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An inevitable division: the politics and consequences of the Labour split | openDemocracy
Corbyn could convert to Judaism, apply for Israeli citizenship and call for a People’s Vote tomorrow: their attacks on him would not relent for one second unless he agreed to give up control of the party; or at least to commit to a policy agenda approved by Merrill Lynch.
labour_party  analysis  class  government  2019 
10 hours ago
Publications and Presentations | Jai Mackenzie's Research Blog
inc lovely slide presentation, cv of things that didn't happen / didn't work etc as well as things that did
academia  firsthand 
12 hours ago
coworker is praying for me to have a baby, and more — Ask a Manager
I read a great reply to questions like “so when are you having (more) kids??” in Carolyn Hax.

“I have one friend who would look the other person right in the eye and say, in an extremely kind tone of voice, ‘You never know when you’re going to cause someone tremendous pain by asking that.'”
children  communication 
5 days ago
Mika McKinnon: Pink is my fieldwork uniform - Vox
I dream of a future where we finally realize aesthetics and competency are independent
science  women  clothes  firsthand 
7 days ago
“Disability Justice” is Simply Another Term for Love – Leaving Evidence
transcript, plus link to video.
"I wonder how many pieces of your story weren’t told because there wasn’t anyone who could understand and hold them?"
disability  justice  video 
7 days ago
Giving a good lightning talk | Software Sustainability Institute
You are not there to provide the detail required for them to reproduce your work, you're there to inspire them to search out your work.
communication  events  how_to 
9 days ago
I’m a Transman Who’s Detransitioning. Here’s Why. – Reclaiming Trans Butch
The current system of care offers few, if any, opportunities to explore trauma as a potential source for dysphoria. While this is done to avoid medical gatekeeping of a population that wishes to exercise their autonomy, the failure to address it as a possibility also limits that autonomy by not providing people with options.
We can’t respect the rights of the individual to make informed decisions about their care if they aren’t provided with information on possible alternative explanations and given the opportunity to explore those. Those seeking care have the right to choose what options they wish to pursue, and failure to present those options is ultimately a denial of that right.
detransitioning  firsthand  analysis 
10 days ago
female — Follow up and Response to Atlantic article and...
the patriarchy has made womanhood difficult to inhabit, and it’s perfectly normal to feel dysphoria around being perceived as a woman. if “she” makes you feel terrible, acknowledge that feeling, but don’t let it take over you. detransition should above all be about healing, and that takes time. I found comfort in knowing my body and my femaleness were not going anywhere and would wait for me however long it took.
women  detransitioning 
10 days ago
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