder  conspiracy 
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