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Short Questions for August 2019: Part 1 of 2 | Captain Awkward
When I got diagnosed with ADHD in my early 40s on top of the anxiety & depression, there was a giant period of grieving. What would my life be like if I hadn’t been struggling so long with all the “little things” that add up to so many unfinished “big things” and so much avoidance and disorganization?
grief  neurodiversity  captain_awkward 
september 2019 by UnchartedWorlds
#1100: “My friend is withdrawing from me, and it really hurts.” | Captain Awkward
from a comment:
Hugs from certain people in certain circumstances are soothing and comforting, but most of the time, they’re a kind of work–the work of performing appropriate social behavior (“So good to see you!”) or comforting the other person. In Friend’s position, receiving a hug would be work: it would be me doing the work of allowing the other person to feel that they had comforted me. Sometimes I am willing and able do that work, but sometimes…I’m not.
friendship  emotional_labour  grief  emotions  captain_awkward 
april 2018 by UnchartedWorlds
How patience can be a better balm for trauma than resilience | Aeon Essays
critique of resilience, although frames resilience as meaning to be unchanged, which is different from how I think of it.
march 2017 by UnchartedWorlds
#511: When you find out that someone you care about is mean. |
great comment from Helen Huntingdon about the grief of the relationship you didn't have, with an ex who was abusive.
abuse  grief  relationships 
september 2013 by UnchartedWorlds
Rookie » Ruining Your Life
article by Sady Doyle recommended by Captain Awkward
life  grief  resilience 
october 2012 by UnchartedWorlds

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