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Watch Barbra Streisand Mock Trump With ‘Send in the Clowns’ Cover – Rolling Stone
Her new rendition of “Send in the Clowns,” which Streisand originally covered for her The Broadway Album in 1985,” opens with the line, “He says he’s rich/ Maybe he’s poor/ ‘Til he reveals his returns/ Who can be sure?/ Who is this clown?” Her version continues: “Something’s amiss/ I don’t approve/ Now that’s he’s running the free world where can we move?/ Maybe a town/ Just who is this clown?” She also calls him a fraudulent twit” in another verse.

Streisand continued to make her point after the song, when a photo of the White House covered in a circus tent appeared on the stage’s screen. The image than shifted to one of Trump on his Time magazine 2016 Person of the Year cover with a red nose under the words “Clown of the Year.” “That’s for real,” Streisand noted, gesturing at the screen.
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9 weeks ago by Quercki
Acceptable Parity: Four Ways Men Stunt Women's Careers Unintentionally
The title is should be: 
Four Ways Women Men Stunt Their Women's Careers Unintentionally
The first "low-confidence behavior" confidence-lowering behavior involves modesty: 
Being overly modest. Discouraging modesty. We see that men are more willing to take public credit for brag about their successes. Women believe understand that their accomplishments should speak for themselves, and they spend waste less effort ensuring they get the gold star next to their name. While modesty is a nice character trait Modesty is an admirable character trait, it's naive to believe that your boss, your clients, or your colleagues will recognize your accomplishments and it's important to recognize women's accomplishments even if you they fly under the radar.
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november 2011 by Quercki
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july 2010 by Quercki

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