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Child mental health referrals up 26% in five years, says report - BBC News
Some reasons for excluding them from treatment include:

a weight loss of less than 15% from their ideal weight for an eating disorder (although this is against National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines)
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october 2018 by UnchartedWorlds
To the writers of ”Insatiable” – Your Fat Friend – Medium
I have never seen the real life of a fat person on screen. I have only seen fat stories written by thin writers, acted by thin actors, directed by thin directors. At every turn, thin people control the stories about fatness that are told on the biggest stages, amplified with the biggest speakers, broadcast with the strongest antennae. And often, they tell the stories that make them feel best: stories that lift thinness up not as one of many natural body types, but as a badge of honor, earned only by those strong and smart enough to tame the wilds of their bodies.
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july 2018 by UnchartedWorlds
International Journal of Obesity - Weight loss from maximum body weight and mortality: the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Linked Mortality File
Conclusions: Weight loss of 15% or more from maximum body weight is associated with increased risk of death from all causes among overweight men and among women regardless of maximum BMI.
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march 2017 by UnchartedWorlds
University of South Carolina - News
People can be obese but metabolically healthy and fit, with no greater risk of developing or dying from cardiovascular disease or cancer than normal weight people, according to a study from the University of South Carolina’s Arnold School of Public Health and published online this week in the European Health Journal.
The findings show a subset of obese people who are metabolically healthy, meaning they had no insulin resistance, diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure issues. They also have a higher level of fitness, as measured by how well the heart and lungs perform, than other obese people. Being obese does not seem to have a detrimental effect on their health, and doctors should bear this in mind when considering what, if any, interventions are required, say the researchers.
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january 2017 by UnchartedWorlds
Positive Health | Authentic Happiness
These data show the risk for death in normal-weight versus obese people who are fit or unfit. In the unfit groups, normal and obese people both have a high risk for death, and it does not seem to matter if you are fat or thin. In the fit groups, both fat and thin people have a much lower risk of death than their counterparts in the unfit groups, with fat, but fit people at only slightly more risk than thin fit people. But what I now emphasize is that fat people who are fit have a low risk of death.
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january 2017 by UnchartedWorlds
The Power of Everyday Activity -
Stephen Blair (researcher): Can someone be fat and fit? Yes. We began in 1995 to look at fitness and fatness as predictors of mortality, separately and together. What we found then, and continue to find in ongoing studies, is that people who are fat — whether measured by body mass index, or a more direct measure of body composition such as skin fold or underwater weighing — and are also fit do not have a substantially elevated risk of mortality. In fact, they have a much lower mortality risk compared with lower- or normal-weight individuals who are sedentary.
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january 2017 by UnchartedWorlds
The rhetoric around obesity is toxic. So I created a new language for fat people | Charlotte Cooper | Opinion | The Guardian
"... I think the experience of being fat is valuable. This is heresy to those who think fat people should not exist."
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october 2016 by UnchartedWorlds
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