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From Gongkai to Open Source « bunnie's blog
from his book: "the only similarity between gongkai practiceas and Western open source practices is that both allow you to download source code; the legal and cultural frameworks that enable such sharing couldn't be more different. It's like convergent evolution, where two species may exhibit similar traits, but the genes and ancestry are totally different.
gongkai  bunnie  ip  shanzhai  china  innovation 
14 days ago
Michigan Gambled on Charter Schools. Its Children Lost. - The New York Times
At the same time, banks and hedge funds, Miron told me, profit greatly from the charter sector, thanks to large tax breaks dating back to the Clinton presidency that benefit investors in schools located in struggling “renewal communities.” And with so many eager lenders and bond underwriters lined up, E.M.O.s realized they, in turn, could make money from one of the largest expenses charter schools face. “A bunch of them thought, Wow, I can start a real estate division!” VanderWerp said. “We’ve run into this all over the place”: E.M.O.s buy buildings “for a couple hundred thousand bucks, lease them to the school for a couple of years and then sell them” to the school “for a few million.”
charterschools  nytimes  michigan  privatization  realestate 
15 days ago
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