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The Mexican Repatriation - YouTube vlog brothers
n which John discusses The Mexican Repatriation of the 1930s, a story from U.S. History he learned about only recently. SOURCES:

The most comprehensive history of this period I found is a book called Decade of Betrayal by Francisco E. Balderrama and Raymond Rodriguez. It was there I first learned the story of Jose Lopez.

The wikipedia article about The Repatriation of the Great Depression-era is quite good:

The 2017 paper that found the deportations either has no impact on U.S. unemployment or else made it slightly worse:
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10 weeks ago by Quercki
(19) Standing Up Against Deportation
Standing Up Against Deportation

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Vicki Solomon
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When she found out there was an Afghan being deported on her flight to Istanbul, Elin Ersson refused to sit down. What happens in the next minutes shakes everyone on board…
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