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The story of Stanislav Petrov, the Soviet missile commander whose disobedience averted nuclear war / Boing Boing
On September 26, 1983, the USSR's missile early warning defense system mistook the sun's reflection off a cloud bank for five inbound US Minuteman ICBMs and began to flash the LAUNCH warning at the Soviet Union's missile command: Stanislav Petrov, the missile commander on duty, ignored the computer warning and forestalled a nuclear war that could have effectively ended human civilization.

After the Cold War, Petrov would receive a number of commendations for saving the world. He was honored at the United Nations, received the Dresden Peace Prize, and was profiled in the documentary The Man Who Saved the World. “I was just at the right place at the right time,” he told the filmmakers. He died in May 2017, at the age of 77. Two new books about the Petrov incident and other nuclear close calls in 1983 (related to the NATO exercise Able Archer) came out just this year: Taylor Downing’s 1983 and Marc Ambinder’s The Brink.
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mathematics History Topics Index
History Topics Index

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Dollar Street
In the news people in other cultures seem stranger than they are.
We visited 264 families in 50 countries and collected 30,000 photos.
We sorted the homes by income, from left to right.
See how people really live
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february 2018 by Quercki
Singing Alive — A Teaching & Sharing Gathering of Sacred Song Circles
What is Singing Alive??   Going into its 8th year, Singing Alive is a gathering of the SongTribes.  Birthed in the bosom of the Pacific NW (Cascadia bio-region) eco-festivals, medicine circles, and community choirs, its intent is to teach, share, and invigorate the songs that travel thru these various gatherings, to hold space for them to do their healing work, to brew the melodic magic of communal singing. It is about bringing people together who feel called to awaken, and nuture their spiritual life thru communion with songs (and prayers, chants, blessings, and so om) of celebration of life in this temple universe. Such songs clarify our lives, strengthen our communities, and foster personal and planetary renewal. At Singing Alive we gather to share them, and ourselves, in a safe, welcoming environment. Our goal is to open hearts, and the songs are the keys. These songs are multi-cultural, coming to us from many eras and lands far and near.
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