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LAPD chief among nation's top cops who ask Congress to ban assault weapons - Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he supports tougher gun measures.

“I believe in universal background checks, banning all detachable magazines, and banning the manufacture, import and sale of semi-auto rifles with detachable magazines,” Villanueva said in a statement Thursday. “Our congressional delegation is in support of common sense gun legislation. Average citizens should be able to keep what they already lawfully own, grandfather them in.”
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9 weeks ago by Quercki
17 School Districts Debunk Right-Wing Lies About Protections For Transgender Students | Research | Media Matters for America
The collective experience of 17 U.S. school districts has shattered the right-wing myth that says prohibiting discrimination against transgender students causes confusion and inappropriate behavior. Years after implementing their own anti-discrimination policies, none of the schools have experienced any problems.
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