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Memo reveals a House Republican strategy on shootings: downplay white nationalism, blame left | Tampa Bay Times
Congressional Republicans recently circulated talking points on gun violence that falsely described the El Paso massacre and other mass shootings as “violence from the left.”

A document obtained by the Tampa Bay Times and sent by House Republicans provides a framework for how to respond to anticipated questions like, “Why won’t you pass legislation to close the ‘gun show loophole’ in federal law?” and “Why shouldn’t we ban high-capacity magazines?" The answers are boilerplate Republican arguments against tougher gun restrictions.

But it also included this question: “Do you believe white nationalism is driving more mass shootings recently?” The suggested response is to steer the conversation away from white nationalism to an argument that implies both sides are to blame.
gun  control  massacre  GOP  points  exposed  White  supremacy 
8 weeks ago by Quercki
EXCLUSIVE Republican lawmakers are being told to... - Pamela Mays McDonald
Republican lawmakers are being told to indulge in "both-siderism" to counter gun control arguments in the wake of domestic terror incidents. They are being instructed to distract from questions about white supremacism with #whataboutism lies about non-right-wing organizations and individuals. Expect to see this strategy continue to unfold as these instances proliferate. You'll hear "But Planned Parenthood kills babies" or other classic defenses. Online "sock puppets," trolls and bots will amplify these messages to millions. We have already seen Trump call for Antifa to be labeled as terrorists over the weekend.

They are not going to do anything about the threat of white nationalist domestic terrorism.
White  supremacy  gun  control  whataboutism  data  trolls 
8 weeks ago by Quercki
LAPD chief among nation's top cops who ask Congress to ban assault weapons - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he supports tougher gun measures.

“I believe in universal background checks, banning all detachable magazines, and banning the manufacture, import and sale of semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines,” Villanueva said in a statement Thursday. “Our congressional delegation is in support of common sense gun legislation. Average citizens should be able to keep what they already lawfully own, grandfather them in.”
police  sheriff  support  gun  laws  bans  legislation 
8 weeks ago by Quercki
Oakland Is Slowly Solving America's Rising Gun Violence Trend | HuffPost
As major cities throughout the United States have struggled to deal with rising gun violence over the years, one community in California is seeing a reversal of the trend in its own backyard.

Oakland has cut its annual homicides and nonfatal shootings by nearly half since 2012, a huge drop for what used to be considered one of the more violent cities in the U.S., according to a new report by the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

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The reduction is no random miracle but rather an overwhelming effort made by the entire Oakland community to address some of America’s daily gun violence in a city whose communities of color also deal with intergenerational poverty, housing segregation and systemic racial oppression.
The Oakland Ceasefire Initiative
Oakland  gun  violence  murder  solution 
june 2019 by Quercki
Dick's Sporting Goods CEO took a stand on gun control, even though it hurt the company - The Washington Post
“I give Dick’s a lot of credit for the steps they’ve made,” said Brian Nagel, an analyst at Oppenheimer. “But I think they’ll struggle for a while.”

Stack has also taken his campaign to Capitol Hill. In meetings with Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate, Stack has drilled down on what he sees as holes in nationwide gun laws, such as the fact that if a person is on the no-fly list, “you are deemed to be too dangerous to sit on an airplane, but you can buy a gun.” He’s urged legislators to require universal background checks that include relevant mental-health information and previous run-ins with the law. And he’s pushed for closing the private sale and gun show loophole that waives the necessity of background checks.

[Tech giant brings software to a gun fight]

But none of those efforts has yielded much momentum. Stack said Democrats were eager to enact tighter gun laws. (Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) in March 2018 took to Twitter to say that Stack "knew it was risky to stop selling assault rifles & high-capacity magazines. But he still did it!") But from meetings with Republicans, Stack said, "you could tell that nothing was going to happen."
gun  control  CEO  policy  assault  Parkland  shooting  legislation 
june 2019 by Quercki
California rapper killed in car was shot by police about 25 times, lawyer says
U.S. news
California rapper killed in car was shot by police about 25 times, lawyer says
Bullets struck the center of Willie McCoy's face and throat and blew off part of an ear, the family's attorney said, adding that "overkill is an understatement."
Video appears to show police opening fire on Calif. rapper in car
Feb. 14, 201900:54
Feb. 19, 2019, 11:13 AM PST
By Erik Ortiz

A young California man fatally shot by police after they found him unresponsive in his car with a gun in his lap was hit about 25 times — with bullets striking the center of his face and throat and blowing off part of his ear, a lawyer for his family said.

Oakland attorney Melissa Nold, who said she examined the body of Willie McCoy, 20, last week, told NBC News that he also sustained injuries to his shoulders, chest and arm, during the Feb. 9 encounter with six officers.

"Overkill is an understatement," Nold said of his wounds and the number of times he was struck.
Image: Willie McCoy was fatally shot by California police officers on Feb. 9, 2019.
Willie McCoy was fatally shot by California police officers on Feb. 9, 2019.Courtesy of David Harrison

A coroner's report has not been released and Vallejo police have declined to comment further during an active investigation.
police  killing  Valejo  Willie_McCoy  sleep  gun  murder  Willie_Bo 
february 2019 by Quercki
Gun suicides rise to highest level in 40 years / Boing Boing
While mass-shootings are the most visible and spectacular consequence of America's love affair with guns, the person most likely to shoot you is you (either accidentally or deliberately), with a loved one or a friend (again, either accidentally or deliberately) close behind.

Suicide is an impulsive act. Half of suicide survivors report planning their deaths for less than ten minutes.
NRA  gun  guns  death  suicide  statistics 
december 2018 by Quercki
Study: Oakland's Ceasefire Program Curbs Shootings, Homicides
Violent crime is down overall in Oakland. Between 2011 and 2017, shootings with victims went from 710 to 340, a 52 percent drop.

Dr. Anthony A. Braga of Northeastern University and a team of researchers, however, compared areas of Oakland where Ceasefire was used and neighborhoods where it was not. The study, “Oakland Ceasefire Impact Evaluation,” also took into account population trends in Oakland and crime data in other California cities.

Among the key findings: Ceasefire is credited with a 31.5 percent drop in homicides involving a gun since it began in 2013. Shootings involving both gang members and non-gang members significantly decreased, but the decline was steeper among gang members. For example, Braga said the number of gang shootings in the two years before Ceasefire compared to four years after it was implemented dipped 43 percent. Non-gang member shootings were down 23 percent over the same period.

Of 12 cities throughout the state examined, the study authors said only two other cities, San Francisco and Stockton, experienced such significant reductions between 2010 and 2017. Richmond, East Palo Alto, Fresno, Sacramento and Long Beach were among the other cities.
Oakland  ceasefire  gun  violence  solution 
november 2018 by Quercki
Levi Strauss CEO: Business Leaders Must Take on Gun Violence | Fortune
Levi Strauss & Co. president and CEO Chip Bergh speaks during the Fortune Global Forum on November 3, 2015 in San Francisco. Bergh says business leaders need to take action on gun violence to help prevent more tragedies like Parkland.
Levi Strauss & Co. president and CEO Chip Bergh speaks during the Fortune Global Forum on November 3, 2015 in San Francisco. Bergh says business leaders need to take action on gun violence to help prevent more tragedies like Parkland.
Justin Sullivan—Getty Images
By Chip Bergh September 4, 2018

In November 2016, I wrote an open letter requesting that gun owners not bring firearms into our stores, offices, or facilities, even in states where it’s permitted by law. This was following an incident in one of our stores in which a customer accidentally shot and injured himself while trying on a pair of jeans. While that was bad, it could have been worse: The bullet could have killed him, another customer, or one of our employees.

In the days after I published that letter, I received threats to our stores, our business, and even on my life. It was unsettling. But these personal attacks pale in comparison to the threats that activists and survivors from Parkland, Sandy Hook, and daily incidents of gun violence face every time they speak up on this issue.

As president and CEO of a values-driven company that’s known the world over as a pioneer of the American West and one of the great symbols of American freedom, I take the responsibility of speaking up on the important issues of our day very seriously. We can’t take on every issue. But as business leaders with power in the public and political arenas, we simply cannot stand by silently when it comes to the issues that threaten the very fabric of the communities where we live and work. While taking a stand can be unpopular with some, doing nothing is no longer an option.

That’s why Levi Strauss & Co. is stepping up our support for gun violence prevention.
gun  violence  Levi  corporations 
september 2018 by Quercki
Why feminism and racism have a lot to do with the gun debate - CNNPolitics
Cullors: I think so. I've been pretty impressed with the Parkland students who've listened to young black students and brown students, mostly poor students who've been saying, you know, "our issues matter, too." And many of the Parkland students who've gone to Chicago and then met up with the black youth, to talk about gun violence. Um, one of the young men, was quoted saying, our issues, as in white people's issues, are being amplified over black people's issues, it's just a matter of race, and I thought that was so powerful, because they're listening to the young black and brown students who are saying, you know, we deserve to be a part of this larger media conversation, part of this larger public dialog and outcry to save the lives of young black and brown people too. So that has been so impressive. And I point that out because it's important for us to name our victories and I think that narrative shift has happened because black people have said, "hey, wait a second, like, let's be a little bit more complicated about how we're talking about this gun violence issue," and the Parkland students have heard it and have been amplifying.
gun  violence  school  shooting  BlackLivesMatter  intersectionality 
april 2018 by Quercki
Gun-Violence Protests Drew an Estimated 1 Million Students - WSJ
By Arian Campo-Flores
Updated March 15, 2018 7:41 a.m. ET
At 10 a.m., 1,000 students walked out of Stuyvesant High School in New York City. An hour later, 2,800 filed out of Curie Metropolitan High School in Chicago. An hour after that, 1,000 went to the capitol in Boise, Idaho. And an hour after that, 1,000 walked out of Hamilton High School in Los Angeles, with signs that read “Am I next?”

In a wave across the country Wednesday morning, students voted with their feet to protest government inaction on gun control. Nearly 1 million students took part in protests, which included...
gun  violence  children  protest  locked_article 
march 2018 by Quercki
Gun-trained teacher accidentally discharges firearm in Calif. classroom, injuring student - The Washington Post
A teacher who is also a reserve police officer trained in firearm use ‘accidentally’ discharged a gun Tuesday at Seaside High School in Monterey County, Calif., during a class devoted to public safety, school officials said in a statement. A male student was reported to have sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

The weapon, which was not described, was pointed at the ceiling, according to a statement from the school, and debris fell from the ceiling.

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Seaside Police Chief Abdul Pridgen told the Monterey County Weekly that a male student was “struck in the neck by ‘debris or fragmentation’ from something overhead.” Pridgen said whatever hit the student was not a bullet.

However, the student’s father, Fermin Gonzales, told KSBW 8 that it was his understanding that fragments from the bullet ricocheted off the ceiling and lodged in the boy’s neck. The father said the teacher told the class before pointing the gun at the ceiling that he was doing so to make sure his gun wasn’t loaded, something that can be determined visually.
gun  teacher  shooting  student  injury 
march 2018 by Quercki
Here's the Emma Gonzalez full speech from the anti-gun rally - HelloGiggles
And in this case if you actively do nothing, people continually end up dead, so it’s time to start doing something.

We are going to be the kids you read about in textbooks. Not because we’re going to be another statistic about mass shooting in America, but because, just as David said, we are going to be the last mass shooting. Just like Tinker v. Des Moines, we are going to change the law. That’s going to be Marjory Stoneman Douglas in that textbook and it’s going to be due to the tireless effort of the school board, the faculty members, the family members and most of all the students. The students who are dead, the students still in the hospital, the student now suffering PTSD, the students who had panic attacks during the vigil because the helicopters would not leave us alone, hovering over the school for 24 hours a day.
schools  massacre  gun  control  solution 
february 2018 by Quercki
The Myth That Mental Illness Causes Mass Shootings - Behavioral Scientist
there is no evidence that Stephen Paddock was any of those things. He had no history of mental illness. He had no criminal record. He was a successful businessman. Relatives and people who know him are in disbelief. Paddock’s father was a notorious bank robber, but the two men never met, and if Paddock inherited violent tendencies from his father genetically, they never manifested until now.

We may never know what motivated Paddock or whether he had a mental illness. However, if we expand out from this specific incident and consider gun violence as a whole, research over the last 30 years has consistently shown that Mr. Ryan’s information is incorrect and that diagnosable mental illness does not underlie most gun violence.

In their 2016 edited book Gun Violence and Mental Illness, psychiatrists Liza Gold and Robert Simon summarize the evidence debunking the myth that mental illness is a leading cause of gun violence. As they report, less than 5% of shootings are committed by people with a diagnosable mental illness.
debunk  mental  illness  gun  massacre 
february 2018 by Quercki
150,000 American Students Have Experienced a School Shooting. They Are Our Best Hope.
In 1996, Australia Enacted Strict Gun Laws. It Hasn't Had a Mass Shooting Since.
Violent crime and gun-related deaths did not come to an end in Australia, of course. But as the Washington Post’s Wonkblog pointed out in August, homicides by firearm plunged 59 percent between 1995 and 2006, with no corresponding increase in non-firearm-related homicides. The drop in suicides by gun was even steeper: 65 percent. Studies found a close correlation between the sharp declines and the gun buybacks. Robberies involving a firearm also dropped significantly. Meanwhile, home invasions did not increase, contrary to fears that firearm ownership is needed to deter such crimes. But here’s the most stunning statistic. In the decade before the Port Arthur massacre, there had been 11 mass shootings in the country. There hasn’t been a single one in Australia since.
Australia  gun  control  massacre  murder  shooting  guns  suicide 
february 2018 by Quercki
Have your representatives in Congress received donations from the NRA? - Washington Post
Have your representatives
in Congress received
donations from the NRA?
Since 1998, the National Rifle Association has donated $4.23 million to current members of Congress. Explore below to see how much money has been donated to members of Congress in your state.

By Aaron Williams
Updated Oct. 5, 2017
gun  violence  massacre  murder  shooting  congress 
february 2018 by Quercki
Gun violence research: History of the federal funding freeze
At the time APA advocated in support of firearm-related injury research, and APA released the following statement when the Dickey amendment was adopted: 
Research on the prevention of firearm-related injury, supported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and coordinated within CDC's National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC), has come under attack from Rep. Jay Dickey (R-Ark.) and the National Rifle Association (NRA). The House Labor-HHS Appropriations Subcommittee initially rejected Rep. Dickey's attempt to eliminate the $2.6 million dedicated to CDC firearm-injury research. However, Mr. Dickey prevailed in the full Appropriations Committee. The Dickey amendment would transfer the $2.6 million to regional health education centers. This research has attracted a powerful and wealthy opponent — the NRA. The NRA has taken the position that firearm-related injury research at the CDC amounts to 'antigun' political advocacy and has also attacked the quality of this research. However, research proposals submitted to CDC are subject to a peer review process that follows standard practices. APA's Public Policy Office (PPO) has distributed accurate information to Congress on the nature of CDC-supported firearm-injury research and is advocating against the Dickey amendment.
gun  death  politics  budget  murder 
december 2017 by Quercki
Police shoot far more people than anyone realized, a VICE News investigation reveals – VICE News
December 11, 2017
An exclusive analysis of data from the 50 largest local police departments in the United States shows that police shoot Americans more than twice as often as previously known.

Police shootings aren’t just undercounted — police in these departments shoot black people at a higher rate and shoot unarmed people far more often than any data has shown. Recent reform efforts have already worked to bring down police shootings, our investigation shows. Yet Attorney General Jeff Sessions is moving away from these reforms, to the dismay of advocates, experts, and some local law enforcement officials.

VICE News examined both fatal and nonfatal incidents to determine that cops in the 50 largest local departments shot at least 3,631 people from 2010 through 2016. That’s more than 500 people a year. On more than 700 other occasions, police fired at citizens and missed. Two-thirds of the people cops fired at survived.
police  shooting  gun  data  statistics  city 
december 2017 by Quercki
Inside The Federal Bureau Of Way Too Many Guns | GQ
The National Tracing Center is not allowed to have centralized computer data.
“That's the big no-no,” says Charlie.
That's been a federal law, thanks to the NRA, since 1986: No searchable database of America's gun owners. So people here have to use paper, sort through enormous stacks of forms and record books that gun stores are required to keep and to eventually turn over to the feds when requested. It's kind of like a library in the old days—but without the card catalog. They can use pictures of paper, like microfilm (they recently got the go-ahead to convert the microfilm to PDFs), as long as the pictures of paper are not searchable. You have to flip through and read. No searching by gun owner. No searching by name.
gun  guns  crime  trace  politics  bureaucracy  government  NRA 
october 2017 by Quercki
The Right To Bear Arms vs Everything | hoodfeminism
We know the red flags already for these incidents. History of domestic violence? No weapons for you for 5 years. Mandatory therapy & testing. Note, current law requires a conviction, but most cases of intimate partner violence don’t result in even misdemeanor convictions that would trigger the lifetime ban. For every “I would never give up my gun.” person spouting off? You’re part of the problem. You help normalize mass violence because you make it so easy for the tools to commit it to be accessed.
gun  violence  massacre  prevention  control  ** 
october 2017 by Quercki
Stephen Paddock Is a White Male Mass Shooter. That Makes Him Typical.
Stephen Paddock was an angry white man with a gun. Robert Lewis Dear, who killed three people and injured nine at a Colorado Planned Parenthood, was an angry white man with a gun. Dylann Roof, who killed nine people and injured one at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, was an angry white man with a gun. Adam Lanza, who killed 28 people including 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary, was an angry white man with a gun. Hell, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who killed 15 people and injured 24 at Columbine High School, were two angry white boys with guns. The Columbine massacre, which sparked a national conversation about the need for better gun control, was in 1999. It’s been 18 years of angry white men with guns appearing next to ever-more-enormous body counts, every few weeks, ever since.

Sure, there are outliers. Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people and wounded 58 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, was an angry non-white man with a gun. James Alex Fields, who is charged with killing Heather Heyer and injuring 19 others at a white supremacist counter-rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, was an angry white man with a car. But as a general rule, if you check three out of four boxes on the “angry/white/man/gun” list, you do, indeed, fit the stereotypical profile of a mass shooter. The question is why so many of us refuse to see that.
massacre  anger  White  men  gun 
october 2017 by Quercki
Australia enacted strict gun control laws after a horrific mass shooting in 1996. It worked.
On April 28, 1996, a gunman opened fire on tourists in a seaside resort in Port Arthur, Tasmania. By the time he was finished, he had killed 35 people and wounded 23 more. It was the worst mass murder in Australia’s history.

Twelve days later, Australia’s government did something remarkable. Led by newly elected conservative Prime Minister John Howard, it announced a bipartisan deal with state and local governments to enact sweeping gun-control measures. A decade and a half hence, the results of these policy changes are clear: They worked really, really well.

At the heart of the push was a massive buyback of more than 600,000 semi-automatic shotguns and rifles, or about one-fifth of all firearms in circulation in Australia. The country’s new gun laws prohibited private sales, required that all weapons be individually registered to their owners, and required that gun buyers present a “genuine reason” for needing each weapon at the time of the purchase. (Self-defense did not count.) In the wake of the tragedy, polls showed public support for these measures at upwards of 90 percent.
gun  control  massacre  solution  *** 
october 2017 by Quercki
Say No to 'The New Normal' -- Five Things You Can Do About Gun Violence |
1) Change Our Culture
2) Stop Investing in Guns

The Campaign to Unload has done a brilliant job of pressuring large private equity firms, hedge funds and other investors to get out of the business of guns
3) Make Corporations Get Off the Sidelines
4) Make Politicians Uncomfortable
5) Use Your Voice
gun  violence  murder  massacre  howto  solution 
october 2017 by Quercki
America’s unique gun violence problem, explained in 17 maps and charts - Vox
This chart, compiled using United Nations data collected by Simon Rogers for the Guardian, shows that America far and away leads other developed countries when it comes to gun-related homicides. Why? Extensive reviews of the research by the Harvard School of Public Health’s Injury Control Research Center suggest the answer is pretty simple: The US is an outlier on gun violence because it has way more guns than other developed nations.
gun  violence  murder  massacre 
october 2017 by Quercki
Here's How The Nation Responded When A Black Militia Group Occupied A Government Building | The Huffington Post
Among other things, the Black Panthers’ agenda involved taking up arms and patrolling their communities to protect against rampant racism in policing. And that’s what they did in the first few months of the party’s existence, carrying guns openly in compliance with California law, driving around their neighborhoods, observing arrests and other law enforcement activity — effectively policing the police. Newton was even known for packing a law book alongside his rifle that he’d recite from when informing an officer that a civilian’s rights were being violated.

The patrols weren’t meant to encourage violence. The Panthers were committed to using force only if it was used against them, and at first, their mere presence appeared to be working as a check on abusive policing. But the Panthers’ willful assertion of their rights — like the day Newton reportedly stood up to a cop in front of a crowd of black onlookers — was unacceptable to white authority figures who’d come to expect complete deference from black communities, and who were happy to use fear and force to extract it.

Don Mulford, a GOP assemblyman who represented Oakland, responded to the Black Panther police patrols in 1967 with a bill to strip Californians of the right to openly carry firearms. 

Nobody tried to stop the 30 Black Panthers — 24 men and six women, carrying rifles, shotguns and revolvers — as they walked through the doors of the state Capitol building on May 2 of that year. This was decades before Sept. 11 or the Oklahoma City bombing, and the protesters were, after all, legally allowed to have their weapons. They entered with their guns pointed at the ceiling. Behind them followed a horde of journalists they’d called to document the protest.

As the rest of the group waited nearby, six Panthers entered the assembly chamber, where they found lawmakers mid-session. Some legislators reportedly saw the protesters and took cover under desks. It was the last straw: Police finally ordered the protesters to leave the premises. The group maintained they were within their rights to be in the Capitol with their guns, but eventually they exited peacefully.
Black_Panthers  gun  legislation  racism 
february 2017 by Quercki
Oregon standoff prosecutors failed to prove 'intent' to impede federal workers |
The Marylhurst business student said he is "baffled'' by what he described as observers' "flippant sentiments'' in the wake of the jury's acquittals.

"Don't they know that 'not guilty' does not mean innocent?'' he wrote. "It was not lost on us that our verdict(s) might inspire future actions that are regrettable, but that sort of thinking was not permitted when considering the charges before us.''

The jury, he said, met with Judge Brown after the verdicts were announced and after the U.S. Marshals' physical confrontation and arrest of Bundy lawyer Marcus Mumford.

He said many of the jurors questioned the judge about why the federal government chose the "conspiracy charge.'' He said he learned that a potential alternate charge, such as criminal trespass, wouldn't have brought as significant a penalty.

The charge of conspiring to impede federal employees from carrying out their official work through intimidation, threat or force brings a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

"We all queried about alternative charges that could stick and were amazed that this 'conspiracy' charge seemed the best possible option,'' Juror 4 said.
Bundy  gun  ranch  Oregon 
october 2016 by Quercki
Police Gunning Down A 73 Year-Old Woman During A Weapons Class Was No Accident -- Jim Wright Explains It All (VIDEO)

Full stop. There are no accidents with guns.

There are no accidents with guns.

This was NOT an accident.

This was negligent homicide.

This is in point of fact the very definition of negligent homicide according to Florida statute 782.07:

(1) The killing of a human being by the act, procurement, or culpable negligence of another, without lawful justification according to the provisions of chapter 776 and in cases in which such killing shall not be excusable homicide or murder, according to the provisions of this chapter, is manslaughter, a felony of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.
This was not an accident. This is manslaughter.

There should have been NO, repeat NO, live weapons of any kind in a class involving “simulated lethal force.” This is NOT my opinion, this is a standard, universal safety protocol in any class of this nature, civilian, law enforcement, or military.

Under no circumstance should live weapons EVER be used in such a demonstration. Officers carrying live service weapons should have been required to safe and secure those weapons under supervision BEFORE entering the classroom. Checked and double-checked.

I have taught this very class myself, many times, and the only weapons used in a classroom like this should be simulated rubber training aids. Orange guns. Period. No exceptions. Ever. For EXACTLY THIS GODDAMNED REASON RIGHT HERE.

The police officers involved are guilty of negligent homicide and reckless endangerment.

Whoever authorized this class without providing AND ENFORCING sufficient safety protocols is complicit. Police Chief Lewis.

Everybody involved in this death should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.
police  murder  gun  violence 
august 2016 by Quercki
Armed Black Protesters Cause Cleveland Police To Call For "Temporary Suspension of Second Amendment" - Counter Current News
Armed Black Protesters Cause Cleveland Police To Call For “Temporary Suspension of Second Amendment”
gun  control  Republican  convention  Ohio  Trump 
july 2016 by Quercki
Gunfight or Flee: New Study Finds No Advantages to Using a Firearm in Self-Defense Situations - The Trace
recent study published in The Journal of Preventive Medicine offers new support for the argument that owning a gun does not make you safer. The study, led by David Hemenway, Ph.D., of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, examines data from the National Crime Victimization Survey — an annual survey of 90,000 households — and shows not only that so-called “defensive gun use” (DGU) rarely protects a person from harm, but also that such incidents are much more rare than gun advocates claim.

A 2014 Gallup poll suggests that Americans increasingly perceive owning firearms as an effective means of self-defense — having a gun makes one less likely to become a victim of a crime. But as Hemenway’s study demonstrates, this belief is not supported by crime statistics. Contrary to what many gun advocates argue, the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) data reveals that having a gun provides no statistically significant benefit to a would-be victim during a criminal confrontation.
gun  defense  safety  data  lies 
june 2016 by Quercki
Australia data shows gun controls a huge success 20 years after mass shooting | Reuters
Australia on Thursday marked the 20th anniversary of a mass shooting which led to strict gun controls that have in turn led to a huge decline in gun murders, undermining claims in the United States that such curbs are not the answer.

The chances of being murdered by a gun in Australia plunged to 0.15 per 100,000 people in 2014 from 0.54 per 100,000 people in 1996, a decline of 72 percent, a Reuters analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showed.

In 1996, Australia had 311 murders, of which 98 were with guns. In 2014, with the population up from about 18 million to 23 million, Australia had 238 murders, of which 35 were with guns.

It was the April 28, 1996, shooting deaths by a lone gunman of 35 people in and around a cafe at a historic former prison colony in Tasmania that prompted the government to buy back or confiscate a million firearms and make it harder to buy new ones.

The country has had no mass shootings since.

The figures directly contradict assertions of most leading U.S. presidential candidates who have either questioned the need to toughen gun laws or directly denounced Australia's laws as dangerous.
gun  control  Australia  solutions 
june 2016 by Quercki
An incomplete list of responses to pro-gun arguments in my Facebook feed. — Medium
“You can’t change the constitution.”
Yes you can. It’s called a fucking amendment.
“But it’s in the bill of rights.”
Good news: we don’t have to change a thing! 2nd amendment here: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” “Well regulated militia.” “WELL REGULATED.” REGULATING GUNS IS IN THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION. Those guns, also, used to be musket things. Super hard to load and reload. Not like an AR-15, which is a weapon designed for modern combat and war. Designed to kill people. Not hunt deer. Not protect a house. To. Kill. Groups. Of. Humans.
“Background checks/assault weapon bans are a slippery slope — if you start there, where does it end?”
People invoke this shit like it is logical truth. The deep, poetic irony here is that slippery slope is a logical fallacy — you are actually calling yourself out for being wrong by saying it.
Secondly, no it is not. This gunman, was on an FBI watch list. He beat his wife. By all accounts, he had a history of mental illness. His father was a vocal and public Taliban supporter. Pretty sure those are the types of things that would maybe, probably, come up on a background check. But if you would like to defend the right of mentally unstable, wife-beating assholes to own an AR-15, then by all means invoke your freedom of speech—which is actually in the Bill of Rights—and alienate yourself from good people.
gun  guns  violence  regulation  law 
june 2016 by Quercki
The Kentucky gun owner who developed his own count of gun violence in the US | World news | The Guardian
“We have two rules at Gun Violence Archive,” Bryant said. “One is accuracy; that’s paramount. And the other is discretion.”

In some cases, categorizing an incident can be more difficult than confirming it happened. Bryant steers clear of race, an element included by other independent efforts to track aspects of gun violence, such as officer-involved shootings. Bryant also doesn’t want to get caught up in political debates that have nothing to do with guns, such as abortion. If a pregnant woman is shot and killed, for example, she counts as one death in the archive.

“To me, a life begins when you get a piece of paper with your name on it,” Bryant said.

Although the government keeps tabs on violent crime, it doesn’t track violence for the sake of understanding the role of guns. The FBI tracks violent crime and breaks down incidents by the type of weapon involved, such as knife or gun. But the data are reported by local law enforcement, and widely considered an incomplete assessment of gun violence. The most comprehensive government data on gunshot victims is maintained by the Centers for Disease Control.
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One City Tried Something Radical to Stop Gun Violence. This Report Suggests It's Working. | Mother Jones
In late 2007, Boggan launched the Office of Neighborhood Safety, an experimental public-private partnership that's introduced the "Richmond model" for rolling back street violence. It has done it with a mix of data mining and mentoring, and by crossing lines that other anti-crime initiatives have only tiptoed around. Four times a year, the program's street team sifts through police records and its own intelligence to determine, with actuarial detachment, the 50 people in Richmond most likely to shoot someone and to be shot themselves. ONS tracks them and approaches the most lethal (and vulnerable) on the list, offering them a spot in a program that includes a stipend to turn their lives around. While ONS is city-funded and has the blessing of the chief of police, it resolutely does not share information with the cops. "It's the only agency where you're required to have a criminal background to be an employee," Boggan jokes.

It was a crazy idea. But since ONS was established, the city's murder rate has plunged steadily. In 2013, it dropped to 15 homicides per 100,000 residents—a 33 year low. In 2014, it dropped again. Boggan and his staff maintained that their program was responsible for a lot of that drop-off by keeping the highest-risk young men alive—and out of prison. Now they have a study to back them up.
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This is the NRA’s worst nightmare: The new gun safety study that gun nuts don’t want you to hear about -
A law requiring people to apply for a permit before buying a handgun helped Connecticut quietly reduce its firearm-related homicide rate by 40 percent, according to a new study out from Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research. And this week, announced in conjunction with the research, lawmakers from Connecticut introduced a measure to encourage other states to adopt their own permit programs.

Connecticut’s “permit to purchase” law, in effect for two decades, requires residents to undergo background checks, complete a safety course and apply in-person for a permit before they can buy a handgun. The law applies to both private sellers and licensed gun dealers.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins reviewed the homicide rate in the 10 years before the law was implemented and compared it to longitudinal estimates of what the rate would have been had the law not be enacted. The study found a 40 percent reduction in gun-related homicides. Bolstering what researchers say is the correlation between the permit law and the drop in gun homicides, there wasn’t a similar drop in non-firearm homicides.

The relationship between tighter regulations around handguns and fewer gun-related homicides is in keeping with previous research out of Johns Hopkins on what happened after Missouri repealed its own permit law.

“Our study on the impact of Connecticut’s handgun purchaser licensing law on gun homicides, coupled with our earlier research showing that gun homicides increased when Missouri repealed a similar law, shows that handgun purchaser licensing that supports background checks of all handgun purchasers is one of the most effective policies states can adopt to reduce gun violence,” Dr. Daniel Webster, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, said in a statement.

Connecticut lawmakers are hoping similar programs will take off across the country. The bill introduced Thursday would authorize a grant program to help states pay for the creation and implementation of licensing programs similar to what the state has in place.
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As reported shootings rise, analyzing gun violence, and its effect on young people, in Oakland | Oakland North
In all, Oakland police received reports of 1,077 shooting incidents in 2011, with 1,594 shooting victims. About 140 of these were minors, and among these 40 were 16-year-olds, the largest subgroup. The overwhelming majority of these shootings were concentrated in East and West Oakland.

While not all shootings are fatal, in 2011 the city saw 91 deaths as the result of gunfire, out of which six people were under age 17.

The data also shows that the majority of both shooters and victims were African American. Most shooters were male, by an overwhelming 1,065 to 482 margin. Among minors, these numbers were 109 to 34.

Using shooting data collected from the Oakland Police Department on December 12, 2012, Oakland North has produced a map showing how many shootings there were in Oakland based on each police beat. The map also displays the number of victims shot and their age, race, and ethnicity. (For information about Oakland’s overall homicide rate in 2011, and a map of where these incidents occurred, see Oakland homicides in 2011: A statistical breakdown.)
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