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Journalists never write about ... Shhh! Yes they do, and this tool can show you - Poynter
What are journalists writing about? It seems like a question with an easy answer. Just go to a news outlet’s homepage and take a peek, or do a quick internet search.

But each of those only offers a glance at what the news has published as a whole. A new tool from MuckRack called Trends offers a universal look at what journalists are writing about.

It works just like Google Trends, the popular tool that displays and compares terms that people are searching for with Google, except that MuckRack Trends looks only at news articles.

MuckRack Trends can tell you, for example, that journalists have written about presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden more often than presidential candidate Bernie Sanders consistently over the past 30 days (though they have come close).
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7 weeks ago by Scub4
The facts about Facebook's fact-checking program - Popular Information
Taken together, this data provides an accounting of Facebook's fact-checking efforts in the United States.

In total, these fact-checkers conducted a total of 302 fact checks of Facebook content in January 2020.

The overall volume of fact checks provides some perspective. Facebook has more than 200 million users in the United States, posting millions of pieces of content every day. The reality is that almost nothing on Facebook is fact-checked.

Assuming that Facebook paid about the same amount to its other fact-checkers, even though most were less productive, Facebook's total investment in 2019 would be about $2 million. That's an investment of 0.003% of its 2019 revenue. For perspective, it takes Facebook about 15 minutes to bring in $2 million in revenue. So one of the reasons why very little U.S. content is checked by Facebook is because Facebook spends very little money on the program.
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8 weeks ago by Scub4

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