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Preparing for Coronavirus to Strike the U.S. - Scientific American Blog Network
if we can slow the transmission of the disease—flatten its curve—there will be many lives saved even if the same number of people eventually get sick, because everyone won’t show up at the hospital all at once.
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15 hours ago
Dictation Box settings
This includes how to set the font. It's easier than setting the default in DragonPad - the box has its own separate settings icon.
my boss has violent tantrums and punches holes in walls — Ask a Manager
Comment from Not So NewReader*
We shouldn’t have to wear a suit of armor to get through our work day. While some people can, some people also can lose some discernments that are needed in life. For example, I have a friend who toughened up for her work. It’s a tough field and everyone is tough. Yeah, okay. She became disconnected from other things such as health symptoms, financial issues and so on- these problems became BIG before she realized they were traps. She got good at “letting things roll off her back”, then one day she realized too much had rolled off her back and rolled away from her. In effort to toughen up to cope in her field she let go of some other pretty important things.
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Project overview - The University of Nottingham
"Exploring Death and Dying in the UK: Patient, family and public perspectives (EDDUK)"
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3 days ago
Three Degrees of Freedom: Some thoughts on the Lord Soley bill
State functionaries go fix the schools.  Make them havens of learning and hives of educational fascination.  Make them safe places for children and adults who seek to facilitate learning.  Then we'll talk.
5 days ago
good comment on "why people stay" @ Ask a Manager
You stayed because he was very very good at manipulation/taking advantage of the way our brains work. Abusers have to be in order to have prey. An abuser who’s not good at keeping their victim is just a creepy single guy.
7 days ago
‘How Can I Stop Being So Nervous in Job Interviews?’
Beyond that, the most helpful thing you can do is to practice the crap out your interviewing skills. I’ve just binge-watched Cheer, and coach Monica Aldama’s framework is exactly what you want: “Practice until you get it right and then practice until you can’t get it wrong.” I know that sounds terribly tedious — and it probably will be — but it even if it doesn’t fix the problem entirely, it will significantly strengthen your interviews.
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9 days ago
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