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Child poverty report: food, housing, and money, not work requirements, work best - Vox
That group has now, more than three years later, produced its exhaustive, 600-page report.

The report estimates that child poverty costs us $800 billion to $1.1 trillion every year due to increased crime, worsened health, and lower earnings when poor kids become adults. There is no one approach to reducing it, the committee concludes, but it did outline four separate options policymakers could pursue — two of which would cut child poverty in half in the next decade.
A “universal supports and work poverty reduction package,” which includes a bigger increase in the EITC than the first three packages, includes a minimum wage increase to $10.25 per hour and makes the Child Tax Credit refundable, offers various anti-poverty programs to legal immigrants who are currently barred, and, most importantly, includes a child allowance of $2,700 per year, as well as a $1,200 per year publicly funded minimum child support payment for single parents entitled to child support from their former partner (oftentimes, these partners aren’t able to regularly pay child support). This plan also cuts child poverty by half: the rate falls from 12.6 percent to 6.1 percent, lifting 4.8 million kids out of poverty. It would cost about $111.6 billion per year.
child  poverty  solutions 
7 weeks ago by Quercki
California Is Desperately Trying to Hide Homeless People, Critics Say - VICE
The result of a protracted legal fight, "right to shelter" forces America's largest city to provide temporary shelter to everyone who wants it, every night of the year. This includes traditional shelter beds, of course. But if those are filled, the city is legally obligated to rent out alternatives in hotels and motels to make up the difference. In 2018, according to Politico, that cost the city "$32 million per month for commercial hotels, $2 million for private apartments, also called clusters, and $96 million for traditional shelters."

Compare that to San Francisco's shelter situation, where the current waitlist for a bed is more than 1,000 people deep. It’s part of the reason why, when NYC conducted its "point in time" count—a contested one, it should be noted—of homeless folks last January, there were relatively few—3,588 people—officially sleeping on the streets.

The stark difference in the volume of human beings without a permanent roof over their head is why California lawmakers have been looking to New York as a model for getting the state's homelessness crisis under control.
homelessness  SF  solutions 
10 weeks ago by Quercki
Solutions Story Tracker®
Solutions Story Tracker™
6,093 stories produced by 863 news outlets, from 160 countries, and growing every day.

The Solutions Story Tracker™ is a curated database of rigorous reporting on responses to social problems. We collect and tag every story, providing you with the ability to find coverage of effective or promising ideas and approaches— by issue, location, journalist, and success factor (strategic insights that emerge as patterns).

Not sure where to start? Our tutorial will give you a quick tour of how to use Solutions Story Tracker®.
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may 2019 by Quercki
Calif. senator calls for audit of Alameda County Sheriff's Office, jail after 2 Investigates report - Story | KTVU
Sheriff Gregory Ahern said he welcomes any audit while the president of the board of supervisors, Richard Valle, expressed concerns about the cost of a full audit to taxpayers.

In a Feb. 15 letter to Valle, Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) noted the 2 Investigates’ reporting in November, which found that at least 29 women have sued the sheriff, alleging abuse and mistreatment, since 2014.
A female inmate and an Alameda County sheriff's deputy walk outside at Santa Rita Jail. Sheriff Gregory Ahern said “I think we’re the best big jail in the nation.” November 2018

Women sue Santa Rita over humiliating treatment; sheriff says facility is 'best big jail in the nation'

The sheriff has said in the past his department is a target of lawsuits from inmates and attorneys seeking money from the county.

“We can no longer excuse such conduct as an isolated incident,” Skinner wrote. “A strong performance audit will generate crucial evaluative data that can thoroughly assess all the current practices and policies while provide lifesaving recommendations for implementation.”

Skinner also told 2 Investigates she is extremely skeptical of how the sheriff’s money is being spent. As the jail population has decreased significantly, the sheriff’s budget has grown by $144 million in the last decade. The sheriff’s budget this year is just over $440 million.

Skinner’s letter came at the urging of the Ella Baker Human Rights Center in Oakland, where senior organizer Jose Bernal has closely watched the sheriff’s office and the jail.
police  sheriff  Ahern  Nancy_Skinner  California  audit  Ella_Baker_Center  solutions 
march 2019 by Quercki
How New Orleans Reduced Its Homeless Population By 90 Percent | Here & Now
On how the city afforded housing

"Actually, this is a very cost-effective approach, because when you think about it, it is costing the taxpayer a tremendous amount of money to leave people on the street. They're constantly cycling in and out of jail on charges that wouldn't even be relevant if they had an apartment, things like urinating in public, ....They're being taken by ambulance to the emergency room constantly. Those are huge charges.
homelessness  solutions 
february 2019 by Quercki
Fighting the patriarchy one grandpa at a time
To the other adults in the room this is fine.

A grown man looms behind my three-year-old daughter. Occasionally he will poke or tickle her and she responds by shrinking. Smaller and smaller with each unwanted advance. I imagine her trying to become slight enough to slip out of her booster seat and slide under the table.

When my mother views this scene, she sees playful taunting. A grandfather engaging with his granddaughter.

“Mae.” My tone cuts through the din of a familiar family gathering together. She does not look at me.

“Mae.” I start again. “You can tell him no Mae. If this isn’t okay you could say something like, Papa, please back up—I would like some space for my body.”
consent  child  abuse  allies  mother  solutions 
november 2018 by Quercki
For White Women Learning Calculus in a School Building On Fire
So from one white woman to another, ten concrete steps to take right now if we hope to ever do math with women of color; the very math the doing of which is not optional if there is to be any hope of calling into existence the deep, robust multi-racial coalitions on which all of our lives depend.

No particular order here. Some of these steps fall in the category of “for the love of god, stop pouring gasoline!” Some fall in the category of our long, slow work. None is adequate. All are critical.
White  supremacy  patriarchy  solutions 
october 2018 by Quercki
Anger Can Only Take Us So Far. Why We Must Have Hope | Cognoscenti
some crucial perspective on hope and struggle, not as an episode but as a practice. “To save civilization, most of us would need to supplement our standard daily practices – eating, caring for the family and community, faith – with a steady push on the big forces that are restraining progress,” the climate change activists write. But in pointing out the scale of the effort required, they also illuminate the rewards of it. “The work would endow our lives with some of the oldest and most numinous aspirations of humankind: leading a good life; treating our neighbors well; imbuing our short existence with timeless ideas like grace, dignity, respect, tolerance, and love.”
hope  politics  solutions  Rebecca_Solnit 
october 2018 by Quercki
What To Do When ― Not If ― Roe Vanishes | HuffPost
In a post-Roe America, states that still allow legal pregnancy terminations will be inundated with patients from near and far. Will you be ready to open your home to those who have to travel and potentially stay in town for days to make an appointment?

Will you help to caravan patients who need to pass through multiple states to get to a clinic but can’t afford a bus or gas?

Will you provide money for groceries for patients who have spent their last dollars on getting abortions?

Will you prepare meals?

Will you donate your airline miles so a patient can obtain a last-minute ticket for an appointment and not be required to leave their family for such a long time?

Will you donate to or work directly with abortion funds, which are already doing the heavy lifting of paying for abortions for people with fewer resources, and which will surely be overwhelmed by the demand that will come?
abortion  solutions 
october 2018 by Quercki
(3) Story time. I’m at the airport, working on my... - Hilary Jerome Scarsella
My new friend shouldn’t get accolades. I’m not writing this to praise him or put him in some kind of weird male savior position. His priorities should be normal and interrupting sexism should be mundane. But they’re not, so. Here we are.

Menfolk, will you please make this happen more often? I could get by on half the energy it currently takes me to exist in the world if y’all would each take on one or two airport guys a month.

In earnest, though. I hope this might be a helpful example for those looking to build habits of supporting women and challenging sexism. This isn’t the only way to do it but it’s one way that worked today.
sexism  solutions 
september 2018 by Quercki
100 Ways White People Can Make Life Less Frustrating For People of Color - Broadly
27. If you go to an art gallery, notice how many works are by people of color. If it's lacking, make some noise, send an email, query the curator. White people shouldn’t have a monopoly on what can be considered art.

28. If a character you assumed was white in a book is portrayed by an actor of color in the movie, embrace it. Whiteness is not the default.

29. Support plays written by and acted in by people of color. The world of theater is overwhelmingly white.

30. Refuse to go to club nights or drag shows or burlesque nights that use culturally appropriative acts.

31. If you have kids, buy them dolls of color and books with characters of color.

32. Support crowdfunding campaigns for cultural products created by people of color if you can.

33. Donate money to grassroots movements around you that are run by and support people of color.

34. Support small businesses owned by people of color.
race  privilege  solutions  tactics 
april 2018 by Quercki
What If Prosecutors Wanted to Keep People Out of Prison?
Colom’s 2015 campaign against Allgood, who’d been voted into office six times over 25 years, was daring: He promised to lock fewer people up, stop treating drug addiction as a crime, and expand rehab services. This was far from standard fare in a state that has legalized firing squads when lethal injections aren’t available. But Colom remembered what one of his law professors at the University of Wisconsin had told him: To minimize the Willie Horton risk, DAs tend to be overly punitive, though there are certain circumstances where the opposite strategy might carry the day. “If the campaign is about ‘My son or daughter might get in trouble for drugs, and I hope there’s a guy who understands this isn’t the whole picture of the person,’” Colom recalls him saying, “then you might be able to run a successful campaign.”

So the young lawyer — whose interest in politics was sparked by reading the Nixon-Kennedy campaign classic, The Making of the President, right after college — bet that Allgood had gone too far. The Mississippi Supreme Court, hardly known for its leniency, had accused Allgood of “egregious” prosecutorial misconduct in 2008.
justice  solutions  Mississippi 
march 2018 by Quercki
100 Steps to a Plastic-Free Life » My Plastic-free Life
100 Steps to a Plastic-Free Life

pin it 
Do you think it’s possible to live life without plastic? Or to at least live with less of it?  Check out this list of plastic-free and less plastic alternatives and see for yourself.

The list is not meant to be overwhelming but simply to show what is possible. Choose a few that seem doable and that will make the most impact. No one can do it all at once. But we can all get started!

If you still have questions after looking over this list, use the search bar above for more plastic-free ideas. Or read my book Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too, your complete guide to living a life with less plastic. And if you like what you see here, please use the email link above to forward this list on to the people you love. We can all make a difference.
environment  plastic  solutions 
february 2018 by Quercki
Gun Reform: Speaking Truth to Bullshit, Practicing Civility, and Effecting Change - Brené Brown
If alternatives exist outside of these forced choices (and they almost always do), then the statements are factually wrong. It’s turning an emotion-driven approach into weaponized belonging. And it always benefits the person throwing down the gauntlet and brandishing those forced, false choices.

The ability to think past either/or situations is the foundation of critical thinking, but still, it requires courage. Getting curious and asking questions happens outside our ideological bunkers. It feels easier and safer to pick a side. The argument is set up in a way that there’s only one real option. If we stay quiet we’re automatically demonized as “the other.”

The only true option is to refuse to accept the terms of the argument by challenging the framing of the debate. But make no mistake; this is opting for the wilderness. Why? Because the argument is set up to silence dissent and draw lines in the sand that squelch debate, discussion, and questions—the very processes that we know lead to effective problem solving.
In that moment I said the thing that I’ve felt my entire life but was either too afraid to say or didn’t have the words. I mustered up the most empathy I could and said, “I know that this is a hard and heartbreaking issue, but I don’t think you’re hearing me. I’m not going to participate in a debate where this issue is reduced to You either support guns or you don’t. It’s too important. If you want to have a longer conversation about it, I’m happy to do that. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the same issues piss us off and scare us.”
guns  NRA  hunting  solutions  truth  bullshit 
february 2018 by Quercki
Latest News - California Council of Churches- Walking the Walk, However You Can
This all started with a very simple act – I let homeless people use our address for their mail.  This is life altering for them since with an address for their mail they know when they have to update their records, know they have benefits at all, and prevent loss as reporting changes occur.  We get our own first class mail at a PO Box anyway, but it was such a simple thing and has made an enormous difference for all those people. 
Having protection from the vagaries of both homelessness and being out of touch has made a difference.  A lot of them are Vietnam vets, have worked, and are too old to find employment anymore. A few have disability income finally, one is on Social Security, and others have applied.   The cat lived on a harness and leash for two years to keep him safe, and now he and his owner have their own small apartment because they regularized their social service contacts via our address. We are thrilled for them both.  Others have gone home to family, and still others have VA or HUD housing.  All of this happened because they had an address.

---An essay by our Director of Public Policy Elizabeth Sholes, posted on facebook by Jean Reynolds
Christian  good  homelessness  solutions 
january 2018 by Quercki
Jessica Chastain Helped Octavia Spencer Get Five Times Her Salary | IndieWire
Jessica Chastain is an outspoken proponent for pay equity in Hollywood, an indefatigable voice fighting sexism in story lines and bottom lines. When Octavia Spencer told her women of color need to be included in the conversation, Chastain listened. While developing a holiday comedy for the two actresses to star in, Chastain brokered a “favored nations” deal, bundling their salary and led to both women getting paid five times their original asking salary.
allies  racism  sexism  howto  solutions  women 
january 2018 by Quercki
Time's Up Now
The clock has run out on sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace. It's time to do something about it.
Join us. Add your name to our Letter of Solidarity by donating to the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund.
sexual_harassment  sexual_assault  #MeToo  intersectionality  solutions 
january 2018 by Quercki
Black Educators Share Their Thoughts on What Happens When White Women Cry in Schools - Philly's 7th Ward
Let’s consider the ways in which this situation could have gone differently considering approaches in interpersonal relationships, team management, self-reflection, and systems management.

Interpersonal Relationships:What if Devin had addressed Nancy in the meeting and shared with her how her statement impacted him as a team member and as a Black man?  How might this conversation help the team to consider the perspective of Black males (students, staff, and parents) in their school differently?
Team Management: What if Michael held a meeting with both Nancy and Michael to discuss the tension and note how privilege can disrupt important conversations about students and families?
Team Management: What if Michael had addressed Nancy in the meeting to model the ways in which he, as a school leader, expected staff to engage?
Self-Reflection: What if Nancy asked herself if her tears were connected to the needs of students and parents or to her own needs?
Self-Reflection: What if Nancy decided to not share her comment unless she could do so in a respectful, productive way?
Systems Management:What if the human resources team and the principal’s manager saw this as an opportunity to coach school staff on how to talk about and proactively respond to privilege when it manifests in the workplace and distracts from focusing on students?
Systems Management: What if the school used this situation, and others like it, as a case study to support staff to engage in ongoing reflection about how privilege is to be a tool to focus more on students and families rather than to distract from it?
So, what can education organizations, school systems, schools, school leaders, and school leader managers do to ensure that we are not allowing White women’s tears to slow the advancement of equity with Black children?
race  White  women  tears  education  black  bias  solutions 
december 2017 by Quercki
Shuumi Land Tax | Sogorea Te' Land Trust
ou live on traditional Chochenyo and Karkin Ohlone land. This land has a deep history and a community of people who have lived here for thousands of years. For those of us who are not Indigenous to this land, the Shuumi Land Tax is a way to acknowledge this history and the Ohlone community.
Native_American  Indian  Oakland  bayarea  solutions  reparations  Indigenous 
november 2017 by Quercki
We’ve Been Framed | Ella Baker Center
So here are some things we can do next time:

1. Stop Apologizing for the Vandalism
2. Connect Back to Occupy Wall Street Issues...Taxpayers spent billions bailing out BofA. Now they’re making record profits. Yet, they pay no taxes. In fact, 30 of the largest, most profitable corporations are paying no taxes by using loopholes written for them. If Oakland’s Public Works department had more money, there would be less blight in our communities. But as long as corporations can spend unlimited millions in elections, they can buy legislation that puts profit over people and never pay their share towards keeping our neighborhoods blight-free.
3. Keep Things In Perspective

It sucks that the city has to waste money on cleanup. You know what also wastes taxpayer money? $10 billion in contracts for private immigrant detention centers. Wells Fargo holds $88 million in a private prison corporation that makes money running these detention centers and hires lobbyists to push the harsh anti-immigrant legislation that fills them. Some of that $10 billion could’ve gone towards struggling small businesses. And some of those immigrants came from Oakland!
4. Talk About What We Actually Experienced

What we experienced during last Wednesday’s general strike was nothing short of amazing. Media reports the next day were discouraging. We need to tell anyone who wasn’t there what we felt and saw. Talk about the Children’s Brigade. Talk about the Volunteer Bike Valet. Talk about the powerful stories you heard from people you met. Talk about the creative homemade signs (I saw a child with a sign that said, “Fight for my future. I can’t afford a lobbyist, I’m only 6!”). Talk about how there were no police or paid workers in sight but people self-organized to provide childcare, musical performances, medical aid, and directed traffic.
blackbloc  vandalism  solutions  Occupy_Oakland  Ella_Baker_center 
november 2017 by Quercki
Domestic Violence: The Secret Killer That Costs $8.3 Billion Annually p 2/2
The role of family, friends and colleagues

Family members, friends and colleagues are often the first to hear that someone they know is a victim of domestic violence. When people are educated about the frequency of domestic violence, they are more comfortable talking with others. Being able to offer support can mean the difference between life and death. A simple statement like “I'm sorry this is happening to you” is a start. Offering to help the victim obtain assistance – whether through the national domestic violence hotline, a company EAP or a local domestic violence advocacy organization – is a crucial next step.
domestic_violence  solutions 
october 2017 by Quercki
What you can do – hypatia dot ca
If you care about making the security community a better place for women (and everyone!), here are some things you can do:

Stop tolerating casual bigotry
So someone “makes a joke” about faggots, scenewhores, or uses a racial slur. What are you going to do? Casual bigotry dehumanizes people, and tells predatory people that you will not be likely to speak out if they choose to harass someone around you – or you yourself. But you can change that by speaking up. Never underestimate the power of a simple “pardon me?” or a more direct “wow, that was a messed up thing to say.”
solutions  bigotry  sexism  trolls  rape.culture 
october 2017 by Quercki
Hundreds gather for first annual East Oakland neighborhood congress | Oakland North
“Youth aren’t attending the programming. No one comes. You can go into schools and ask students what type of programs they want. They chime in on it, and you develop it, but they don’t come. How do you make the programs more attractive to the youth?” asked Tyrone Stevenson Jr., founder of the Scraper Bikes Team in Oakland, whose mission is to empower urban youth through fixing bicycles and bicycle art.

“They go out into the streets with low self esteem and all these other issues and they are trying to fill that hole, that gap, where something is missing,” continued Stevenson. “We need to make our programs turnt.”

“Turnt?” The moderator and several people around the room looked confused and posed the word to Stevenson as a question.

“Yeah, you know, they should be fun. They should be what’s up,” Stevenson said.
Oakland  sex  trafficking  drugs  solutions 
october 2017 by Quercki
"Because I Moved 5 Shirts"... Portrait Of An Unexpected Twitter Storm
I took the NASA shirts from the “boys” section from where they were prominently displayed, and put them little kid eye level next to tank tops in the “girls” section 20 feet away. And shared a pic of my tiny-scale, subversive, nonviolent, direct action.
As of right now when I post this essay, there have been 115,111 hearts. 23,000+ RTs. & 3000 comments to my account on twitter. Cross-postings, links, writers, cultural critics, so many folks weighing in. So many people amplifying how meaningful it is to disrupt the ways in which we undermine our children through gender stereotyping.
Someday I hope to organize all the responses so I can calculate the proportion of tweets for each of the key themes that emerged. But until then & because of cognitive biases in the human mind, I spent much of today grappling with the responses that were critical of my tweet.
gender  gender_roles  solutions  STEM  NASA  sexism 
june 2017 by Quercki
(48) So, after thinking about this over night, I've... - Marilee Talkington
something that happened at the WORLD SCIENCE FESTIVAL....|
Veronika Hubeny, the only woman on the panel is barely given any opportunity to speak. And the Moderator, Jim Holt even acknowledges this....
He asked her to describe her two theories of string theory that seem to contradict one another.
And THEN, without letting her answer, proceeded to answer for her and describe HER theories in detail without letting her speak for herself.
We could clearly see that she was trying to speak up. But he continued to talk over her and dominate the space for several minutes....
So at some point while he is Still talking about Her theories, I just can't handle it any longer.
With my hands shaking,
I finally say from my seat in the 2nd row of the audience, as clearly, directly and loudly as possible;
"Let. Her. Speak. Please!"
The moderator stops.
They all stop.
The auditorium drops into silence.
You could hear a pin drop.
And then the audience explodes with applause and screams.
Jim Holt eventually sat back, only after saying I was heckling him
And he let her speak.
And of course, she was brilliant.
sexism  science  solutions  allies 
june 2017 by Quercki
Think robocalls are a pain? Well, here's how to get rid of them |
Is there an app for this?
A few apps can help: Hiya, Mr. Number, Nomorobo, RoboKiller and Truecaller will all help identify and block spam calls.
YouMail will not only block suspected robocalls, but it will play a message saying, “Number out of service.” And, XContact, in addition to being a call blocker, also serves as a text spam blocker.

You have multiple options for filing a complaint with the FCC:
File a complaint online at
By phone: 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322); TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322); ASL: 1-844-432-2275
By mail (please include include your name, address, contact information and as much detail about your complaint as possible):
Federal Communications Commission
Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division
445 12th Street, S.W.
Washington, DC 20554
phone  mobile  do_not_call  solutions 
june 2017 by Quercki
The Opposite of Rape Culture is Nurturance Culture | Dating Tips for the Feminist Man
To completely transform this culture of misogyny, then, men must do more than ‘not assault.’ We must call on masculinity to become whole and nurturing of self and others, to recognize that attachment needs are healthy and normal and not ‘female,’ and thus to expect of men to heal themselves and others the same way we expect women to ‘be nurturers.’ It is time men recognize and nurture their own healing gifts.
men  culture  rape  violence  peace  Love  solutions  feminism 
june 2017 by Quercki
9 Phrases Allies Can Say When Called Out Instead of Getting Defensive
he next time you’re called on to do better, take a deep breath (or better yet, a lot of deep breaths), and consider the following responses:

1. ‘I Recognize That I Have Work to Do.’
allies  racism  solutions 
june 2017 by Quercki
35 Practical Steps Men Can Take To Support Feminism - xoJane
The list is not intended to be exhaustive or exclusive. Certain items on the list will apply to some men more than others, but if you are a man and a human I guarantee there is at least one area on the list where you could make an improvement. If you think there’s something we’ve missed, tell me! If you think something on the list is problematic, let’s have a conversation about it!
men  feminism  howto  solutions  *** 
march 2017 by Quercki
Companies Could Make Simple Changes to Avoid Driving Away Their Female Engineers - All Together
Last year the Center for WorkLife Law released a report, in conjunction with the Society for Women Engineers, called “Climate Control: Gender and Racial Bias in Engineering.” Based on a nationwide survey of over 3,000 engineers, we found that the climate for engineers is tougher for women than it is for men. Listen to our podcast on the study.

Female engineers feel they have to constantly prove themselves, over and over again, something we call “prove-it-again” bias. 61% of women of all races but only 35% of white men reported having to prove themselves repeatedly in order to get the same levels of recognition as their colleagues. Said one woman, “Women have to look more professional and demonstrate technical prowess at all times to receive the same respect as a male engineer who is just an average engineer.” Part of this is due to our ingrained stereotypes — when we think of a brilliant engineer, who pops into our heads? For most of us, it’s a white guy. So women are left having to work twice as hard, proving themselves twice as much, in order to be seen as equally competent. Fowler was told by higher-ups that she didn’t have an “upward career trajectory,” even though, as she pointed out to them, she had published a best-selling book, spoken at tech conferences, and done everything that an engineer on an “upward career trajectory” was supposed to do — a classic description of prove-it-again bias.

Another type of bias is what we call tightrope bias, which describes how a narrower range of behavior is accepted from women than from men. This can affect everything from how colleagues perceive you personally to how assignments are handed out. Our report found that women report being less able to behave assertively than men (51% and 67%, respectively) and less able to show anger without pushback (49% and 59%).  Read more about the study here.
women  engineer  bias  SWE  solutions 
march 2017 by Quercki
How to Tell the Difference Between Real Solidarity and ‘Ally Theater’
And she’s certainly not alone. A LOT of people do this. A LOT of people perform “allyship” in ways that are actually really harmful. This, folks, is ally theater. And there is a big difference between it and real solidarity. Lots of differences, really. Here are a few that I experience regularly:


1. Real solidarity doesn’t require an audience to witness what a good “ally” you are
Someone tweets something offensive at a queer person of color. Does solidarity look like:

a. retweeting the offensive comment with a “OMG this is so messed up!” thrown in

b. responding to the vile comment, making sure to include the queer person of color it was directed at in the response, so they can see you being an “ally” and sticking up for them

c. responding only to the commenter, without RTing and without including the queer person of color in the response at all

Anything other than c is ally theater.

Real solidarity doesn’t require an audience or a pat on the back. If a troll gets checked and absolutely no one is around to hear it (or hear about it later), it still makes a sound. I promise.

Also, it’s very possible that the person at whom the offensive tweet was directed doesn’t want to engage the troll. You forcing them into an exchange is violence, not solidarity.
howto  allies  solutions  racism  sexism 
february 2017 by Quercki
[Letter from Washington] | Texas is the Future, by Andrew Cockburn | Harper's Magazine
There was, however, still another question to answer. Why were those 4 million people declining to vote? TOP embarked on a series of intensive focus groups, which were largely financed by Amber and Steve Mostyn, a pair of progressive Houston claims attorneys. (Their string of lucrative settlements included some with insurance companies who had balked at paying claims for Ike-related house damage.) Year after year, the Mostyns had loyally stumped up hefty donations to middle-of-the-road Democrats who doggedly pursued existing voters while ignoring the multitude who sat out elections all or most of the time. When TOP asked these reluctant voters about their abstention, the answer was almost always the same: “When I have voted for Democrats in the past, nothing has changed, so it’s not worth my time.” There was one telling exception: in San Antonio, voters said that the only Texas Democrat they trusted was Julián Castro, who ran for mayor in 2009 on a platform of bringing universal pre-K to the city, and delivered on his promise when he won.
Beginning with the 2012 election, TOP canvassers — volunteers and paid employees working their own neighborhoods — were trained to open a doorstep interview not with statements about a candidate but with a question: “What issue do you care about?” The answer, whether it was the minimum wage or schools or potholes, shaped the conversation as the canvasser explained that TOP had endorsed a particular candidate (after an intensive screening) because of his or her position on those very issues. These were not hit-and-run encounters. Potential voters were talked to “pretty much nonstop for about eight to ten weeks leading to the election,” according to Goldman. “They got their doors knocked three to five times. They got called five to seven times. They signed a postcard saying, ‘I pledge to vote.’ They circled which day they were going to vote on a little calendar on the postcard, and we mailed those postcards back to them. We offered them free rides to the polls. We answered all of their questions, gave them all the information they needed, until they cast a ballot. And what we saw was that the Latino vote grew by five percentage points in Harris County in 2012.”
voting  change  solutions 
february 2017 by Quercki
White progressives: It’s time to be transformers, not just have opinions.
Local organizing as hope
The night Trump was elected we also defeated Sheriff Joe Arpaio here in Phoenix, Arizona. For 23 years, he has been torturing immigrant, of Color and poor families here. He has put the community in outdoor jails with 120 degree heat in the summer, he has built chain gangs for women and youth prisoners. I have not lived in Phoenix long, nor am I from here in any way. But, to see a massive landslide victory based on working class/poor people organizing thousands and thousands of people in their own community (who no one else is talking to or listening to) has been incredible. There is a generation of organizers here born out of the struggle. They are strong. They are ready to protect and defend this city and county. They are willing to do this work and they know how. They are majority of Color and working class — and some of them are walking out of their high schools today for the third day in a row by the hundreds. We have to support people to build strong organizing where they live. We have to leave it all on the dance floor in the service of building local leadership and local campaigns. Parachuting people in won’t work long term — we have to support people to protect and defend right where they are.
My progressive white family: we have the opportunity of a lifetime to fight like hell for what we say we believe. This is not a drill. We do not have be perfect and we will not have all the answers: but we do have to take responsibility, and we do have to be humble, flexible and brave. Let’s organize.
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february 2017 by Quercki
#DailyCoping-singing (with tweets) · TGStoneButch · Storify
How singing works to cope with In my experience, singing is esp helpful in #DailyCoping w/flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, nightmares, doing triggering things, anxiety.
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january 2017 by Quercki
#DailyCoping Strategies Round Up | Kink Praxis
I began a new project this week. Each day, on twitter, I do a series of tweets describing one of my coping strategies and talking about how it works, what it is esp useful for, where I learned about it. I am storifying these tweets, and collecting the links to the storifies in this post. I will keep adding to this as I go.

If you need something that lists a whole bunch of strategies together, might I suggest my Emergency Emotional Safety Plan?

None of these tools are intended to act as pressure. My intention is to offer things to add to your toolbox. You already have many tools & have been surviving a long time with them. I don’t expect that all these strategies would work for everyone, and they definitely don’t work in all situations. You know best about yourself and what you are dealing with. Use what works for you, when it seems like it may work.

With all these strategies, it’s generally not helpful to kick yourself if you didn’t use them. I encourage you to be compassionate towards yourself around practicing coping strategies. To recognize you are doing your best to manage. It may be helpful to consider whether you had a good reason not to use a particular strategy. Often this is the case. If you made it through the experience, I’d say that you are doing pretty damn good.
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january 2017 by Quercki
How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind – The Coffeelicious – Medium
Get enough sleep. You’d be amazed what sleep-deprivation does to your body and mind. If you do only one self-care thing (other than therapy), this should be it.
Go to the doctor. And the dentist. It’s hard to focus on social justice when a toothache is keeping you up at night or your low thyroid is making you so sluggish you can’t think. Take care of your body — you only get the one.
Exercise. You don’t have to run a marathon, but do some yoga or go for a jog or at least take a long walk.
Spend time with friends. Just be with people who love you, doing fun stuff.
Get some me-time. Read a book, watch a movie, take a walk, whatever. Just be in your own company for a while.
Eat well. Sure, healthy is good, but I also mean delicious. Cook (or order) food that makes you happy.
Get outside. If you live near woods or mountains or oceans, awesome. If not, just stroll around your neighborhood and breathe some fresh air.
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january 2017 by Quercki
My Word: Must work together to eliminate lead poisoning
First, we need to work with local medical providers to increase lead poison screenings for youth who live in the affected areas.

Second, we should request mandatory testing of all residential rental properties in target neighborhoods.  This will ensure that renters can live fear-free and do not feel at-risk for reporting unsafe conditions.

Third, as a county, we can monitor remediation of lead-poisoned properties with increased funding of our Alameda County Healthy Homes program.

Fourth, we must implore our local leadership in the state Legislature to seek increased funding in the state budget for screenings, inspections and remediation. Sadly, lead poisoning is a risk in many communities across our state.

Finally, we can build on the lessons learned by our Alameda County Healthy Homes program to empower landlords to fix the problems proactively. There are federal and state funds available to landlords who want to remediate their buildings. Our job is to create an environment where this proactivity is not only rewarded, but expected.

Our city, county, state and federal government are aligned to help solve the problem of lead poisoning in our community. Now it’s up to all of us to make it happen.
lead  remediation  solutions  Oakland  Alameda  county 
january 2017 by Quercki
Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry | Southern Poverty Law Center
Responding to Everyday Bigotry
What Can I Do Among Family?
What Can I Do About Sibling Slurs?
What Can I Do About Joking In-Laws?
What Can I Do About Impressionable Children?
What Can I Do About Parental Attitudes?
What Can I Do About Stubborn Relatives?
What can I do about my own bias?
What Can I Do Among Friends And Neighbors?
What Can I Do About Sour Social Events?
What Can I Do About Casual Comments?
What Can I Do About Offended Guests?
What Can I Do About Real Estate Racism?
What Can I Do About Unwanted Email?
What Can I Do About My Own Bias?
What Can I Do At Work?
What Can I Do About Casual Comments
What Can I Do About Workplace Humor?
What Can I Do About Sexist Remarks?
What Can I Do About Meeting Missteps?
What Can I Do About Boss Bias?
What Can I Do About My Own Bias?
What Can I Do At School?
What Can I Do About Negative Remarks?
What Can I Do About Familial Exclusion?
What Can I Do About Biased Bullying?
What Can I Do About In-Group Bigotry
What Can I Do about A Teacher's Bias?
What Can I Do In Public?
What Can I Do About Biased Customer Service?
What Can I Do About Bigoted Corporate Policy?
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january 2017 by Quercki
The first-ever close analysis of leaked astroturf comments from China's "50c party" reveal Beijing's cybercontrol strategy / Boing Boing
One implication: if we assume that the Chinese government is very good at controlling public opinion, and if we want to adopt their tactics to counter Trump, this suggests that we should: a) coordinate to make a lot of noise about the Trump-denying activities over the next four years (eg California expanding public healthcare); b) coordinate to make a lot of noise about arbitrary upbeat subjects ("this new music is just great") on days when Trump is trying to draw everyone's attention to himself. But of course, the 50c Party is able to issue talking points to hundreds of thousands of people and make them work in lockstep.

One way to parsimoniously summarize existing empirical results about information control in China is with a theory of the strategy of the regime. This theory, which as with all theories is a simplification of the complex realities on the ground, involves two complementary principles the Chinese regime appears to follow, one passive and one active. The passive principle is do not engage on controversial issues: do not insert 50c posts supporting, and do not censor posts criticizing, the regime, its leaders, or their policies. The second, active, principle is stop discussions with collective action potential, by active distraction and active censorship. Cheerleading in directed 50c bursts is one way the government distracts the public, although this activity can be also be used to distract from general negativity, government related meetings and events with protest potential, etc.
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january 2017 by Quercki
Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons — Quartz
I sent out the call the week before my wedding: anyone who has been married for 10+ years and is still happy in their relationship, what lessons would you pass down to others if you could? What is working for you and your partner? And if you’re divorced, what didn’t work previously?
The response was overwhelming. Almost 1,500 people replied, many of whom sent in responses measured in pages, not paragraphs. It took almost two weeks to comb through them all, but I did. And what I found stunned me…
They were incredibly repetitive.
That’s not an insult or anything. Actually, it’s kind of the opposite. These were all smart and well-spoken people from all walks of life, from all around the world, all with their own histories, tragedies, mistakes, and triumphs…
And yet they were all saying pretty much the same dozen things.
Which means that those dozen or so things must be pretty damn important… and more importantly, they work.
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january 2017 by Quercki
10 Ways to Fight a Trump Presidency in a Blue State | L.A. Weekly
now is not the time to be complacent — which is why we’ve identified 10 ways you can effectively push back against Trump, even when you live in the bluest of states. (#Calexit, anyone?)
anti  Trump  solutions 
january 2017 by Quercki
How to talk to your loved ones about a Donald Trump presidency
know is imperfect.
Don’t lecture. People don’t want to be yelled at. It feels really, really good to yell at them but if you are serious about using this tactic to create a world with less hate in it, skip the yelling.
Start from inquiry. Ask questions. Find out why they voted the way they did. Don’t assume you know. Try to understand what exactly they believe and why.
Let them know where you agree. Find the most basic thing that you agree on, let them know you agree, and add a caveat. If they say, “these protestors are rioting in the streets! Why aren’t they worried about the crime in their own community?” you can say, “I agree that violence is bad and there are a lot of different problems that need to be solved. What do you think about the problem of police violence?”[c]
Engage their interests, not their positions. Interests are things like “health care is important.” Positions are things like “Obamacare is [good/bad].” If your positions aren’t aligned (and they probably aren’t!) you end at “well I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.” If you can engage on the level of interests, you can build a frame to talk about positions in the future.
Feelings and stories, not facts. You’re probably operating from a different set of facts than your loved one. Fighting them about the details of what they’re wrong about is unlikely to actually change their minds. Talk about how you feel (“I’m scared of losing my health care because I have a chronic condition”) and stories from your friends (“My Muslim friends have seen a huge uptick in hate speech since the election”) instead of getting into an academic discourse.[d][e][f][g][h][i][j]
This means affirming their feelings too. Let them know you hear their fears. They’re scared of immigrants? Talk to them about why. What do they think immigrants are going to do? How can you relate that to your own fears of a Trump presidency?
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november 2016 by Quercki
9 Ways You’re Accidentally Fat-Shaming People Around You (and How to Stop)
1. Equating Thinness With Beauty

Statements like, “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful!” send the message that fat and beauty cannot co-exist. And that’s just untrue. In fact, fat people are both fat and beautiful.

2. Criticizing Your Own Weight
fat  solutions 
november 2016 by Quercki
What To Do Instead of Calling the Police --resources
What To Do Instead of Calling the Police
A Guide, A Syllabus, A Conversation, A Process
So, you understand that the police force in the U.S. upholds a system of racialized violence and white supremacy. You know that, when police get involved, black people, Latinx people, Native Americans, people of color, queer & trans people, sex workers, women, undocumented immigrants, and people living with mental illness are usually in more danger, even if they are the victims of the crime being reported. You know that police violently escalate peaceful interactions and murder black people with impunity every single day in this country.
But, your neighbor is setting off fireworks at 3am, or there’s intimate partner violence happening outside your window, or you see someone hit their child in public… What do you do? What do you do instead of calling the police? How do you keep yourself safe without seeking protection from a system that is predicated upon the surveillance and extermination of others?
We start by shifting our perspective. We start by learning about the racist history of the police. We start by saying, an alternative to this system should exist. We start by pausing before we dial 911. We start by making different choices where we can. We start by getting to know our neighbors and asking them to be a part of this process.
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september 2016 by Quercki
12 Loose Rules to Follow as an Effective Ally at Standing Rock: A Blueprint for White Solidarity… – Medium
1) Work towards the ultimate goal:
Everyone knows that the immediate goal of the protests are to stop the pipeline, but what many outside observers seem to fail to realize is that the ultimate goal is for unified indigenous peoples themselves to stop the pipeline. Why is there a world of difference in this subtle shift of priorities?
The last time that many of these tribes came together was for what the Lakota know as the Battle of Greasy Grass, and we know as Custer’s Last Stand. They are well aware of this fact at Standing Rock, as flying all over camp are exact replicas of the flag captured during that total defeat of the US army. This gathering is even more significant than that famous battle in terms of unity, because never in the history of this continent have so many tribes come together to work as one for a single goal. If this action against the pipeline is accomplished via grassroots indigenous support, as opposed to a bunch of vocal white activists coming in to save the day by running the movement, native unity is gaining a track record of successfully fighting for their equal treatment. Momentum is already building for a cross-continental tribal coalition to fight for indigenous rights, which will be orders of magnitude more effective than these communities being forced to rely solely on liberal bleeding hearts.
Trust Native Competency
Just know that things happen on their own time out there, and remember that there is only one group to ever extract an unconditional military surrender from the Unites States of America: the Lakota nation. You are around highly competent individuals doing what they do best: protecting their lands, culture, and way of life. Take this opportunity to learn from the experts.
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september 2016 by Quercki
Wear Out The Silence
“Wear Out The Silence” is a campaign asking white people to wear Black Lives Matter t-shirts every Friday as a way for us to bring the racial-justice conversation deeper into our daily lives. We want to use these conversations to move more white people into action, and to make visible the many people supporting the Movement For Black Lives.

We have heard the leaders of this movement call upon white people to “break white silence.” While this campaign specifically asks white people to answer this call, we encourage and welcome people of any race who want to participate.

Wear Out The Silence is a partnership with Bay Area Showing Up For Racial Justice.
BlackLivesMatter  White  solutions 
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College Sexual Assault, Campus Rape Victims Aftermath
The new program on the list, RealConsent, teaches undergraduate men about informed consent, bystander intervention, empathy, communication skills, alcohol, and gender socialization. Which is to say, it aims to undo their first 18 or 20 years of exposure to the ideals of toxic masculinity: male dominance, casual misogyny, hypersexuality, and the suppression of all strong emotions except anger. It aims to teach them that women and other non-masculine people are human, because our culture generally does such a lousy job of that.

It’s a start — a germ of hope. It is something to do, for administrators who are desperate — for both the noblest and most craven of reasons — to do something. In the meantime, though, more than 50% of college sexual violence survivors don’t bother to report it,
If we want to solve the problem of rape on campus, and everywhere else, we can’t rely on one-hour programs and six-week online modules at the undergraduate level. We need to root out toxic masculinity and contempt for the feminine where it begins — in childhood. That means we must encourage our boys to expect support and love when they’re hurt and vulnerable, so they feel safe expressing a full range of human emotion. We must stop forcing our children to hug unfamiliar friends and relatives, and teach them from day one that their bodies are their own. We must stop worrying that comprehensive sex ed will put ideas into tweens’ heads and start worrying that it’s not nearly comprehensive enough, if it doesn’t cover meaningful consent and healthy relationships.

The question shouldn’t be “What are colleges doing to prevent sexual violence” but “What are kindergartens doing? What are elementary schools doing?” Lessons in healthy boundaries, personal autonomy, empathy, and kindness can and should be taught at any age. Most college administrators and educators sincerely want to keep their students safe, but they’re up against a culture that sends children confusing and damaging messages about gender roles, sexuality, and violence from day one. Until we all get serious about changing that, there will still be too many young survivors, and too many of those afraid to ask for help.
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august 2016 by Quercki
This is why veteran homelessness has dropped so dramatically.
The first major player? The first lady.

Michelle Obama has led efforts to encourage mayors to take on vet homelessness at the local level. And it's working.

Photo by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images.
Her initiative, aptly dubbed the Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness, has prompted hundreds of local officials to commit to effectively ending homelessness among those who've served. Since its launch two years ago, the challenge has done just that in 27 communities across the country, including Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Houston.

These cities have shown that, yes, you can get every last vet into stable housing. Heck, even two states — Virginia and Connecticut — proved it can be done.

A second key factor? Opening the door to homeless vets, so to speak.


This magical button delivers Upworthy stories to you on Facebook:

Ending veteran homelessness has been a big component of the Obama administration's Opening Doors plan — the federal government's first-ever comprehensive strategy to get a roof over every American's head. Key partnerships within the strategy have helped more than 360,000 vets and their families find housing in the past six years alone, thanks to services from HUD and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images.
And a third reason for the big drop? Housing First.

The evidence is mounting (and has been for a while now) that the Housing First approach to homelessness is the way to go. The White House-backed strategy — which provides a person with a home, first and foremost, and then provides helpful services (as opposed to a person obtaining housing only if certain behavioral conditions are met beforehand) — is being adapted by more and more nonprofits and agencies across the country.

It's how Utah was able to get its chronic homelessness rate slashed by more than 90% in just one decade.
veteran  homelessness  solutions  data 
august 2016 by Quercki
Shakesville: And Again
f you want to know some things you can do RIGHT FUCKING NOW here are some tweets I just posted:

1) Do you know your city's police accountability procedures?
2) Do your police have any provisions for citizen oversight?
3) Is there a civilian oversight panel to review police shootings and misconduct?
4) if you do not know this you can google your city with police accountability/review procedures
5) what is the threshold for indicting police for misconduct? Example: in Seattle (where I live) you have to prove willful malice.
6) Do your police have body cameras?
7) When you do your research, if you don't like the answers to these questions, if they do not hold police accountable, here's what u can do
8) Demand your city council member make police reform a priority. If they won't, vote them out - recruit friends to do the same.
9) Demand that your mayor do the same. If he/she won't vote them out & recruit friends to do the same.
10) Do not give money or votes to any candidate who will not make police reform a priority. Make sure they know that is a requirement
11) Demand that your sheriff and local DA's office do the same.
12) just google your city name + city council - all the contact info should be there.
13) along with phone numbers, email addresses - all the info u need to remind them that black lives WILL matter whether they want it or not
14) Do this today, do this tomorrow, do this every day like your life depends on it - ours actually does.

Police reform should be on the lips of every local politician in this country bc they should know they will not get your support without it
police  killing  solutions 
july 2016 by Quercki
Stanford big data study finds racial disparities in Oakland, Calif., police behavior, offers solutions | Stanford News

The researchers suggest that police departments in Oakland and elsewhere can overcome a subtle bias problem. Using better data, providing education and becoming informed are the first steps.

In fact, the Stanford researchers have already conducted training workshops on the subject of bias for about 700 – or 90 percent – of the sworn officers in Oakland. The researchers suggest brief, frequent training sessions with feedback on effectiveness for all police forces.

In the report, Eberhardt wrote, “Our recommendations are broad but are anchored in our primary mission of pushing agencies to collect more data and to do more with the data they collect. For many agencies, this will require a change in mindset: it requires seeing themselves not only as crime-fighting institutions, but also as institutions of learning.”

In broad terms, the researchers’ recommendations suggest:

Use data to measure what matters: Continue collecting traffic-stop data, expand these efforts and update the forms; and standardize, track and analyze crime-related communications provided to officers.
Leverage police body-worn camera footage: Use the footage to train officers and evaluate policies and require officers to self-audit racially charged footage.
Make data accessible: Build a stop data dashboard; automate stop data and narrative analyses; use automatic speech recognition systems; and improve the back-up systems for footage.
Collaborate with data partners: Hire a data manager and partner with experts to analyze traffic stop data.
Improve feedback channels: Give officers feedback on their stop performance and more efficient ways for them to communicate with command staff; conduct customer-service audits after routine stops and community surveys.
Oakland  police  stop  data  research  racism  bias  solutions 
june 2016 by Quercki
SPARQ Scientists Release Oakland Police Findings | SPARQ
Key Findings
·      OPD officers stopped, searched, handcuffed, and arrested more African Americans than Whites, and this finding remained significant even after we statistically controlled for neighborhood crime rates and racial demographics; the race, gender, and experience of the officer; and other factors known to influence police actions;

·      OPD officers disproportionately stopped African Americans for minor offenses;

·      Racial disparities in stops and stop outcomes were greater for less-experienced officers;

·      With African American community members, OPD officers used more severe legal language (e.g., mentioned probation, parole, and arrest) and offered fewer explanations for the stop than they did with White community members;

·      Oakland residents of color felt less trustful and more suspicious of the OPD;

·      In police-initiated interactions, African American and Hispanic Oaklanders felt more disrespected and misunderstood than did White and Asian Oaklanders;

·      In interactions with police that Oakland community members initiated themselves, there were no racial differences in perceived police treatment.

Select Recommendations
·      Our findings suggest that the OPD has a culture whereby it’s more acceptable to stop, search, handcuff, and arrest African Americans than Whites. We suspect that many other law enforcement agencies have similar cultures. In the Strategies for Change report, we thus recommend that the OPD and other agencies institute monthly reviews of policies, practices, and procedures for evidence of disparate impacts.

·      As less-experienced officers show more racial disparities in their actions, better training of new officers could likely reduce disparate treatment. To this end, Strategies of Change presents several recommendations for how to improve officer training.

·      Although the OPD collects copious amounts of data, few measures track the OPD’s relationship with its community. In Strategies for Change, we thus recommend several actions that the OPD and other law enforcement agencies can take to measure what matters most.

·      More broadly, our studies suggest that OPD officers view data as evidence to be used for punishment, rather than as feedback to be used for improvement. Consequently, the department has been slow to collect and use data, including BWC footage. In Strategies for Change, we recommend more than a dozen actions that the OPD and other law enforcement agencies can take to better leverage data, especially BWC data. 
Oakland  police  racism  bias  data  solutions  African-american 
june 2016 by Quercki
Australia data shows gun controls a huge success 20 years after mass shooting | Reuters
Australia on Thursday marked the 20th anniversary of a mass shooting which led to strict gun controls that have in turn led to a huge decline in gun murders, undermining claims in the United States that such curbs are not the answer.

The chances of being murdered by a gun in Australia plunged to 0.15 per 100,000 people in 2014 from 0.54 per 100,000 people in 1996, a decline of 72 percent, a Reuters analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showed.

In 1996, Australia had 311 murders, of which 98 were with guns. In 2014, with the population up from about 18 million to 23 million, Australia had 238 murders, of which 35 were with guns.

It was the April 28, 1996, shooting deaths by a lone gunman of 35 people in and around a cafe at a historic former prison colony in Tasmania that prompted the government to buy back or confiscate a million firearms and make it harder to buy new ones.

The country has had no mass shootings since.

The figures directly contradict assertions of most leading U.S. presidential candidates who have either questioned the need to toughen gun laws or directly denounced Australia's laws as dangerous.
gun  control  Australia  solutions 
june 2016 by Quercki
Rapist Brock Turner texted pals photos of victim's breasts / Boing Boing
Several images that prosecutors referenced during the trial are included. Santa Clara County Superior Court and the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office released the case documents Friday.

The newly released photos include a snapshot of Brock Turner smoking a pipe, another of a bong, and another of a young man prosecutors say was Turner's swim team buddy, holding a bong. The court documents also include a photo sent via the "Group Me" app that is said to be the victim's breasts, photographed at the time of the sexual assault.
rape.culture  rape  men  solutions  prevention 
june 2016 by Quercki
In Orlando, as Usual, Domestic Violence Was Ignored Red Flag | Rolling Stone
The Washington Post reported Monday that "although family members said Mateen had expressed anger about homosexuality, the shooter had no record of previous hate crimes." But that depends on how you categorize domestic violence.

Mateen's coworker, Daniel Gilroy, who requested a transfer so he wouldn't have to work with Mateen, describes him as "scary in a concerning way.... He had anger management issues. Something would set him off, but the things that would set him off were always women, race or religion. [Those were] his button pushers."

Mateen reportedly beat his ex-wife, Sitora Yusifiy, and at one point held her hostage, but was never held accountable. She divorced him after only four months of marriage, citing his mental-health issues. Her family, she says, had to "pull [her] out of his arms." She describes Mateen as practicing his religion — Islam — but showing "no sign" of violent radicalism. It's understandable what she means there, but perhaps it's time our society started to think of physical abuse, possessiveness and men's entitlement to act in those ways toward women as terroristic, violent and radical.
domestic_violence  terrorism  solutions  Orlando 
june 2016 by Quercki
John Oliver buys and forgives $15m worth of medical debt | World news | The Guardian
“Thanks to this 5 June airing of the HBO comedy series, Last Week Tonight show with John Oliver, there are a lot more of us now privy to this collection industry practice and the debt treadmill it creates,” said Craig Antico, co-founder of RIP Medical Debt. “In a painfully hilarious (debt as funny? Somehow, yes) piece, John Oliver triumphantly out-Oprah’s Oprah in giving away valuable gifts.”

As Antico points out this type of debt-buying for charity was pioneered by Rolling Jubilee, an offshoot of the Occupy Wall Street movement. In 2013, Rolling Jubilee spent $400,000 to purchase $14,734,569.87 worth of personal debt – about $13.5m of it was medical debt – before abolishing it.

Occupy Wall Street activists buy $15m of Americans' personal debt
Read more
“No one should have to go into debt or bankruptcy because they get sick,” Laura Hanna, an organizer with the group, said at the time.

A year later, in September 2014, Rolling Jubilee announced that it had bought another $3.8m worth of student debt belonging to more than 2,700 Everest College students. The debt had cost the activists about $100,000.

“The Rolling Jubilee doesn’t actually solve the problem. The Rolling Jubilee is a tactic and a valuable one because it exposes how debt operates,” Thomas Gokey, one of the organizers, said. “It punches a hole through the morality of debt, through this idea that you owe X amount of dollars that the 1% says you owe. In reality, that debt is worth significantly less. The 1% is selling it to each other at bargain-based prices. You don’t actually owe that.”
Occupy_Wall_Street  debt  John_Oliver  solutions 
june 2016 by Quercki
How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds — from a Magician and Google’s Design Ethicist — The Startup — Medium
We need our smartphones, notifications screens and web browsers to be exoskeletons for our minds and interpersonal relationships that put our values, not our impulses, first. People’s time is valuable. And we should protect it with the same rigor as privacy and other digital rights.
Tristan Harris was a Product Philosopher at Google until 2016 where he studied how technology affects a billion people’s attention, wellbeing and behavior. For more resources on Time Well Spent, see
facebook  addiction  solutions 
june 2016 by Quercki
On male privilege and networks — Medium
From that day I started to actively check my privilege and make sure that for every event I organized, I invited more women than men. Why more women? Because while we’re perfectly equal in capabilities, we’re still not equal in representation. It’s on me — and each person reading this — to actively strive to rebalance the playing field.
And then, at one point, a funny thing happened: I don’t need to actively try anymore. My networks settled in a wonderfully varied mix of diversity. The implicit gender bias disappeared in a puff of smoke, as befits an insubstantial mirage. And so will yours.
Things you can do
Invite women.
Invite more women than men.
If your networks can’t help you reach out to awesomely skilled women, you need better networks. So: start building those networks. Follow people who are nothing like you on Twitter; follow blogs; ask other people who are better at this for advice.
Be openly vocal. Talk about this issue. Help others understand their blind spots. Write a blog post!
sexism  solutions  under-representation  bingo  maleprivilege 
april 2016 by Quercki
For Good Men To See Nothing — Medium
I have a list of things you can do.
Do some or all of these as you feel personally safe to do. You don’t need to be a Hollywood Action Hero to do these. Doing ANY of these things will help.
ASK women about their experiences in gaming. A large chunk of the problem’s persistence is that a woman who gets offended/hit on/etc. and leaves doesn’t actually cause the majority of sensible male gamers to DO ANYTHING. “Oh, yeah, Stephanie…nobody’s seen her in two weeks? I guess she got a new job or something and didn’t tell us.” Smiling monsters rely on your not following up with their victims to get the space they need to operate.
LISTEN to what they say. Remember, they’re feeling isolated, and they feel like nobody will believe them over the other men at the table. Don’t accuse them of exaggerating. Don’t “put them in the witness box” — just listen. It won’t be comfortable. Time and time again, I’ve been told that the single most valuable thing I ever did was listen, so that she didn’t feel she was facing this alone. As a guy, it’s REALLY hard to believe that _just_ listening is that helpful, but it’s observably true.
WATCH for signs of discomfort. Women take up different body language when they feel threatened. They close their bodies off; they cross their arms in front of their chest as if they expect to get hit. They move to a chair on the other side of the table to get away from someone.
sexism  solutions  gaming  men 
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Hillary Clinton: The Real Revolutionary Candidate — Medium
As the months have passed, I’ve begun to question the premise that Bernie Sanders is better on income inequality. Does he really offer a uniquely revolutionary program?
American history is a history of class struggles, beginning with the unsuccessful Whiskey Rebellion in 1791. Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, and FDR all talked about class struggle. FDR was perhaps the most successful president in restructuring class in America, but he passed his reforms to sustain capitalism during a depression, not to overthrow the existing system. It’s important to note that none of these presidents sought to break down barriers for women and racial minorities the way Hillary does.
Bernie Sanders is just another American politician in a long line of American politicians to blame all our problems on the elite and to trumpet a call for class reforms. His approach makes people feel like they have something to fight for, but it doesn’t do much more than that. It is not particularly revolutionary and it doesn’t have a good record of accomplishing much change.
In contrast, the history of feminist and civil rights movements in America shows that these are movements of incremental change, small successes, and permanent progress. To accomplish real change in the “established” power structure, we must focus on issues that affect women and people of color. Our justice system will not stop criminalizing and jailing people of color unless we eliminate racial disparities in sentencing. Our police will not stop killing black people unless we demand an end to racial profiling and hold them accountable when they do. Women will not be protected from rape and sexual assault until we make education about rape culture a priority. Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights are not safe unless we elect people who prioritize fighting for these rights.
A common criticism by Hillary critics is that she is too pragmatic and therefore isn’t advocating for real change. But what is more important, advocating for real change or accomplishing it? Hillary doesn’t employ Bernie’s enraged rhetoric about the evils of Wall St., but she does have a detailed plan about how to regulate it.
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The Department of Justice Throws Its Weight Behind Ending the Jailing of the Poor for Unpaid Fines | American Civil Liberties Union
The Justice Department came to a pretty simple conclusion that should not be controversial: People should never be locked up behind bars for being unable to pay court fines and fees they cannot afford. But local governments across the country are using threats of jail and actual imprisonment to secure payments toward court fines and fees. The ACLU has exposed and challenged these practices in places as diverse as DeKalb County, Georgia; Benton County, Washington; Eastpointe, Michigan; and Biloxi, Mississippi. 

In one stroke, the Justice Department has dramatically amplified our efforts. It has issued a strong letter to state chief justices and court administrators making it clear that the 14th Amendment prohibits jailing people for nonpayment of court fines and fees without procedural safeguards. These measures include an ability-to-pay hearing before a neutral judge on whether a person’s nonpayment was willful or due to poverty, meaningful alternatives to jail for people who cannot afford to pay, and legal representation in certain collection enforcement actions.

DOJ’s letter also echoes longstanding ACLU concerns about the bias introduced when municipalities enlist for-profit probation companies that have a direct financial stake in the debts they are hired to collect. Employees hurt the company bottom line when they help courts identify indigent people whose payment of company service fees should be waived. The ACLU has sued the for-profit probation company Judicial Corrections Services, Inc. in Georgia and Biloxi.
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10 Words Every Girl Should Learn
"Stop interrupting me."

"I just said that."

"No explanation needed."
It's not hard to fathom why so many men tend to assume they are great and that what they have to say is more legitimate. It starts in childhood and never ends. Parents interrupt girls twice as often and hold them to stricter politeness norms. Teachers engage boys, who correctly see disruptive speech as a marker of dominant masculinity, more often and more dynamically than girls.

As adults, women's speech is granted less authority and credibility. We aren't thought of as able critics or as funny. Men speak more, more often, and longer than women in mixed groups (classrooms, boardrooms, legislative bodies, expert media commentary and, for obvious reasons religious institutions.) Indeed, in male-dominated problem solving groups including boards, committees and legislatures, men speak 75% more than women, with negative effects on decisions reached. That's why, as researchers summed up, "Having a seat at the table is not the same as having a voice."
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How to interrupt bias in the workplace
Williams outlined four bias patterns that women may recognize: Prove-It-Again, women (and minorities) having to prove time and again that they are competent; Tightrope, balancing the push to be masculine against the expectation that women should be feminine; Maternal Wall, using family commitments as a reason to hold women back; and Tug of War, facing a loyalty test, or pressure to identify with their gender or a certain group in order to succeed.

To combat bias in each of these patterns, Williams developed common scenarios that managers or colleagues may see with example responses that would correct the issue.

For Prove-It-Again, Williams used the example of origination credit. A woman, she says, often will come up with an idea in a meeting. The idea is ignored when she presents it, but when repeated by a man it is perceived as brilliant.

Astute managers or colleagues could correct the bias by saying, “I’ve been pondering that ever since Pam first said it,” thus giving credit where credit is due.

When becoming aware of a Tightrope situation, a manager or colleague may see that women in a department are responsible for more of the following:

• The housework of planning parties.
• Meeting-planning logistics, staffing and billing.
• Undervalued work, including note-taking at a meeting.

To correct the issues, the manager would:

• Not ask for volunteers for party planning because women are under pressure to accept and men to decline.
• Assign support personnel to handle meeting planning.
• Establish a rotation for tasks such as note-taking.
• Have everyone do their own billing.

Maternal Wall issues may come up when a manager hears someone express uncertainty that a woman can do a task because of her child care issues. One possible response would be to call out the bias directly, saying: “I wonder if we’d say the same thing about a man.”

In the last example, Tug of War, Williams suggested looking out for tokenism and making sure that there isn’t a pattern of having one woman on a committee or team.
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10 Simple Words Every Girl Should Learn - Role Reboot
Men interrupt women, speak over them, and discount their contributions to a discussion with surprising regularity. Here’s how women should respond.

“Stop interrupting me.” 

“I just said that.”

“No explanation needed.”
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A Gentleman's Guide to Rape Culture | Zaron Burnett
3. Men can make other men STFU.

Let's say, you're in a group of men, and one of your friends starts hollering at a girl -- tell him to knock it the fuck off. You won't be a punk for speaking up for the woman. As long as you don't try to score points with her for "defending her," you won't be white-knighting it either. You're just doing the right thing. No one needs some sexist clown hollering at her because the dude popped a mental woody. Cat-calling is one of the worst advertisements for male sexuality there is. Those assholes make us all look like complete tools. You get that, right? We need to cut that shit out.

Working construction is when I learned to speak up to a group of men. You have to do it. Mostly, you do it because you want to respect yourself. Otherwise, you're another pathetic man that allows a guy to mistreat a woman in your presence. When a guy cat-calls a woman and you don't say something, he just treated her like a cheaply degraded sex object for his satisfaction and he turned you into the punk-ass that's willing to allow him to mistreat a woman in your presence ... while you say nothing.
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Oakland investing millions in projects to help stem violence - San Francisco Chronicle
A slew of nonprofits and public agencies will share $6.37 million in taxpayer funding next year to curb violence in Oakland, mostly by providing jobs and social services in neighborhoods that are beset by crime.

The money derives from Measure Z, a parcel tax and parking surcharge that Oakland voters approved in November 2014 to improve public safety. It provides $24 million a year to help staff the Police Department and fund community-based violence-prevention programs. Organizations that competed for funding had to show they would steer youth and young adults into productive lives, while helping break a cycle of violence and trauma in Oakland.

Among the grant recipients was Youth Alive, a group that reaches out to youth in the hospital after they’ve been stabbed or shot, or right after they’ve been released from juvenile hall. It was awarded more than $1 million, the lion’s share of which will go toward a collaboration with Oakland California Youth Outreach, to mediate conflicts that erupt in the streets.

The Mentoring Center secured $620,000 in funds to provide intensive case management and conflict mediation, partly in conjunction with Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice. The Family Violence Law Center was granted $450,000 to help survivors of domestic violence and assist with restraining orders. The Center for Employment Opportunities received $320,000 in job-training funds for young adults, ages 18 to 35.


Oakland should invest in bicycles for police Getting Oaklanders to lay down their guns Backers of Measure Z raise specter of police layoffs
Staff from the city’s Human Services Department — which has an arm called Oakland Unite that manages public safety funds — recommended awarding 30 grants in all, allocating the money to 24 nonprofit and public agencies, out of 44 that applied. The City Council approved those awards Tuesday.
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Fascism | tressiemc
The Mizzou student-activists are organizing in a moment of public, private and State surveillance unlike any ever before seen in modern history in a wealthy imperialist nation where a huge part of our conspicuous consumption is surveilling ourselves as a status symbol.

They are organizing within the most corporate driven era of higher education in the history of the United States with all that entails for curtailing citizen-building at the expense of making markets and more consumers.

These students were organizing against the major capital interests that can now purchase unprecedented access to politicians in a massive police apparatus that has virtually unchecked privilege to target, surveill, detain and murder in a media culture controlled by many of the same capital interests.

This moment requires a level of sophistication that I doubt even my elder cohort can quite grasp. This is not the 1960s. It isn’t even the 1980s.
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Oakland must take some bold and immediate actions - Oakland Tribune
Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s recent State of the City was well received but was short on nutsand- bolts solutions, so I have written my own assessment.

First:Declare a state of emergency over the affordable housing crisis. Oakland could turn into San Francisco, that city that is now officially a museum of its former self. Oakland doesn’t have much time left to save itself, so the timetable needs to be tight. In the first 90 days after declaring a state of emergency: 1. Finish the Nexus study and impose impact fees on developers and insist that no projects get city approval until the fees are imposed. We need to begin to climb out of the affordable housing deficit we’ve been racking up for years.

2. Declare a moratorium onrent increases beyond the consumer price index and provide an adequate fund to help people stay in their rental units, if they are in danger of losing them. Talk to the Oakland Tenants Union for more ideas.
Let’s fire the hearing administrator who keeps citing churches and institutions like Humanist Hall for music— I mean, noise violations — and hire a Home Grown Initiatives Czar who will shepherd programs like the Scraper Bike Movement so our youth can nurture their own institutions.

OPD Reform: The Oakland Police Department under Chief Sean Whent has begun the process of reform but it’s still on shaky ground as evidenced by the police shootings this summer.

Yes, we know the police arewearing cameras but they don’t seem to believe those videos belong to the public. We need a transparency policy on police videos, and we need a police commission before the federal oversight of Judge Thelton Henderson goes away. After $60 million in lawsuits and decimated community trust, we can’t afford not to. Let’s get it on the 2016 ballot.

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Exploiting Feminism for Profit | Media Diversified
I can’t celebrate seeing feminism exploited in the ad breaks by a company that has been built by taking millions from the taxpayer. Virgin ushers publicly run assets into the private sector then languishes on subsidies from the public purse while making a huge profit. This is not an outlandish statement; it’s what has happened in the past. Take a look at their involvement in the privatisation of our railways and you’ll see a pattern: Virgin takes state subsidies, distributes massive payouts for their shareholders, while the quality of service declines.
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Sometimes Writers Block is really Depression - Mary Robinette Kowal
In hindsight, I’ve probably dealt with this off and on for my entire life, but last year, I tried to push past it and pretend I was fine. And it became crippling. Now I have tools to handle it. I’m better about self-care, so that I don’t let things become crippling again. I am trying to treat it like having a broken arm and be very matter-of-fact about it. Though, really, it’s more like having dysentery, because it traps you at home and no one wants to hear about it.

But I digress.

Now… I’ve given you strategies for handling the other types of writer’s block. Let me tell you the things that work for me with writing. I want to be clear, that everyone’s brain is wired differently. If you are like me, and respond well to challenges and ticky-boxes, these might work for you.

Habitica — This gamifies my to-do list. I have a mix of things on there from “Take medication” to “Leave House” to “Write 3 sentences.” The big thing is that I can see that, yes, I actually AM achieving something.
Small goals — I used to have a 2000 word per day goal. Now, I aim for 3 sentences. This almost always turns into more, but having a small goal is achievable, even on the rough days.
Headspace — This is a meditation app. I was toooootally skeptical about this when my counselor suggested it. It took me awhile to get comfortable with the idea, but it makes a difference.
Yoga in the morning — So, apparently, 20 minutes of physical activity in the morning can totally change your entire day. I have found this to be appallingly true for me. The days that I skip it to do later, I am much more scattered. It doesn’t have to be yoga, but physical activity is huge. (I use DailyYoga since I travel a ton.)
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Farmer Returns 700 Acres of California Coast to Native American Tribe
The small, water-poor reservation that became home for the Kashia Band of Pomo Indians has become 18-times larger, and for the first time in more than a century, will reach to the Pacific coast where they and their ancestors once hunted, fished, and roamed free.

Bill Richardson’s family bought the 688-acre property, which features dense redwood forest, towering coastal bluffs and waterfalls along the Pacific Coast Highway, in 1925.

CHECK Out: Irish Town Builds Memorial to Thank Native Americans Who Helped During Famine

Last week, after five years of fundraising by the Sonoma County government, The Trust for Public Land,  private foundations and groups, the newly established Kashia Coastal Reserve restores ownership of the land to the tribe.

Sonoma County contributed two million dollars for the project, while another six million was raised by the coalition of groups seeking to buy the property for the Kashia. In exchange, the California Coastal Trail will extend north for one mile across their land, giving the public access to a cliff walk overlooking this dramatic stretch of coastline.

RELATED: Stories of Native American Good News

The Tribe will manage the land as protected open space, and a demonstration forest for educating and engaging the public about the history and practices of native people in the area.

The Pomo Indians will get to start using the land immediately, while Richardson will get to live out his days on the mile-long stretch of property—and be buried on a hillside when he passes on.
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[ISMC Pubs] Bee The Beauty
"Bee The Beauty" - Gardens can be beautiful with fragrances and colors that dazzle and amaze. But what is more beautiful than a garden alive with butterflies? And what pleases the senses more than a healthy landscape abuzz with the sound of bees excitedly bathing in pollen? To truly "bee beautiful" it's not the environment that must transform. It is us! Our dated best practices are killing native pollinators by acres every minute. And when these native pollinators finally go extinct so do the native wildflowers and other life that only they support. Where will our gardens "bee" then? The change to "bee beautiful" is a transformation we have to make in "us".
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october 2015 by Quercki Executives Meet With Oakland Activists, Discuss Efforts to Combat Racial Profiling | East Bay Express
Earlier this month, Tolia responded to the Express article with a blogpost on outlining the company's plans to curb racial profiling — including potential new training initiatives and changes to the site's guidelines. Today at the co-working space Impact Hub Oakland, Tolia and three other Nextdoor representatives met with five members of Neighbors for Racial Justice, which invited me to sit in on the meeting. The activists — including Upper Dimond resident Shikira Porter, who I featured prominently in my piece — presented Nextdoor with a number of proposals aimed at eliminating racial profiling on the site. In addition to Tolia, the meeting included Kelsey Grady, Nextdoor's head of communications; Gordon Strause, director of neighborhood operations; and Maryam Mohit, director of product. 

Tolia told the group that Nextdoor plans to add a "racial profiling button" to the site, which means users will be able to flag posts for racial profiling. Currently, users can flag comments that they believe are inappropriate or abusive, but there's no way to specify racial profiling. "We want to create that very specific signal for us," Tolia said. In the current system, when users flag a post for any reason, neighborhood "leads" — who are volunteer citizen moderators — can review the post and decide whether it violates Nextdoor's guidelines, which prohibit discriminatory posts and profiling. The problem, according to Neighbors for Racial Justice, is that the leads sometimes do not take those concerns sincerely, and, on the contrary, have even gone so far as to censor posts calling out racial profiling in some Oakland neighborhoods. Users can reach out to the company directly if they are not satisfied with the lead's response, but some have said that this process is difficult.
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Advocates for survivors of domestic violence join forces to end the crime | Oakland North
For people living in a domestic violence situation and looking for resources in Oakland, there are a number of agencies that can help:

A Safe Place offers a 24-hour crisis line (510) 536-7233. It also provides an emergency shelter as well as counseling, support groups, household establishment assistance, court and social services advocacy, and community outreach and education. Website:

Alameda County Family Justice Center provides shelter and housing assistance, counseling for adults and children, criminal justice information and assistance, and connections to a number of agencies and programs. Telephone: (510) 267-8800. Website:

Shalom Bayit provides safety planning, phone and individual counseling, support groups, healing rituals, and court accompaniment for Jewish women who are victims of domestic violence. Telephone: (866) SHALOM-7. Website:

Safe Passages offers a continuum of services for vulnerable children and youth to help them succeed. Telephone: (510) 238-6368. Website:

Family Violence Law Center provides a 24-hour crisis hotline at (800) 947-8301, as well as an array of legal services, crisis intervention, safety planning, and a mobile response team that offers on-site response and emergency relocation assistance for survivors in immediate danger. Website:

The greater Bay Area has many more organizations working for survivors of domestic violence. For a comprehensive list, visit

domestic_violence  solutions 
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10 Questions for Anti-Choice Candidates
1. How many years do you consider to be a fair prison term for a woman who has an abortion?
4. Where will the state get the money necessary to prosecute one-third of all American women for this crime?
5. Forty-two percent of women who have an abortion have incomes below 100 percent of the federal poverty level (that’s $10,830 for a single woman with no children, if you’re counting). When women are forced to have children they cannot afford to raise, will those children become wards of the state or simply new Medicaid recipients? Where will the state find the money necessary to support them?
6. Will you be willing to watch your wife die in front of you when her life is threatened by an unsafe pregnancy that no one is allowed to do anything about? Your daughter?
7. Will rapists have to pay child support to women who are forced to have their children?
anti-choice  politics  abortion  solutions 
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Astronomer, NASA advisor, and serial sexual harasser Geoff Marcy to resign from UC Berkeley / Boing Boing
Geoff Marcy, a famous and respected American astronomer, has announced his intention to step down as a faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley, according to an email obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Marcy also works with NASA on the search for extraterrestrial life, via the NASA Kepler Mission.

Buzzfeed first broke today's news of Marcy's plans to step aside. It is the first real fallout he's facing from sexual harassment claims that the reported victims say were ignored for years.

Why would those claims be ignored by UC Berkeley? Because Marcy is kind of a big deal in the field of astronomy, and his name meant money for the struggling California academic institution.

"While I do not agree with each complaint that was made, it is clear that my behavior was unwelcomed by some women,” Marcy wrote in an earlier public statement.
sexual_assault  sexual_harassment  STEM  astronomy  solutions 
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How to End Sexual Harassment in Astronomy - Scientific American
Last week news broke that astronomer Geoff Marcy had sexually harassed students, according to a Title IX investigation by his institution, the University of California, Berkeley. Last month the Association of American Universities reported an alarmingly high number of students experiencing sexual assault on college campuses. Last year a study found that a majority of graduate students and postdocs doing fieldwork in anthropology and archaeology reported being harassed.

As a professional astronomer, I have seen this behavior push women out of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). I am angry that so many bright, ambitious, eager young scientists have had their dreams crushed, and I am sad that the world will not benefit from the discoveries and innovations those women (and it is most often women who are targeted) would have given us.
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A New Way to Tackle Gun Deaths - The New York Times
Daniel Webster, a public health expert at Johns Hopkins University, notes that in 1999, the government listed the gun stores that had sold the most weapons later linked to crimes. The gun store at the top of the list was so embarrassed that it voluntarily took measures to reduce its use by criminals — and the rate at which new guns from the store were diverted to crime dropped 77 percent.

Continue reading the main story

CNNNNC 5 minutes ago
Gun deaths from suicide are barely half the picture. Those guns are legally obtained for the most part and within the system for regulation...
sdw 5 minutes ago
The deepest frustration comes from the fact that a common-sense approach like the one proposed by Nicholas Kristof, and the statistics...
Jwl 5 minutes ago
If the country didn't torch the NRA after Sandyhook, when will we? As voters, each and every one of us has an obligation to vote against any...
But in 2003, Congress barred the government from publishing such information.

Why is Congress enabling pipelines of guns to criminals?
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“There are steps you have to take prior to using that firearm”- former police captain - YouTube
Published on Sep 1, 2015
A video of obtained by a San Antonio TV station shows a man shit by police with seemingly his hands up. 41 year old Gilbert Flores was chased by police after allegedly attacking a woman and a teen. Former police Captain Ray Lewis explains what actions police should gave taken, rather than shooting.
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4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy, According to Neuroscience | TIME
Here’s what brain research says will make you happy:

Ask “What am I grateful for?” No answers? Doesn’t matter. Just searching helps.
Label those negative emotions. Give it a name and your brain isn’t so bothered by it.
Decide. Go for “good enough” instead of “best decision ever made on Earth.”
Hugs, hugs, hugs. Don’t text — touch.
So what’s the dead simple way to start that upward spiral of happiness?

Just send someone a thank you email. If you feel awkward about it, you can send them this post to tell them why.
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10 ways Black Lives Matter is already winning
Many of their proposals have or had already been adopted in cities and states across the country, with some even specifically crediting protests as their motivation for the changes.

Here is a sampling of some of the changes to policing we have seen in recent time that have Campaign Zero’s proposals in action.
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