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Declassified CIA Document Reveals Iraq War Had Zero Justification - News Punch
The justification for going to war in Iraq thirteen years ago, was based on a 93-page classified document that allegedly contained “specific information” on former Iraqi leader President Saddam Hussein and the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) programs he was apparently running.

Now that document has been declassified and it reveals that there was virtually zero justification for the Iraq war. The document reveals that there was “no operational tie between Saddam and al Qaeda” and no WMD programs.

The report reveals that the intelligence community and the US Department of Energy did not think Saddam was pursuing any type of WMD program, and was instead developing rocket motors.
Iraq  war  lies  CIA 
10 weeks ago by Quercki
Oakland police under-reported uses of force, especially on people of color, audit finds -
An internal Oakland police audit found that officers failed to report using force against a suspect in more than one-third of instances studied in 2018, and all of those unreported incidents involved a non-white suspect.

The audit, completed by the department’s Office of Inspector General and released this week, expands on previous internal and external reports that found that the departments’ celebrated decline in use-of-force incidents was likely exaggerated.
Oakland  police  violence  lies 
10 weeks ago by Quercki
KPMG is in the middle of an unbelievably dirty cheating scandal that keeps on getting uglier / Boing Boing
For more than a year, regulators have known that KPMG employees had been stealing regulatory information and using it to cheat on inspections of its audits -- they'd steal the FEC's list of upcoming inspection targets and revise their work to make sure the inspections didn't find any flaws. The SEC was set to hand down a $50m fine.

Then, yesterday, the SEC announced that they'd found a second, even more disturbing pattern of cheating, one that went right to the top, with KPMG's most senior staff cheating on their integrity exams (!!), sharing answers in advance, and hacking the tests to lower the score needed to pass it (the tests were delivered online, and in the URL for the test was a variable that set the percentage needed for a passing grade: "MasteryScore=70" -- by lowering this value, cheaters could turn any number of right answers into a pass). Some auditors "passed" their ethics exams with a score of only 25%.

These exams tested auditors on their ethics, their expertise, and their mastery of the continuing education courses they were required to take to remain licensed to practice.

As Matt Kelly says, the scandal reveals "chronic, widespread and intentional illegal behavior by senior partners including some leading public company audits for the firm."
KPMG  accountint  audit  cheating  lies  liar 
june 2019 by Quercki
What Ilhan Omar Said About AIPAC Was Right
On Twitter, Omar suggested, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” quoting Puff Daddy’s ’90s paean to cash money. Omar subsequently specified that she was talking about spending from the likes of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, better known as AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobbying organization.

By Monday morning, AIPAC had mobilized its allies to condemn Omar’s comment for playing into centuries-old anti-Semitic tropes that wealthy Jews control the world. Even the Democratic leadership put out a statement condemning her. All because she dared to point out that the emperor has no clothes.

As a Jew, an Israeli citizen, and a professional lobbyist (ahem, activist), I speak from personal experience when I say that AIPAC is tremendously effective, and the lubricant that makes its operation hum is dollar, dollar bills.
Israel  lobby  PAC  Palestine  anti-semitism  lies 
february 2019 by Quercki
Russia trolls 'spreading vaccination misinformation' to create discord - BBC News
Earlier this month, the World Health Organization (WHO) said cases of measles in Europe had hit a record high, with experts blaming this surge in infections on a drop in the number of people being vaccinated.

In the US, the number of children being exempted from immunisation for religious or philosophical reasons is also rising, research published in June found.

The tactics of a Russian troll farm
The make-up mogul who has reignited 'anti-vax' row
What's behind the 'anti-vax' movement?

While a majority of Americans believed vaccines were safe and effective, looking at Twitter gave a different impression and suggested that there was a lot of debate about the issue, the disinformation study, which was published in the American Journal of Public Health, said.

"A significant portion of the online discourse about vaccines may be generated by malicious actors with a range of hidden agendas," said David Broniatowski from George Washington University.

The researchers reviewed more than 250 tweets about vaccination from accounts linked to the St Petersburg-based Internet Research Agency (IRA). In February the agency was named in a US indictment over alleged election meddling.

The IRA tweets used polarising language and linked vaccination to controversial statements about race, class and government legitimacy, the researchers said.

One tweet casting doubt on vaccines that was cited in the study read: "Did you know there was secret government database of #Vaccine-damaged child? #VaccinateUS".
vaccination  Russia  trolls  lies  internet 
february 2019 by Quercki
Wells Fargo: We can't be sued for lying to shareholders because it was obvious we were lying / Boing Boing
In other words, as the LA Times's Michael Hiltzik puts it, "We can’t be sued because no one believed us anyway."

The shareholder lawsuit focuses on the efforts by Sloan and his fellow executives to conceal the auto-loan scandal from the public. While they were trying to clean up the splatter from the bank’s most prominent scandal, in which sales representatives secretly opened millions of accounts for consumers in order to meet punishing work quotas, the executives consistently stated that they were investigating high and low to make sure the bank was otherwise clean and would fully disclose anything they discovered.
Wells_Fargo  lies  scandal  scam 
november 2018 by Quercki
Oakland Review Agency Exonerates Police Chief Over False Statements Regarding ICE Raid | East Bay Express
According to Oakland's Community Police Review Agency, Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick did nothing wrong when she made multiple false and inaccurate statements about an ICE raid that OPD officers assisted in August 2017.

CPRA Executive Director Anthony Finnell closed the case and informed the Oakland Police Commission at its meeting last night about his findings.

But several commissioners expressed frustration with the results because of Finnell's refusal to explain exactly why he cleared Kirkpatrick, despite the existence of video in which the chief made false statements.

Commissioners also questioned why it took a year to complete the investigation.

And in a surprising revelation, Finnell also told police commissioners last night that they're not allowed to look at the contents of CPRA investigative files, even though they're tasked with reviewing cases and approving the CPRA's findings — and determining whether Finnell and his investigators are doing their jobs correctly.
Oakland  Police  Commission  Anne_Kickpatrick  lies  ICE 
november 2018 by Quercki
Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong - The Washington Post
After being egged on by President Trump, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) released the results of a DNA test Oct. 15 that indicated that she had a Native American ancestor.

The results — which identified Native American DNA from six to 10 generations ago — were immediately misinterpreted.

It started with a Boston Globe report, which initially said that the test showed she was between 1/32nd and 1/514th Native American. After confessing twice to a math error, the Globe corrected that to between 1/64th and 1/1024th Native American. That would translate to between 98.44 percent and 99.9 percent not Native American.
Elizabeth_Warren  Native_American  DNA  GOP  lies 
october 2018 by Quercki
A quick review of 40 years of investigations into Donald Trump and his businesses - The Washington Post
1991: Trump's father is caught buying casino chips in lieu of giving Trump a loan. At the height of Trump's financial troubles, his father Fred Trump purchased $3.5 million in gaming chips from one of Trump's casinos, Trump Castle, infusing the business with cash. New Jersey regulators deemed the purchase illegal financial assistance, and the casino eventually accepted a $65,000 fine and admitted to violating the law.
Trump  fraud  taxes  lies 
october 2018 by Quercki
New Documents Show Trump’s Election Integrity Commission Was Preparing Report on Voter Fraud Without Proof – Mother Jones
Among the documents turned over to Dunlap were outlines and a draft of a report to be issued by the commission. The draft, dated November 2017, included headings for evidence of “improper voter registration practices,” “instances of fraudulent or improper voting,” “instances of other election crimes” and “voter suppression.” But there was no evidence below these headings and sub-headings. “That the Commission predicted it would find widespread evidence of fraud actually reveals a troubling bias,” Dunlap wrote in a letter to Kobach and Vice President Mike Pence, the chair of the commission, that he also released Friday. “While individual cases of improper or fraudulent voting occur infrequently, the instances of which I am aware do not provide any basis to extrapolate widespread of systematic problems. The plural of anecdote is not data.”

In his letter, Dunlap highlighted other troubling activity going on among a small number of commissioners. The commission’s first official act last June was to demand extensive personal information about every voter in the country—from their names and addresses to the last four digits of their Social Security numbers—a request that raised fears that the commission would put people’s privacy in danger and create a faulty database to try to prove voter fraud. On Friday, Dunlap revealed that Kobach and two other commissioners considered requesting additional information federal court clerks, including “lists of individuals deemed ineligible or excused from federal jury service due to death, relocation, convictions, or lack of citizenship.”
voter  fraud  Republican  lies 
august 2018 by Quercki
Trump lied to me about his wealth to get onto the Forbes 400. Here are the tapes. - The Washington Post
Trump wasn’t just poorer than he said he was. Over time, I have learned that he should not have been on the first three Forbes 400 lists at all. In our first-ever list, in 1982, we included him at $100 million, but Trump was actually worth roughly $5 million — a paltry sum by the standards of his super-monied peers — as a spate of government reports and books showed only much later.
Trump  business  wealth  taxes  lies 
april 2018 by Quercki
Oakland police chief faces council over details of August immigration raid | Oakland North
Questions regarding Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick’s truthfulness about police cooperation in an immigration home raid in West Oakland this summer were on the minds of many in the chambers at Tuesday’s city council meeting, but those would have to wait nearly four hours and more than 30 agenda items until the issue was finally heard.

The agenda item was only an informational report, yet it was the first time Kirkpatrick had to answer publicly to the city council regarding an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) home raid on August 16, for which Oakland police officers provided traffic enforcement. That morning ICE agents raided a home on 27th Street to serve a sealed criminal search warrant as part of a federal criminal investigation into human trafficking, according to Homeland Security Investigations (a division of ICE) Special Agent in Charge Ryan Spradlin. No one was arrested during the raid in connection with a crime, but according to federal ICE documents, Oakland resident Santos de Leon was arrested after an ICE agent asked if he “had legal status to reside in the United States,” to which he said no.  He is currently out of detention on civil immigration bond, but faces a potential deportation for “unlawful presence,” according to Brian Hofer, chair of Oakland’s Privacy Commission.
Oakland  police  Anne_Kirkpatrick  ICE  immigration  truth  lies 
december 2017 by Quercki
NYPD led campaign of lies against Black Lives Matter: lawyers - NY Daily News
A contentious case over NYPD surveillance of Black Lives Matter protesters at Grand Central Station has escalated to charges that the department is lying.

Lawyers for protester James Logue filed court papers Wednesday accusing the NYPD of telling "purposeful" lies, making "unprecedented and illegal" requests to the court and submitting "intentionally misleading" sworn statements.

"The vast majority of what the (NYPD) placed before this court has been untrustworthy," Logue's attorney David Thompson wrote.

In February, Mendez ordered the NYPD to give Logue surveillance records of protests in 2014 and 2015.

NYPD must disclose surveillance of Black Lives Matter protesters
The NYPD handed over some materials revealing that undercover officers infiltrated the ranks of protesters so they could get text messages from the group's leaders. But Thompson says the NYPD flouted the judge's order by withholding footage from stationary cameras, among other information.
BlackLivesMatter  demonstration  NYPD  police  surveillance  lies 
november 2017 by Quercki
A woman approached The Post with dramatic — and false — tale about Roy Moore. She appears to be part of undercover sting operation. - The Washington Post
A woman who falsely claimed to The Washington Post that Roy Moore, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama, impregnated her as a teenager appears to work with an organization that uses deceptive tactics to secretly record conversations in an effort to embarrass its targets.

In a series of interviews over two weeks, the woman shared a dramatic story about an alleged sexual relationship with Moore in 1992 that led to an abortion when she was 15. During the interviews, she repeatedly pressed Post reporters to give their opinions on the effects that her claims could have on Moore’s candidacy if she went public.

The Post did not publish an article based on her unsubstantiated account. When Post reporters confronted her with inconsistencies in her story and an Internet posting that raised doubts about her motivations, she insisted that she was not working with any organization that targets journalists.
Roy_Moore  James_O'Keefe  Project_Veritas  lies  scam  Planned_Parenthood 
november 2017 by Quercki
Complaint Filed Against Oakland Police Chief for False Statements | East Bay Express
Eight Oakland residents, including Brian Hofer, chair of the city's privacy advisory commission, filed a complaint against Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick on Monday for allegedly making false statements.

The complaint, lodged with the Citizens Police Review Board, alleges that Kirkpatrick made at least three false statements about an Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation that involved the search of a West Oakland residence on Aug. 16.

At least two Oakland police officers assisted ICE during the raid by blocking off the street to through traffic.
Oakland  police  immigration  ICE  Anne_Kirpatrick  lies 
november 2017 by Quercki
Why did Don Jr.'s emails surface? Because Robert Mueller is already changing Washington's lying ways - LA Times
Perhaps no quality has more stunned and frustrated the president’s critics than his brazen willingness to lie. Trump frequently appears to have no independent regard for truth, to see veracity in purely expedient terms: What he can get away with in public debate. More dumbfounding, he and others in the White House do seem to get away with it, ridiculing plainly objective accounts as “fake news.”
lies  Trump  legal 
july 2017 by Quercki
Comey says Pence was aware of Flynn problems as early as the transition, which means Pence lied
Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) just pulled Vice President Mike Pence into the heart of the Russia investigation, asking former FBI Director James Comey whether Pence was aware of the concerns about Mike Flynn's Russia connections both prior to and during his brief tenure in the administration—that is during the transition. Which Mike Pence directed.

Comey: "My understanding is that he was."

That undermines Pence's claim that he was totally ignorant of Pence's Russia ties and that Flynn had lied to him about it. That supposed lie, remember, was the justification Trump gave for firing Flynn.
lies  liar  Pence  Wyden  Flynn  Trump  Comey 
june 2017 by Quercki
Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift | Nutrition Journal | Full Text
Assumption: The only way for overweight and obese people to improve health is to lose weight
Evidence: That weight loss will improve health over the long-term for obese people is, in fact, an untested hypothesis. One reason the hypothesis is untested is because no methods have proven to reduce weight long-term for a significant number of people. Also, while normal weight people have lower disease incidence than obese individuals, it is unknown if weight loss in individuals already obese reduces disease risk to the same level as that observed in those who were never obese [91, 93].

As indicated by research conducted by one of the authors and many other investigators, most health indicators can be improved through changing health behaviors, regardless of whether weight is lost [11]. For example, lifestyle changes can reduce blood pressure, largely or completely independent of changes in body weight [11, 141, 142, 143]. The same can be said for blood lipids [11, 143, 144, 145]. Improvements in insulin sensitivity and blood lipids as a result of aerobic exercise training have been documented even in individuals who gained body fat during the intervention [145, 146].
fat  obesity  data  facts  lies  truth 
june 2017 by Quercki
“Mindless Eating,” or how to send an entire life of research into question | Ars Technica
Wansink is probably regretting he ever started typing. Tim van der Zee, one of the scientists participating in the ongoing examination into Wansink’s past, keeps a running account of what’s turned up so far. “To the best of my knowledge,” van der Zee writes in a blog post most recently updated on April 6, “there are currently 42 publications from Wansink which are alleged to contain minor to very serious issues, which have been cited over 3,700 times, are published in over 25 different journals, and in eight books, spanning over 20 years of research.”

That’s enough to cause an entire field to rethink what it thought it knew.

If you hide your junk food, you’ve probably heard of Wansink

You’ve probably come across Wansink’s ideas at some point. He researches how subtle changes in the environment can affect people’s eating behavior, and his findings have made a mark on popular diet wisdom. Perhaps you’ve adopted the tip to use smaller plates to trick yourself into eating less, moved your unhealthy snacks into a hard-to-reach place, or placed your fruit bowl prominently on your kitchen counter. Maybe you’ve scoffed at the “health halo” marketing of a decidedly unhealthy food, or chosen 100-calorie snack packs to control your intake.
research  obesity  statistics  lies 
june 2017 by Quercki
The Recent History of Fat Stigma – Mean fat girl – Medium
Weight Watchers went from a profit of $45 million dollars in 1992 to a $50 million dollar loss in 1994. Jenny Craig’s earnings went down by 84 percent in 1993. NutriSystem declared bankruptcy in 1993. The FTC filed deceptive advertising claims against both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. (1)
This low point for the diet industry led to a sustained campaign of misinformation and stigmatization and led to a partnership between Weight Watchers style diet companies with pharmaceutical companies selling diet pills.
These partners used the same tactics oil companies would use to confuse the issue of climate change- lobbying members of Congress, funding fake “grassroots” campaigns, paying for scientists to write favorable papers to support them, placing members of their industry inside the regulatory and watchdog arms of the government.
The company selling diet pills was called Wyeth. And the diet pill was fen phen.
fat  stigma  drugs  pharmaceutical  corporations  lies 
june 2017 by Quercki
False denials from Mike Pence continue to stack up | MSNBC
False denials from Mike Pence continue to stack up
Rachel Maddow looks at the many times Mike Pence has denied something about the Donald Trump team only to be proven wrong by further reporting, leaving Pence with a lot of explaining to do. Duration: 18:29
Pence  lies  Russia  Flynn  Turkey  Kushner  election  fraud  Comey 
may 2017 by Quercki
OUCH! Newsweek exposes Trump as the business fraud he is.
Trump’s many misrepresentations of his successes and his failures matter—a lot. As a man who has never held so much as a city council seat, there is little voters can examine to determine if he is competent to hold office. He has no voting record and presents few details about specific policies. Instead, he sells himself as qualified to run the country because he is a businessman who knows how to get things done, and his financial dealings are the only part of his background available to assess his competence to lead the country. And while Trump has had a few successes in business, most of his ventures have been disasters.
Trump  business  lies 
april 2017 by Quercki
GSB: DCDave's Column - Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression
Strong, credible allegations of high-level criminal activity can bring down a government. When the government lacks an effective, fact-based defense, other techniques must be employed. The success of these techniques depends heavily upon a cooperative, compliant press and a mere token opposition party.
Dummy up. If it's not reported, if it's not news, it didn't happen.

Wax indignant. This is also known as the "How dare you?" gambit.

Characterize the charges as "rumors" or, better yet, "wild rumors." If, in spite of the news blackout, the public is still able to learn about the suspicious facts, it can only be through "rumors." (If they tend to believe the "rumors" it must be because they are simply "paranoid" or "hysterical.")

Knock down straw men. Deal only with the weakest aspects of the weakest charges. Even better, create your own straw men. Make up wild rumors (or plant false stories) and give them lead play when you appear to debunk all the charges, real and fanciful alike.

Call the skeptics names like "conspiracy theorist," "nutcase," "ranter," "kook," "crackpot," and, of course, "rumor monger." Be sure, too, to use heavily loaded verbs and adjectives when characterizing their charges and defending the "more reasonable" government and its defenders. You must then carefully avoid fair and open debate with any of the people you have thus maligned. For insurance, set up your own "skeptics" to shoot down.

Impugn motives. Attempt to marginalize the critics by suggesting strongly that they are not really interested in the truth but are simply pursuing a partisan political agenda or are out to make money (compared to over-compensated adherents to the government line who, presumably, are not).

Invoke authority. Here the controlled press and the sham opposition can be very useful.
propaganda  Trump  lies  media 
april 2017 by Quercki
(4) Malcolm Spittler added a new photo. - Malcolm Spittler
While I don't have that data the underlying Brookings paper has somewhat comparable data for black Americans. Unfortunately for perfect comparison they only have 5 year age buckets so the line for Black Americans is a younger cohort on average by 5 years than the Whites and other nationalities.

Pardon the pen and ink. But I don't have the underlying data.
lies  media  statistics  White  despair  death 
april 2017 by Quercki
(4) Lise M. Dyckman - y'all have read about the recent statistical...
y'all have read about the recent statistical analysis comparing deaths per 100,000 that noted an uptick in white American mortality, that spawned a series of comments on "white despair", yes? (If this doesn't sound familiar, links are in the great article listed in the comments).
But here's the kicker. That research compared mortality of *white* Americans to mortality rates in various European countries. I asked, on a friend's post, what the same data might look like for Black Americans. He graciously amended the chart -- take a look, the perspective is breathtaking.
(Shared with permission from Malcolm Spittler.)
lies  statistics  media  White  despair  death 
april 2017 by Quercki
Lessons From the Fake News Pandemic of 1942 - POLITICO Magazine
Of course, not a word of this was true. But that didn’t make these race rumors less vivid in the minds of many ordinary white Southerners.

Long before the advent of conservative radio, cable news and the internet—and two generations before an especially dim bulb shot up Comet Pizza in Northwest D.C., certain he would find Hillary Clinton’s and John Podesta’s child sex slaves chained up in the basement—“fake news” pervaded the American South. We know this largely because of the work of Howard Odum, a leading sociologist who in 1942 widely canvassed the region to collect and analyze these rumors.

It wasn’t the first time Americans consumed and spread conspiratorial rumors, but it was the first time that such rumors traveled so widely and targeted a prominent member of the first family. And it’s also the historical example that echoes today’s disinformation pandemic most closely. In 1942, amid wartime changes that upended traditional racial and gender hierarchies, many ordinary white Southerners proved ready to accept explanations for these changes that, from an objective standpoint, were preposterous. Today, many white Americans who are vexed by demographic and cultural shifts—particularly those at the far right of the political spectrum—seem equally susceptible to mistruths.
media  lies  racism  misogyny  Hillary  alternative  facts 
march 2017 by Quercki
Warren, Pelosi say Jeff Sessions should resign - Business Insider
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and other prominent Democratic lawmakers called for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign after reports emerged that he had at least two meetings with the Russian ambassador to the US during the presidential campaign.

Sessions did not disclose the meetings during his confirmation hearing for attorney general. He said under oath that he did not communicate with any Russian officials and did not know of any contact between Trump's associates and Russians. A Justice Department official said Sessions met with the ambassador in his official capacity as a senator and member of the Armed Services Committee and not as a Trump surrogate.
Jeff_Sessions  Russia  lies  resign 
march 2017 by Quercki
Three kinds of propaganda, and what to do about them / Boing Boing
But I'd never encountered the work he references on Russian propaganda, by RAND scholar Christopher Paul, who calls Russian disinformation a "firehose of falsehood." This tactic involves having huge numbers of channels at your disposal: fake and real social media accounts, tactical leaks to journalists, state media channels like RT, which are able to convey narrative at higher volume than the counternarrative, which becomes compelling just by dint of being everywhere ("quantity does indeed have a quality all its own").

Mixing outright lies with a large dollop of truth is key to this tactic, as it surrounds the lies with a penumbra of truthfulness. This is a time-honored tactic, of course: think of the Christian Science Monitor's history of outstanding international coverage, accompanied by editorials about God's ability to heal through prayer; or Voice of America's mixture of excellent reporting on (again) international politics and glaring silence on US crises (see also: Al Jazeera as a reliable source on everything except corruption in the UAE; the BBC World Service's top-notch journalism on everything except UK complicity in disasters like the Gulf War, etc).

In addition to this excellent taxonomy of propaganda, Stray proposes countermeasures for each strain: for Russia-style "firehoses of falsehood," you have to reach the audience first with an alternative narrative; once the firehose is on, it's too late. For Chinese quackspeak floods, you need "organized, visible resistance" in the streets. For pathetic attention-whores like Yiannopoulos, Stray says Tucker Max is right: you have to ignore him.
propaganda  truth  lies  media 
february 2017 by Quercki
Lawyers say ICE agents falsified documents to justify detaining a Dreamer and DACA recipient
Twenty-three-year-old Daniel Ramirez Medina was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents last week for being in the Seattle apartment of his father, whom agents were targeting for arrest. While apprehending his father, authorities also detained Ramirez, who was born in Mexico and came to the U.S. when he was seven. But it seems they ran into a little problem: He's here legally under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program and also has no criminal record. Oops!

That's when ICE agents appear to have totally fabricated Ramirez's gang affiliation so they could justify arresting him in what his attorney calls "one of the most serious examples of governmental misconduct" he's ever seen. (Also, if true, easily one of the most embarrassing examples. Look at that document above—it looks like a two-year-old experimenting with an eraser got ahold of Ramirez’s statement.)

Ramirez's lawyers have a filed a case challenging Ramirez’s detention in a US District Court in Seattle, but the Department of Justice is claiming the federal court has no jurisdiction over a matter being handled in immigration courts.
ICE  dreamer  immigration  lies 
february 2017 by Quercki
(25) Ron Denham - News reports, citing politicians (of course), say...
News reports, citing politicians (of course), say paid protesters are disrupting congressional meetings. I was in one in Georgia. Here's what really happened:
I found the meeting on my Senator Isakson's web site. I drove 120 miles. I burned $14 of gas. I woke my kids up at 7am, on their day off, to attend my first ever U.S. Senator staff meeting in Greensboro GA, pop 3,700. You have to ask why the only planned Senatorial meeting is held in a tiny county, so far away from cities of 5.7M in Atlanta, 200K in Athens, and others.
I brought printed questions about ACA replacement that affect us: Will it cover preexisting conditions? Will it have lifetime caps? Will it include HPV vaccines and mammograms? Hoping to get some answers.
My kids and I sat 10 feet from the front. 600+ constituents attended with standing room only. "This will be a great Civics lesson for my daughters.", I thought. It was...
Each GOP staffer was individually applauded by the crowd during intros in meeting. Then... Sen Isakson and Sen Perdue's staffers said they had no comments and would not address the 600+ constituents.
I wondered "Who trained them in addressing the public?" It was bad. Zero sensitivity. Did they intentionally try to make the crowd mad? Surely not.
The staffers passed around a single signup sheet and said they'd meet people 1:1 in separate rooms for 90 minutes. This might give 40 (out of 600) or so people the chance to ask a question in private.
The voters began yelling "You don't answer your phones. You don't hold real town halls. We have questions about ACA repeal, Medicare, Education, Equal Rights."
When the staffers walked out, the voters were yelling "Do your jobs!" and "Shame!"
republican  politicians  town_hall  Georgia  paid  lies  protest 
february 2017 by Quercki
The complete list of all 42 false things Donald Trump has said as president | Toronto Star
36. Feb. 4, 2017 — Twitter

The repeated claim: “After being forced to apologize for its bad and inaccurate coverage of me after winning the election, the FAKE NEWS @nytimes is still lost!”

In fact: The New York Times not only wasn’t “forced” to apologize for its coverage, it did not apologize at all. Trump was referring to a post-election letter, a kind of sales pitch, in which Times leaders thanked readers and said they planned to “rededicate ourselves to the fundamental mission of Times journalism.”

35. Feb. 2, 2017 — Facebook and Twitter

The claim: “’Trump taps first woman to CIA second in command’.”

In fact: Trump’s appointee, Gina Haspel, is the second female CIA deputy director, not the first: Barack Obama appointed Avril Haines to that post. Trump was quoting an inaccurate headline in The Hill newspaper — it was soon changed — but the president does not get a pass when publicizing inaccurate claims about his own administration, even if he did not make them up himself.
Trump  lies 
february 2017 by Quercki
Shakesville: We Resist: Day 18
A couple of useful resources: The Toronto Star has started keeping a running tally of Trump's lies since being elected. They're up to 33 so far, and it's an alarming commentary on Trump that I think that number sounds very low. Meanwhile, Lisa Desjardins at PBS has a list of all of Trump's executive actions so far.
Trump  lies  E.O.s 
february 2017 by Quercki
How Kellyanne Conway became the greatest spin doctor in modern American history
Ice queening

While Conway is typically garrulous and warm, she will, on certain occasions, act angry or stern. This was her strategy when CNN's Jake Tapper asked whether Trump retweeting 16-year-old boys and insisting he'd won the popular vote he'd clearly lost was presidential behavior. "Well, he's the presidential-elect, so that's presidential behavior, yes," she said. "Just because the president does something doesn't make it presidential," Tapper replied. "Yes, I wasn't saying otherwise," she says. (Yes, she was — there is no other way to interpret her response.)


"I'm not one to run around screaming about sexism," Conway told The New Yorker — she's careful to signal that she's not one of those women. But sexism can be useful. If someone asks a pointed question, Conway will often look stung or hurt.
Kellyanne_Conway  lies  media 
february 2017 by Quercki
News Outlets That Repeated Trump's Lie About 5,000 Sprint Jobs
Many news organizations repeated his absolute lie in their headlines, without checking the facts of his claim and/or pointing out the lie in their headlines. Here they are:

The New York Times

USA Today



Wall Street Journal


Washington Post

New York Post

Fox News

Daily Mail
media  lies  Trump 
december 2016 by Quercki
Fake News Is Not the Only Problem
Yes. Fake news is a serious problem that should be addressed. But by focusing solely on that issue, we are missing the larger, more harmful phenomenon of misleading, biased propaganda.
It’s not only fringe publications. Think for a moment about the recent “Hamilton”-Pence showdown. What actually happened there? How disrespectful was the cast towards Mike Pence? Was he truly being “Booed Like Crazy” as the Huffington Post suggests? The short video embedded in that piece makes it seem like it. But this video on ABC suggests otherwise. “There were some cheers and some boos,” says Pence himself.
In an era of post-truth politics, driven by the 24-hour news cycle, diminishing trust in institutions, rich visual media, and the ubiquity and velocity of social networked spaces, how do we identify information that is tinted — information that is incomplete, that may help affirm our existing beliefs or support someone’s agenda, or that may be manipulative — effectively driving a form of propaganda?
truth  lies  propaganda  media 
november 2016 by Quercki
Team Trump: Don't Trust Us, We Lie. All The Time.
Yesterday was an illuminating day for followers of the incoming Trump administration. Twice, the team — including the President-elect himself — was caught by journalists engaging in obvious deception.

First, campaign spokesman Jason Miller made this easily-disproven claim:

President-elect Trump has never advocated for any registry or system that tracks individuals based on their religion, and to imply otherwise is completely false.
Later, we had the candidate himself inventing a major victory in which he kept Ford’s from closing a Kentucky plant and sending those jobs to Mexico:

Only problem is, that plant was never going to Mexico, which the company and media were quick to point out. Ford last year announced it was shifting production of one Lincoln model away from the plant, but would replace it with work on the Escape, resulting in no net job loss. And the plant was never slated for closure.
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(3)Among other promises that are already evaporating is the issue of the "Muslim database." ... - Michael Arnovitz
Among other promises that are already evaporating is the issue of the "Muslim database." Earlier today, Trump transition spokesman Jason Miller insisted that Trump “never advocated for any registry or system that tracks individuals based on their religion.” Miller went on to demand that any suggestion otherwise is “completely false.”
Below you will find a video in which a reporter specifically asked Trump if there would be a database that tracks Muslims in the United States.
Trump's response was, “There should be a lot of systems, beyond databases. We should have a lot of systems and today you can do it.”
The reporter followed up: “But that’s something your White House would like to implement?”
“Oh, I would certainly implement that,” Trump replied definitively.
So more lies, and more promises going by the wayside. And yes, this time that's a good thing. But the point remains - Trump's continuing popularity among his followers is going to rely on not only their gullibility, but their willingness to let Trump get away with ignoring multiple promises that were major parts of his campaign.
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KING: Huckabee's false Facebook post undermines real hate crimes - NY Daily News
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is peddling misleading content online — and in the process, undermining real hate crimes that have occurred following the presidential election.

Huckabee posted a Conservative Tribune article on Facebook about vandalism at Northwestern University. Huckabee's page has more than two million fans, and the post, shared tens of thousands of times, is among his most popular.

"Everything You Know Is Wrong Dept: Liberals went ballistic after someone defaced the chapel at Northwestern University in Chicago, using spray paint to deface photos of Muslim students, draw swastikas and write slurs against blacks and gays, and of course, the name 'Trump,'" Huckabee wrote. "Can you believe what those evil, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic deplorables who support Trump did?!"

Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee posted a misleading story from the Conservative Tribune on his Facebook page. (VIA FACEBOOK)
Huckabee identified the suspects as "liberal, Jewish Northwestern students who were trying to smear Trump and his supporters."

Trump slams media, denies transition chaos in Twitter blitz
The problem? The actual incident happened eight months ago.

This past March, two Northwestern University students vandalized a local church with horrible anti-black, anti-gay, anti-Muslim, and anti-Semitic graffiti. Anthony Morales and Matthew Kafker were caught on camera and charged with a series of hate crimes. They were expelled from the university and the incident sent shockwaves across the campus. These young men could go to prison for what they did.

Not a single report on the incident states anywhere that these young men were Jewish.
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Another Halloween, Another Crop of Tampered-Treat Hoaxes - Hit & Run :
If the patterns of the past continue, some of those will eventually be proven fakes and some will remain unsolved. But you know what almost never happens? Hardly anyone ever actually gets nabbed for giving tampered candy to trick-or-treaters.

Snopes' page on Halloween sadism cites just one case of that happening, from 2000, when a Minneapolis man named James Joseph Smith was arrested for handing out needle candy. (The results: one minor injury and one felony charge.) I asked Joel Best, a sociologist at the University of Delaware who has been studying tampered-candy rumors for three decades, if he was aware of any other times someone decided to copy the legend and deliberately hand out harmful treats. "There was a case in New York in the '60s of a woman who was irritated that teens were still trick-or-treating," he replied. "She gave them ant pellets." And that's it. 

As for those ambigious cases, Best finds it telling that hardly anyone ever gets hurt by the hidden blades. (Few pranksters are willing to go as far as that teenager in Marion Center.) Best has found one case over the years of a woman who needed some stitches, and there have been a handful of lesser injuries. At this point he doesn't bother to keep track of minor injuries anymore, since "they are almost never mentioned." More often the candy booby-traps are discovered—or "discovered"—before anyone takes a bite.

And the bigger sorts of damage? "I have never found a death or serious injury caused by a contaminated treat picked up in the course of trick-or-treating," Best says. Even if that isn't the impression you may have gathered from your Facebook feed.
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Dear Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, I Am Not Sidney Blumenthal

Donald Trump Touts False Sidney Blumenthal Email
Updated | I am Sidney Blumenthal. At least, that is what Vladimir Putin—and, somehow, Donald Trump—seem to believe. And that should raise concerns about not only Moscow’s attempts to manipulate this election but also how Trump came to push Russian disinformation to American voters.

An email from Blumenthal—a confidant of Hillary Clinton and a man, second only to George Soros, at the center of conservative conspiracy theories—turned up in the recent document dump by WikiLeaks. At a time when American intelligence believes Russian hackers are trying to interfere with the presidential election, records have been fed recently to WikiLeaks out of multiple organizations of the Democratic Party, raising concerns that the self-proclaimed whistleblower group has become a tool of Putin’s government. But now that I have been brought into the whole mess—and transformed into Blumenthal—there is even more proof that the Russians are not only orchestrating this act of cyberwar but also really, really dumb.

The evidence emerged thanks to the incompetence of Sputnik, the Russian online news and radio service established by the government-controlled news agency, Rossiya Segodnya.
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Warren Buffett Responds to Trump’s Claims About His Taxes | Donald Trump, Warren Buffett : Just Jared
“Answering a question last night about his $916 million income tax loss carryforward in 1995, Donald Trump stated that ‘Warren Buffett took a massive deduction.’ Mr. Trump says he knows more about taxes than any other human. He has not seen my income tax returns. But I am happy to give him the facts,” Warren said in his statement.

“My 2015 return shows adjusted gross income of $11,563,931. My deductions totaled $5,477,694, of which allowable charitable contributions were $3,469,179. All but $36,037 of the remainder was for state income taxes,” he continued. “The total charitable contributions I made during the year were $2,858,057,970, of which more than $2.85 billion were not taken as deductions and never will be. Tax law properly limits charitable deductions.”

“My federal income tax for the year was $1,845,557. Returns for previous years are of a similar nature in respect to contributions, deductions and tax rates,” Buffett added. “I have paid federal income tax every year since 1944, when I was 13. (Though, being a slow starter, I owed only $7 in tax that year.) I have copies of all 72 of my returns and none uses a carryforward.”
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Here Is Juanita Broaddrick's Affidavit That Destroys Trump's Attack On Hillary Clinton
Trump’s media (Breitbart) reports angrily on how this woman was raped and abused by the Clintons, as if Breitbart hasn’t been justifying and enabling abuse of women — including their own reporter who was assaulted by Trump’s then campaign manager. Donald Trump even retweeted an unverified Twitter account claiming to be Broaddrick Saturday night.

Except she denied these accusations under oath, when she could be held accountable for her claims. It’s also not relevant because again, Bill Clinton isn’t running for president. If accusations are gospel to Trump et al, then the many women who are currently accusing Donald Trump of rape and/or sexual assault and/or rape of a minor would be treated very differently by Republicans and Breitbart.
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Clinton Campaign: Trump Cannot Pass Debate Test If He Repeats These Debunked Lies
Clinton Campaign: Trump Cannot Pass Debate Test If He Repeats These Debunked Lies

In a prebuttal to the first presidential debate, Hillary for America officials today released a damning list of Donald Trump’s most discredited lies from the campaign so far, and said that repeating these false claims would make it impossible for him to get a passing grade in Monday’s critical test before the voters. According to PolitiFact, a whopping 70% of Trump’s claims are untrue.

“Debates are about each candidate laying out their vision for America, not making things up. Donald Trump has shown a clear pattern of repeating provably false lies and hoping no one corrects him. Voters and viewers should keep track: any candidate who tells this many lies clearly can’t win the debate on the merits,” said HFA Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri.

Trump’s Seven Deadly Lies

FALSE: Trump opposed the Iraq War.
Washington Post: Trump: “I was totally against the war in Iraq.” // Four Pinocchios.
Hillary  Trump  lies  facts 
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Hillary Clinton Drops A Debate Bomb On Trump By Releasing 19 Pages Of His Fact Checked Lies
The Hillary Clinton campaign held a special press call to call on the debate moderator, media, and voters to fact check Donald Trump. In order to help the press, debate moderators, and voters fact check Trump, the Clinton campaign has released 19 pages of Trump lies.

HFA Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri said, “Donald Trump has shown a clear pattern of repeating provably false lies hoping that nobody will correct him. As we head into this debate, we want voters and viewers to be on alert that they should keep track. Any candidate that tells this many lies, clearly can’t win the debate on the merits.”

In total there are 19 pages of fact checked Trump lies that can be read here.

The Clinton campaign is specifically focused on Trump’s 7 Deadly Lies:
Hillary  Trump  lies  facts 
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Pittsburg: Whistleblower cops claim department falsified reports, failed to document use of force -
Sibbitt and Terwilliger were hired by Pittsburg police on the same day in September 2012 and often worked in the field together.

According to court records, Sibbitt, who had worked as a Contra Costa Sheriff's Office deputy for six years before joining Pittsburg, said he quickly realized his new agency handled reports differently.

During training, his supervisors instructed him and other officers to classify an incident as a felony only if an arrest had been made and if witnesses were readily available and willing to testify. He alleged officers were trained to "discount felonies to misdemeanors," particularly if they were "wobblers," crimes straddling the line between minor or more serious offenses. He also alleged supervisors instructed them to funnel potential felonies into the "suspicious circumstance" category.

"(Pittsburg police), by mandating these lesser crime classifications and instructing officers to redact incident reports, artificially spiked its department's crime solving rate, misrepresented the City of Pittsburg's safety, and fraudulently received federal funds," Sibbitt claims in the lawsuit.

When he protested, he said his training officer told him: "That's the way we do business. Don't complain."
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Here's a List of Facts Debunking Anti-Hillary Clinton Myths, Lies & Ridiculous Conspiracies
Being a Hillary Clinton supporter isn’t always easy. Not because I question my support of her, but because literally hundreds of millions of dollars (over nearly a quarter century) has been spent trying to slander her name. The list of conspiracies, misinformation, lies and ridiculous propaganda people use to attack her is seemingly endless.

Not a joke: There’s actually a website that tracks the “people the Clintons have had killed.” The list has well over 90 names — including John F. Kennedy, Jr. Yes, this list claims that the Clintons killed the eldest son of JFK.
Oh! And apparently Bill Clinton isn’t actually Chelsea’s father.
While President Obama has absolutely endured a lot of scrutiny as president, nobody comes close to what Hillary Clinton has had to endure — for nearly 25 years.
So, in the spirit of the multi-hundred million dollar campaign that’s been spent trying to keep one woman out of the White House, I thought I’d take a few moments to debunk many (though not all, because I’m sure I’ll forget about as many as I’m about to list) of the myths, lies and ridiculous conspiracies that many people actually believe about Hillary Clinton.
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(25) The Briefing
This clip is all you need to know about the so-called "marked" emails sent to Hillary Clinton.

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Francesca Vivanti If they have charged Hillary, they would have had to charge Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell - both prior Secretaries of State whom stated that, in error, during their terms they had sent sensitive material using their own private e-mail line rather than the secured Statement Department's line. Are the GOP pushing for inquiries about Condi and Colin's e-mails? No? Didn't think so.
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Laine Thorhalla Gulack If Hillary Clinton broke the law, as some Republicans are claiming, then Colin Powell also broke the law.

The more that is revealed about the use of private email, the more it looks like Republicans are trying to make something out of nothing. It has ...See More
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Gary La Forest Within the scope of governmental agencies and private corporations' hacks numbered in the millions of illegal download, three questionable download, which we found out today, were not illegal according to State, there can be no other conclusion we can arrive at: this emergency hearing -- this is a Republican woman-hating, Salem-style, witch-hunt by a congressional committee. Hooray for the Dems on that committee!
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All Politicians Lie. Some Lie More Than Others. - The New York Times
Donald J. Trump’s record on truth and accuracy is astonishingly poor. So far, we’ve fact-checked more than 70 Trump statements and rated fully three-quarters of them as Mostly False, False or “Pants on Fire” (we reserve this last designation for a claim that is not only inaccurate but also ridiculous). We haven’t checked the former neurosurgeon Ben Carson as often as Mr. Trump, but by the percentages Mr. Carson actually fares worse.
In the Democratic race, Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are evenly matched at 28 percent (based on 43 checks of Mr. Sanders and 140 checks of Mrs. Clinton). Outside of the primary campaign, we’ve continued checking the public statements of Bill Clinton since 2007; he comes out slightly ahead of President Obama in his truth-telling track record.

The president has the distinction of being the most fact-checked person by PolitiFact — by a wide margin, with a whopping 569 statements checked. We’ve rated nine of those Pants on Fire.
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Dewhurst tweet brags about closing abortion clinics - Texas Politics
During the lengthy late-night abortion debate in the Texas Senate Tuesday, advocates of a  bill requiring abortions to be performed in hospital-like settings claimed they were motivated by elevating the quality of health care for women. Opponents on the other hand, warned that requiring abortion clinics to upgrade their facilities was unnecessary and so costly it would force many clinics to close. But lawmakers promoting the bill repeatedly denied that was their goal.

This morning, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst tipped his hand in a tweet when he crowed about passage of the abortion bill and linked to a map showing how many facilities would be forced to close.

The bill will now be debated in the Texas House. Dewhurst’s tweet will likely become part of  the debate.
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Gunfight or Flee: New Study Finds No Advantages to Using a Firearm in Self-Defense Situations - The Trace
recent study published in The Journal of Preventive Medicine offers new support for the argument that owning a gun does not make you safer. The study, led by David Hemenway, Ph.D., of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, examines data from the National Crime Victimization Survey — an annual survey of 90,000 households — and shows not only that so-called “defensive gun use” (DGU) rarely protects a person from harm, but also that such incidents are much more rare than gun advocates claim.

A 2014 Gallup poll suggests that Americans increasingly perceive owning firearms as an effective means of self-defense — having a gun makes one less likely to become a victim of a crime. But as Hemenway’s study demonstrates, this belief is not supported by crime statistics. Contrary to what many gun advocates argue, the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) data reveals that having a gun provides no statistically significant benefit to a would-be victim during a criminal confrontation.
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Hillary Clinton Is Fundamentally Honest and Trustworthy | Mother Jones
But there's one issue where I suspect that age really does trip up millennials: the widespread belief that Hillary isn't trustworthy. It's easy to understand why they might think this. After all, Hillary has been surrounded by a miasma of scandal for decades—and even if you vaguely know that a lot of the allegations against her weren't fair, well, where there's smoke there's fire. So if you're familiar with the buzzwords—Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster, the Rose law firm, Troopergate, Ken Starr, Benghazi, Emailgate—but not much else, it's only human to figure that maybe there really is something fishy in Hillary's past.

But many of us who lived through this stuff have exactly the opposite view. Not only do we know there's almost literally nothing to any of these "scandals," we also know exactly how they were deliberately and cynically manufactured at every step along the way. We were there, watching it happen in real time. So not only do we believe Hillary is basically honest, but the buzzwords actively piss us off. Every time we hear a young progressive kinda sorta suggest that Hillary can't be trusted, we want to strangle someone. It's the ultimate proof of how the right wing's big lie about the Clintons has successfully poisoned not just the electorate in general, but even the progressive movement itself.
Hillary  honest  trustworthy  lies  liar  truth  fact 
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(7) "In the course of a single conversation, I have... - Michael Arnovitz
And this claim of unabated mendacity is particularly interesting, because while it is not the oldest defamation aimed at Hillary, it is the one that most effortlessly glides across partisan lines. Indeed, for a surprisingly large percentage of the electorate, the claim that Hillary is innately dishonest is simply accepted as a given. It is an accusation and conviction so ingrained in the conversation about her that any attempt to even question it is often met with shock. And yet here’s the thing: it’s not actually true. Politifact, the Pulitzer prize-winning fact-checking project, determined for example that Hillary was actually the most truthful candidate (of either Party) in the 2016 election season. And in general Politifact has determined that Hillary is more honest than most (but not all) politicians they have tracked over the years.
Also instructive is Jill Abramson’s recent piece in the Guardian. Abramson, a former reporter for the Wall Street Journal as well as former Executive Editor of the New York Times, had this to say about Hillary’s honesty: “As an editor I’ve launched investigations into her business dealings, her fundraising, her foundation and her marriage. As a reporter my stories stretch back to Whitewater. I’m not a favorite in Hillaryland. That makes what I want to say next surprising. Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest and trustworthy.”
Notice how Abramson uses the word “surprising”? She’s obviously doing that for our benefit, because she knows that many readers will be astonished at the very thought of Hillary being “fundamentally honest”. But why? In my opinion we need to go back to the time of Whitewater in order to answer that question.
In January of 1996, while Whitewater investigations were underway but unfinished, conservative writer William Safire wrote a scathing and now-famous essay about Hillary Clinton entitled, “Blizzard of Lies”. In the piece he called her a “congenital liar”, and accused her of forcing her friends and subordinates into a “web of deceit”.
Hillary  lies  double_standard  facebook 
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(7) "In the course of a single conversation, I have... - Michael Arnovitz
And again: why is Hillary being held to a standard that never appears to be applied to her male counterparts? Am I not supposed to notice that a media frenzy has been aimed at Hillary Clinton for accepting speaking fees of $225,000 while Donald Trump has been paid $1.5 MILLION on numerous occasions with hardly a word said about it? Am I supposed to not notice that we are now in an election season in which Donald Trump, a proud scam artist whose involvement in “Trump University” alone is being defined by the New York Attorney General as “straight-up fraud”, is regularly calling Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary” and getting away with it?

What the actual fuck is going on here? What’s going on is what we all know, but mostly don’t want to admit: presidential campaigns favor men, and the men who campaign in them are rewarded for those traits perceived as being “manly” - physical size, charisma, forceful personality, assertiveness, boldness and volume. Women who evince those same traits however are usually punished rather than rewarded, and a lot of the negativity aimed at Hillary over the years, especially when she is seeking office, has been due to these underlying biases. There is simply no question that Hillary has for years been on the business end of an unrelenting double standard. And her battle with societal sexism isn’t going to stop because of her success anymore than Obama’s battle with racism stopped once he was elected. These are generational issues, and we are who we are.

And actually, this only makes her victory all the more amazing.
Hillary  lies  speech  money  double_standard 
june 2016 by Quercki
The Great American Brainwash: Half a Billion Dollars to Turn the Public against Hillary — #HillaryMen
As a point of reference, the top anti-Hillary frames I've identified are:

• CALCULATING (Scheming, crafty, manipulative)

• SECRETIVE (Suspicious, paranoid, uncommunicative)

• POLARIZING (Divisive, alienating)

• UNTRUSTWORTHY (Corrupt, deceitful, dishonest, unethical)

• OVER-AMBITIOUS (Will do or say anything to win)

• INAUTHENTIC (Disingenuous, fake, unlikable, insincere)

• INHUMAN (Machine-like, robotic, abnormal, cold)

• OVER-CONFIDENT (Inevitable, defiant, imperious, regal)

• OLD (Out of touch, represents the past)

When reporters, pundits and critics across the political spectrum repeat these terms, they are unwittingly (and sometimes wittingly) doing the work of groups like Rove’s Crossroads. And in certain instances, they are also reinforcing the gender-based “wall of words” confronting Hillary:
Hillary  media  lies  false 
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Field guide to defending Hillary Clinton against every fake scandal
Email server: Contrary to Republican claims of dishonesty or corruption, there was NEVER a law against using a personal server. No laws were broken. Secretary Clinton, as well as all other Secretaries of State that came before her, including Colin Powell and Dick Cheney, used personal emails for their correspondence. The server was never hacked, and a record of all emails sent to government are stored on government servers. Republican witch hunters are blowing $13,000 per day of your hard earned tax dollars in order to paint Hillary as untrustworthy or incompetent, all for political purposes. As of 1999, Republicans had spent over $80 million of your dollars on Clinton investigations. The number today is more than likely over $200,000,000. Fiscal conservatism? I don’t think so.

Billions of dollars to Iran: Wrong. The money in question was Iran’s money that was frozen in previous sanctions. It was their money, frozen in order to bring them to the table and come to an agreement on nuclear proliferation. No other conditions were placed on the release of the money other than coming to an agreement for destroying enriched uranium and agreeing not to pursue a nuclear weapon. They came to the table, agreed to terms with inspections to verify compliance, and what was remaining of their money withheld after paying money owed to other countries, was returned to Iran. It is very dishonest and misleading to say that Obama and Clinton GAVE Iran billions of dollars. You don’t give someone money that is theirs already. By the way, the nuclear deal is an international agreement, not just the USA, and even if Trump were to walk away from the deal, he’d have international backlash from our allies, and the agreement would remain.
Hillary  lies  charges  rebuttal 
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Republican leader admits he altered documents to frame Hillary Clinton on Benghazi
In a month which has seen one republican leader after another step up to acknowledge that the party’s years-long investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of Benghazi and email has been nothing more than an attempt at influencing her poll numbers in the 2016 election, it now appears to be Trey Gowdy’s turn to come clean. He’s the republican congressman who is by default in charge of the Benghazi committee. And he just admitted to a game changer.

Gowdy and the republican Benghazi committee have been attacking by using a variety of government documents which have been heavily redacted to the point that it’s never been entirely clear just what context they would be in if not for all of the redactions and blackouts. After democrats asked the CIA to declassify the documents so that the public could see what was really being presented, the CIA responded by stating that it had never asked for anything to be redacted. When questioned under pressure, Gowdy admitted that he himself decided to redact large portions of the documents based on his own personal judgment of what information he did or didn’t want the public to know.

This comes after months of allowing the public to believe that the redacted portions were the work of the CIA. Legally, no one in congress has the authority to deem any information to be classified. This latest revelation, that the republicans altered the documents without telling anyone to essentially try to frame Hillary Clinton with misleading evidence – comes just days before Clinton is set to testify before Trey Gowdy’s committee – and gives her additional ammunition for discrediting the proceedings.
Hillary  email  Trey_Gowdy  lies  Benghazi 
april 2016 by Quercki
CIA: Trey Gowdy Altered Documents To Frame Hillary Clinton
n a bombshell revelation, the Central Intelligence Agency reached out to Democrats serving on the Select Committee on Benghazi on Saturday, October 17, 2015 to confirm that Chairman Trey Gowdy had altered documents provided to the committee by Hillary Clinton.

Monday, October 5, 2015, all five Democratic Members of the Select Committee on Benghazi sent a letter informing House Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman Trey Gowdy (F-SC) that they planned to begin releasing witness interview transcripts, starting with the interview of former State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, in order to correct the public record after numerous inaccurate Republican leaks.
Hillary  email  Trey_Gowdy  lies  Benghazi 
april 2016 by Quercki
If You're Liberal and You Think Hillary Clinton Is Corrupt and Untrustworthy, You're Rewarding 25 Years of GOP Smears - The Daily Banter
If You're Liberal and You Think Hillary Clinton Is Corrupt and Untrustworthy, You're Rewarding 25 Years of GOP Smears

Obviously, Clinton carries with her more than 25 years in the white-hot public spotlight that Sanders doesn't -- despite his career in the Senate -- and over that length of time people have been able to form opinions of her and they're ones not likely to change at this point. What you know about Hillary is what you know about Hillary. There aren't a lot of surprises. Maybe you figure this is bad for her, but in truth it can be argued that this is a positive rather than a negative because there's nothing the Republicans can throw at her that we haven't already been fed to death. And when you take a step back and look at Clinton objectively -- which is admittedly difficult for many, even, or maybe particularly, on the left -- that's exactly the point. Hillary Clinton's reputation is largely the result of a quarter century of visceral GOP hatred.
Hillary  lies  corruption  politics 
april 2016 by Quercki
Stop Parroting GOP Lies That Hillary Clinton Is Dishonest
Here is the thing; a fair number of people on the left are unaware of; the lion’s share of what they “think” they know about Hillary Clinton’s reputation “is the result of a quarter century of visceral GOP hatred.” As no small number of pundits and political observers have noted, if a liberal thinks Hillary Clinton is corrupt and dishonest, they are paying Republicans huge dividends for their quarter century of manufactured anti-Clinton talking points; not reality.

As noted in a recent Atlantic article, “no other political figures in American history have spawned the creation of a permanent multi-million-dollar cottage industry devoted to attacking the Clintons.” Now, many on the left have embraced the GOP talking points and are gleeful in doing the heavy lifting for Clinton’s Republican political enemies. Enemies who have “manufactured every kind of conspiratorial scandal under the sun to hang around Hillary’s neck.”
Hillary  media  republican  lies  defamation 
april 2016 by Quercki
THE MOMENT: Why Hillary's Visible Anger at Being Smeared Spells Big Trouble for Bernie - Blue Nation Review
Other media outlets, more responsible ones, are using the incident to actually research and report on Hillary’s statement that Bernie, his staff, his surrogates, and his supporters have lied about her. Repeatedly.

These journalists are digging into the numbers, and finding that, in fact, the insinuation that she has accepted money from the “fossil fuel industry” (or any other industry for that matter) has no justification. It is a smear by innuendo.

This piece by Philip Bump in the Washington Post, filed under the blunt headline, Why Hillary Clinton is justifiably annoyed by criticism of her Big Oil fundraising, is a good example of reporting that gets to the real heart of Hillary’s response: That the accusation is utterly without merit.
Bernie_Sanders  lies  Hillary  oil  campaign  contributions 
april 2016 by Quercki
Debunking the imagery of the “Irish slaves” meme — Medium
Debunking the imagery of the “Irish slaves” meme
Those that promote the meme of Irish perpetual hereditary chattel slavery use a variety of images entirely unrelated to indentured servitude to accompany their anti-history. I examined a selection of them.
(This is part one of my series debunking the meme. See Part Two, Part Three, Part Four and Part Five)
Irish  slavery  lies  debunk  images 
march 2016 by Quercki
Rebecca Solnit: The Case of the Missing Perpetrator | Literary Hub
If detective fiction is the literature of disillusion, then there’s a much more common literature of illusion that aspires to deceive and distract rather than clarify.

A perfect recent example is the Center for Disease Control’s new and widely mocked guidelines to drinking. They are like a detective novel run backward—if you read them with conviction, you’d become muddled about what a woman is and how violence and pregnancy happen and who is involved in those things. On the other hand, if you read more carefully, you might know why the passive tense is so often a cover-up and that the missing subject in a circumlocutionary sentence is often the guilty party.

What is a woman? According to the CDC, all women are in danger of becoming pregnant. “Drinking too much can have many risks for women,” their chart tells us, and itemizes them for “any woman.” “Injuries/violence” top the list and “unintended pregnancy” brings up the rear. “Drinking too much can have risks for women including… any alcohol use for women who are pregnant or might be pregnant.” Medical professionals should “advise a woman to stop drinking if she is trying to get pregnant or not using birth control with sex.” This in a few deft, simple strokes reduces all women to fertile females in their breeding years who have what you might call exposure to fertile men. It denies the existence of many other kinds of women and the equal responsibility of at least one kind of man. Maybe it denies the existence of men, since women seem to get pregnant here as a consequence of consorting with booze, not boys.
CDC  Rebecca_Solnit  alcohol  pregnancy  violence  lies 
february 2016 by Quercki
Sanders Campaign Ad Misleadingly Suggests Endorsements | TIME
Devine said. “Our intent is absolutely not in any way to mislead.”

Sanders’ advertisement comes onto the New Hampshire airwaves as Sanders and Clinton jockey for important local endorsements as part of the race toward the Granite State primary on February 9. Clinton has already swept up most of the media endorsements in the state, including the Portsmouth Herald, the Concord Monitor, the Keene Sentinel and the Conway Daily Sun.

The Boston Globe and the New York Times, both of which are influential regional newspapers in Hew Hampshire, have also endorsed Clinton.

It isn’t the first time Sanders ads have suggested that he was endorsed by a regional paper. An ad running last week in Iowa cited praise from the Des Moines Register, without mentioning that the paper endorsed Clinton, the New York Times reports. Newsweek reported last week that Sanders’ campaign was using logos on its fliers from groups that had not endorsed him, including the League of Conservation Voters and the AARP.
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Legal Troubles Continue for Group Attacking Planned Parenthood
The Center for Medical Progress’ (CMP) legal troubles in connection with its heavily edited undercover videos are not going to abate any time soon.

Lawyers for the National Abortion Federation (NAF) filed two whopping motions on November 13 against the anti-choice front group and its leader, David Daleiden. One asked United States District Court Judge William Orrick to convert into a preliminary injunction the temporary restraining order (TRO) blocking CMP and Daleiden from releasing additional footage or other materials that NAF alleges the anti-choice group fraudulently acquired.

The other asked Judge Orrick to punish Daleiden and CMP for their overbroad disclosure to Congress in response to a congressional subpoena issued by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Chaffetz issued the subpoena after a five-and-a-half hour hearing, during which he and other Republican committee members asked Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards to testify on a wide variety of topics, few of which had anything to do with the organization’s fetal tissue donation program. It asks for the unedited video footage related to the “acquisition, preparation, and sale of fetal tissue” that Daleiden and his associates recorded at NAF’s 2014 and 2015 meetings.

Daleiden has been eager to cooperate with state and federal officials who are investigating Planned Parenthood’s now-defunct fetal tissue donation program. A few weeks after Judge Orrick issued a TRO preventing Daleiden and CMP from publishing additional video footage of the NAF meetings, the anti-choice group asked Judge Orrick to clarify that the TRO does not prohibit it from “producing information in response to investigative subpoenas or other requests for information issued to Defendants by government officials conducting official proceedings.” Daleiden and CMP wanted to provide footage covered by the TRO to the attorneys general of Alabama, Arizona, Michigan, and Oklahoma, though Planned Parenthood does not have fetal tissue donation programs in those states.
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How False Narratives of Margaret Sanger Are Being Used to Shame Black Women
At the outset, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that whether or not Planned Parenthood had its roots in anti-Blackness is irrelevant in a discussion of the services that Planned Parenthood provides in 2015, ranging from abortion care to prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, to Pap smears and other forms of cancer screening. The United States is rooted in anti-Blackness. Anti-Blackness was built into the U.S. Constitution by this country’s Founding Fathers. Nearly every major corporation that exists today was either founded by racists, employed racists, built their business on anti-Blackness and slavery, or all of the above. Any argument that Black women in America should disavow Planned Parenthood because of some history of anti-Blackness would necessarily require that Black women disavow the very country in which we live.

But on to the truth about Margaret Sanger.

Sanger was pro-birth control and anti-abortion. This may surprise you, considering that Planned Parenthood opponents frequently accuse Sanger of erecting abortion clinics in Black neighborhoods, a practice they claim the organization continues to this day.

But this is simply not true.

Sanger opposed abortion. She believed it to be a barbaric practice. In her own words, “[a]lthough abortion may be resorted to in order to save the life of the mother, the practice of it merely for limitation of offspring is dangerous and vicious.” Her views are, ironically, in keeping with the views of many of the anti-choicers who malign and distort her legacy.
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‘This wasn’t an abortion': CNN forces anti-Planned Parenthood group to admit Fiorina was wrong
David Daleiden, the project lead Center for Medical Progress’ anti-Planned Parenthood campaign, admitted on Wednesday that an alleged fetus on a table that GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina described during a graphic anti-abortion rant was actually from a miscarriage.

During an interview on CNN, host Chris Cuomo asked Daleiden to verify Fiorina’s claim at a recent debate that she saw a video of “a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking.”

“Carly Fiorina was referencing a sequence in our video that shows footage of a born-alive infant from a late term abortion actually moving in the specimen pan,” he explained.

“But if you’re talking about organ harvesting and abortions and how terrible they are why would you use a stillborn fetus, which is not a function of an abortion?” Cuomo asked.

“It’s the same baby, whether it’s born dead or alive, whether the organs are harvested or not,” Daleiden replied.

“It’s also completely irrelevant to the point you’re trying to make, which is, ‘Look at what they do to these babies,'” the CNN host pressed. “It was born stillborn. It was not aborted. Doesn’t that matter to you if you’re talking about abortion?”

“It’s the same kind of fetus,” Daleiden continued to insist.

“My point is context,” Cuomo shot back. “You’re saying, ‘what they do in abortions,’ that wasn’t an abortion. That’s my point.”

Watch the video below from CNN’s New Day, broadcast Sept. 30, 2015.
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Rick Scott Caught Red-Handed Framing Planned Parenthood With Phony Investigation Findings |
Planned Parenthood had been cleared of mishandling fetal tissue, but Republicans won’t give up their fight to destroy an ethical organization that provide affordable, accessible healthcare to women. One blatant case is the way Florida Governor Rick Scott manipulated evidence that cleared Planned Parenthood, and used his power to send an entirely different, misleading message.

A Florida organization, the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA), was put in charge of investigating the state’s Planned Parenthood clinics to see if there was any wrong-doing when it came to fetal tissue. When the agency found that Planned Parenthood’s operations were perfectly ethical and legal, Scott’s office decided they couldn’t handle the truth and altered the agency’s statements to make it look like Planned Parenthood was guilty. That’s right: they purposely took out language from the agency’s statements that cleared Planned Parenthood, and instead tweaked it to say the exact opposite. These false, altered statements were then picked up by several media sources who believed that the information was accurate. Lies against Planned Parenthood were spread, and internal emails from Scott’s communications office were the source.

A press release from AHCA, released on August 5, included the sentence: “There is no evidence of the mishandling of fetal remains at any of the 16 clinics we investigated across the state.” However, that sentence was removed, and another sentence which claimed that would be “possible disciplinary action” was added.
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The Many Manipulations of the Planned Parenthood Attack Videos | The New Republic
The anti-choice organization Center for Medical Progress—which, in 2013, claimed tax-exempt status as a biomedical charity—have recently released two “undercover” videos of Planned Parenthood officials discussing post-procedure tissue donation. The group claims the videos demonstrate that Planned Parenthood profits from fetal tissue donation (which would be illegal) and that they are “haggling” over the price of “baby parts.”

As an OB/GYN, I can tell you that neither of these claims are true. 

These are not "baby parts." Whether a woman has a miscarriage or an abortion, the tissue specimen is called "products of conception." In utero, i.e. during pregnancy, we use the term "embryo" from fertilization to 10 weeks gestation and "fetus" from 10 weeks to birth. The term baby is medically incorrect as it doesn’t apply until birth. Calling the tissue “baby parts” is a calculated attempt to anthropomorphize an embryo or fetus. It is a false image—a 10-12 week fetus looks nothing like a term baby—and is medically incorrect. 
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The Charleston shooter killed mostly black women. This wasn't about 'rape' | Rebecca Carroll | Comment is free | The Guardian
Before opening fire – and reportedly reloading five times – the man who killed nine black people at the historic Emmanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina on Wednesday night, reportedly said: “You rape our women. And you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.” (Dylann Roof has been arrested in North Carolina and is expected to be charged with the crime.) According to police, three of the people who died were male, including South Carolina state senator Clementa Pinkney, who served as the church pastor, and six were female.

The Charleston shooting victims: a poet, a politician, a librarian, women of faith
Read more
Six black women were shot to death during a community prayer service by a young white man who allegedly declared: “You rape our women.”

These women and men welcomed a white man into their close-knit church, and likely encouraged others in their community to join and listen and pray and let God into their hearts. Black women, who are said to be the most religious demographic in America, have long been considered the backbone of black church – our backs are precious and sturdy, but have been weighted down for decades. You don’t attend Wednesday night services if you aren’t a devout churchgoer; you don’t go to Wednesday night services with a gun and the intention to murder if your true goal is to kill as many black men as possible.

There is something inconsistent with the Charleston shooter’s alleged evocation of the historical myth of black man as beast and rapist of white women, and the fact that he killed mostly black women. Did he only shoot black women because there were no more black men to kill? Because black women birth, care for and love black men? Or because he didn’t see black women as women at all, and, as something less than women (and certainly lesser than white women), felt us undeserving of the same valiance he conjured on behalf of the women he claim to be protecting?


The shooter allegedly used the salvation of white women’s bodies as a motivation for his acts, an old trope that was once used to justify the lynching of black men and the denial of rights to all black people. The idea that white women’s bodies represent that which is inviolable while black women’s are disposable hasn’t changed enough since it was first articulated by white men; but again, aimed at black men on Wednesday night, it was predominately black women who suffered by their invocation.
gender  violence  rape  lies  massacre  racism  Charleston 
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What We’re Getting Wrong About Baltimore — Matter — Medium
People helped to clean up the burned-out CVS on the corner. Speakers insisted on respect for the curfew, and condemned the chaos of the night before.

For about 23½ hours a day since I’ve been here, I’ve seen nothing but peaceful protest.

At the end of Tuesday night, over cries for calm and the best efforts of community organizers to keep the peace, a very small group of protesters threw some things — mostly plastic water bottles at police — and they eventually responded with rubber bullets and tear gas to clear the streets.

But I was honestly surprised they did, because at that point the media easily outnumbered protesters 3-to-1.

Turning on network news in my hotel room, I see the same loops of these brief moments of violence over and over, with the name of the city plastered across images of fire and mayhem.
Baltimore  Freddie_Gray  media  peace  lies 
may 2015 by Quercki
Raw Concepts: Bullshitting, Lying | The Rawness
Bullshitting is when a person is bluffing that they know what they are talking about when they really don’t, while lying is when someone does know what they are talking about but deliberately says something they know is untrue, the opposite of what they know to be the truth. While a lie is always intended to be a dishonest statement, bullshit doesn’t really care about truth of a statement but rather the plausibility of the statement.
Bullshit is more concerned with whether or not the statement is believable rather than whether it’s true. Bullshit is more concerned with the appearance of a statement, and what impressions it gives to the listener about the speaker, rather than the content and veracity of the statement. Therefore, bullshit is more concerned with identity, appearances, impression management, context, and image. A lie on the other hand is more concerned with actions, content, and substance. A liar is trying to mislead you about the truth-value of their statements. A bullshitter on the other hand is not trying to deliberately mislead you about the truth-value of their statement, because they themselves often don’t really know how true or false their own statements are. Instead, they are trying to mislead you about how knowledgeable they are on a particular topic.
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Slimy Baltimore FOX Affiliate Caught Faking "Kill a Cop" Protest Chant
Last night, Baltimore's WBFF aired a video of protesters chanting "kill a cop"– evidence, it claimed, of murderously violent rhetoric on the part of anti-brutality protesters in Washington, D.C. The only problem? The protesters weren't chanting "kill a cop" at all, and there's video evidence to prove it.
BlackLivesMatter  police  Fox  lies 
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The Washington Post Misused the Data on Violence Against Women | FiveThirtyEight
One of the charts used in the article (seen at left) comes from a Department of Justice study published in 2012. I got in touch with the study’s author, Shannon Catalano, a statistician at the Bureau of Justice Statistics, who said her chart was presented without sufficient context.

She told me in an email:

The BJS chart used here is limited to one variable, household composition, when we know from previous research that violence is associated with a multitude of factors. Though other researchers have examined these factors, the purpose of the BJS report was not to identify these other factors.

The graph which they used from my report does show clear differences between intimate violence rates — but that is because it is only showing one variable; household composition. The story could change if we started to control for other factors.

We know, for example, that victimization (for several types of violence including intimate partner violence) is much higher for younger males and females, particularly between the ages of 18-24.

Women are getting married later in life – two years later than in the 1990s — which may at least partly explain why the rates of intimate partner violence are lower for married women.
domestic_violence  data  lies 
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Anti-LGBT Group Admits It Invented Story About Transgender Student Harassing Classmates [UPDATED] | ThinkProgress
Conservative media has been quite exercised this week by a story about a transgender student at Florence High School in Colorado allegedly harassing girls in the locker room. The Pacific Justice Institute, a California-based anti-LGBT group, spurred the media focus by sending a letter to the school demanding accommodation for the supposed victims. Cristan Williams at The TransAdvocate debunked the story by speaking directly with Superintendent Rhonda Vendetti, who explained that no harassment took place — a few parents just don’t like that a transgender student is being allowed to use the locker room of the gender with which she identifies. Now, PJI has basically admitted they invented the story because they’re just transphobic.
One of PJI’s responses came through the conduit of attorney Cathy Brennan, a mouthpiece for a fringe group of transphobic feminists who do not believe that trans people exist and that any attempt to recognize or respect them is an attack on all women. Here’s the message she delivered to The TransAdvocate on behalf of PJI:
We’ve seen similar claims. It is our position that the intrusion of a biological male into a restroom for teenage girls is inherently intimidating and harassing. We have received additional reports of particular incidents of harassment, and we are working to corroborate those reports. In our letter, we specifically asked the school to notify us immediately if they disputed any of the factual allegations. To date, they have not done so. The core of this story — that the school is elevating the rights of one self-proclaimed transgender student while minimizing the privacy rights of all the biologically female students, has not been seriously controverted.
transgender  harassment  lies 
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The making of a racist travesty |
Two Black teenagers have been imprisoned without bail for more than four months on charges that they shot and killed an infant at point-blank range after her mother told them she had to money. But there are no witnesses other than the mother, no physical evidence tying the two accused to the crime, and no real explanation for why the young men would commit such a cold-blooded crime.

The only "evidence" against them is the claims of the white mother, which have holes and inconsistencies--and an ugly campaign by authorities and the media to portray one of the accused, along was his whole family, as a bunch of criminals and thugs.

From the behavior of cops and prosecutors to the media circus that has surrounded the case, the so-called "Baby Santiago" murder bears all the hallmarks of racist frame-ups of the past. In the wake of the acquittal of George Zimmerman for killing Trayvon Martin, this case shows another face of the criminal injustice system--and how it is saturated with racism, through and through.
racism  murder  lies 
july 2013 by Quercki
“‘We Have Always Fought’: Challenging the ‘Women, Cattle and Slaves’ Narrative” by Kameron Hurley — A Dribble of Ink
Language is a powerful thing, and it changes the way we view ourselves, and other people, in delightful and horrifying ways. Anyone with any knowledge of the military, or who pays attention to how the media talks about war, has likely caught on to this.

We don’t kill “people.” We kill “targets.” (Or japs or gooks or ragheads).  We don’t kill “fifteen year old boys” but “enemy combatants” (yes, every boy 15 and over killed in drone strikes now is automatically listed as an enemy combatant. Not a boy. Not a child.).

And when we talk about “people” we don’t really mean “men and women.” We mean “people and female people.”  We talk about “American Novelists” and “American Women Novelists.” We talk about “Teenage Coders” and “Lady Teenage Coders.”

And when we talk about war, we talk about soldiers and female soldiers.

Because this is the way we talk, when we talk about history and use the word “soldiers” it immediately erases any women doing the fighting. Which is it comes as no surprise that the folks excavating Viking graves didn’t bother to check whether the graves they dug up were male or female. They were graves swords in them. Swords are for soldiers. Soldiers are men.

It was years before they thought to even check the actual bones of the skeletons, instead of just saying, “Sword means dude!” and realized their mistake.

Women fought too.
feminism  gender  history  misconceptions  lies  truth  llamas 
may 2013 by Quercki
More trial, less error - An effort to improve scientific studies | Reuters
Typically, scientists must show that results have only a 5 percent chance of having occurred randomly. By that measure, one in 20 studies will make a claim about reality that actually occurred by chance alone, said John Ioannidis of Stanford University, who has long criticized the profusion of false results.

With some 1.5 million scientific studies published each year, by chance alone some 75,000 are probably wrong.

In addition, Ioannidis said, "people start playing with how they handle missing data, outliers, and other statistics," which can make a result look real when it's not.

"People are willing to cut corners" to get published in a top journal, he said.

There are numerous ways to do that. Researchers can stop collecting data as soon as they obtain the desired result rather than gather more as originally planned. Conversely, they can continue to gather data until they get the desired result.

How common might such sleights of hand be? In a 2005 paper in PLoS Medicine, Ioannidis used statistical and other methods to show that "most published research results are wrong." It remains the most-viewed paper in the journal's eight-year history.

"Until recently, people thought you could trust what's published," Ioannidis said. "But for whatever reason, we now see that we can't."
research  lies  truth 
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Secrets and Lies of the Bailout: One Broker's Story | | Rolling Stone
Bloomberg earlier that year had taken the Federal Reserve to the Supreme Court and won the right to have a historic Freedom of Information Act request honored. The news agency in its FOIA hunt had demanded access to the data from congressionally-mandated one-time audit of America's quasi-public Federal Reserve System.

When the Supreme Court rejected the Fed's demands for secrecy, Bloomberg was handed over the data. The news agency learned that Wall Street companies like Goldman, Citigroup and even Wachovia/Wells Fargo had collectively borrowed upwards of $7 trillion from the Fed through a variety of programs that were never intended to be disclosed to the public. This meant that the government had extended a secret lifeline to Wall Street upwards of ten times the size of the TARP program. The agency reported the sensational news in August 2011 and eventually shared all of its data with the public.

When George saw the Bloomberg story, he was floored. He felt like a fool, having bet against companies that essentially had limitless charge cards with the government all along. Had he known, he insists, he would never have stayed short so long.

Moreover, he believes that many companies that took that secret lending would have been saved if investors knew how much credit they had with the government. He points to his own former firm, Wachovia, which (for example) according to the Bloomberg data borrowed $3.5 billion from the Fed's TAF program on March 27, 2008, never announcing the move. The next day, Wachovia's stock plunged 4 percent.

"I believe that if Wachovia had announced the loan details at the time," George says, "the stock price might have gone up instead."
Wall_Street  TARP  bank  lies  bailout  Occupy_Wall_Street 
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Daniel J. Willis: Oakland officials need to stop making up statistics out of thin air - Inside Bay Area
Oakland city officials have once again proved that their definition of "90 percent" is "an unknown percentage between 0 and 100, but probably not 90."
Police Chief Howard Jordan said on Monday that 90 percent of the city's crime since summer had been committed by just two gangs. That would have meant those two gangs were responsible for 1,980 robberies and 51 homicides, which would have required them to be either extremely large or extremely efficient.
Those figures, of course, did not last long. By the end of Tuesday, Jordan claimed that he got confused -- which raises its own set of issues about a police chief who gets confused and makes up numbers at a news conference -- and what he meant was that

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan, center, speaks to the media at a press conference to discuss the recent spate of gun violence in the city and the police department's proposed response, Monday, Jan. 14, 2013 in Oakland, Calif. (D. Ross Cameron/Staff)
14 gangs were responsible for 65 percent of 58 percent of homicides.
OK, 37.7 percent is not 90 percent and, more importantly, 2.7 percent of the city's violence per gang is not 45 percent of the city's violence per gang.
By itself this would be bad but it's the second appearance of the imaginary 90 percent in the city's recent history. Mayor Jean Quan's 100 Blocks program was originally based on the premise that, according to the mayor, 90 percent of crime occurred in 100 blocks of Oakland. The real number turned out to be 17 percent.
How could this be? How could the leadership of the eighth largest city in California be that fast and loose with facts when justifying policies to the people they serve? Do they simply consider

truthful, correct information to be unimportant?
Oakland  police  crime  lies 
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STATS:Cacao or Caca? How the media bit into chocolate Nobel prize link
Add to this the fact that the Nobel organization’s literature committee is widely criticized for its obvious euro-centrism, and hopefully you find yourself thinking that the correlation looks a lot more like a coincidence.

Last, let’s restate the key empirical flaw in the claim: there is no data on chocolate consumption by individual recipients of the Nobel Prizes. In the end, the individual impact of chocolate on Messerli’s single indicator of cognitive function across populations is a nearly complete unknown – drawn only from chronologically mismatched data about one or more nations in which the recipient of the prize was known to have lived.
bad  science  lies  research  statistics 
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