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Sagan standard - Wikipedia
"extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence"
research  evidence  impact  evaluation 
26 days ago
We're ditching paper exams - so please get hacking our IT, asks Finnish exam board | ZDNet
We're ditching paper exams - so please get hacking our IT, asks Finnish exam board
finland  exams  testing  assessment  hacking 
4 weeks ago
'Cramming' - Christensen Institute : Christensen Institute
(one blackboard per classroom ... and one pencil per child ...)

david doktermann at hgse (great for when you had large classes of everyone learning the same things at the same time, or at least when that was the plan)
blackboard  innovation 
5 weeks ago
UNICEF Innovation Fund
six new investments, including Pixframe Suzhou Crenovator and TeliportMe
unicef  vr  ar 
6 weeks ago
First blockchain university promises to be the Uber for Students and AirBnB for teachers — Observatory of Educational Innovation
The project’s white paper states that for “for students, it will be the Uber of degree courses; for teachers, it will be the Airbnb of course hosting, but for both parties the use of blockchain technology will provide the contractual stability needed to complete a full course of study.” Gold, pure gold.
blockchain  hype  uber  airbnb  oxford 
6 weeks ago
Marc Andreessen and Jim Barksdale on How to Make Money
"There are two ways to make money. You can bundle, or you can unbundle" Jim Barksdale (roll-up or disintermediate, as the B-school types say, I was once in a meeting where a consultant say 're-intermediate', and I thought: 'OK, this meeting is over.')
saying  netscape  business  publishing  vendors  a16z  jimbarksdale 
6 weeks ago
BitSchool AI
"Above all, BitSchool aims to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI), Location-Based Technology, and Blockchain to advance the
global education paradigm." You don't say ... (have a look at the white paper)
bitschool  blockchain 
6 weeks ago
Schools for the Future Europe: Values and Change Beyond Lisbon: John Sayer: Continuum
The future of schools in Europe ... are European schools? (less local)
sotf  europe  eu 
6 weeks ago
School of the Future - EU project
focuses on energy consumption and indoor environment
eu  sotf  climate 
6 weeks ago
NOVA - Official Website | School of the Future
"High performing nations on PISA scores have very tiny percentages of their kids in poverty. We just have a much steeper slope in this society to climb."
pbs  nova  sotf  pisa 
6 weeks ago
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