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The goal of this syllabus is to frame the recent claims to Cherokee ancestry by US Senator Elizabeth Warren as part of a longer history of cultural appropriation, erasure, and settler colonialism. Warren’s claims reveal the pervasive influence of biological essentialism--through the supposed certainty of DNA testing--in the globalized present. As is documented in this syllabus, the juncture of culture, genetics, and Indigenous sovereignty has become a crucial domain of discursive and political contestation. At stake is the ability of sovereign Indigenous nations to determine citizenship and belonging according to their own cultural beliefs and historical understandings of community. In compiling this syllabus, we underscore the work of Indigenous writers, scholars, and activists, and we have focused primarily on the historical position of the Cherokee Nation in these debates.
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15 Experts Debunk Right-Wing Transgender Bathroom Myth | Research | Media Matters for America
Fox News Has Promoted Harassment Fears About Transgender Access To Restrooms. Fox News has repeatedly invoked fears of sexual assault and misbehavior in restrooms to attack equal access to public accommodations for transgender people, including a fake story about a transgender student harassing females in her school's restroom. [Equality Matters, 6/5/13, 2/27/13, 8/14/13, 10/15/13]

Conservative Media Outlets Have Promoted Bogus Bathroom Stories. Numerous conservative media outlets, including The Daily Caller, WND, and the Media Research Center, have similarly promoted the myth that sexual predators will exploit trans-inclusive restrooms to prey upon women. [Equality Matters, 8/19/13, 8/22/13, 2/3/14]
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Commentary and history of chants.

"God and Goddess Chant (Isis, Astarte)" - Apparently the goddess portion was written by Deena Metzger, Caitlin Mullin, Will Shepardson and Greenham Common while the god portion was written by someone named Lady Bridget. This is often used in our Dedication ritual for braiding the Dedicant's cord because it is very energetic. We sing it progressively faster while the cord is braided to imbue it with the group's collective energy. You can alternate the parts; the men sing the God names and the women sing the Goddess names.. though it usually ends up being a contest of loudness. It is listed on sites as the "Isis Astarte" chant. A composite recording consisting of the Goddess names only and other Goddess chants can be found on the Reclaiming CD Chants: Ritual Music �1987. It is in the track entitled "Goddess Medley". It also appears on Moving Breath's CD She Changes �1991, as part of a medley called "Ancient Mother/Isis Astarte".

"The Goddess and the Weaver" - This is certainly one of my very favorite Pagan songs. It is by one of my very favorite pagan bands, the Australian group Spiral Dance. This track appears on their album Woman of the Earth, �1996. The lyrics are written by the very talented Adrienne Piggott. I recently purchased all of their CDs via their website and let me tell you - if you ever decide to buy a pagan music CD or three, these are the ones to get. I was blown away by the depth of writing and the sheer talent of both the singing and instrumentation. Their latest album, The Quickening �2006, has a song for each of the Sabbats of which some of the choruses would be great as chants - I may post some here at a later date.

"Goddess/Horned One Is Alive" - This is a short chant often sung as a back-chant, as it is repetitive in nature. It can be effective if blended with other chants, more so then when it is sung alone.

"Gods Bless Ye Merry Paganfolk" - This is sung at Winter Solstice (Yule) to the traditional Christmas version of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". It is both more pagan-friendly and more politically correct.

"Gods Rest Ye Merry Paganfolk" - This is a second version I had of the traditional Christmas carol, written by Ellen Cannon Reed. This one is a bit easier to memorize.
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