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Colt Suspends Production Of AR-15 Rifles For Consumers
The Topline: Gun maker Colt announced Thursday that it will stop producing rifles for the consumer market due to weak demand but the move comes as scrutiny mounts over its popular AR-15 gun and its use in several mass shooting incidents.

Colt insisted the move was due to fluctuations in the U.S. gun market despite the national debate about gun control saying in a statement that the company was still “committed to the Second Amendment.”
The West Hartford, Connecticut-based company said it will still produce rifles for the police and military contracts and will sell handguns in the consumer market.
The Colt's AR-15 was the first semiautomatic version of the M-16 assault rifle sold to civilians and after Colt's patents expired the term AR-15 became a generic descriptor for other similar rifles sold by other gun makers.
AR-15 style rifles were used in Parkland, Florida, Pulse Nightclub and the Sandy Hook mass shootings.
Adam Winkler, a gun policy expert, told the Associated Press that with the decision was probably linked to internal company issues; Colt filed for bankruptcy protection in 2015, blaming excessive debt and the loss of military contracts.
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Common red flag in gunmen is anger toward women - Marin Independent Journal
The man who shot nine people to death last weekend in Dayton, Ohio, seethed at female classmates and threatened them with violence.

The man who massacred 49 people in an Orlando nightclub in 2016 beat his wife while she was pregnant, she told authorities.

The man who killed 26 people in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, in 2017 had been convicted of domestic violence. His ex-wife said he once told her that he could bury her body where no one would ever find it.

The motivations of men who commit mass shootings are often muddled, complex or unknown. But one common thread that connects many of them — other than access to powerful firearms — is a history of hating women, assaulting wives, girlfriends and female family members, or sharing misogynistic views online, researchers say.

As the nation grapples with last weekend’s mass shootings and debates new red-flag laws and tighter background checks, some gun control advocates say the role of misogyny in these attacks should be considered in efforts to prevent them.

The fact that mass shootings are almost exclusively perpetrated by men is “missing from the national conversation,” said Gov. Gavin Newsom of California on Monday. “Why does it have to be, why is it men, dominantly, always?”
misogyny  massacre  murder  guns  data 
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Gov. Gavin Newsom makes aggressive, early moves on his gun control agenda for California - Los Angeles Times
In his state budget plan released days after he took the oath of office, Newsom proposed adding $5.6 million — about 50% more than in Brown’s budget this year — to seize guns from thousands more people who are ineligible to possess firearms because of criminal convictions or mental illness.

The governor is also asking lawmakers to beef up a California Department of Justice unit responsible for enforcing laws on gun sales. And his budget proposes more money for the Firearms Violence Research Center at UC Davis.

At the same time, state lawmakers have cited Newsom’s aggressive stance on gun control in reintroducing bills that were vetoed by Brown.

Newsom made it clear that the issue would be a priority in his Jan. 7 inaugural speech, when he said “there are powerful forces arrayed against us,” including “a gun lobby willing to sacrifice the lives of our children to line their pockets.”
guns  control  Gavin_Newsom  CA 
january 2019 by Quercki
Gun suicides rise to highest level in 40 years / Boing Boing
While mass-shootings are the most visible and spectacular consequence of America's love affair with guns, the person most likely to shoot you is you (either accidentally or deliberately), with a loved one or a friend (again, either accidentally or deliberately) close behind.

Suicide is an impulsive act. Half of suicide survivors report planning their deaths for less than ten minutes.
NRA  gun  guns  death  suicide  statistics 
december 2018 by Quercki
4 Laws That Could Stem the Rising Threat of Mass Shootings - Scientific American
—Require permits to purchase
—Ban individuals convicted of any violent crime from gun purchase
—Make all serious domestic violence offenders surrender firearms
—Temporarily ban active alcohol abusers from firearms
guns  violence  massacre  solution 
november 2018 by Quercki
What's at stake in the fight over printing files for guns / Boing Boing
While I fear that tying the future of the free and open internet to guns puts the internet at risk, Defense Distributed seems to be betting that there are so many diehard firearms partisans that tying an internet freedom question to the Second Amendment will create an unstoppable coalition that will lock the internet open.

Meanwhile, the entire debate continues to be mischaracterized as "stopping 3D printed guns." That debate was settled in 2012 when the files were first published and mirrored all over the world, outside of the US government's control. Whether or not Defense Distributed hosts the files in question or not, people who want to 3D print guns will 3D print guns.

And, of course: 3D printing a gun is arguably the most expensive, least convenient way to get a gun in America, which is awash in guns, a fact that (once again), I keenly regret and want to do something about. But if the problem is real, that's all the more reason to reject solutions are are unreal -- incoherent political grandstanding and legal overreach inevitably have a price-tag of their own, and with 3D printed guns, it's all price, no benefit, because none of these measures will have any impact on the availability of guns -- 3D printed or otherwise.
3-Dprinting  guns 
august 2018 by Quercki
Texas Attack: The Link Between Shooters and Domestic Abusers | Time
There is no explanation for a slaughter in a church. A shooter’s mind is an unsolvable riddle: nobody can predict which odd loner will turn out to be a sociopath, or which angry outburst presages a massacre. But in hindsight, there are often red flags, and Devin Patrick Kelley displayed plenty of them. He had mental-health problems, a history of animal cruelty and a domestic-violence conviction that should have prevented him from getting a gun. But he got one anyway. Actually, he got four.

On Nov. 5, Kelley, 26, drove to First Baptist Church in tiny Sutherland Springs, Texas, where his wife’s family worshipped. He fired an assault-style rifle into a congregation full of children and grandparents, killing 26 people and injuring 20 more. Survivors said he prowled the aisle looking to shoot crying babies as their mothers huddled under the pews. Among the dead: a toddler, a pastor’s daughter, two first-time attendees and an unborn child. It was a massacre that could never have been predicted. But perhaps it could have been prevented.
massacre  guns  misogyny  domestic_violence 
april 2018 by Quercki
Assault Weapons Not Protected by Second Amendment, Federal Appeals Court Rules - NBC News
In a 10-4 ruling, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, said the guns banned under Maryland's law aren't protected by the Second Amendment.

"Put simply, we have no power to extend Second Amendment protections to weapons of war," Judge Robert King wrote for the court, adding that the Supreme Court's decision in District of Columbia v. Heller explicitly excluded such coverage.

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh, who led the push for the law in 2013 as a state senator, said it's "unthinkable that these weapons of war, weapons that caused the carnage in Newtown and in other communities across the country, would be protected by the Second Amendment."

AR-15 rifles. Scott Olson / Getty Images
"It's a very strong opinion, and it has national significance, both because it's en-banc and for the strength of its decision," Frosh said, noting that all of the court's judges participated.

Judge William Traxler issued a dissent.
guns  law 
march 2018 by Quercki
Stonekettle Station: Bang Bang Crazy, Part 12: Excuses, Excuses
Headline: 17-year-old Girl Killed In Accidental Shooting at Alabama School.
Gun advocates like to say guns don’t shoot people by themselves. Guns don’t point themselves. Guns don’t just go off and kill people by accident.

People kill people. It’s not the guns.

That’s what they tell us.

And yet, every single time something like this happens, it’s an “accident.” The gun accidentally fired. It was an accidental shooting.

Nobody is responsible, it was an accident.
So when someone is cleaning their rifle but they forgot to check the goes off and kills him...that wasn't an accident?

Because they quoted me and used my Twitter handle in the exchange, I saw the conversation in my feed. So I answered Mr. Loomis.


That’s what I said. Simple. Direct.

That’s not an accident. No. 

That’s negligence.

Brad’s comment isn’t a counter argument, it’s an excuse.

There are no accidents with guns.
guns  safety 
march 2018 by Quercki
A Look at Guns Sold by Police That Ended up at Crime Scenes | Oregon News | US News
A Look at Guns Sold by Police That Ended up at Crime Scenes
An Associated Press review has found more than a dozen firearms sold by police in Washington state since 2010 ended up as evidence in new police investigations.
guns  police  crime 
february 2018 by Quercki
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was surrounded by cowering "good guys with guns" / Boing Boing
While a shooter rampaged through Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, the school's armed cop (who was a Broward County Sheriff's Deputy) and three of his deputy colleagues were hiding behind a police car outside the school.

Earlier reports mentioned that the school cop, Scot Peterson, had resigned when word got out that he'd done nothing to stop the shooter; but it turns out that it wasn't just him -- literally every "good guy with a gun" at the school hid quietly while the shooter murdered 17 people and injured 15 others.
guns  massacre  NRA  fail 
february 2018 by Quercki
'He Never Went In': BSO Suspends Officer Who Was at Parkland Shooting - NBC 6 South Florida
"After seeing video and witness statements, and Peterson's own statement, I decided this morning ... to suspend Scot Peterson without pay pending an internal investigation," Israel said, adding that Peterson chose to then resign and retire.
When asked what Peterson should have done during the shooting, Israel said he should have "went in, addressed the killer and killed" him.
"Our main goal at this point, absent of helping these families heal and keeping our schools safe, is making sure this killer receives the justice he deserves," Israel previously said.
'Cowardly Killer': BSO Sheriff Discusses Parkland Tragedy
In 2014, the Broward County Crime Commission awarded Peterson with the title of School Resource Officer of the Year for the City of Parkland District.
The group said Peterson proved "to be reliable in handling issues with tact and judgment."
Israel also addressed previous calls BSO received related to the gunman. Two other officers who previously responded to one of the calls related to Cruz have been placed on restrictive duty.
schools  shooting  massacre  guns 
february 2018 by Quercki
Parkland shooting: Armed deputy stayed outside school while mass killing took place - The Washington Post
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — The armed school resource officer assigned to protect students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School took a defensive position outside the school and did not enter the building while the shooter was killing students and teachers inside with an AR-15 assault-style rifle, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said Thursday.

Israel said he suspended School Resource Deputy Scot Peterson on Thursday after seeing a video from the Parkland, Fla., school that showed Peterson outside the school building where the shooter was inside and attacking.

“What I saw was a deputy arrive at the west side of Building 12, take up a position, and never went in,” Israel said.
schools  shooting  massacre  guns 
february 2018 by Quercki
(15) Maerian Morris - I am a gun owner and a liberal. I have friends...
I also have some starting point suggestions for amendments to all American Federal Gun Laws to guide and support state permitting with mandatory minimum federal restrictions. This is a start reflecting what I have been thinking about. I know it's treading on difficult subjects. If responses get nasty, I will ignore and delete as needed.
I think we need to do this:
1. Amendment to first amendment speech protections regarding gun threats. All documented gun related threats or claims about guns being planned to be used to commit a crime have the following consequences:
A. Automatic detention with at least a 72 hour hold and then as determined may be needed a 2 week minimum assessment of risk. Assessment includes research into behavior of the person in school, work, home environments. Any history of violent crime results in permanent ban on gun ownership. Any history of anger management problems results in mandatory anger management training followed by assessment. Any repeat of threats results in mandatory permanent ban on gun ownership. Any violation results in felony with mandatory sentencing laws. Any false accusations resulting in 72 hour hold proven to be intentional is a felony.
Evaluation of mental health issues should not be primary tool for permitting purposes. Violence ideation and/or history and criminal history should be the primary evaluative tool.
february 2018 by Quercki
Gun Reform: Speaking Truth to Bullshit, Practicing Civility, and Effecting Change - Brené Brown
If alternatives exist outside of these forced choices (and they almost always do), then the statements are factually wrong. It’s turning an emotion-driven approach into weaponized belonging. And it always benefits the person throwing down the gauntlet and brandishing those forced, false choices.

The ability to think past either/or situations is the foundation of critical thinking, but still, it requires courage. Getting curious and asking questions happens outside our ideological bunkers. It feels easier and safer to pick a side. The argument is set up in a way that there’s only one real option. If we stay quiet we’re automatically demonized as “the other.”

The only true option is to refuse to accept the terms of the argument by challenging the framing of the debate. But make no mistake; this is opting for the wilderness. Why? Because the argument is set up to silence dissent and draw lines in the sand that squelch debate, discussion, and questions—the very processes that we know lead to effective problem solving.
In that moment I said the thing that I’ve felt my entire life but was either too afraid to say or didn’t have the words. I mustered up the most empathy I could and said, “I know that this is a hard and heartbreaking issue, but I don’t think you’re hearing me. I’m not going to participate in a debate where this issue is reduced to You either support guns or you don’t. It’s too important. If you want to have a longer conversation about it, I’m happy to do that. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the same issues piss us off and scare us.”
guns  NRA  hunting  solutions  truth  bullshit 
february 2018 by Quercki
150,000 American Students Have Experienced a School Shooting. They Are Our Best Hope.
In 1996, Australia Enacted Strict Gun Laws. It Hasn't Had a Mass Shooting Since.
Violent crime and gun-related deaths did not come to an end in Australia, of course. But as the Washington Post’s Wonkblog pointed out in August, homicides by firearm plunged 59 percent between 1995 and 2006, with no corresponding increase in non-firearm-related homicides. The drop in suicides by gun was even steeper: 65 percent. Studies found a close correlation between the sharp declines and the gun buybacks. Robberies involving a firearm also dropped significantly. Meanwhile, home invasions did not increase, contrary to fears that firearm ownership is needed to deter such crimes. But here’s the most stunning statistic. In the decade before the Port Arthur massacre, there had been 11 mass shootings in the country. There hasn’t been a single one in Australia since.
Australia  gun  control  massacre  murder  shooting  guns  suicide 
february 2018 by Quercki
Tehama shooting is deadly evidence that California needs to reform its bail system - LA Times
The gunman who went on a deadly shooting rampage in Tehama County on Monday apparently had been out on bail after being charged with stabbing a neighbor — an aspect of the grisly crime that underscores a huge but little discussed problem with money bail systems like California’s.

The argument for bail reform is generally couched in terms of justice for people accused of nonviolent crimes who are kept locked up before trial because they don’t have enough money to post bail. The risk that they will flee or commit new crimes might be infinitesimal, but under our bail system, that doesn’t matter. No money, no release.


Alleged killer Kevin Neal’s rampage may illustrate a stronger point: Just having bail money, or being able to raise it, shouldn’t be enough to secure the release of a person who is suspected of a violent crime, has a reputation of being somewhat unhinged and has a house full of weapons.
bail  guns  massacre 
november 2017 by Quercki
Live updates: Bundy Ranch trial | Southern Poverty Law Center
Three-and-a-half years after he and his supporters stood down federal agents, 71-year-old Nevada rancher Cliven D. Bundy heads for another showdown with the U.S. Government — this one in a Las Vegas courtroom. Follow along below for daily updates from the Hatewatch Staff.

Here's what we know so far:

Federal prosecutors are trying Cliven Bundy, along with his sons and others for their role in a “massive armed assault” conspiracy targeting federal agents in a landmark case that’s become known as Bunkerville.
The case has become a reference point in various militia, far-right constitutionalist, Patriot and antigovernment circles.
Courtroom theatrics by some or all of the four defendants seem guaranteed
Day 1: Bunkerville showdown heads to Federal Court
Clive_Bundy  Nevada  trial  federal  guns  shooting 
october 2017 by Quercki
Inside The Federal Bureau Of Way Too Many Guns | GQ
The National Tracing Center is not allowed to have centralized computer data.
“That's the big no-no,” says Charlie.
That's been a federal law, thanks to the NRA, since 1986: No searchable database of America's gun owners. So people here have to use paper, sort through enormous stacks of forms and record books that gun stores are required to keep and to eventually turn over to the feds when requested. It's kind of like a library in the old days—but without the card catalog. They can use pictures of paper, like microfilm (they recently got the go-ahead to convert the microfilm to PDFs), as long as the pictures of paper are not searchable. You have to flip through and read. No searching by gun owner. No searching by name.
gun  guns  crime  trace  politics  bureaucracy  government  NRA 
october 2017 by Quercki
What Keeps Happening? White Men With Guns | Bitch Media
Columbine. Virginia Tech. Colorado Springs. Sandy Hook. Aurora, Colorado. Isla Vista, California, Roseburg, Oregon. Orlando. Too many cities in the United States are now indelibly associated with the mass shootings that have become, perhaps more than anything else, a hallmark of life in America. A tweet from journalist Dan Hodges—“In retrospect Sandy Hook marked the end of the US gun control debate. Once America decided killing children was bearable, it was over”—and the Onion article titled “‘No Way to Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens” surface each time, as chilling as they were the first time. 

Since the devastating day five years ago at Sandy Hook Elementary, the nonprofit database Gun Violence Archive estimates that there have been at least 1,518 mass shootings that left at least 1,715 people dead and 6,089 wounded. Repeat: That’s in just the last five years. And this is happening at the same time that Congressional funding for research on gun violence as a cause of death has stalled out. And we all know why that is.
massacre  links  media  white  men  guns  murder  shooting  Las_Vegas  **** 
october 2017 by Quercki
So Few Americans Understand What the Second Amendment Is Really About—or Its Dark History | Alternet
At the time the Bill of Rights was written, America had no real professional army, and what military it did have was in the form of 13 separate state militias.

The Founders saw these militias as the best check against the rise of the standing army, and so they wrote the Second Amendment to make sure that they were always protected.

But that’s only part of the story.

By protecting the militias, the Founders weren’t just preventing or trying to prevent the rise of mischief by a standing army -- they were also protecting the institution of slavery that was the key to the southern economy.

In states like Georgia, Virginia, and the Carolinas, militias were also known as Slave Patrols.
NRA  Second_Amendment  history  guns  slaves  racism 
october 2017 by Quercki
Another Big Win: SCOTUS Just Banned Domestic Abusers From Owning Firearms
In this morning's 6-2 Supreme Court decision, the crime of reckless domestic violence and abuse is now considered a misdemeanor that justifies firearms possession restriction. What does that mean? It means closing one of the many gaping loopholes in gun control legislation and cracking down on violent domestic crime. Most importantly, it means safer homes for those most at risk: women (especially women of color), LGBTQ+ folks, and children.



The Voisine v. United States decision extended the previous ruling in United States v. Castleman that declared the “firearms possession by convicted felons” illegal. So why wasn’t this a thing before?
guns  domestic_violence  supreme_court 
august 2017 by Quercki
Conroe PD Statement on Armed Robbery / Shooting —
On Oct. 3, 2016, at approximately 1230 pm, Conroe Police Dispatch received a 911 call regarding an aggravated robbery that just occurred at 4890 W. Davis, Jeff’s Jewelry. Upon arrival, Officers learned that 4 black males, dressed in dark colored clothing entered the store and demanded jewelry, money and purses. At least one of the males displayed a weapon. As the store employee attempted to retrieve a weapon to defend himself, the suspect fired his weapon at the employee. Employees returned fire, striking at least one of the suspects. The suspect died at the scene. Three additional suspects fled the scene in a white dodge charger, which was found abandoned/disabled close to the scene. The three remaining suspects remain at large.

The identity of the deceased suspect is not being released at this time.

"An employee of a jewelry store in Conroe, Texas, pulled an AK-47 from behind the counter to stop four would-be armed robbers."--Breitbart--(where I found this link.)
guns  exception 
october 2016 by Quercki
Lafayette shooter John Russell Houser: History of domestic violence and hatred towards feminists.
As my colleague Ben Mathis-Lilley noted today at Slatest, there were 14 other gun-based murder-suicides in the past week in this country, resulting in the loss of 36 lives. If you look down the list of the killings, an unmistakable pattern pops out: “shot and killed his 37-year-old wife ... shot and killed his ex-wife ... shot and killed his 62-year-old wife ... shot and killed his 23-year-old girlfriend ... ” and so on. Most of these killings involve men killing women that they were in relationships with, had lost relationships with, or likely wanted relationships with but were rejected. This last week also featured a bizarre story of a woman who not only survived being kidnapped and raped by a man but also saw her boyfriend and a random other man killed in the rapist-murderer's rampage.

Hearing that some man's entitled attitude toward women led him to kill is so common that it hardly counts as newsworthy. We don't know exactly why Houser shot up a theater that was showing a movie written by an unapologetic feminist, but this moment should still be a wake-up call about the problem of misogynist violence in our culture. If we're not going to talk about gun control, then let's talk about how to get fewer men to see guns as the solution to their inchoate rage at women. 
men  murder  women  misogyny  violence  guns 
august 2016 by Quercki
In addition, timelines released by several news outlets showed that an armed off-duty Orlando police officer was working at the club, and engaged in a shootout with Mr. Mateen before Mateen entered the nightclub, and that two on-duty officers entered the club within minutes and exchanged gunfire with the shooter, forcing him to retreat to a bathroom.

 But even though some of this information was available within hours of the first reports of the Orlando gay nightclub shooting, it was ignored in many minds because it included facts that conflicted with convenient conclusions already drawn.
news  media  Orlando  bias  guns  massacre 
june 2016 by Quercki
(28) Marlene McCall - This may be familiar to some of you. I'm going to...
1. Require registration, owner licensing, and liability insurance on every single firearm, just like cars. If you sell the gun, you have to tell the government to whom you sold it, just like you notify the DMV when you sell a car, and the new owner has to register it. ...
2. Ban all assault weapons and automatic weapons, under all circumstances. Their purpose is to kill people, lots of people, quickly. Yes, some people will be unhappy. Too bad. These weapons are simply too dangerous. Those unhappy people will have to get their rocks off some other way. How to implement such a prohibition? I'm not sure, but a three-step approach, probably. Outlaw their manufacture and importation as of a certain date. Outlaw their sale a year later, and during that year, implement a buy back program. After they are totally illegal, apply strong criminal penalties against those who manufacture, import, sell, or posses them. Criminal penalties, not civil penalties. There is too much profit in the arms industry for civil penalties to be effective in curtailing the business of those who would continue to operate illegally. Lock them in jail.
3. Require proof of legal gun ownership and a license to operate a gun in order to purchase ammunition. No gun (even an illegal gun) or gun owner (even a person without legal ownership of a gun, or without a license to legally operate a gun) can do harm if they don't have ammunition.
massacre  shooting  guns  solution 
june 2016 by Quercki
An incomplete list of responses to pro-gun arguments in my Facebook feed. — Medium
“You can’t change the constitution.”
Yes you can. It’s called a fucking amendment.
“But it’s in the bill of rights.”
Good news: we don’t have to change a thing! 2nd amendment here: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” “Well regulated militia.” “WELL REGULATED.” REGULATING GUNS IS IN THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION. Those guns, also, used to be musket things. Super hard to load and reload. Not like an AR-15, which is a weapon designed for modern combat and war. Designed to kill people. Not hunt deer. Not protect a house. To. Kill. Groups. Of. Humans.
“Background checks/assault weapon bans are a slippery slope — if you start there, where does it end?”
People invoke this shit like it is logical truth. The deep, poetic irony here is that slippery slope is a logical fallacy — you are actually calling yourself out for being wrong by saying it.
Secondly, no it is not. This gunman, was on an FBI watch list. He beat his wife. By all accounts, he had a history of mental illness. His father was a vocal and public Taliban supporter. Pretty sure those are the types of things that would maybe, probably, come up on a background check. But if you would like to defend the right of mentally unstable, wife-beating assholes to own an AR-15, then by all means invoke your freedom of speech—which is actually in the Bill of Rights—and alienate yourself from good people.
gun  guns  violence  regulation  law 
june 2016 by Quercki
Mass shootings since Sandy Hook, in one map
In December 2012, a gunman walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and killed 20 children, six adults, and himself. Since then, there have been at least 998 mass shootings, with shooters killing at least 1,135 people and wounding 3,937 more.

The counts come from the Gun Violence Archive, a database that tracks events since 2013 in which four or more people (not counting the shooter) were shot at the same general time and location. The database’s researchers comb through hundreds of news stories, police reports, and other sources each day and individually verify the reports. Still, since some shootings aren't reported, the database is likely missing some shootings, and some are missing details.

Vox’s Soo Oh created an interactive map with this database. It shows the mass shootings that have been verified since the Sandy Hook shooting:
shooting  murder  guns 
june 2016 by Quercki
Gun Violence Archive
Primary tabs
The Gun Violence Archive is an online archive of gun violence incidents collected from over 1,500 media, law enforcement, government and commercial sources daily in an effort to provide near-real time data about the results of gun violence.

Mission Statement

Gun Violence Archive (GVA) is a not for profit corporation formed in 2013 to provide free online public access to accurate information about gun-related violence in the United States. GVA will collect and check for accuracy, comprehensive information about gun-related violence in the U.S. and then post and disseminate it online, primarily if not exclusively on this website and summary ledgers at It is hoped that this information will inform and assist those engaged in discussions and activities concerning gun violence, including analysis of proposed regulations or legislation relating to gun safety usage.

GVA is not, by design an advocacy group. The mission of GVA is to document incidents of gun violence and gun crime to provide raw, verified data to those who need to use it in their research, advocacy or writing.
guns  violence  data  database  murder  statistics 
april 2016 by Quercki
Woman pushing stroller down busy street hurt in brazen downtown Oakland shooting |
OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A brazen daytime shooting in downtown Oakland left an innocent bystander injured. Surveillance video shows the gunman pull his weapon and open fire. One bullet injured a woman with a baby stroller. This happened as the Oakland City Council is poised to consider a new law to keep more guns from ending up on the street.
Oakland  guns 
january 2016 by Quercki

*updated November 2015 to include declared incumbents, 2016 elections*

​Listed below, alphabetically by state, are price tags for the members of Congress ​who receive NRA money.

NRA dollar amounts shown are CAREER totals to date as obtained from the ​ website.

Senate recipients are listed first, followed by House recipients. Additional information about recipients appearing below their NRA price tags includes if they represent themselves as "pro-life"; NRA grades, scores, or endorsements; if they've also received money from Gun Owners of America; their April 2013 vote on the  Machin-Toomey Amendment which would have required background checks on for all gun sales at gun shows and for gun sales over the Internet; and, miscellaneous, albeit pertinent, items.


The term, "pro-life," is italicized and placed within quotation marks to point out this fallacy: declaring oneself as"pro-life," a proponent of a ​"right to life," and "sanctity of life," is fallacious if only focused on the unborn.    For past and future victims of U.S. gun violence -- people who are already born, ​who are already here -- our nation's supposed"pro-life" politicians are inexcusably apathetic regarding these victims' right to life, and sanctity of life. 
guns  NRA  government  politics 
december 2015 by Quercki
50 years of U.S. mass shootings: The victims, sites, killers and weapons - Washington Post
the weapons are the common denominator.

Mass killings in the United States are most often carried out with guns, usually handguns, most of them obtained legally.

There is no universally accepted definition of a mass shooting, and different organizations use different criteria. In this piece we look at the deadliest cases, beginning Aug. 1, 1966, when ex-Marine sniper Charles Whitman killed his wife and mother, then climbed a 27-story tower at the University of Texas and killed 14 more people before police shot him to death. The numbers here refer to 121 events in which four or more people were killed by a lone shooter (or two shooters in three cases). An average of seven people died during each event, often including the shooters.

[The number of ‘mass shootings’ in the U.S. depends on how you count]

This data — compiled from Mother Jones; Grant Duwe, author of “Mass Murder in the United States: A History,” and Washington Post research — does not include gang killings, shootings that began as other crimes such as robberies, and killings that involved only the shooter’s family.

794 victims
Each gun was used to kill an average of three people, not counting shooters. The 794 people came from nearly every imaginable race, religion and socioeconomic background, and 134 were children or teenagers.
guns  data  massacre  shooting  killing 
december 2015 by Quercki
The Secret History of Guns - The Atlantic
The Ku Klux Klan, Ronald Reagan, and, for most of its history, the NRA all worked to control guns. The Founding Fathers? They required gun ownership—and regulated it. And no group has more fiercely advocated the right to bear loaded weapons in public than the Black Panthers—the true pioneers of the modern pro-gun movement. In the battle over gun rights in America, both sides have distorted history and the law, and there’s no resolution in sight.
guns  history  Black_Panthers  Black  NRA 
november 2015 by Quercki
TSA airport screeners’ ability to detect weapons declared “pitiful” | Ars Technica
Nov 3, 2015 5:18pm PST
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US lawmakers and federal watchdogs on Tuesday derided the Transportation Security Administration's ability, or lack thereof, to adequately detect weapons and other contraband during the passenger screening process at the nation's airports.


According to a report, secret test operation uncovers widespread security failures.
"In looking at the number of times people got through with guns or bombs in these covert testing exercises it really was pathetic. When I say that I mean pitiful," said Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-Mass.), speaking Tuesday during a House Oversight hearing concerning classified reports from federal watchdogs. "Just thinking about the breaches there, it's horrific," he added.

Auditors from the Inspector General's Office, posing as travelers, discovered enormous loopholes in the TSA's screening process. A leaked classified report this summer found that as much as 95 percent of contraband, like weapons and explosives, got through during clandestine testings. Lynch's comments were in response to the classified report's findings.

"The failures included failures in the technology, failures in TSA procedures, and human error," Inspector General John Roth told (PDF) the committee. "We found layers of security simply missing."

Jennifer Grover, of the General Accounting Office, told the committee that the "TSA has consistently fallen short in basic program management."
TSA  Homeland_Security  fail  guns  explosives 
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Oakland City Council approves police purchase of shotguns and transfer vehicles | Oakland North
The Oakland Police Department’s proposed purchase of shotguns and transfer vehicles were the most hotly contested items discussed at the concurrent Oakland City Council and Oakland Redevelopment Successor meeting Tuesday night. Other business included a year-end presentation by State Assemblymember Rob Bonta (District 18), a presentation of the AC Transit service expansion plan, and an adjustment to parking fees.
Oakland  city_council  police  guns  cars  Occupy_Oakland  Rebecca_Kaplan 
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Alaska man killed by handgun that fell from waistband - Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Alaska News
Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2015 8:31 am
Associated Press |
SOLDOTNA, Alaska - An Alaska man died Tuesday when a gun he carried in his waistband fell out and discharged.
Alaska State Troopers say 46-year-old Royce Gardner of Kasilof was working on a vehicle at a home when his revolver fell from his waistband.

The handgun hit the vehicle and fired, striking Gardner.
Central Emergency Services responders pronounced Gardner dead at the home.
The state medical examiner has scheduled an autopsy.
guns  concealed_carry  Darwin_Award 
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People are getting shot by toddlers on a weekly basis this year - The Washington Post
This week a 2-year-old in South Carolina found a gun in the back seat of the car he was riding in and accidentally shot his grandmother, who was sitting in the passenger seat. This type of thing happens from time to time: a little kid finds a gun, fires it, and hurts or kills himself or someone else. These cases rarely bubble up to the national level except when someone, like a parent, ends up dead.

But cases like this happen a lot more frequently than you might think. After spending a few hours sifting through news reports, I've found at least 43 instances this year of somebody being shot by a toddler 3 or younger. In 31 of those 43 cases, a toddler found a gun and shot himself or herself.
shooting  toddlers  child  guns  NRA 
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Charges Filed Against Woman Who Opened Fired At Suspected Shoplifters
After a Michigan woman took it upon herself to open fire at two men suspected of shoplifting at a Home Depot, Oakland County prosecutors have decided to file charges:

A 46-year-old Clarkston woman accused of firing gunshots at two men who were driving away from a Home Depot after stealing merchandise has been charged with reckless use, handling or discharge of a firearm.
Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez is accused of firing the shots Oct. 6 at Home Depot, 4150 Joslyn Road in Auburn Hills. Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said charges were filed Tuesday morning.

“If this is proven, I find it very disturbing that someone would take out their gun in a busy parking lot and shoot at the tires of a passing car,” Cooper said.
“Once fired, the bullet could have easily ricocheted or fragmented and injured or killed someone else. It would have been much more helpful for her to take out her cellphone and shoot pictures of the shoplifter’s license plate.”
shooting  vigilante  guns 
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The Scandalous Suppression of Gun Violence Research – The Moderate Voice
In the midst of President Obama’s denunciation of gun violence – if you’ve lost track, the latest massacre was on Friday – he lamented Washington’s ongoing inertia and said that, in fact, “we have a Congress that explicitly blocks us from even collecting data on how we could potentially prevent gun deaths.”
If you heard that remark, you may well have wondered, “Wait a sec. Congress blocks the collection of gun data? Really? Things can’t be that bad. Obama must’ve made that up.”
Nope, he didn’t make that up. The statutory suppression of gun violence research has been the law of the land for the last 19 years, courtesy of the gun lobby and its congressional servants.
We don’t know if universal background checks or more vigilant mental health measures would reduce gun violence because federal money for research has virtually dried up since the mid-1990s. It’s bad enough that, statistically, we’re by far the most violent country in the western world; it’s doubly scandalous that we starve scientific inquiry.
In fact, this past June, the House Republicans voted yet again to bar the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from conducting gun violence research. The CDC has been barred since 1996, the National Institute of Health and other federal health agencies have been barred since 2011 – and this censorship won’t be lifted in the foreseeable future because, as Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole said in June, “We don’t think this (research) is the appropriate forum for a debate over the Second Amendment.”
If the gun lobby is so confident about their Freedom arguments, about the deterrent value of universal gun use, then why are they so afraid of science?
guns  research  CDC  politics  NRA 
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OPD Ceasefire Team arrests five people, recovers weapons and drugs in raid | Oakland North
On Friday morning, the Oakland Police Department Ceasefire Team and the FBI arrested five people and recovered weapons and drugs in a raid targeting the Ghost Town gang.

Multiple search warrants were issued in Oakland, Vallejo, Antioch and Sacramento in connection with gang members who “are responsible for multiple violent crimes in Oakland,” according to the press release issued by the OPD.

“The FBI was assisting the Oakland Police Department on those raids. The raids resulted in state charges but no federal charges,” said Michele Ernst, FBI spokesperson.

Ceasefire is a program started by the U.S. government that mandates that a participating city implement a strategy based on partnering, planning, and implementation to reduce its relatively high rate of gang and youth gun violence. It asks that if gang members will agree to stop committing violent crimes, then community and religious organizations will be prepared to offer members job training, education and other support services.

A search warrant was issued to the Ceasefire team and the FBI for an address on the 2800 block of Filbert Street of West Oakland where the OPD “recovered three rifles, one replica gun, a 100-round drum, a 50-round magazine with ammunition, a pound and a half of marijuana, and cash,” said OPD Captain Ersie M. Joyner, a leader of the Ceasefire team.

Speaking Saturday, Joyner said, “I can confirm five people have been arrested at this time and this was part of a 10-day investigation with the Operation Ceasefire Team and the FBI.” As of Monday afternoon, Joyner had no further updates.

The Ghost Town gang has been operating in the Oakland area for just about 30 years and “some gang members were living in other cities to avoid the violence in Oakland,” said Joyner.

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Tagged: Crime, drugs, FBI, gang, ghost town, Oakland Police, OPD, warrants
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Armed vet proves NRA wrong, explains why he didn't confront Oregon shooter with his 'good guy' gun
But the fact is that Oregon does have a concealed-carry law, and that technically it supersedes the "gun free zone" requirement. In fact, there were multiple students on campus at Umpqua Community College who were in fact legally armed and carrying, including veteran John Parker [pictured above] who was on the scene and carrying his weapon. But Mr. Parker had various reasons for not drawing his weapon and charging into the fight. The first among them was that he very well could've have been a target for S.W.A.T. and a distraction from the real shooter.
It's not like the "bad guys" running around with guns have a big sign that says "Shoot Me" pinned on their back.  Police are going to think anyone who's armed is probably the bad guy.

Keep reading.
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A New Way to Tackle Gun Deaths - The New York Times
Daniel Webster, a public health expert at Johns Hopkins University, notes that in 1999, the government listed the gun stores that had sold the most weapons later linked to crimes. The gun store at the top of the list was so embarrassed that it voluntarily took measures to reduce its use by criminals — and the rate at which new guns from the store were diverted to crime dropped 77 percent.

Continue reading the main story

CNNNNC 5 minutes ago
Gun deaths from suicide are barely half the picture. Those guns are legally obtained for the most part and within the system for regulation...
sdw 5 minutes ago
The deepest frustration comes from the fact that a common-sense approach like the one proposed by Nicholas Kristof, and the statistics...
Jwl 5 minutes ago
If the country didn't torch the NRA after Sandyhook, when will we? As voters, each and every one of us has an obligation to vote against any...
But in 2003, Congress barred the government from publishing such information.

Why is Congress enabling pipelines of guns to criminals?
guns  solutions  murder  violence 
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School Shootings in America Since Sandy Hook | Everytown for Gun Safety
Since the December 2012 shooting in Newtown, CT, there have been at least 142 school shootings in America — an average of nearly one a week. How many more before our leaders pass common-sense laws to prevent gun violence and save lives?
Communities all over the country live in fear of gun violence. That’s unacceptable. We should feel secure in sending our children to school — comforted by the knowledge that they’re safe.
Click here to see a new ad from Moms Demand Action.
Analysis of School Shootings
Everytown for Gun Safety has tracked school shootings since Newtown. Click here to read the full report.
Discharged Firearm: Shooter discharged firearm on school property
Injured 1+ Person: Shooter injured at least one person but did not kill anyone
Killed 1+ Person: Shooter killed at least one person
Attempted Suicide: Shooter attempted but did not complete suicide
Committed Suicide: Shooter committed suicide
guns  school  shooting  data 
october 2015 by Quercki
Texas ‘good guy with a gun’ shoots carjacking victim in head — then runs away
The next time you hear a gun advocate talking about how there would be less crime if only there were more "good guys" carrying guns, link them to this story:
Houston police say that an armed man's attempt to stop a carjacking went terribly wrong on Saturday night when he shot the vehicle's owner in the head, then fled the scene.

...Police officials say that two men jumped the owner of a Chevrolet pickup truck and absconded with his vehicle.

As the men struggled with the car-owner, a passerby produced a gun and fired multiple shots, missing the thieves but striking the victim in the head.

The shooter quickly gathered up his shell casings from the pavement and fled the scene.

The injured man was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is currently in stable condition.
Thank Maude that the person who was shot was not killed, although the consequences of the injury and what rehabilitation will be required is unknown. (Not to mention the cost of the care.) Can you even imagine being in the middle of a carjacking only to be shot in the head by some asshole trying to be a hero? Jesus Jones.

I don't want guns anywhere near me, and that includes gun-toting shitlords who think it's their right and obligation to "save" me, but might end up killing me instead.
guns  shooting  NRA  liars 
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More Americans killed by guns since 1968 than in all U.S. wars, columnist Nicholas Kristof writes | PunditFact
There have been 1,516,863 gun-related deaths since 1968, compared to 1,396,733 cumulative war deaths since the American Revolution. That’s 120,130 more gun deaths than war deaths -- about 9 percent more, or nearly four typical years worth of gun deaths. And that’s using the most generous scholarly estimate of Civil War deaths, the biggest component of American war deaths.

We’ll offer some added thoughts for context.

These figures refer to all gunfire-related deaths, not just homicides. In fact, homicides represent a minority of gun deaths, with suicides comprising the biggest share. In 2013, according to CDC data, 63 percent of gun-related deaths were from suicides, 33 percent were from homicides, and roughly 1 percent each were from accidents, legal interventions and undetermined causes.
guns  war  data 
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What Makes American Men So Dangerous? - Pacific Standard
Mass shootings are also almost universally committed by men. So, this is not just an American problem; it’s a problem related to American masculinity and to the ways American men use guns. But asking whether “guns” or “masculinity” is more of the problem misses the central point that separating the two might not be as simple as it sounds. And, as Mark Follman, Gavin Aronsen, and Deanna Pan note in the Mother Jones Guide to Mass Shootings in America, the problem is getting worse.
shooting  massacre  men  guns  sexism  racism 
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Watch what happens when regular people try to use handguns in self-defense - The Washington Post
people don't use guns in self-defense very often. As it turns out, knowing when and how to apply lethal force in a potentially life-or-death situation is really difficult.

The study was commissioned by the National Gun Victims Action Council, an advocacy group devoted to enacting "sensible gun laws" that "find common ground between legal gun owners and non-gun owners that minimizes gun violence in our culture." The study found that proper training and education are key to successfully using a firearm in self-defense: "carrying a gun in public does not provide self-defense unless the carrier is properly trained and maintains their skill level," the authors wrote in a statement.

They recruited 77 volunteers with varying levels of firearm experience and training, and had each of them participate in simulations of three different scenarios using the firearms training simulator at the Prince George's County Police Department in Maryland. The first scenario involved a carjacking, the second an armed robbery in a convenience store, and the third a case of suspected larceny.

They found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, people without firearms training performed poorly in the scenarios. They didn't take cover. They didn't attempt to issue commands to their assailants. Their trigger fingers were either too itchy -- they shot innocent bystanders or unarmed people, or not itchy enough -- they didn't shoot armed assailants until they were already being shot at.
july 2015 by Quercki
Police shootings: Distraught people, deadly results | The Washington Post
So far, police departments generally have not risen to the challenge. Although new recruits typically spend nearly 60 hours learning to handle a gun, according to a recent survey by the Police Executive Research Forum, they receive only eight hours of training to de-escalate tense situations and eight hours learning strategies for handling the mentally ill.

Otherwise, police are taught to employ tactics that tend to be counterproductive in such encounters, experts said. For example, most officers are trained to seize control when dealing with an armed suspect, often through stern, shouted commands.

But yelling and pointing guns is “like pouring gasoline on a fire when you do that with the mentally ill,” said Ron Honberg, policy director with the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Sandy Jo MacArthur is an assistant chief who oversees “mental response teams” for the Los Angeles Police Department, a program considered to be a national model. MacArthur said her officers are trained to embrace tactics that may seem counterintuitive. Instead of rushing to take someone into custody, they try to slow things down and persuade the person to come with them. When possible, a psychologist or psychiatrist is on the scene.
police  murder  guns  mental  illness  shooting 
july 2015 by Quercki
Why Are “Negroes With Guns” Being Erased from Civil Rights Movement? | Breaking Brown
Martin Luther King Jr. and church leaders are depicted as being at the forefront of the movement, while those who spurred church leaders to action are rendered inconsequential.

Of all the movement led actions between 1955 to 1960, church based groups were responsible for only 12%, while student groups comprised 31%. By 1965, church based groups were only responsible for 6% of movement led actions, observed Dog McAdam in “Political Process and the Development of the Black Insurgency.” You wouldn’t know that activists were the engine that ran this movement by watching 21st century renditions about the civil rights movement.

Also omitted from the movement’s history is the part played by armed activists. The documentary on Robert F. Williams (see below) details the role “Negroes with Guns” played in the freedom movement, a story all but erased by those whose desire is to permanently relegate black folk to the disempowered position of permanent pacifists.
civil_rights  activism  guns  African-American  demonstration  history 
may 2015 by Quercki
De-mythologizing the Wild West: gun laws were actually stricter then than now
Yet this is all based on a widely shared misunderstanding of the Wild West. Frontier towns -- places like Tombstone, Deadwood, and Dodge -- actually had the most restrictive gun control laws in the nation.
In fact, many of those same cities have far less burdensome gun control today then they did back in the 1800s.

Guns were obviously widespread on the frontier. Out in the untamed wilderness, you needed a gun to be safe from bandits, natives, and wildlife. In the cities and towns of the West, however, the law often prohibited people from toting their guns around. A visitor arriving in Wichita, Kansas in 1873, the heart of the Wild West era, would have seen signs declaring, "Leave Your Revolvers At Police Headquarters, and Get a Check."

A check? That's right. When you entered a frontier town, you were legally required to leave your guns at the stables on the outskirts of town or drop them off with the sheriff, who would give you a token in exchange. You checked your guns then like you'd check your overcoat today at a Boston restaurant in winter. Visitors were welcome, but their guns were not.
guns  history  west 
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I Made a Joke About Guns and a Man Threatened to Assault Me
Looking for more than just a first-person account? There’s plenty of research available concerning gendered harassment online. Have a gander at this piece in Time. Or this one in Slate. Or this one in the Pacific Standard.

And you can talk about them, proactively, with your buddies. Because I know how guys talk. They talk like people, right? They talk about politics and beer and clothes and good shit they read on the Internet today. They share how they think and feel about things. Do that.

Take five or ten minutes out of that conversation you were about to have about Ted Cruz and talk about how fucked up misogyny is instead. Talk about the statistics on gendered violence online and off. Let your guy friends know that dudes are spewing this kind of virulent shit at people like me, and that you don’t stand for it, and that you won’t stand for the men you know doing it—or ignoring it. You have to end the culture of ignorance and silence that allows guys to comfortably engage in this kind of harassment.
misogyny  sexism  guns  solutions 
april 2015 by Quercki
CHP Investigation Finds Officer Aiming Weapon at Protest Within Policy
Despite the obvious error of having CHP Officers armed and undercover, walking amongst an anti-police brutality protest while instigating violence and vandalism along the way being the flawed behavior. Avery Browne, chief of the CHP’s Golden Gate Division says: “Was it unnerving? Yes. Shocking? Yes,”. “We take that seriously when there’s a display of a firearm, but had he not done that, today we might be having a different discussion. “He saved his partner’s life and other citizens that were there, too.”

Had these two officers not been dispatched to covertly surveil and instigate the march eventually leading to protester suspicion and the officers unmasking, this violent chain of events would have never occurred.

The officer and his partner were dressed in plainclothes and followed the protest part of the way in their car, then went on foot from downtown Oakland toward Lake Merritt. Around 27th Street, some protesters became suspicious that the two men were police, not protesters, and at least one person attempted to pull off the handkerchiefs the officers were using to hide their faces & identities. The officer told his superiors he drew his weapon out of fear when his partner wrestled with a protester and a crowd began to close in around them.
The two-minute scuffle became one of the most dramatic scenes locally during dozens of Bay Area protests in November and December over police killings in New York and Ferguson, Missouri. The previous night, CHP officers had fired beanbags from a freeway overpass at protesters on the street below after the marchers had briefly occupied lanes of Highway 24.Multiple protesters, including Oakland resident Etta Johnson, said the officers did not identify themselves as police officers when asked, and the officer who drew his gun did not show his badge as CHP officials have said he did.Johnson is the mother of 30-year-old Christopher A. Lander, who was shot dead by an unknown assailant in June 2013. Another of her sons was wounded in the shooting.”All I could do is look down the barrel of the gun and think about my kids who were shot,” said Johnson, who filed a citizen’s complaint with the CHP in December. “I didn’t know he was a police (officer). Never once did he say he was or show a badge. All he said was, ‘get back,’ with his gun out.”
Oakland  police  guns  BlackLivesMatter 
march 2015 by Quercki
mad seagull on Twitter: "@daviddebolt I was right there when they were called out. They continually denied they were cops til dude pulled cop's mask off"
David DeBolt ‏@daviddebolt Dec 11
CHP says they identified selfs as officers. @DylanLP who was there has gone on record to dispute this. #berkeleyprotests
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Russell Bates ‏@crustyrustyMAD Dec 11
@daviddebolt @marymad @DylanLP they were exposed as officers and not self-identified.
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David DeBolt ‏@daviddebolt Dec 11
@crustyrustyMAD @marymad @DylanLP correct. Exposed but CHP said they later ID themselves. @DylanLP says they never did
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mad seagull
@daviddebolt I was right there when they were called out. They continually denied they were cops til dude pulled cop's mask off
BlackLivesMatter  Oakland  police  guns  undercover 
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Detective's gun drawn in Oakland | The Wider Image | Reuters
photos by Noah Berger, of two undercover cops in masks and pulling guns
photos  BlackLivesMatter  police  guns 
december 2014 by Quercki
Between Protesters and Police: How a Photojournalist Got “The Shot” » The Society Pages
So, the protesters kept marching, banging on windows. There was some minor vandalism, and, according to the California Highway Patrol [CHP], when the cell phone store was looted, that was when two officers who had been in a car behind the protest group got out and started walking with the group. This is all according to the CHP.

I noticed the officers in the crowd, and I actually thought they looked kind of scary. I made a mental note to stay away from them. They didn’t strike me as cops, they just looked kind of scary. But as far as I saw, they just walked along with the crowd. There have been some reports of them doing other things… but all I saw them doing was walking along with the group.

After that picture came out, it conveyed a different perspective: “How crazy is it that this undercover cop would pull his weapon on protesters?”About 20 to 30 minutes after the first vandalism started, a group of roughly 60 people were walking, and someone just turned on these two guys and started yelling that they were cops. Kind of taunting them. More people joined in. At that point, the San Francisco Chronicle photographer tells me, somebody ran up behind the cops and pulled the hat off one of the guys, threw it on the ground. Apparently another person hit one of the officers on the back of the head. This is according to the Chronicle.
At that point, one of the officers in the crowd and a guy just started scuffling. It just turned into a brawl, and the crowd started advancing on these two officers. At that point, one of the officers pulled out a baton, which you can see in some of the pictures, and he also pulled out his firearm. He kind of aimed at the crowd and swung it around, saying something to the effect of, “Stay back! Back off.” He held them off for about 30 seconds until the regular, uniformed officers swooped in from the end of the block. They formed a protective semi-circle around these two guys and the protesters they were detaining, and pushed the other protesters backwards to secure the area.

Page: At what point did he point the gun at the Chronicle’s photographer?

Berger: I very much doubt that the cop knew the guy was press and was specifically pointing at him. He was holding the crowd back. It was more general, to everybody, “Stay back.” And in the picture, his hand isn’t on the trigger. So, I don’t think he was specifically targeting the press. It was just that we were close to him.
BlackLivesMatter  Oakland  photo  CHP  guns 
december 2014 by Quercki
Oakland police: We had no idea CHP officers dressed as protesters - SFGate
The revelation by Oakland police that they didn’t know the CHP had planted masked undercover officers in a crowd of protesters in the city — at least until those officers were attacked, and one pulled out a gun — highlights concerns about how authorities are cooperating as they deal with demonstrations that often range across city borders.
An attorney who is part of a court-ordered police reform effort in Oakland said the California Highway Patrol operation violated Oakland’s crowd-control policy. Moreover, he said it could have led to tragedy after one of the officers pointed his gun at members of the crowd, including a photographer working for The Chronicle.
Undercover CHP officer pulls gun at Oakland protest after outing
Protesters slam police tactics at Berkeley council meeting
Social media playing key role at protests
“You have someone drawing a gun in an undercover operation, calling for backup,” said the lawyer and police critic, Jim Chanin. “They’re in plainclothes and here comes the Oakland police, and the first thing they see is somebody with a bandanna pointing a gun at a cameraman. (Oakland police) could have shot that officer.”
CHP officials have asserted that police commanders in Oakland knew about the two undercover officers who tailed the Dec. 10 march into the city. But an Oakland police spokeswoman, Sgt. Holly Joshi, told The Chronicle that officials have been “looking and checking” into the situation, and “we haven’t been able to find any evidence or any person who knew.”
“We knew the CHP was there,” Joshi said. “We were unable to locate anyone who knew about the undercover portion.”
CHP outed as cops
The two officers were recognized and outed as law enforcement by protesters near Lake Merritt at about 11:30 p.m. Just before the officers were identified, vandals traveling with the group had smashed the windows of a T-Mobile store in Oakland’s Chinatown neighborhood and made off with merchandise. A nearby Wells Fargo ATM was also damaged.
The CHP said the officers had been following the group in a car for most of the march, but got out on foot when the vandalism began in hopes of helping Oakland police identify the vandals.
According to authorities and witnesses, one of the protesters took a hat from an officer and punched him in the head, prompting the second officer to pull out a baton and then a gun, which he aimed across the crowd to keep people away from him and his partner. Photos of the encounter have drawn national attention.
Oakland  BlackLivesMatter  police  guns  undercover 
december 2014 by Quercki
CHP Defends Undercover Officer Who Pulled Gun on Protesters in Oakland | News Fix | KQED News
Legal activists began attending the protests to observe police activities.

“My sense is that there’s lots of things that law enforcement are doing and have done that are either designed or have the unnecessary effect of stifling political activism. Particularly when they’re using explosive devices, using pepper spray or using tear gas and that sort of thing,” said Carlos Villareal, executive director of the San Francisco chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.

Villareal says the Guild is trying to provide legal resources to anyone who was arrested, and is putting pressure on prosecutors to drop the charges.

The Northern California Society for Professional Journalists posted an open letter denouncing the police response, alleging that officers used force on credentialed journalists covering the protests Saturday evening.
BlackLivesMatter  Oakland  police  guns 
december 2014 by Quercki
Undercover CHP Officer pulls Gun on Protestors after they catch him inciting Looting
THU DEC 11, 2014 AT 04:11 PM PST
Undercover CHP Officer pulls Gun on Protestors after they catch him inciting Looting
byFrank Vyan WaltonFollow
268 Comments / 268 New
In Oakland an Undercover CHP Officer pulled his gun on Protestors, he claims it was because his partner was attacked, they say something completely different.

In Berkeley and Oakland, protests Wednesday night came to an abrupt halt when two undercover officers say they were forced to begin making arrests. Protesters, however, say that before being unmasked, the officers were banging on windows and trying to get protesters to riot and loot.

The details as told by those in the protests, though, are disturbing. According to them, as the marches proceeded through Berkeley and Oakland, the two masked officers banged on windows and attempted to devolve protests into looting and rioting. Privacy SOS says that, according to protesters’ stories, some became suspicious and pulled one man’s mask off. The officer then pulled out his baton, and the other officer was punched in the face.

NBC shares the story from the officers’ side, and there’s little difference in the facts as stated, except that the story begins when protesters attack the officer, rather than with a tale of why they attacked.

Of course we don't have all the relevant information in either of these situations, we have claims and counter claims - but certainly they both deserve to be looked into further, as well as the burning down of the Church that Michael Brown's parents attended with was at least 2 miles from the bulk of protesting.
BlackLivesMatter  police  riot  guns  Oakland  Ferguson 
december 2014 by Quercki
Berkeley, Oakland Protests: Protesters Say Undercover Officers Tried To Incite Looting
Original Story:

In Berkeley and Oakland, protests Wednesday night came to an abrupt halt when two undercover officers say they were forced to begin making arrests. Protesters, however, say that before being unmasked, the officers were banging on windows and trying to get protesters to riot and loot.

The stories being told about the photos and the events surrounding them are hard to believe. The facts that are agreed upon appear to be that two undercover officers infiltrated the Berkeley and Oakland protests, that protesters became suspicious that the masked individuals were undercover officers, the officers were unmasked, and that arrests ensued.

The details as told by those in the protests, though, are disturbing. According to them, as the marches proceeded through Berkeley and Oakland, the two masked officers banged on windows and attempted to devolve protests into looting and rioting. Privacy SOS says that, according to protesters’ stories, some became suspicious and pulled one man’s mask off. The officer then pulled out his baton, and the other officer was punched in the face.

NBC shares the story from the officers’ side, and there’s little difference in the facts as stated, except that the story begins when protesters attack the officer, rather than with a tale of why they attacked.

There may be evidence of the officers inciting looting on cell phone video taken during the protests, though. On Twitter, several of the Berkeley and Oakland protesters are discussing whether to post said video publicly or reserve it for legal counsel.
BlackLivesMatter  Oakland  police  guns 
december 2014 by Quercki
Addicting Info – Undercover Cops Busted Trying To Incite Looting – Threaten Crowd When Exposed (VIDEO)
During the protests centered around Berkeley, a small group kept trying to incite the crowd into engaging in illegal activity, from fights to looting. Happens in any large protest, right? In this case, however, it turned out that this group of inciters were undercover police officers.

When exposed, they immediately turned violent, threatening protestors, and even drawing a weapon on anyone who dared use a camera.
BlackLivesMatter  Oakland  Berkeley  police  guns 
december 2014 by Quercki
CHP Officer Who Drew Gun After He Was Unmasked As False Protester Thought He Was Going To Die: SFist
Speaking to reporters Thursday, CHP Golden Gate division Chief Avery Browne said that the undercover officer, a detective in the agency's auto theft division, had obscured his identity with a hat and bandanna over his face as another CHP officer and he walked through Oakland with about 50 protesters at around 11:30 Wednesday night.
That's when demonstrators apparently recognized the two men as police officers, witness and photographer Michael Short tells the Chron:
"Just as we turned up 27th Street, the crowd started yelling at these two guys, saying they were undercover cops...Somebody snatched a hat off the shorter guy’s head and he was fumbling around for it. A guy ran up behind him, knocked him down on the ground. That guy jumped backed up and chased after him and tackled him and the crowd began surging on them," Short said.
According to Bay City News, via ABC7, "Witnesses said it appeared the officer pushed the protester, who responded by ramming his body into the officer. Browne said one of the demonstrators pulled the hood off one of the officers and punched him in the head."
"The officer tackled the man to the ground and handcuffed him. The crowd, incensed, began to gather around them. One woman ran up and kicked the arresting officer in the head as he was handcuffing the demonstrator, Browne said."
“The other taller guy had a small baton out...But as the crowd started surging on them, he pulled out a gun,” Short told the Chron.
According to Browne, the two officers were terrified after being found out. “'Chief, I didn’t know if I was going to make it out of this thing alive,’” Browne said the now Twitter-infamous detective told him.
“'They were coming after us, they had already punched my partner in the head. I didn’t know if we were going to make it out alive,’” Browne says he was told.
According to the Chron, the man accused of punching the officer was booked into county jail on suspicion of felony assault on a peace officer. The woman who kicked the arresting officer in the head was not detained.

Though Brown asserted that the officers displayed their badges and identified themselves as law enforcement as the conflict erupted, both the Chron and BCN report that that's disputed by the many witnesses to the incident.

"We're looking into the use of force," Browne told reporters Thursday. "We understand that it's upsetting, it's disturbing any time a weapon is displayed, so we look into those situations very carefully."
Despite the ongoing investigation, the officers involved in the conflict remain on active duty, Browne says. He refused to identify either of the officers involved in the incident.
BlackLivesMatter  Oakland  police  guns 
december 2014 by Quercki
Undercover CHP officer pulls gun at Oakland protest after outing - SFGate
The man accused of punching the officer was booked into county jail on suspicion of felony assault on a peace officer.
While the officer fought with the man on the ground, a blonde woman ran up and kicked him the head, Browne said. She was not arrested, but the officer suffered head injuries and is displaying concussion-like symptoms.
“We know it’s upsetting, we know it’s disturbing, every time a firearm is drawn, whether in a protest situation or in a felonious car stop,” Browne said. “But we need to understand that these officers were under attack.”
Short said the officers were wearing street clothes and had their faces covered with bandannas. Browne confirmed this and though he described them as “plainclothes” and not undercover, he said it was common for these officers to mimic the dress of the other protesters “so they blended in with the crowd.”
He said the main objective of these officers was to collect information on where the group was going. He said they were able to gather that information from their car in the back, overhearing plans to take Highway 24 and Interstate 80 twice on Tuesday and enabling other CHP officers to prevent those attempts.
Browne said the Oakland Police Department was aware of the CHP’s plainclothes operations, and that they had an officer in Berkeley’s emergency operations center. Oakland police did not return calls seeking a comment.
Several protesters took to Twitter to say that the officers had actually instigated acts of vandalism and were banging on windows alongside others.
Short said he did not see the officers’ actions because protesters had surrounded him and had tried to take the memory card out of his camera. Noah Berger, another freelance photographer, was similarly accosted by protesters.
But Browne said though the agency was investigating the use of force, the officer’s arrest and events leading up to it, he said he has not received reports that the officers instigated vandalism. In fact, they only got out of the car to gather information on the vandals, he said.
BlackLivesMatter  Oakland  police  guns 
december 2014 by Quercki
Undercover CHP Officer Points Gun at Oakland Protesters (Update) | The Snitch | San Francisco | San Francisco News and Events | SF Weekly
Updated story: 

A plain-clothed California highway patrol officer brandished a gun at protesters in downtown Oakland last night, in what quickly became the defining image for a week of civil unrest.

According to Oakland Police spokesman Frank Bonifacio, the incident happened at Bay and Harrison Streets, near Whole Foods. Images captured by Reuters photographer Noah Berger show two men — apparently undercover CHP officers — making an arrest while a small throng of demonstrators gathers around them. One man, wearing a Black Bloc-style face mask,  is tackling a suspect, while the other is aiming his gun at the crowd. 

Photographer Michael Short, who was covering the protest for San Francisco Chronicle last night, tells SF Weekly that the incident happened close to midnight. At that point the protest — which had begun with a crowd of about 200, in Berkeley — had dwindled to about 75 people. They were marching up 27th Street when a group in the front suddenly started yelling about an undercover cop infiltration.

"These two stockier guys started backing away from the group," Short recalls. Initially, he says, both had masks on, though at some point the man brandishing the gun in the photo took his mask off. Someone in a trench coat sucker-punched the other agent from behind, and a scuffle ensued. At that point, the unmasked officer pulled out a spring baton and a gun, yelled at everyone in the crowd to retreat, and radioed for backup.

"The consensus was that they were cops, and people seemed to know it," Short says, adding that he doesn't recall either officer drawing a badge or identifying his credentials. Short didn't see the cops engaging in vandalism, though he had seen windows broken at a Chase Bank and a T-Mobile store earlier in the evening. He'd also had to fend off angry demonstrators who surrounded him when he tried to take pictures.

Still, reports of the CHP officers' behavior created an uproar on social media. Within hours,  Berger's pictures had gone viral, leading to speculation that the CHP patrolmen were actually agent provocateurs, deployed to incite the crowd. OPD lieutenant Chris Bolton responded on Twitter:
BlackLivesMatter  Oakland  police  guns 
december 2014 by Quercki
CHP Chief responds to incident of officer pulling gun on protest - KTVU -
OAKLAND (BCN) - A plain clothes California Highway Patrol officer who drew his gun and pointed it at protesters in Oakland on Wednesday is still on active duty and his supervisor said Thursday there is no indication that he did anything wrong.

CHP Golden Gate division Chief Avery Browne said the officer, who was dressed as a demonstrator with a bandana over his face, felt his life was in danger when he drew his weapon on the crowd.

"(The officer) told me he didn't know if he was going to make it out alive," Browne said. "They were outnumbered, they were assaulted, and at that point, two officers were not going to be able to arrest 30 or 40 or 50 individuals."

The officer, a detective in the agency's auto theft division, was walking with his partner in the crowd when several protesters began pointing and yelling, "Hey, they're undercover. They're cops!"

The demonstrators began pushing the officers and knocking their hats off their heads.

Witnesses said it appeared the officer pushed the protester, who responded by ramming his body into the officer. Browne said one of the demonstrators pulled the hood off one of the officers and punched him in the head.

The officer tackled the man to the ground and handcuffed him. The crowd, incensed, began to gather around them. One woman ran up and kicked the arresting officer in the head as he was handcuffing the demonstrator, Browne said.

A second officer pulled out his baton and then his gun and pointed it at the crowd. Oakland police officers quickly arrived and dispersed the crowd, forcibly pushing them away from the scene.

Browne said the officer displayed his badge after the two plain-clothes patrolmen first started to leave the crowd, but witness accounts contest that claim.

One demonstrator at the scene, Dylan, who declined to give his last name, said he pulled off one of the officer's bandanas. At no time did the officers identify themselves as police, Dylan said.
BlackLivesMatter  Oakland  CHP  guns  undercover  violence 
december 2014 by Quercki
What Kills More Americans: Guns or Cars? | Mother Jones
A study published this week in the Annual Review of Public Health summarizes some basic, sobering stats about about gun violence in America. The author, University of California-Davis doctor and researcher Garen Wintemute, used statistics from the Centers for Disease Control to track mortality rates from firearm suicides and homicides in the United States over more than fifty years.

Here are some of the findings from Wintemute's study, in a handy—if grisly—Q&A format:

Which kills more Americans, guns or cars?

Answer: Car accidents, but firearms deaths are catching up. In some states, guns do kill more people than cars—check out this map.

Which kills more people: gun homicides or gun suicides?

Answer: Suicides, by a long shot. 
guns  death  statistics 
december 2014 by Quercki
Judiciary Committee Examines the Effect of Gun Violence on Women in America | Press Releases | United States Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
Under current federal law, individuals convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors are not allowed to possess or purchase a gun – but the term “domestic violence” only applies to crimes committed by spouses, co-habitating partners, or co-parents.  Abusive dating partners are responsible for killing more women in America than spouses, but are not covered by the domestic violence restriction on gun ownership.  Convicted stalkers are also free to own guns, despite the fact that stalking is a proven predictor of violence.  Our national background check system is also frequently evaded by individuals not allowed to purchase firearms by law.

“Closing the dating partner loophole would save lives, plain and simple,” Whitehouse said in his opening remarks. 
domestic_violence  murder  guns  law  legislation 
august 2014 by Quercki
Who gets shot in America: What I learned compiling records of carnage for the New York Times
A few months in, I noticed how shootings spiked over the weekends, and I came up with a new format specifically for Friday through Sunday, in which I’d limit each shooting to a single detail-packed sentence instead of the three-line descriptions I employed during the week. I was inspired by Portraits of Grief, the post-9/11 victim profiles by the Times, which gave readers a clear picture of who these people were in remarkably few words. These single sentences resulted in paragraph after paragraph. I never expected people to read it all; I just wanted them to scroll through and see just how many shootings there were. I wanted them to get a sense of the carnage.

One person who was impressed by the sheer volume of mayhem was Sen. Dick Durbin, who read the Gun Report on the Senate floor. Twice. “The tally of shootings in America goes on to fill 19 paragraphs,” Durbin remarked in May 2013.

Summer was the worst. Holiday weekends were full of needless shootings — arguments, stray bullets, kids finding their parents’ guns. Compiling weekend reports took me 10 hours every Sunday. It was a slog, but it was necessary. This is exactly why I went to journalism school. It’s rare that you get to effect change on such a big stage. Even though the Gun Report was online, and appeared not in print but on a columnist’s personal blog, it got attention. No one else in the country was doing this, and the New York Review of Books and New York magazine took notice. Would this change public opinion or spark legislative change? Probably not. But perhaps it would elicit a conversation about guns between each mass shooting. That drumbeat needed to continue before and after the Adam Lanzas of the world did their damage.

I covered many shootings of and by children — kids under 10 shooting each other while playing with a gun; a man once left an AK-47 on a picnic table, only for his 6-year-old grandson to pick it up and kill him with it
guns  statistics  death  murder 
july 2014 by Quercki
The Secret History of Guns - Adam Winkler - The Atlantic
THE PANTHERS’ METHODS provoked an immediate backlash. The day of their statehouse protest, lawmakers said the incident would speed enactment of Mulford’s gun-control proposal. Mulford himself pledged to make his bill even tougher, and he added a provision barring anyone but law enforcement from bringing a loaded firearm into the state capitol.

Republicans in California eagerly supported increased gun control. Governor Reagan told reporters that afternoon that he saw “no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons.” He called guns a “ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will.” In a later press conference, Reagan said he didn’t “know of any sportsman who leaves his home with a gun to go out into the field to hunt or for target shooting who carries that gun loaded.” The Mulford Act, he said, “would work no hardship on the honest citizen.”

The fear inspired by black people with guns also led the United States Congress to consider new gun restrictions, after the summer of 1967 brought what the historian Harvard Sitkoff called the “most intense and destructive wave of racial violence the nation had ever witnessed.” Devastating riots engulfed Detroit and Newark. Police and National Guardsmen who tried to help restore order were greeted with sniper fire.

A 1968 federal report blamed the unrest at least partly on the easy availability of guns. Because rioters used guns to keep law enforcement at bay, the report’s authors asserted that a recent spike in firearms sales and permit applications was “directly related to the actuality and prospect of civil disorders.” They drew “the firm conclusion that effective firearms controls are an essential contribution to domestic peace and tranquility.”
guns  history  black  panthers  gun_control  African-American 
july 2014 by Quercki
Tufts Magazine / fall 2013
Such episodes remind Americans that our country as a whole is marked by staggering levels of deadly violence. Our death rate from assault is many times higher than that of highly urbanized countries like the Netherlands or Germany, sparsely populated nations with plenty of forests and game hunters like Canada, Sweden, Finland, or New Zealand, and large, populous ones like the United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan. State-sponsored violence, too—in the form of capital punishment—sets our country apart. Last year we executed more than ten times as many prisoners as other advanced industrialized nations combined—not surprising given that Japan is the only other such country that allows the practice. Our violent streak has become almost a part of our national identity.

What’s less well appreciated is how much the incidence of violence, like so many salient issues in American life, varies by region. Beyond a vague awareness that supporters of violent retaliation and easy access to guns are concentrated in the states of the former Confederacy and, to a lesser extent, the western interior, most people cannot tell you much about regional differences on such matters. Our conventional way of defining regions—dividing the country along state boundaries into a Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest—masks the cultural lines along which attitudes toward violence fall. These lines don’t respect state boundaries. To understand violence or practically any other divisive issue, you need to understand historical settlement patterns and the lasting cultural fissures they established.

The original North American colonies were settled by people from distinct regions of the British Isles—and from France, the Netherlands, and Spain—each with its own religious, political, and ethnographic traits. For generations, these Euro-American cultures developed in isolation from one another, consolidating their cherished religious and political principles and fundamental values, and expanding across the eastern half of the continent in nearly exclusive settlement bands. Throughout the colonial period and the Early Republic, they saw themselves as competitors—for land, capital, and other settlers—and even as enemies, taking opposing sides in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War.
guns  violence  murder  history  culture  politics  Scots-Irish  Native_American 
june 2014 by Quercki
It's Really Hard to Be a Good Guy With a Gun
My wife and I got into an argument last night over a dead man. His name was Joseph Robert Wilcox. He was 31 on Sunday, the day he tried to stop cop-killer Jerad Miller in a Las Vegas Walmart and was shot by Miller's wife Amanda. Wilcox was a good guy with a gun. It cost him his life.

Vegas Shooters' Facebook Warnings: "I Will Willingly Die For Liberty"
News reports this morning identified Sunday's Las Vegas spree shooters only as "Jared and …
Read more
What I tried to explain to my wife—who thought Wilcox should have been running in the other direction, seeking cover—was that I could not blame him one bit. I could see myself doing exactly the same thing in the same scenario. Armed with a handgun and licensed to carry it concealed on his person, Wilcox read the situation, saw Miller—male, armed, firing a long gun and yelling—and thought he had an opportunity to end the threat.

He did not notice the diminutive woman on the sidelines with shopping cart and the handbag. She evidently had not made a scene. Wilcox approached Miller from behind. From his perspective, he had a chance to end the killing. From a broader perspective, he was already marked for death. Amanda came up behind him and pumped multiple shots into his ribs.
guns  culture  violence  shooting  murder  Las_Vegas 
june 2014 by Quercki
US Mass Shootings, 1982-2012: Data From Mother Jones' Investigation | Mother Jones
Editor's note, September 16, 2013: Twelve people were killed and eight others injured in a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard on Monday. The incident is the fifth mass shooting in the US this year. Details of the additional cases from 2013 are included on our mass shootings map and in our our full data set below.

Since we began our investigation into mass shootings following the attack in Aurora, Colorado, in July 2012, we've heard from numerous readers, academic researchers, legislative aides, law enforcement officials, and others wanting access to our full data set. Here it is below, including links to sources where available. You can also download this data in CSV, XLS, or TXT formats, or click here for the full Google spreadsheet view. (The embedded version below does not support expanding the cells to see the full text in some places, but you can access it these other ways.)

Update, February 13, 2013: We've dug up additional information on the shooters' weapons, now reflected in the data set below. More details and our updated analysis are in this story. For additional context and analysis from the investigation, click here, and for our full special report on gun laws, the NRA, and mass shootings, click here.
guns  data  murder  violence 
june 2014 by Quercki
The NRA Myth of Arming the Good Guys | Mother Jones
Of the 62 mass shootings we examined, 36 of them were murder-suicides, while assailants in seven other cases died in police shootouts, widely considered to have been "suicide by cop."

Those who are serious about contending with the problem of mass shootings understand that collecting and studying data is crucial. Since we began our investigation after the attack in Aurora in July, we've heard from numerous academic researchers, legislative aides, and others wanting access to our full data set. We've now published it here.

The question now isn't whether most Americans will take seriously the idea of turning every grammar school in the nation into a citadel. (Here, too, the NRA's argument falls apart; an armed sheriff’s deputy at Columbine and a robust security force at Virginia Tech didn't stop those slaughters from occurring.) Now that we've just witnessed the worst year for mass shootings in memory, including 20 of the most innocent of lives snuffed out, what remains to be seen is whether real reform is finally on the way on Capitol Hill. Despite years of this kind of carnage, next to nothing has been changed in our legal system with respect to how easy it is for a disturbed young man to get his hands on a military-style assault rifle and a stockpile of highly lethal ammunition.
guns  murder  selfdefense 
june 2014 by Quercki
Map Of Self Defense Stories Using Firearms | Guns Save Lives
Use the links below to browse our database of self defense stories either by state or type of firearm used in the incident.

The map below shows all of our stories geo tagged on a map. Many stories do not give the exact addresses for obvious reasons, but we try to get the points as close as possible with the information provided.

The map shows incidents recorded from August 1, 2011 – Present. There may be handful (less than a dozen stories) recorded prior to that.
guns  murder  selfdefense 
june 2014 by Quercki
10 Pro-Gun Myths, Shot Down | Mother Jones
Myth #2: Guns don't kill people—people kill people.
Fact-check: People with more guns tend to kill more people—with guns. The states with the highest gun ownership rates have a gun murder rate 114% higher than those with the lowest gun ownership rates. Also, gun death rates tend to be higher in states with higher rates of gun ownership. Gun death rates are generally lower in states with restrictions such as assault-weapons bans or safe-storage requirements. Update: A recent study looking at 30 years of homicide data in all 50 states found that for every one percent increase in a state's gun ownership rate, there is a nearly one percent increase in its firearm homicide rate.
guns  statistics 
may 2014 by Quercki
Opinion: Shooter's rage at women too familiar in America -
Kevin Powell: Shooter's video raises disturbing questions about modern idea of manhood
Killings are a toxic mix of male privilege and mental instability, he says
He says our culture tolerates, even celebrates violence against women. We must change this
Powell: Problem is closer than we think; among military, police, young men, and in media
murder  guns  misogyny  sexism 
may 2014 by Quercki
Connecticut Shootings Fast Facts -
(CNN) -- Here's a look at the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.
December 14, 2012 - Twenty children and six adults are killed at the school by 20-year-old Adam Lanza, who had earlier killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, in their Sandy Hook home.
As police approached the school, Lanza took his own life.
It is the second-deadliest mass shooting in US history.
Other Facts:
Weapons found at the scene were legally purchased by Nancy Lanza.
Lanza used a Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S rifle during the shooting spree. Three weapons were found next to his body; the semiautomatic .223-caliber rifle made by Bushmaster, and two handguns. An Izhmash Saiga-12, 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun was found in his car.
The Shooter:
Birth name: Adam Lanza
Birth date: April 22, 1992
December 15, 2012 - Connecticut State Police release the names of the victims: six adult women, 12 girls ages six and seven, and eight boys, also ages six and seven.
murder  schools  guns 
may 2014 by Quercki
Columbine High School Shootings Fast Facts -
(CNN) -- Here is some background information about the deaths of 13 people at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado on April 20, 1999.
Twelve students and one teacher were killed by students Dylan Klebold, 17, and Eric Harris, 18.
The pair made home videos prior to the attack making references to what they were going to do and apologizing to their parents for it.
Harris and Klebold killed themselves with gunshot wounds to the head in the school's library at approximately 12:08 PM on the day of the shootings.
SWAT teams entered the school 47 minutes after the shootings started. Five hours passed before law enforcement declared the school under control.
The Columbine shootings rank as one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history as well as one of the deadliest episodes of school violence.
murder  schools  guns 
may 2014 by Quercki
The perfect guy, the supreme gentleman » Pharyngula
24 May 2014 at 7:50 pm (UTC -5) Link to this comment
From feed:

10 separate locations where criminal activity took place, in some locations there are more than 1 crime area.

1. Appears that he murdered 3 victims within his residence prior to last night’s shooting. 3 male victims, all repeatedly stabbed. Still processing crime scene and identifying victims.

2. Beginning of last night’s shooting, at Alpha Phi sorority house. Several members of sorority heard loud and aggressive knocking at front door for 2 minutes. No one opened door. Then reported seeing 3 women standing outside be shot by suspect from across the street. 2 fatally wounded, 1 in hospital. Katherine Cooper, 22 and Veronica Weiss, 19 year old, both killed. 3rd did suffer mult. gunshot wounds.

3. Deli. Shot and killed Christopher Michael-Martinez, 20. Foot patrol deputies heard and responded, saw him fleeing in BMW.

4. At top of road loop, drove on wrong side of road and shot at 2 people.

5. Then traveled to next location, where brandished handgun at female victim. Fired additional rounds, turned around, drove off. Lone deputy on foot was shot at by suspect. Returned fire, suspect drove off .

4 deputies pursued on foot, he shot at them, they returned fire, possibly shot suspect in left hip. Drove off.


Lou Doench
24 May 2014 at 7:51 pm (UTC -5)
Something needs to be done to crack the mainstream media blindspot to the rank misogyny evident in this case and cases like it that have come before.


24 May 2014 at 7:52 pm (UTC -5) Link to this comment
From feed:

Sped up, struck another bicyclist (I missed 1st due to bandwidth handup)

Came to stop, suspect removed from car, handcuffed, but dead with gunshot wound to a head.

10 locations, 12 crime scenes in all. 7 fatalities, 6 victims, 1 suspect. Additional 13 people injured, 4 by suspect’s vehicle by being hit, 8 sustained gunshot wounds, 1 minor unknown origin injury. 3 9mm semiautomatic handguns recovered from vehicle.
murder  misogyny  guns  rape.culture 
may 2014 by Quercki
cry laugh feel love peace panic, When I was a freshman, my sister was in eighth...
When I was a freshman, my sister was in eighth grade. There was a boy in two of her periods who would ask her out every single day. (Third and seventh period, if I remember correctly.) All day during third and seventh she would repeatedly tell him no. She didn’t beat around the bush, she didn’t lie and say she was taken—she just said no.
One day, in third period, after being rejected several times, he said; “I have a gun in my locker. If you don’t say yes, I am going to shoot you in seventh.”
She refused again, but right after class she went to the principal’s office and told them what happened. They searched his locker and there was a gun in his backpack.
When he was arrested, some of my sister’s friends (some female, even) told her that she was selfish for saying no so many times. That because of her, the entire school was in jeopardy. That it wouldn’t have killed her to say yes and give it a try, but because she was so mean to him, he lost his temper. Many of her male friends said it was “girls like her” that made all women seem like cockteases.
Wouldn’t have killed her to say yes? If a man is willing to shoot someone for saying no, what happens to the poor soul who says yes? What happens the first time they disagree? What happens the first time she says she doesn’t want to have sex? That she isn’t in the mood? When they break up?
Years later, when I was a senior, I was the only girl in my Criminal Justice class. The teacher, who used to be a sergeant in the police force, told us a story of something that had happened to a girl he knew when she was in high school. There was a guy who obviously had a crush on her and he made her uncomfortable. One day he finally gathered up the courage to ask her out, and she said no.
The next day, during an assembly, he pulled a gun on her in front of everyone and threatened to kill her if she didn’t date him.
He was tackled to the ground and the gun was taken from him. 
When my teacher asked the class who was at fault for the crime, I was the only person who said the boy was. All the other kids in the class (who were all boys) said that the girl was, that if she had said yes he would’ve never lost it and brought a gun and tried to kill her.
misogyny  rape.culture  guns  murder 
may 2014 by Quercki
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