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Oakland police ID suspect killed, officers involved in fatal shooting - Story | KTVU
Posted Mar 15 2018 10:14AM PDT

Updated Mar 15 2018 10:16AM PDT

OAKLAND, Calif. (BCN) - Oakland police identified a man that officers shot and killed near the MacArthur BART station as 32-year-old Joshua Pawlik.

Police also identified the officers involved in the fatal Sunday shooting as Sgt. Francisco Negrete, William Berger, Brandon Hraiz and Craig Tanaka.

Police said they received a report at 6:17 p.m. Sunday of a man down and armed with a gun. When they arrived, they said the man was lying on the ground holding a semi-automatic firearm in the 900 block of 40th Street between two buildings. Police said officers arrived on the scene and tried to develop a "peaceful resolution," asking Pawlik to put his gun down. He did not comply, according to police.
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Police said they decided that Pawlik posed an "immediate threat" to police with "the risk of death or serious bodily harm." The officers then opened fire on Pawlik. Police did not specify how many times he was shot.

Police said they treated him for his wounds but he died on the scene. The officers were wearing body-worn cameras at the time of his death, according to police.

Negrete has nine years of experience in the Oakland Police Department, Berger and Hraiz have four and Tanaka has two. Police released a photo of the firearm they said they recovered after the shooting.
Oakland  police  killing  Joshua_Pawlik  2018 
7 weeks ago by Quercki
Oakland ordered to fire 5 officers in fatal shooting - San Francisco Chronicle, 7/19/2019
The Oakland Police Department must fire five officers involved in the fatal shooting of a homeless man last year, a disciplinary oversight panel ruled, in a case that has pitted the department against its court-appointed monitor.

The Oakland Police Commission’s disciplinary committee made its decision July 9 in the 2018 shooting death of Joshua Pawlik, and the department released the panel’s seven-page report on Thursday.

The Police Department offered no comment, but the city administrator said the officers will be given due process, including the opportunity to attend a disciplinary hearing.

The case stems from the March 11, 2018, shooting of 32-year-old Pawlik, who was killed just after waking up between two homes in West Oakland. Pawlik failed to respond to officers’ repeated commands that he take his hand off a gun. Police said he raised the gun and pointed it at them when they opened fire.

Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick has supported the officers. An Oakland police investigative panel, the Community Police Review Agency, exonerated the officers in April, and the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office declined to file charges.

But the Police Commission’s disciplinary panel said in its ruling that body camera footage of the incident “speaks for itself.”
Oakland  police  shooting  killing  homeless  20180311  20190719 
12 weeks ago by Quercki
‘Police Scorecard’ raises questions about use of force and accountability in California - Los Angeles Times
Campaign Zero, which aims to reduce police violence in the U.S., released its “Police Scorecard” in the hopes of shaping future legislative and police policy decisions in California around statistics that it argues highlight inherent bias and other problematic trends in American law enforcement, organizers said.

“We have the data we need to make decisions that will save lives,” said DeRay Mckesson, a police reform activist who gained notoriety after the 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. “This project allows citizens to see data about their communities and demand change and accountability.”

The project compiled data for the years 2016 and 2017 from the California Department of Justice’s open data website and FBI Uniform Crime Reports, as well as information obtained through hundreds of public records requests.

Though the current study focused on the state’s 100 largest municipal police departments, organizers plan to expand the project to include data from sheriff’s departments as well as internal disciplinary records that can now be requested under a new state law that opens up some police personnel records.
police  use_of_force  killing  unarmed  racism 
june 2019 by Quercki
Man shot and killed in East Oakland residential area – The Mercury News
Man shot and killed in East Oakland residential area
Police have not released a motive for the shooting

By Harry Harris | | Bay Area News Group
PUBLISHED: May 24, 2019 at 3:52 pm | UPDATED: May 25, 2019 at 7:45 am

OAKLAND — A 50-year-old man was found shot to death Friday afternoon outside an East Oakland home, authorities said.

Police were withholding the man’s name pending notification of his relatives. Police said he lived in the area but what his connection may have been to the home where the shooting happened has not been released.

The shooting happened about 3:14 p.m. Friday in the 10300 block of Foothill Boulevard not far from the Foothill Square Shopping Center. Police responding to the scene found the man outside a home. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police have not released a motive for the shooting and have not said if anyone was arrested.

The killing is the 33rd homicide investigated by Oakland police this year. Last year at this time police had investigated 27 homicides in the city.

Police and Crime Stoppers of Oakland are offering up to $10,000 in reward money for information leading to the arrest of the shooter. Anyone with information may call police at 510-238-3821 or 238-7950 or Crime Stoppers at 510-777-8572.
Oakland  shooting  death  killing  20190524 
june 2019 by Quercki
Man Shot, Killed in Oakland Near Peralta Hacienda Park – CBS San Francisco
Man Shot, Killed in Oakland Near Peralta Hacienda Park
September 9, 2018 at 8:09 am
Filed Under:Fatal shooting, Gun violence, Oakland shooting

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A man was shot and killed in Oakland late Saturday night, according to Oakland police.

The shooting was reported around 9 p.m. near the intersection of 34th Avenue and Salisbury Street, police said. The shooting is being investigated as a homicide. The victim’s name wasn’t released.

No further information was immediately available.
Oakland  shooting  death  killing  20190909 
june 2019 by Quercki
Oakland Police Investigate Fatal Downtown Shooting Sunday – CBS San Francisco
Oakland Police Investigate Fatal Downtown Shooting Sunday
December 24, 2018 at 5:40 am
Filed Under:Crime, Fatal shooting, Oakland, Oakland shooting

OAKLAND (CBS SF) — At least one person has died following a shooting in downtown Oakland on Sunday night, according to police.

The shooting occurred around 9:40 p.m. Sunday in the 2100 block of Franklin Street, police at the scene said. The victim wasn’t identified and nobody else was injured.

Several units and police officers were at the scene of the shooting. Shell casings were on the ground on Franklin Street in front of at least one nightclub and evidence markers were also seen across the street as well.
Oakland  shooting  killing  death  2100_Franklin_Street  2018  20181223 
june 2019 by Quercki
Shotspotter Activation Leads Oakland Police To Deadly Shooting Scene – CBS San Francisco
Shotspotter Activation Leads Oakland Police To Deadly Shooting Scene
May 15, 2019 at 7:00 am
Filed Under:Oakland, Oakland news, Oakland shooting, Shooting

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – A man was shot and killed near San Antonio Park in Oakland early Wednesday morning, according to police.

A ShotSpotter activation detected nine rounds being fired around 3:05 a.m. in the 1700 block of East 17th Street, police said. Officers arrived to find the victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said there are currently no suspects.
Oakland  shooting  killing  20190515  San_Antonio_Park 
june 2019 by Quercki
Vallejo city council meeting disintegrates into shouting and name-calling over police behavior - Story | KTVU
Some residents were also upset that some of the officers flooding in to secure the meeting, were the same ones they've had negative or violent encounters with.

Activists are hopeful Attorney General Xavier Becerra will step in.

"The usual way of doing business is over," said attorney Adonte Pointer, speaking at the rally. "We're calling on the state's top cop, the Attorney General, to no longer sit on the sideliines."

Police critics are also unimpressed by the prospect of the Department of Justice sending help from its' Community Relations Division.

They would rather see the feds review actual police practices and policies.

"We don't have a PR problem, we have a violence problem," said attorney Nold,"and when people are dying we don't need community relations, we need an investigation."

In the next few months, Vallejo's police chief will retire, to start drawing a $19,000 monthly pension.

Former Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan has been hired as a temporary consultant to help guide the search for a new chief.
Vallejo  CA  police  killing  POC  murder 
may 2019 by Quercki
Opinion: Mayor Must End Obstruction of Independent Police Commission | Post News Group
Oakland’s Community Police Review Agency (CPRA) released a shocking report on May 3 exonerating four Oakland police officers who shot and killed an unconscious man, Joshua Pawlik, on March 11, 2018.

According to the report, Oakland police spent nearly an hour observing Mr. Pawlik while he lay on the ground, yet it took mere seconds for officers to kill him as he allegedly began to regain consciousness.

In January 2019, internal investigations by the Oakland Police Department (OPD) concluded that the officers’ use of lethal force was “objectively reasonable,” and that only minor discipline should be imposed on two supervisors, Sergeant Negrete, and Lieutenant Yu, for leadership failures.

Chief Anne Kirkpatrick then reduced the recommended discipline for supervisory failures, in effect, allowing her officers to escape nearly all responsibility after killing a sleeping man.

Kirkpatrick’s findings caught the attention of Robert Warshaw, a former police chief who serves as the Federal Monitor and Compliance Director for Oakland’s long-running Negotiated Settlement Agreement, a 2003 federal court settlement that was only supposed to last for five years.

In his report, Warshaw found that Kirkpatrick’s assessment was “disappointing and myopic,” and that OPD’s internal investigations were “deficient, non-invasive, and replete with leading questions that served as attempts to support the justification of the officers’ actions.”
Oakland  police  killing  homeless  Pawlik  sleep 
may 2019 by Quercki
Oakland Police Commission Rejects Report Exonerating Officers in 2018 Shooting – CBS San Francisco
OAKLAND (KPIX) — Oakland’s Police Commission voted unanimously Thursday night to reject a report exonerating four Oakland police officers in the shooting of an armed homeless man in West Oakland in March 2018.

Commission chair Regina Jackson blasted the report as “flawed.” Jackson said the Community Police Review Agency (CPRA) — the investigative arm of the commission which authored the report — conducted only one interview and failed to videotape the interview, as required by city ordinance. Jackson stressed that her objections to the report were about process and procedure, not the outcome of the report.
Oakland  police  killing  homeless 
may 2019 by Quercki
Ex-BART cop said he was ‘fighting for my life’ with Oscar Grant before shooting; report says that was a lie -
The report by the Meyers Nave law firm — which BART hired to run its internal investigation due to a loss of public faith in the agency — long ago prompted the firing of the officer, Anthony Pirone. But the report was released only this week under California’s new police transparency law, Senate Bill 1421.
But the newly released report shows that the law firm agreed with the Alameda County district attorney’s office, and Grant’s family, in concluding the shooting was not an accident. That finding conflicts with Mehserle’s testimony at trial, which a judge and jury found to be persuasive.

Mehserle “was intending to pull his firearm and not his Taser, as he can be seen trying to draw it at least two times and on the final occasion can be seen looking back at his hand on the gun/holster to watch the gun come out,” Colwell and Williams wrote. “Deadly force was not justified under the circumstances.”
BART  police  killing  Oscar_Grant  FOI 
may 2019 by Quercki
Police In California Are Killing Sleeping People - The Appeal
Police In California Are Killing Sleeping People
The fatal shooting by Oakland police of an unconscious man as he woke is putting pressure on the California department to rethink its deployment of force.

On March 11, 2018, a man was lying motionless on his back, eyes closed, alone in a narrow walkway between two houses on a residential street in West Oakland, California. He clutched a .22-caliber pistol in his right hand. The first police officer to arrive couldn’t tell whether the man was injured, had overdosed, or was asleep. Unwilling to approach the man alone, the officer called for backup.

Although they didn’t know the man’s identity—he was later identified as Joshua Pawlik, a 31-year-old homeless San Francisco resident with a history of mental health and addiction problems—dozens of Oakland police officers surrounded him in the alley in the 900 block of 40th Street.
Phillips asked for a command to fire a beanbag round at Pawlik. “That gun moves, bag him,” replied Berger.

Gaining consciousness, Pawlik slowly raised his head and lifted his torso. The officers screamed about 10 more commands to drop the gun. Pawlik’s shoulders lifted and in an instant, four officers—Negrete, Berger, Hraiz, and Tanaka—fired 22 rounds, killing Pawlik. Phillips also fired, but the beanbag round was superfluous.
Oakland  police  shooting  killing  sleep 
may 2019 by Quercki
Rapper Willie Bo shot 25 times in his car by 6 police after falling asleep in Taco Bell drive-thru / Boing Boing
Nold also called into question the officers' version of events in which they said the doors to McCoy's Mercedes-Benz were locked when they first considered retrieving the gun from his lap before he woke up.

Even if the doors were locked, the front passenger's side window was already broken and had a sheet of plastic covering it, which could have been removed, Nold said. Video of McCoy's car being towed in the aftermath from the scene shows plastic over the open window and several bullet holes in the windshield.

His car was in the drive-thru at Taco Bell when he was killed by police.

Six officers "fearing for their safety" opened fire in about four seconds, police said.

NBC News: California rapper killed in car was shot by police about 25 times, lawyer says
Vallejo  police  killing  sleep  Black  Willie_McCoy 
february 2019 by Quercki
California rapper killed in car was shot by police about 25 times, lawyer says
U.S. news
California rapper killed in car was shot by police about 25 times, lawyer says
Bullets struck the center of Willie McCoy's face and throat and blew off part of an ear, the family's attorney said, adding that "overkill is an understatement."
Video appears to show police opening fire on Calif. rapper in car
Feb. 14, 201900:54
Feb. 19, 2019, 11:13 AM PST
By Erik Ortiz

A young California man fatally shot by police after they found him unresponsive in his car with a gun in his lap was hit about 25 times — with bullets striking the center of his face and throat and blowing off part of his ear, a lawyer for his family said.

Oakland attorney Melissa Nold, who said she examined the body of Willie McCoy, 20, last week, told NBC News that he also sustained injuries to his shoulders, chest and arm, during the Feb. 9 encounter with six officers.

"Overkill is an understatement," Nold said of his wounds and the number of times he was struck.
Image: Willie McCoy was fatally shot by California police officers on Feb. 9, 2019.
Willie McCoy was fatally shot by California police officers on Feb. 9, 2019.Courtesy of David Harrison

A coroner's report has not been released and Vallejo police have declined to comment further during an active investigation.
police  killing  Valejo  Willie_McCoy  sleep  gun  murder  Willie_Bo 
february 2019 by Quercki
After Three Years, Oakland Police Release Body-Camera Video of Demouria Hogg Shooting | East Bay Express
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Monday, September 17, 2018
After Three Years, Oakland Police Release Body-Camera Video of Demouria Hogg Shooting
But the footage still leaves questions about what happened right before he was shot.
By Scott Morris
click to enlarge A still from the video shows Oakland police officers trying to pull Demouria Hogg from the car after he's been shot.

A still from the video shows Oakland police officers trying to pull Demouria Hogg from the car after he's been shot.

The Oakland Police Department has released body-camera footage from the officer who shot Demouria Hogg over three years ago. Oakland police released the video in response to a public records request after repeatedly denying and ignoring requests for the video.

Hogg, 30, was found unconscious in his gray BMW 520i at Lake Park Avenue near Lakeshore Avenue on June 6, 2015. A gun was on the passenger seat, so when firefighters found him at about 7:30 a.m., they called Oakland police.

Police shut down the street, which is a highway offramp from Highway 580 near Lake Merritt. It was a Saturday and a weekly farmers’ market was underway nearby.

After officers tried unsuc
Oakland  police  killing  Demouria_Hogg 
february 2019 by Quercki
Wife files suit in Oakland police tasering death of Marcellus Toney | Oakland North
By Miki KatoniPosted December 13, 2018 10:39 am

In the September, 2017, death of Marcellus Toney, there is one thing that is undeniable: He died in police custody after he was hit by a Taser. But exactly why he died and who is liable for his death is still unclear.

“I just hope that some justice comes out of this, that someone is held accountable, even if it’s Marcellus,” said Lamesha Smith, Toney’s wife.

Smith has filed a civil lawsuit alleging that the Oakland Police Department (OPD) is responsible for his death because officers “used excessive and unnecessary force” against Toney, and so is the City of Oakland, alleging it has failed to properly train and discipline the officers involved in Toney’s death.
Oakland  police  death  taser  killing 
december 2018 by Quercki
Transgender woman shot dead in Detroit - PinkNews · PinkNews
20181209 Detroit trans woman is the latest in a long line of victims

A total of 25 trans people—mostly women of colour—have now been killed in the US in 2018, according to data recorded by LGBT+ rights charity the Human Rights Campaign.

In 2017, 29 trans people were killed in the US, which was more than any other year on record.
transgender  woman  killing  Detroit 
december 2018 by Quercki
Sacramento sheriff tries to oust independent overseer critical of a deputy-involved shooting of a black man | The Sacramento Bee
Braziel said he is not required to withhold his report until after the District Attorney’s is released.

District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert did not respond to requests for comment.

Jim Bueermann, head of the National Police Foundation, of which Braziel is a member, said Braziel did have expertise in use-of-force reviews as well as police policy and procedure.

“He is widely recognized, and by that I mean nationally recognized as a subject-matter expert,” Bueermann said.

Bueermann said Braziel has been involved in high-profile critical incident reviews including in the aftermath of the San Bernardino terrorist attack and the Pulse Nightclub attack in Florida.

Jones further accused Braziel of having personal or political motivations for his findings, insinuating the report may have been a bid to support AB 931, a controversial police use-of-force bill currently being debated by the legislature. Jones suggested the report could be an attempt to funnel state law enforcement training money into de-escalation trainings, tied to Braziel’s role as a member of the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), which sets law enforcement training standards in the state.
police  killing  report 
august 2018 by Quercki
Suspect ID'd in wild Silver Lake Trader Joe's shootout that left store manager dead
A 28-year-old Los Angeles man has been identified as the suspect in a wild car chase and gun battle that left one woman dead and sparked panic inside a Trader Joe’s store in Silver Lake, authorities said Sunday.

Gene Atkins is being held in lieu of $2-million bail on suspicion of murder, according to Officer Drake Madison, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman. Investigators have said Atkins shot his grandmother and kidnapped another woman in South L.A. on Saturday before leading police on a chase that ended near the parking lot of the popular Hyperion Avenue grocery store.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore said it appears the slain woman was wounded as she was exiting the Trader Joe’s during the shootout. It is unclear if the fatal gunshot was fired by Atkins or a police officer, he said. The victim was identified by relatives as Melyda Corado, a manager at the store.

Atkins’ cousin, Charlene Egland, said Atkins had been involved in a feud with his grandmother over his girlfriend’s presence at the home they shared on East 32nd Street in South L.A. Egland said Atkins was raised by his grandmother, who repeatedly cared for him despite prior run-ins with police and sometimes violent arguments that would erupt between the two family members.
Trader_Joes  shooting  Gene_Atkins  police  killing 
august 2018 by Quercki
Montreal, December '89
Susannes Folksong-Notizen

[1991:] In December 1989 there was probably the worst or one of the worst incidents of mass murder ever to take place, at the University of Montreal where a young man roamed through the buildings, calling out, 'Bring me the women! I want the women!' In each room he separated the men from the women, and he shot the women. In the end fourteen young women were dead, and he had killed himself.

A couple of days after, the parents of nine of these young women agreed to bring their daughters' coffins back to the university so that anybody who wanted to could come and do whatever they felt was necessary to deal with this horrible thing that had happened in their community. This song is taken from the T.V. news coverage of the vigil of 7,000 people who stood in the snow all day waiting to place flowers and poems and other things on the coffins. This is not a song against men - it's a song against violence. (Judy Small, intro Tønder Festival)

[1996:] Though we have interviewed women [...], our published prison study only involved men. While you find the occasional woman assassin type, you will note that every case of serial murder or lust killing I've mentioned involves a male offender. Our research has shown that virtually all serial killers come from dysfunctional backgrounds of sexual or physical abuse, drugs or alcoholism, or any of the related problems. Women come from these same backgrounds, and if anything, girls are even more subject to abuse and molestation than boys. So why do so few of them grow up to commit the same kinds of crimes as the men? A female serial killer suspect such as Aileen Wuornos, accused of killing men on interstates in Florida, is so rare as to be instantly noteworthy.

For this subject we're on shakier ground, because there simply haven't been the studies to answer this question definitively. As some have speculated, it may be related directly to testosterone levels and otherwise hormonally and chemically based. The only thing we can say with an experiential authority is that women seem to internalize their stressors. Rather than lashing out at others, they tend to punish themselves through such things as alcoholism, drugs, prostitution, and suicide. Some may repeat the psychological or physical abuse within their own families [...]. From a mental health viewpoint, this is very damaging. But the fact remains, women do not kill in the same way or in anywhere remotely near the numbers men do. (Douglas / Olshaker, Mindhunter 356f.)
Judy_Small  Montreal  lyrics  massacre  mass  killing  women  engineer 
july 2018 by Quercki
(4) Jan Steckel - So there was supposed to be a meet-up of the Proud...
So there was supposed to be a meet-up of the Proud Boys, an alt-right group, at Make Westing bar in Oakland tonight. Make Westing wasn't having any, and helped organize a protest against the meeting. Last night, however, a white man named John Cowell, who had recently been released from state prison for second-degree robbery, slit the throat of a Black teenager named #NiaWilson and stabbed her sister in the neck at Macarthur BART station. The injured sister held Nia while she bled to death. Today a thousand people marched for Nia in downtown Oakland. The Bay Area Proud Boys disavowed both the killer and the meet-up, which they claimed they hadn't set up and wouldn't attend. John Cowell was captured at Pleasant Hill BART station after he stood next to a young Black woman on the outbound train to Antioch. The young woman recognized his face (from surveillance photos which had been publicized), moved away from him, and called the police in terror while he stood next to another Black woman. Meanwhile, a crowd of 1,000 marched from a vigil for Nia Wilson to Make Westing, where five Proud Boys had the stupidity to show up. The crowd chased the Proud Boys, at which point the police intervened to protect them, drove them off in a squad car, and tear-gassed the crowd.
BART  killing  20180723  Nia_Wilson  Proud_Boys  OPD  White  supremacy 
july 2018 by Quercki
Oakland pedestrian killed by hit-run driver
OAKLAND — A 68-year-old man died Friday morning after he was hit by a van while walking his dog near Lake Merritt, police said.

Robert Bennett, a longtime nonprofit leader who ran a social justice consulting firm, was fatally hit about 9:08 a.m. Friday while in the crosswalk at Harrison and 23rd streets, by a dark gray Chrysler van headed northbound on Harrison, police said.

Police said the driver left the van briefly, looked at Bennett, then got back in the vehicle and drove off. No description of the driver was released.
traffic  killing 
june 2017 by Quercki
These Are The Victims Of The Portland Train Stabbing Attack
Ricky Best, 53, and Taliesin Namkai-Meche, 23 were killed when they tried to stop a man hurling abuse at two women of Muslim appearance, police said. Micah David-Cole Fletcher, 21, was injured but expected to survive.
heroes  Muslim  hate  killing 
may 2017 by Quercki
Highway 101 reopens following fatal officer-involved shooting, investigation continues |
Published: April 29, 2017, 6:15 am Updated: April 29, 2017, 8:59 am
SAN MATEO (KRON) — All lanes of northbound Highway 101 have reopened Saturday morning following a fatal officer-involved shooting Friday in San Mateo, according to California Highway Patrol.

The lanes were reopened around midnight, but the incident remains under investigation.

Officers shot an armed suspect on the highway near Highway 92, after the suspect reportedly got out of a car and started shooting.

Three CHP officers responded to the scene just after 5:30 p.m. All three of the officers fired their weapons, killing the man, according to the CHP.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

No officers were injured in the shooting.

The incident caused the closure of the northbound lanes of the highway for more than six hours.

Three agencies are investigating the incident, including San Mateo District Attorney’s Office, San Mateo Police Department, and California Highway Patrol.
CHP  officer  shooting  killing  murder 
april 2017 by Quercki
Significant People's victory in Yuvette Henderson civil case — APTP
The City of Emeryville attempted to argue that the officer who killed Yuvette - with an AR-15 while she was already down on the ground wounded - had qualified immunity, meaning that he would be shielded from civil liability because he was "just doing his job" as police officer. The problem with that argument is that qualified immunity would have required the officers not to violate the clearly established  constitutional rights of Ms. Henderson.

The judge found that:

1) A reasonable jury could find that Williams' use of force was excessive because it was not necessary to protect his life or the lives of others.


2) Yuvette Henderson had a “clearly established” right to not be executed by a police officer while unarmed. 

The judge also concluded, “Since the key non-police eyewitness to the entire incident is dead, the court must also carefully consider all the evidence including forensic evidence to determine whether Williams’s account of the event is internally consistent as well as consistent with the other facts.

This is a HUGE win for the people because it means the judge looked at the totality of the evidence, rather than placing extra weight on the word of the police officers. She acknowledged that Yuvette is no longer here to speak for herself and the public has a right to see all the facts of the case.
Yuvette_Henderson  judge  police  killing 
march 2017 by Quercki
Unexpected deaths of six Russian diplomats in four months triggers conspiracy theories | The Independent
Media company Axios note that not only is Mr Churkin’s death unexplained, but it is also remarkably similar to the deaths of Russia’s Ambassador to India on 27 January, the country’s consul in Athens on 9 January, and a Russian diplomat in New York on US election day, 8 November.

Russia contradicts Trump's claim of no contact during campaign
British spy behind Trump dossier is 'runaway crook', says Russia
Russian ambassador to UN dies suddenly in New York
The three other deaths were all also labelled “heart attacks” or the result of “brief illnesses”. 

Two more diplomats died more clearly violent deaths in the same period: Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Andrei Karlov, was assassinated by in Ankara at a photography exhibition on 19 December, and on the same day another diplomat, Petr Polshikov, was shot dead in his Moscow apartment. 
Russia  killing  diplomacy 
march 2017 by Quercki
Jesse Enjaian: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know |
A University of Michigan law school graduate has been accused of shooting at police officers in Oakland. The suspect in the sniper standoff that took place on the morning of February 17 has been named as Jesse Enjaian, 32.

1. Enjaian Is in Serious Condition After Being Wounded in the Standoff [died]
2. In the Days Leading Up to the Standoff, Enjaian Began Spouting Race Hate on Twitter
3. In 2014, Enjaian Was Accused of Stalking a Former [female] Classmate at the University of Michigan
4. He Had a Kickstarter Project for an Internet Router That Would Keep Users Anonymous Shut Down by the Fundraising Website
5. While at UCLA, Enjaian Was in the ROTC Program
Oakland  White  supremacist  sniper  killing 
february 2017 by Quercki
APTP statement on OPD shooting of white supremacist terror suspect Jesse Enjaian — APTP
Disturbingly, local media coverage of OPD’s accidental killing (they elected not to shoot to hit center mass) of Enjaian parallels that of the convicted rapist who happened to attend Stanford University and of the many white men who have used firearms to commit terror attacks on communities of color in recent history. The assumption is that past academic or sports achievements somehow negate a propensity for predatory behavior. Examples and research demonstrating the very consistent profile of mass shooters in the United States show us that this is an intellectually lazy assertion. SFGate reports that Enjaian’s prior stalking victim in Michigan, “submitted a complaint that Enjaian had a gun and had expressed interest in using it in an “act of mass homicide.””
OPD  Oakland  police  accidental  killing  White  supremacy  sniper  shooting 
february 2017 by Quercki
A Brief History of Female Rampage Killers - VICE
While news about the motive for Sunday's lunchtime cop-killing rampage in Las Vegas paints the two shooters as deranged, right-wing racists, that kind of early speculation has been way wrong in the past. One detail that's consistent across all reports, however, is that the perpetrators in this rampage were a man and a woman.

While it can't be said that the first post–Elliot Rodger killing spree had a female perpetrator—killing sprees are just too common for that—the fact that one of these killers wasn't a dude makes for at least an interesting footnote.

If you're a men's rights advocate, I'd advise strongly against starting some kind of #SeeIToldYouNotAllMen hashtag. Instead, maybe look into the history of why and when women snap and get all murdery. Who knows, you just might relate to them the way you related to Rodger.

I. Vehicular Homicide

While we shouldn't forget the carnage men, including Elliot Rodger himself, so often create with well-aimed automobiles, it's still worth noting that out of the handful of female spree killers, cars were the weapon of choice for two, and the body counts were shockingly high in both cases:
female  mass  murder  massacre  killing  woman 
february 2017 by Quercki
Justice Dept. Shakes Up Inquiry Into Eric Garner Chokehold Case -
Federal authorities have been investigating whether officers violated Mr. Garner’s civil rights in his fatal encounter with the police. But the case had been slowed by a dispute because federal prosecutors and Federal Bureau of Investigation officials in New York opposed bringing charges, while prosecutors with the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department in Washington argued there was clear evidence to do so.

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch, who as the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York oversaw the beginning of the federal inquiry before her appointment to Washington, has been considering for months how to proceed.

In recent weeks, the F.B.I. agents who have been investigating the case were replaced with agents from outside New York, according to five federal officials in New York and Washington. Federal prosecutors in Brooklyn are no longer assigned to the case. It is not clear whether civil rights prosecutors from Washington will work alone in presenting evidence to a grand jury in Brooklyn and in trying the case if charges are eventually brought.

The officials who described the reorganization did so on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it publicly.
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U.S. police chiefs group apologizes for ‘historical mistreatment’ of minorities - The Washington Post
The president of America’s largest police organization on Monday issued a formal apology to the nation’s minority population “for the actions of the past and the role that our profession has played in society’s historical mistreatment of communities of color.”

Terrence M. Cunningham, the chief of police in Wellesley, Mass., delivered his remarks at the convention in San Diego of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, whose membership includes 23,000 police officials in the United States. The statement was issued on behalf of the IACP, and comes as police executives continue to grapple with tense relationships between officers and minority groups in the wake of high-profile civilian deaths in New York, South Carolina, Minnesota and elsewhere, the sometimes violent citizen protests which have ensued as well as the ambush killings of officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge.
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Justice Department to Track Use of Force by Police Across U.S. - The New York Times
James B. Comey, the director of the F.B.I., told lawmakers last year that it was “embarrassing” that the news media could produce better data than his own agency on such an important issue.

“We can’t have an informed discussion because we don’t have data,” Mr. Comey told the House Judiciary Committee last October.

“People have data about who went to a movie last weekend, or how many books were sold, or how many cases of the flu walked into the emergency room,” he said, “and I cannot tell you how many people were shot by police in the United States last month, last year, or anything about the demographic. And that’s a very bad place to be.”

According to the Post database, 991 people were fatally shot by the police last year, and 754 have been so far this year.

Under the Justice Department plan, the F.B.I. is to begin a pilot program early next year to assemble data on the use of force by about 178,000 agents at major federal law enforcement agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Marshals Service, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and the F.B.I. itself.

In addition, the Justice Department plans to begin collecting data from local and state law enforcement departments on “in custody” deaths — not just in shootings, but in cases of suicide and natural death as well.
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CNS - Police Shooting Costs Oakland $1.2 Million
Police Shooting Costs Oakland $1.2 Million
     OAKLAND, Calif. (CN) — The city of Oakland has agreed to pay $1.2 million to the family of a man shot to death by police who found him unconscious in his car.
     The settlement, which brings to a close two separate lawsuits filed by Demouria Hogg's family, will be split among his mother, two children and one other family member.
     Oakland Police officer Nicole Rhodes shot and killed Hogg on the morning of June 6, 2015, after firefighters spotted him sleeping in a BMW parked near Lake Merritt with a handgun resting on the passenger seat next to him.
     Rhodes and two other officers spent the next hour trying to wake Hogg with a bullhorn, loudspeakers and by firing beanbag rounds to break out the car's windows.
     When they finally roused him, officer Daniel Cornejo-Valdivia used a stun gun on Hogg while Rhodes fired two shots into the car, according to an amended complaint. Hogg was pronounced dead at Highland Hospital.
     John Burris, an attorney for Hogg's son, said that Hogg didn't wake up right away because he was hard of hearing. He said the officers should have given Hogg time to comply with their orders before shooting him.
     Instead, the family claimed, police killed him as soon as he awoke. Hogg hadn't committed any crime or made any aggressive move that would have led officers to believe he was dangerous, the family said.
     According to CBS SF, Rhodes thought Hogg was reaching for his gun and that's why she fired two rounds into the car. The Alameda County District Attorney's Office declined to file criminal charges against Rhodes.
     The killing sparked several protests in Oakland. Many protesters said Hogg was killed for simply sleeping in his car.
     After the killing, the California Department of Corrections said Hogg had a criminal record involving drug charges and was in violation of parole when he was shot.
     "Defendants express their sincere condolences to Demouria Hogg's family," City Attorney Barbara Parker said in a July answer to his son's complaint. But she added that "defendants maintain that that the city's officers' actions during the subject incident were in line with the United States Constitution and with state law."
     Hogg's family settled with the city on August 12, according to court filings. The Oakland City Council approved the settlement 7-1 on Tuesday, with Councilmember Desley Brooks dissenting.
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Oakland Police Sued In Killing Of 'Unconscious' Man In His Car | Huffington Post
Police tried for an hour to rouse Demouria Hogg, 30, by using loudspeakers and firing beanbag rounds at the car. Hogg didn’t budge, police said. Hogg finally stirred when police shattered a passenger-side window with a metal pipe. It would be the last movement of his life.

One officer used a Taser on Hogg while another fatally shot him.

It’s unclear what happened when Hogg awoke. Police said “a confrontation occurred.” An attorney representing the officer who fired the fatal shot said Hogg reached for the handgun.

Now, Hogg’s mother and youngest daughter are suing the Oakland police department, accusing officers of excessive force in a federal wrongful death lawsuit.

“This use of deadly force was excessive and unreasonable under the circumstances, especially since [Hogg] had done nothing violent before, during and after he was tased and shot to death,” the lawsuit says. Hogg was “unconscious” moments before he was shot and “posed no reasonable or credible threat of violence,” the suit says.

The police department and city attorney declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Oakland police officers wore body cameras that recorded the encounter, but the department has declined requests to release footage.

Members of Hogg’s family were allowed to view portions of the videos and said they don’t believe the footage shows him reaching for the weapon. Their lawyer, Jamon Hicks, doesn’t concede that a gun was on the passenger seat.

With multiple officers’ cameras recording portions of the shooting, public opinion could be greatly influenced by which version is released.
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Oakland OKs $1.2 million settlement in fatal shooting by police - SFGate
The family of a man shot and killed by Oakland police last year after he was awakened inside his parked car, allegedly with a gun at his side, will get $1.2 million in a settlement approved by the Oakland City Council.
The council approved the payment Tuesday to settle legal action filed on behalf of the mother and three children of Demouria Hogg, 30.
“This gentleman’s life was needlessly taken,” said Adante Pointer, one of the family’s lawyers in the case. “The officers did not use best tactics. They violated their training. Why did they attempt to wake him and then, when he moved, shoot him? It was a very flawed strategy.”
Police found Hogg inside a BMW on the Interstate 580 off-ramp at Lakeshore Avenue around 7:30 a.m. on June 6, 2015. Through the car window they saw a pistol with an “extended magazine” on the passenger’s seat, police said.
Officers said they had tried to awaken Hogg with a loudspeaker and rounds fired from a beanbag gun. When that was unsuccessful, two officers broke the driver’s side window and attempted to subdue him with a Taser stun gun. But a third officer believed she saw him reach for the gun, and that officer fired two shots, killing Hogg, police said.
Police have not revealed the name of the officer who shot Hogg, but her attorney has said she was justified in using deadly force.
Pointer said the officers “could have reached a peaceful resolution” if they had not startled Hogg.
“No amount of money is going to bring back to this family the person they loved,” Pointer said. “We’re hoping this will make the Oakland Police Department change its tactics.”
Pointer said he did not know why Hogg had been sleeping in the car with the weapon beside him.
Jason Hicks, another lawyer representing Hogg’s mother, Allene Hutchinson, and three children, argued in his lawsuit that police “negligently assessed the circumstances presented to them and violently confronted (Hogg) without having probable cause.”
The settlement resolves the lawsuit that sought damages for unreasonable search and seizure, excessive force, interference with familial relationship, false arrest, battery and negligence causing wrongful death.
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Demand Accountability for OPD Shootings : Indybay
City Council is set to give final approval to a $1.2M settlement with the family of Demouria Hogg, a 30-year-old father of three shot to death last year by Oakland police, the first in a new spate of questionable OPD homicides. The victim was unconscious in a car on a freeway offramp. He could not be roused by sirens, loudly amplified commands, the firing of beanbag rounds, or even the breaking of windows in his car. A pistol was on the passenger seat, but police could have finished clearing out the window over it, which they had partially broken, and grabbed the gun or kept him from reaching it. They could have simply waited until he came to, with a negotiator ready in case a standoff developed. Instead, those in charge decided to extract him. They assigned a 28-year-old officer with 18 months' experience to provide "lethal cover."

When officers started breaking the driver's side window to pull Mr. Hogg through it, he, predictably, twisted his entire body towards the passenger seat, i.e., away from the glass being shattered near his face. This movement led to his being successfully tased by the cop providing non-lethal cover, but the near-rookie charged with making an instantaneous life-or-death decision fired too, killing him.

OPD called this a "standoff"; immediately showed videos to the lawyer for the shooter, who told the press they showed Mr. Hogg going for the gun, but refused to release the videos publicly; and put out the usual irrelevant smears about the victim's character. Eight months later -- having waited until attention died down -- D.A. Nancy O'Malley exonerated the shooter without even considering whether the commanding offcers did anything wrong. After another three months the Citizens' Police Review Board concluded no one was blameworthy.

Clearly someone told City Council that a jury could well disagree -- it doesn't take a million dollars to settle a meritless nuisance suit! Please come and support our call for (a) accountability on the part of command staff, (b) requiring authorities to decide whether charges should be filed as quickly as they would if one of us shot an officer and claimed self-defense, and (c) an end to selective release of information by OPD.
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Henry K. Lee on Twitter: "$1.2M settlement to kids, mom of Demouria Hogg, shot dead in car near Lake Merritt by @oaklandpoliceca. No cops charged by @AlamedaCountyDA"
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$1.2M settlement to kids, mom of Demouria Hogg, shot dead in car near Lake Merritt by @oaklandpoliceca. No cops charged by @AlamedaCountyDA
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Black Activists Rally For Unarmed White Man Shot by Cops - Counter Current News
The phrase “white lives matter” has recently come to be considered by many as a typically racist response to the Black Lives Matter movement. But since white and black lives BOTH matter, should the groups work together and support each other instead of butting heads?

According to Dennis Romero of LA Weekly, one group of mostly African-American civil rights leaders is stepping up to question a deputy’s shooting of an unarmed, white, homeless man in Castaic — because it just might be the right thing to do.

“We can’t only be advocates when black people are killed by police unjustly,” says Najee Ali, founder of Project Islamic Hope.

Ali is organizing a coalition of civil rights groups, including Project Islamic Hope, the National Action Network and the L.A. Urban Policy Roundtable, which will call on state Attorney General Kamala Harris to launch an investigation of the shooting.
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Police officer fired for not shooting black man
Mader was faced with an armed man who told the officer to shoot him. And because Mader did not shoot him, he is now a former Weirton, West Virginia, police officer.

Mader responded to a 911 domestic call on May 6 of a person threatening suicide. Mader found Ronald “RJ” Williams, Jr. standing outside the house and says that’s when his Marine training of “looking at ‘the whole person’ in deciding if someone was a terrorist, as well as his situational police academy training” took over:

“I saw then he had a gun, but it was not pointed at me,” Mr. Mader recalled, noting the silver handgun was in the man’s right hand, hanging at his side and pointed at the ground.

[ … ]

Mr. Mader, who was standing behind Mr. Williams’ car parked on the street, said he then “began to use my calm voice.”

“I told him, ‘Put down the gun,’ and he’s like, ‘Just shoot me.’ And I told him, ‘I’m not going to shoot you brother.’ Then he starts flicking his wrist to get me to react to it.

“I thought I was going to be able to talk to him and deescalate it. I knew it was a suicide-by-cop” situation.
Mader probably would have talked Williams down … if two other Weirton police officers hadn’t shown up on the scene and promptly shot Williams—in the back of the head, no less. It appears Williams walked in between the officers waving his gun, which was later found to have been unloaded.
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Donald Trump, Gutter Journalist | New Republic
Donald Trump’s suggestion that “Second Amendment people” will know how to deal with President Hillary Clinton and any judges she appoints might seem like a shocking violation of American political norms. But they do have some precedent. While it’s true that no previous presidential nominee so openly welcomed the murder of a rival for the White House, there is a genuine American tradition of assassination incitement—in the world of tabloid journalism, anyway. 
A few months later, the Journal published an anti-McKinley editorial that argued, “If bad institutions and bad men can be got rid of only by killing, then the killing must be done.” Hearst disavowed the editorial, but when McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist in late 1901, the Hearst press was widely condemned as an instigator.

Later, the columnist Westbrook Pegler, now forgotten although he was the most famous right-wing journalist of the mid-20th century, got into trouble for similarly provocative words. Pegler, who worked for many years for the Hearst papers, once regretted that the 1933 assassin who tried to kill Franklin Delano Roosevelt and accidentally shot the mayor of Chicago “hit the wrong man.” In 1965, after he had been largely marginalized for his anti-Semitic tirades, Pegler wrote a column calling for the killing of Robert F. Kennedy, hoping that “some white patriot of the Southern tier will spatter [Kennedy’s] spoonful of brains in public premises before the snow flies.”
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Shakesville: And Again
f you want to know some things you can do RIGHT FUCKING NOW here are some tweets I just posted:

1) Do you know your city's police accountability procedures?
2) Do your police have any provisions for citizen oversight?
3) Is there a civilian oversight panel to review police shootings and misconduct?
4) if you do not know this you can google your city with police accountability/review procedures
5) what is the threshold for indicting police for misconduct? Example: in Seattle (where I live) you have to prove willful malice.
6) Do your police have body cameras?
7) When you do your research, if you don't like the answers to these questions, if they do not hold police accountable, here's what u can do
8) Demand your city council member make police reform a priority. If they won't, vote them out - recruit friends to do the same.
9) Demand that your mayor do the same. If he/she won't vote them out & recruit friends to do the same.
10) Do not give money or votes to any candidate who will not make police reform a priority. Make sure they know that is a requirement
11) Demand that your sheriff and local DA's office do the same.
12) just google your city name + city council - all the contact info should be there.
13) along with phone numbers, email addresses - all the info u need to remind them that black lives WILL matter whether they want it or not
14) Do this today, do this tomorrow, do this every day like your life depends on it - ours actually does.

Police reform should be on the lips of every local politician in this country bc they should know they will not get your support without it
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It's time to acknowledge the genocide of California's Indians - LA Times
Will state officials tender public apologies, as Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush did in the 1980s for the relocation and internment of some 120,000 Japanese Americans during World War II? Should state officials offer compensation, along the lines of the more than $1.6 billion Congress paid to 82,210 of these Japanese Americans and their heirs? Might California officials decrease or altogether eliminate their cut of California Indians’ annual gaming revenues ($7.3 billion in 2014) as a way of paying reparations? Should the state return control to California Indian communities of state lands where genocidal events took place? Should the state stop commemorating the supporters and perpetrators of this genocide, including Burnett, Kit Carson and John C. Frémont? Will the genocide against California Indians join the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust in public school curricula and public discourse?

These are crucial questions. What’s beyond doubt is that the state and the federal government should acknowledge the genocide that took place in California.
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Violence in Blue | Patrick Ball | Granta Magazine
Approximately three-quarters of all homicide victims in America are killed by someone they know.[2] And the real threat from strangers is quite different from what most fear: one-third of all Americans killed by strangers are killed by police.

This is the story of the hidden numbers of police homicides in the United States. The killings of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Walter Scott have increased the world’s attention to US police violence, yet most Americans underestimate the threat posed by the people charged with keeping them safe.

Let’s turn to the facts.

There is no national registry of civilians killed by police and corrections officers in the United States. Several states, including Texas, Connecticut and California, maintain complete records, but in most parts of the United States, local law enforcement chooses whether to report officer-involved homicides to the federal government. The lack of systematic data poses a challenge both for those who wish to hold police accountable for their actions and for those who want to propose reform measures to reduce police violence. How many killings are committed by police?

In recent months, a number of ‘crowdsourced’ databases have emerged, including in particular Fatal Encounters and Killed by Police.[3] Journalistic efforts, including those by the Washington Post and the Guardian, have conducted infographic-style analyses of the patterns of police homicides that are known to the public. This latter qualification is a big one.
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Watch: Oakland police body camera shows man screamed 'I can't breathe' before death - Inside Bay Area
OAKLAND -- Face down with police pressing him to the sidewalk, 51-year-old Hernan Jaramillo wailed two refrains over and over before he died.

"They're killing me!" he howled 20 times in a 4-minute stretch.

"I can't breathe," he moaned again and again.

As the minutes passed, the cries grew softer until Jaramillo fell silent.

Jaramillo's last moments, captured on a police body camera in 2013 and unveiled this week, are a macabre tableau in which he can be heard imploring Oakland officers to let him up as his sister watched tearfully.

The video -- exclusively obtained by this newspaper but never released by police -- shows officers ignoring Jaramillo's pleas for help and continuing to restrain him, a tactic associated with in-custody deaths and sharply criticized after the 2014 death of Eric Garner in New York. Garner's family settled a lawsuit last year for $5.9 million.

It raises questions about how Jaramillo -- who was never a suspect and has no criminal record in Alameda County -- ended up bloody, unconscious and eventually dead.

The police department did not respond to questions about the incident, including whether an internal investigation was conducted and if the department has policies on restraint and medical treatment. It also does not appear the department ever sent out a public advisory about the incident.


Last week, Oakland settled a wrongful-death lawsuit for $450,000. The city attorney's office referred questions about the settlement to the City Council.

Jaramillo's death was induced by a bizarre and disastrous chain of events

The catalyst was his sister calling police on July 8, 2013, at about 1:40 a.m. and reporting that she believed an intruder was trying to kill her brother.
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How one of the deadliest police forces in America stopped shooting people - Quartz
Now, five years later, the department is a model for police reform. Despite an uptick in violence directed toward Vegas cops, there were zero deadly force incidents involving unarmed suspects in 2014. The number of officer-involved shootings has dropped significantly as well.
In recent months, members of the NYPD, Baltimore police, as well as law enforcement agencies from Utah, Massachusetts, Albuquerque and even Australia have visited Metro to study its new training and accountability regimes.
Here’s how Las Vegas police halted a trend in excessive force.
Federal scrutiny

When the Las Vegas Review-Journal published its report on Metro’s history of excessive force, its most damning assessment came from independent experts who analyzed 20 years worth of Vegas police shooting data and concluded that most of the deadly force incidents could have been avoided.
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50 years of U.S. mass shootings: The victims, sites, killers and weapons - Washington Post
the weapons are the common denominator.

Mass killings in the United States are most often carried out with guns, usually handguns, most of them obtained legally.

There is no universally accepted definition of a mass shooting, and different organizations use different criteria. In this piece we look at the deadliest cases, beginning Aug. 1, 1966, when ex-Marine sniper Charles Whitman killed his wife and mother, then climbed a 27-story tower at the University of Texas and killed 14 more people before police shot him to death. The numbers here refer to 121 events in which four or more people were killed by a lone shooter (or two shooters in three cases). An average of seven people died during each event, often including the shooters.

[The number of ‘mass shootings’ in the U.S. depends on how you count]

This data — compiled from Mother Jones; Grant Duwe, author of “Mass Murder in the United States: A History,” and Washington Post research — does not include gang killings, shootings that began as other crimes such as robberies, and killings that involved only the shooter’s family.

794 victims
Each gun was used to kill an average of three people, not counting shooters. The 794 people came from nearly every imaginable race, religion and socioeconomic background, and 134 were children or teenagers.
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Anti Police-Terror Project Yuvette_Henderson
Anti Police-Terror Project
Today we held a press conference to announce a Federal lawsuit on behalf of the family of Yuvette Henderson. Yuvette was killed by officers from the Emeryville Police Department in February of this year. We demand justice.

Speakers in the video include APTP founder Cat Brooks, attorney Dan Siegel, Carroll Fife of Oakland Alliance, Henderson family members Jamison Robinson, and Antrinette Jenkins. Video by APTP Media team.

#SayHerName #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeforYuvette — at Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building.
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Ada Perkins-Henderson's son was the 1000th... - Anti Police-Terror Project
Anti Police-Terror Project
We must question the narrative about last week's killing of Richard Perkins by officers from the Oakland Police Department at a gas station on the corner of 90th and Bancroft. While cracking down on the sideshows, OPD officers gunned down Richard Perkins who was not part of the sideshow activity. As usual, OPD sought to dehumanize the victim by only talking about a former charge he had while showing the media pictures of the pellet gun they allege he pointed at them out of the blue. Witnesses claim Richard never touched the pellet gun or pointed it at the officers. What we do know is that the officers who shot Richard all wore body cameras. They say they didn't have them on. We also know that the entire scene was captured and recorded by the gas station's video surveillance cameras that are a mere 15-20 feet away from where Richard was gunned down. Officers took that footage but have yet to disclose its contents. Why are they so quick to tout flimsy evidence which supports their narrative but are quiet about the actual footage?

Donate to the Perkin's family funeral fund at

#QuestionTheNarrative #JusticeForRichardPerkins #BlackLivesMatter #PoliceTerrorism
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Police In The United States Have Now Killed 1000 People In 2015 «
With nearly two full months left in 2015, the count of people killed by police in the United States this year has just reached 1,000 — that we know of.

While the numbers include all people killed by police, regardless of the situation, the fact is — there have been 1,000 families left to grieve their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters in just this year alone.

Deaths By Law Enforcement in 2015:

92 in January
87 in February
115 in March
104 in April
86 in May
82 in June
126 in July
106 in August
100 in September
97 in October
5 in the first two days of November
Extrapolating the numbers for the 305 days of 2015 to an hourly figure, the police have killed someone, on average, every 7.33 hours.

Meanwhile, the Officer Down Memorial Page is reporting gunfire related deaths of on-duty officers is down 20% from last year. So far this year, 32 police officers have been shot and killed on the job, meaning they have been killed, on average, every 228.75 hours.

In fact, being a police officer in the United States is not even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs, according to the Department of Labor.
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Update: SFPD Officer Shoots, Kills One In Mid-Market: SFist
Update: SFPD Officer Shoots, Kills One In Mid-Market

A Mid-Market officer-involved shooting was a fatal one, NBC Bay Area and Bay City News report.
From the scene, the SFPD has confirmed to the Chronicle that an "officer fired on someone."
News outlets are awaiting SFPD Chief Greg Suhr for more information.

Muni and traffic are closed off around the intersection of Eighth and Market Streets near UN Plaza while, according to the news channels' eyes in the sky, a body lies under a tarp. The Examiner confirms that staff from the Coroner's Office was on the scene.
Market Street between 7th and 9th streets, 8th Street between Market and Mission streets, and Hyde Street between Fulton and Grove streets are also closed.

Update 1:40 p.m.: Twitter engineer McLaren Stanley writes that he "was on the corner of Market and 8th" when he heard "two shots," tweeting the below image:

McLaren Stanley via Twitter
As Stanley was about 10 yards away, he claims to have seen the following:

That rings with the Chronicle's coverage: They write that "there was some type of scuffle then 2-4 shots."
Update 1:55 p.m.: The SFPD is readying to brief the media, while revealing that two officers were injured but none was shot.

Update 2:10 p.m.: SFPD has briefed the media that during a scuffle making an arrest, one officer lost their gun, and their partner fired on the suspect.

Update 2:30 p.m.: Market Street has reopened.
Update 2:35 p.m.: The Chronicle writes that the victim was a latino man his 20s. He was not identified. Neither were the officers save the detail that they were "senior" and that both were treated at a local hospital, one for facial injuries, one for a knee injury.
It reportedly started like this: A construction worker flagged officers in a police vehicle and reported that the man was throwing bottles into the street.
SF  police  shooting  killing 
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Over 700 people killed by police this year. But who's counting? - Columbia Journalism Review
a definitive count of law enforcement killings remains elusive. Quantifying them can be a messy, subjective process that requires editorial judgment, not just number crunching.

The two largest newsroom efforts are from The Washington Post and The Guardian US, both of which are compiling national databases of people killed by police. While comparable, the projects differ in several key ways. The Guardian’s The Counted, which launched in June, tracks every fatal encounter with law enforcement since January 1, 2015, while the Post’s database includes only police shootings. In addition to basic demographic details, the Post tracks whether the person killed showed signs of mental illness, while The Guardian tracks the outcomes of investigations into the killings. The two news outlets define “armed” and “unarmed” differently, a non-trivial matter, since the presence of an “unarmed” victim is often interpreted to mean the killing was unjustified.
...The Post and Guardian both rely on crowdsourced tips and news reports as their primary sources, then verify them using public documents, interviews with police and family members, and other standard reporting techniques. The process is similar to that used to compile Fatal Encounters, an independent website that collects police killing data going back to 2000.

The creator of Fatal Encounters, D. Brian Burghart, is the editor of the alt-weekly Reno News & Review; he launched the site in 2014 after he discovered a lack of reliable data. “I’m not a data expert by any stretch of the imagination,” says Burghart, whose data has been used by The New York Times, among others. “The idea was that if we created it and kept it as neutral as possible, then large media outlets can use it for whatever they wanted.” Burghart is currently crowdfunding for a related project, called Encuentros Mortales, that will track deaths of immigrants, which are often reported in Mexican media but not in the US. Both projects are updated and maintained by Burghart and a team of “mostly underpaid volunteers.”
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'Baseline Killer' appeals 9 death sentences
Ten years ago, Mark Goudeau had just embarked on the spree of rapes and robberies and murders that would earn him nine death sentences, more than 1,600 years in prison and the title "Baseline Killer."
Even in the unlikely event that all his convictions are thrown out, he will spend the rest of his life in prison, serving 438 years for a 2005 sexual assault on two sisters in south Phoenix that went to a jury four years before the murder trial that sent him to death row.

Over the course of two trials in 2007 and 2011, Goudeau, now 50, was convicted of 84 felonies involving 33 victims, including nine murders. Eight of the murder victims were women who police and prosecutors believe Goudeau shot in the head when they refused his sexual demands.

On Tuesday, an appellate attorney argued to the Arizona Supreme Court that Goudeau should have been tried separately for each of the murders and some other counts because the overwhelming number of crimes might have convinced the jury to find him guilty of crimes he may not have committed.
Arizona  serial  killing  women 
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Men and mass murder: What gender tells us about America's epidemic of gun violence
And as far as I'm concerned, the most disturbing (and also least discussed) aspect of America's epidemic of mass shootings is the fact that they are almost invariably committed by men.


Our sick political climate

Righteous tweeting is a dumb way to combat gun violence
Murder is an overwhelmingly male act, with the offender proving to be a man 90 percent of the time the person's gender is known. When it comes to mass shootings, the gender disparity is even greater, with something like 98 percent of them perpetrated by men.
Setbacks and failures will always be painful. But they needn't be viewed as a sign that an existential promise has been betrayed — or treated as moral justification for a testosterone-fueled homicidal temper tantrum.

massacre  men  killing 
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Police release photo of person of interest in Oakland artist homicide |
OAKLAND (KRON) — Oakland Police Homicide investigators released the attached video surveillance photo of a person of interest in connection with the homicide of muralist Antonio Ramos.

Ramos was shot and killed at about at about 10:28 last Tuesday while working on a community art project in West Oakland. He was one of several artists working on a mural under the Interstate Highway 580 overpass between 35th and 36th streets.

A single male suspect walked up to the area where the artists were working, shot the victim and walked away, police spokeswoman Officer Johnna Watson said. Investigators are looking at what lead up to the shooting, such as whether there was an argument.
mural  artist  killing  West  Oakland 
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School shootings | Radfem Groundhog Day
Misogyny in specific shootings

The most infamous of misogyny in school shootings was the 1989 École Polytechnique Massacre. Within a 20 minute shooting (and stabbing) spree, the 25yo male had murdered 14 women, injured ten women and four men. In a suicide note he blamed feminists for ruining his life, and included a list of nineteen Quebec women he considered feminists and wished to kill. In the first shooting of the day he separated the nine women from the fifty men, and lined up the women. Shortly before shooting the women (killing six, injuring three) he had said “You’re women, you’re going to be engineers. You’re all a bunch of feminists. I hate feminists.” He went on to shoot another 19 people, primarily females, before shooting himself.

In the 2006 Amish School shooting, the 32yo white gunman specifically targeted females. Instructing the hostages that if the two women who had made a break for it to get help got away, he would shoot everybody. He later released all the boys, holding ten female students – killing five and injuring five, then shooting himself. All the victims were girls aged between 6-13 years old.

The 2009 Winnenden school shooting in Germany was a spree over three locations, a high school, carjacking getaway, then an industrial estate. At the first location, in two classrooms at the school, the 17yo shooter had shot most victims in the head (showing calculated targets, not spraying the area with bullets), he killed one female teacher, eight female students and one male student. The other fatalities at the school were all female trainee teachers in their 20s. The male fatalities were primarily ‘getaway’ fatalities, and by the final location had changed to random shootings, including at police. During his getaway when asked why he had done it he replied “For fun, because it is fun.” He ended it by shooting himself.
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Active Shooter Data - Home
The goal of the website is to provide up-to-date information and data regarding active shooter events in the United States. 
The data presented here are obtained through ongoing systematic searches for active shooter events. Events occurring between 2000 and 2013 were collected in conjunction with the FBI for inclusion in a report of active shooters (click for report). The methodology for the FBI report and ongoing data collection are the same. 

Search Strategy. Multiple search engines (e.g., Lexis-Nexis, Google) were utilized to search for news stories from 2000 to present for active shooter events in the United States using search terms including, but not limited to: Active shooter, mass shooting, shooting spree, spree shooting, business shooting, mall shooting, and school shooting. Possible active shooter events were identified from these searches and then evaluated to see if they met the following federal definition of an active shooter event:  Individuals actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in populated areas.  At least one of the victims must be unrelated to the shooter.  The primary motive appears to be mass murder; that is the shooting is not a by-product of an attempt to commit another crime.  While many gang-related shootings could fall with-in this category, gang-related shootings were excluded from this study because gang related shootings are not considered to be active shooter events by the police (NYPD, 2011).  At least two coders examined each candidate event to see if it met the requirement of this definition.  
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Three Correctional Deputies Arrested On Murder Charges After Santa Clara County Inmate Found Dead « CBS San Francisco
20150915 SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — Three Santa Clara County correctional deputies have been arrested Thursday on suspicion of murdering an inmate.
Rafael Rodriguez, Jereh Lubrin and Matthew Farris were arrested in the death of a 31-year-old man who was an inmate at the jail, sheriff’s Sgt. James Jensen said.
UPDATE: Medical Examiner Says Santa Clara Co. Jail Inmate Died Of Blunt Force Injuries
The trio was arrested on suspicion of murder, conspiracy and assault.
They are being held without bail and are scheduled for arraignment on Tuesday, according to jail records.
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1 Black Man Is Killed Every 28 Hours by Police or Vigilantes: America Is Perpetually at War with Its Own People | Alternet
Police officers, security guards, or self-appointed vigilantes extrajudicially killed at least 313 African Americans in 2012 according to a recent study. This means a black person was killed by a security officer every 28 hours. The report notes that it's possible that the real number could be much higher.  

The report, entitled "Operation Ghetto Storm", was performed by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, an antiracist grassroots activist organization. The organization has chapters in Atlanta, Detroit, Fort Worth-Dallas, Jackson, New Orleans, New York City, Oakland, and Washington, D.C. It has a history of organizing campaigns against police brutality and state repression in black and brown communities. Their study's sources included police and media reports along with other publicly available information. Last year, the organization published a similar study showing that a black person is killed by security forces every 36 hours. However, this study did not tell the whole story, as it only looked at shootings from January to June 2012. Their latest study is an update of this. 
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Santa Clara County jail inmate died screaming, ‘I’m sorry!’ - SFGate
A mentally ill Santa Clara County inmate was heard screaming, “I’m sorry” and “Stop,” as he was allegedly beaten by correctional officers hours before he was found dead, authorities said Tuesday as they charged the jailers with murder.
Court documents described a brutal beating by three correctional officers at the Main Jail in San Jose that culminated in the death of 31-year-old Michael Tyree, who was found naked and covered in feces and vomit in his cell Aug. 27, hours after the beating was meted out when he initially refused to take his medication, prosecutors said.
Animal love in desperate search following Valley Fire devastation
Corrections, Sept. 15
Last gasp of Hurricane Linda leaves S.F. streets wet
The attack came after the jailers had roughed up another inmate, prosecutors charged.
Jereh Lubrin, 28, and Matthew Farris and Rafael Rodriguez, both 27, made their first appearance Tuesday afternoon in Superior Court since their arrests last week. All three are on unpaid leave in what Sheriff Laurie Smith has described as a “vile and cowardly act.”
The three corrections officers did not enter a plea to the charges, which include murder. They are being held without bail.
“Whether a person is on the street, or in that jail, he deserves human dignity. He deserves to be treated like a human being,” said District Attorney Jeff Rosen. “We charged three correctional officers with murder for the beating death of mentally ill inmate Michael Tyree, a human being.”
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Virginia Cop Indicted In Murder Of Unarmed Black Teen
Portsmouth, Virginia, officer Stephen Rankin was indicted on a first-degree murder charge Thursday after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black 18-year-old earlier this year.

A grand jury decided to charge Rankin, who shot and killed William Chapman II outside a Walmart on April 22, according to The Virginian-Pilot. Autopsy reports obtained by the paper show that Chapman was shot in the face and chest, and that his body was carted off to the city medical examiner's office with his hands cuffed behind his back.

“After a methodical deliberation of a thorough investigation by the Virginia state police, the state’s attorney determined that William Chapman was murdered by a police officer,” Chapman family attorney Jon Michael Babineau told The Guardian. “Today, the citizens of Portsmouth agreed.”
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No, Police Defenders, There Is No ‘War on Cops’ - The Daily Beast
First—and most importantly—there is no “war on cops,” if the term suggests increasingly brazen and numerous open “executions” of police officers. The National Law Enforcement Officers Fund, which tracks police deaths, finds that the number of police killed in assaults so far this year is 25, the same as last year. The FBI says that while the number of cops “feloniously killed” each year has fluctuated over the past decade, “it stands at about 50.” As my Reason colleague Ed Krayewski writes, “In 2007, there were 67 cops shot and killed in the line of duty. In 2007 there was no ‘national conversation’ about police reform, no sustained focus on criminal justice reform, nothing in the national zeitgeist that would suggest the number of murders were the result of anything more than the number of people who had killed cops that year.”
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State of California Department of Justice - OpenJustice
OpenJustice includes three major components:

A Justice Dashboard that spotlights key criminal justice indicators with in-depth analysis, integration of other publicly available datasets, and user-friendly interactive visualization tools;
An Open Data Portal that publishes data from CA DOJ's statewide repository of criminal justice datasets in an open-source and downloadable form; and
An ongoing effort to improve criminal justice reporting in California.
OpenJustice underscores the CA DOJ's commitment to improving public safety and increasing transparency through innovation; it represents one of the largest open government criminal justice data initiatives of any state in the U.S.
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Judge orders officers charged in Freddie Gray case to be tried separately - Baltimore Sun
A circuit judge ruled Wednesday that the case against six Baltimore police officers charged in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray will go forward in separate trials, with Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby remaining at the helm of the prosecution.

During a day of hearings in a downtown courtroom, Judge Barry Williams swiftly sliced through complex legal arguments in the first motions hearing. In three key rulings issued from the bench, he refused to dismiss the charges or recuse Mosby and decided that the case should be split to ensure that each officer gets a fair trial.
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FBI — Expanded Homicide Data Table 6
Race and Sex of Victim by Race and Sex of Offender, 2012
[Single victim/single offender]
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OP-ED: Police Who Kill Must Be Held Accountable - Post News Group
Recently, at national conferences covered by local news, the Oakland Police Department and Mayor Libby Schaaf lauded OPD’s officer training, claiming improvements in officers’ interactions with community members.
Prior to Demouria’s murder, they publicly celebrated the fact that OPD hadn’t killed anyone in two years. But they failed to mention that in the first six months of 2015, over 100 complaints of police harassment, misconduct and abuse were reported by Oak-land residents to the Citizens’ Police Review Board.
In addition, community members had been killed by other law enforcement agencies in Oakland while OPD officers stood by, such as in the cases of Jacorey Calhoun and Guadalupe Ochoa.
And the city leaders failed to mention their recent assault on Black women and children who were peacefully marching to demand an end to the war on the lives of Black women.
We were pushed, screamed at and snatched off the street. I personally had a police officers’ forearm in my throat until the third time I told him, “I can’t breathe.”
Following the murder of Demouria Hogg, the community demanded an independent investigation and release of the surveillance tapes to the family.
These demands continue to be ignored.
If OPD wants to inspire trust in the community, a good first step would be respond-ing to community demands. If OPD officers are positive they “followed procedure,” why are they afraid of an independent investigation?
Training is not enough.
The only way police officers will stop utilizing brute force and executions as a means to “enforce the law” with Black people is when they are held accountable through fair and transparent investigations by outside investigators.
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Suspect dies in Oakland police pursuit |
OAKLAND (BCN) — A male suspect died after becoming wedged between structures while fleeing from police officers during a traffic stop in the Lockwood Gardens area of East Oakland on Sunday evening, police said today.

Patrol officers stopped the solo male driver around 5:45 p.m. in the 1300 block of 65th Avenue, just off International Boulevard, according to police.

The officers called for additional support before conducting a search.

During a systematic search of the area, officers found the driver wedged into a small space between two structures.

Officers began CPR and called for an ambulance, but he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The suspect’s name is being withheld pending notification of his family, police said this morning.

The death is being investigated by police and the Alameda County coroner’s bureau.
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